Us citizens of Tank Nation lie in wait tonight, as the Jays begin a three game set in Baltimore against the Orioles, which we would very much like to see them win. I forget which commenter said it, but I wholeheartedly agree that we should forget any of this tank business– and let’s get something straight, when I say “tank” here, I mean I want the Jays to maintain their standing as one of the teams with a first round draft pick that is protected from being forfeited as compensation to the Milwaukee Brewers another team, should they sign a Type-A free agent from their organization– during games against the O’s.

No, tonight let’s do to Baltimore what we’ll just go ahead and pretend poverty, drugs, urban decay and the loss of industry couldn’t. [Note: take away their will to eat shitty crab cakes?]


Bluebird Banter gives us a rundown of the five Jays who– unless something changes, and oftentimes it can– will be playing in the Arizona Fall League, including Anthony Gose and Adeiny Hechavarria.

Richard Griffin of the Toronto Star has a lengthy profile of Ricky Romero, who is starting to fill the big shoes left by Roy Halladay as the leader of the Jays’ staff.

Steve Simmons of the Toronto Sun and being a moron pisses and moans about step backwards the Jays young pitchers have apparently taken this year.

Just a thought: Brett Lawrie might be kinda good.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at

Toronto Blue Jays

Y. Escobar SS

E. Thames LF

J. Bautista RF

A. Lind 1B

E. Encarnacion DH

K. Johnson 2B

B. Lawrie 3B

J. Arencibia C

M. McCoy CF

B. Cecil LHP

Baltimore Orioles of Baltimora’s Tarzan Boy

J. Hardy SS

N. Markakis RF

A. Jones CF

V. Guerrero DH

M. Wieters C

M. Reynolds 1B

R. Andino 3B

N. Reimold LF

R. Adams 2B

J. Guthrie RHP

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  1. So sick of these uniforms

  2. I’m a pervert and a creep.

  3. Oh great somebody stole my name now? Goodbye little children. I go chat at Wilner’s blogg.

  4. Good riddance, shithead.

  5. Laurier!

  6. Lawrie shoots and scores!

  7. Is Gutherie black or Chinese?

  8. Blackanese.

  9. Stoeten, are you suggesting by your crossing out of the Milwaukee Brewers that the Jays will be in on the bidding for Marcum this offseason?  I am assuming it’s a given he’ll be looking for a multi-year deal rather than accepting arbitration.

  10. Douchencrap what’s your problem punk? I come here to chat ball and I get mimiked within five minutes of being here, and then insulted by you? What the fuk is your problem chief?

    Lots of little children on this blog lately. Good thing school is starting soon.

  11. Dear Brett Cecil: Please keep your moth$&*^#$@ing pitches DOWN in the zone, or it’s AAA for you again.

  12. Cecil is throwing pure meatballs.

    Don’t want this guy in the rotation going forward.

    He will be out of baseball in five years.

  13. Dear Brett Lawrie: Please keep your moth$&*^#$@ing glove on the ground on plays like that. Otherwise, carry on as before.

  14. jesus this, moses that, abraham hit me with a WIFFLEBALL BAT

  15. Cecil stop throwing bp meatballs kthanx

  16. Go thump bibles with Jeremy Guthrie.

  17. How long does Lawrie have to keep this up before you consider batting him cleanup?

    (Or second, but if Kelly Johnson can keep up his high OBP since coming over I’d rather see him there.)

  18. Don’t……do that.

  19.  Marcum is not a free agent. He’s implying Fielder.

  20. No kidding, its a crime to still be burying Lawrie down in the order like this. Maybe the team really is trying to inadvertently tank the rest of this season so maintain that 15th or worse place in the standings.

  21. Escobar leads off inning, reaches base.  Thames, who shouldn’t be anywhere near the 2 hole, strikes out.  Bautista singles.  Lind, who shouldn’t be anywhere near the 4 hole, strikes out.  This should be figured out by now.

  22. Escobar and Johnson could be a nice combo in the #1 and #2 spots with their shared ability to get on base via the walk.

  23. O rly

  24. I like that idea. Unrelated, but Kelly Johnson’s swing kinda reminds me of Colby Rasmus’ for some reason.

  25. Baltimore has a more promising future then we do.

  26. But Thames is comfortable in the 2 hole.  Don’t want to upset that.

  27. Double steal?

  28. K thanks.

  29. He profiles as a low on base guy with serious power. That’s more like a meat of the order kind of guy.

  30. If last year taught me anything, its that layers being comfortable with where they are in the batting order is the most important thing of all.

  31. Ok Cito.  ;)  :p

  32. Does any one else notice the Buck and Pat self depricating act every game “Boy Pat you ever hit a ball like that?” “No Buck I was a fucking scrub” there good for at least…we werent very good major leaguers reference a game. Even though Tabby was a pretty decent player.

  33. Cecil!  What are you thinking?

  34. WTF Cecil!?

  35. I’m caught!

  36. What the fuck was the point of that throw

  37. Lawrie’s gotta be in his ear telling him to eat that throw.

    Can’t tell if he was or not, though.

  38. I’d be willing to suspend my belief that there’s no such thing as clutch for Tabler because over his career he had great numbers with RISP and men on, and I don’t know if there was ever a better hitter with the bases loaded:

    .489/.505/.693/1.198    in 109 PA

    Fuck. Small sample size, but…Fuck.

  39. The Balitmore OriLOLs everybody!

  40. Fuck. Sometimes sequencing really kicks you in the ass.

  41. How many bases loaded none out strands is that lately?  Jesus fuck. 

  42. Fuck that was a gross inning

  43. this is why edwin is a piece of shit.  bases loaded and 0 out and he can’t get an rbi. this is why he only has 42 rbi’s. yet farrell has him in an rbi position. can’t move the vetruns

  44. They are better than us dipshit.

    Name one Jay other then Bautista and RR u would take over players on this Orioles roster.

  45. Brett Lawrie?

  46. Vlad may have to hit the DL after that attempted triple.

  47. Mudpie is that you???

  48. I don’t know, looks to me like Tabby had the worst career of the Jays’ on-air “talent”:

  49. Everyone can tell when it’s the ocd tard and not you. It’s unfortunate he’s humping your leg tonight, but he’s got to hump something male and unwilling. 

  50. Escobar, Lawrie, Rasmus, Johnson, Morrow, Encarnacion… You know, the entire Jays’ starting line-up?

  51. I don’t recall asking for your opinion.

    Go swallow rat poison.

  52. OK, so you have Jose, Lawrie and RR. Maybe Morrow.

    Orioles have a better catcher, better center fielder, better second baseman and a promising young staff.

    They’re young and raw. This team is not performing right now, just as the 1988 Braves lost 106 games.

  53. Adam Jones is much better than Rasmus.

  54. Yes, I really liked Tabler as a player. As a sportscaster, though … he actually deserves all the static he gets here.

  55. Rasmus is a year younger and has still had two seasons as good or better than Jones’ best. 

  56. Roy Halladay doubles in three.

  57. AA’s epic fails this season

    jojo reyes
    corey patterson
    david purcey
    not waiving juan rivera
    brad mills
    trevor miller
    pj walters
    not calling up lawrie sooner
    not calling up alvarez or carreno sooner
    trading napoli

  58. How the fuck is PJ Walters a fail? He pitched one scoreless inning and is now in LV. Most of your list is just as stupid so I’m not gonna take the time to comment on it.  Just lay off the crack buddy.

  59. Even Baltimore’s bench pieces are better than ours.

  60. Its quite clear you’re trolling around here.

    But I’ll ask you this:

    When the fuck did you want AA to call up Alvarez?  He started this year in A-Ball for god sakes.

  61. apparently you don’t understand the concept of comments

  62. Uncle Herbert and Mudpie should 69 each other so we don’t have to hear their stupidity.

  63. LOL

    Right, I guess that explains why they’re 13 games behind the Jays.  And finished 19 games behind last year.

  64. This is going to be an excruciating last month of the season. Plus, I wanted Joey Bats to win MVP but he has no shot anymore.

  65. AA should have kept Drabek in the minors to start the season as wellLawrie should have been the team’s starting 3B out of camp.

  66. Maybe not.  But I do know the point of them isn’t to incite people.

  67. They’re not performing “right now”?  I guess if “right now” means sinc 1997 I guess that’s true.

  68. from someone who calles himself douchebag

  69. Look at the talent on the roster, little squirt.

    This Orioles team hasn’t been built poorly. They just haven’t matured yet.

  70. Ultimate matchup tomorrow, jojo vs jays. How much on jojo shutting us out?

  71. At least they’ve been to the playoffs a few times since the birth of the Internet.

  72. I was wondering how long it would take before imposters would start posting as me. It’s the ultimate compliment.

  73. I hang out at a gay bar on Bloor called The Spotted Dick.

  74. Oh yeah I see all the talent on that roster,  Or maybe I could if I had a telescope to see them in the rear view.

    By the way, this Jays team hasn’t been built poorly.  They just haven’t matured yet.

  75. Jays are last in the AL in scoring after the 6th. hustle and heart.  game over

  76. Camp or Tallett…decisions, decisions…

  77. Never fear – The Orioles have brought on Kevin Gregg.

  78. Haha Kevin Gregg melt down in 3…2…1…

  79. I’ve seen this movie before.

    Leadoff hit, four-pitch walk

  80. How do you like your gregg, boiled or scrambled?

  81. What a talented bunch in Baltimore.  LOL

  82. Wow, OriLOLs.

    The Jays are TRYING to give you an out.

  83. I had something to do, but when I saw Gregg coming in, I had to stay and watch. Glad I wasn’t disappointed.

  84. Holy fuck. You are not doing well, are you, tard? Just refreshing these stupid threads all night, making the same stupid comments over and over again. “The Spotted Dick.” Wow. You really thought that was funny enough to repeat. That’s what kills me. You really think you’re banging ‘em out here. 

    Anyway, don’t let me interrupt your evening ritual of dick swallowing. You’re on a lower level than Mudpie, by the way. As awful as he’s been this year, you’re the one guy who found a way to be beneath him. 

  85. I know the internet fans would rather criticize the team about stupid things like beede’s signing bonus.  but how about this thought?

    In 21 days the team has somehow gone from having the lowest producing 3B position to having the position secured for the next x years with a guy who has a “low ceiling of Ian Kinsler”?

    I voted “for real” for Bautista last offseason.  im voting “for real” for Lawrie

  86. That guy who said he would struggle in the National League should be back any day now. 

  87. Watching this game is like watching two drunks in a bar fight taking swings and misses at each other.

  88. And the Jays bring in… 

    Brain Tallet?!!?


  89. Unless the one guy that’s making both sets of posts can suck himself off, that’s going to be difficult. 

  90. Dear Buck: Jon Rauch is neither a “big arm,” nor has he “been missed out of the bullpen”

  91. This isn’t going to end well, I feel.

  92. Good lord is cito managing this game by phone?

  93. Just remember….protected draft pick.

  94. tank nation?

  95. “Baltimore has a more promising future then we do.”

    Your exact quote. Agreed?

    1) Prior to this season Baseball America had the organizations ranked like this:

    Baltimore: #21,   Toronto: #4,   Edge: Toronto big time.

    2) Since the season began, which team has added more talent to their system? Don’t bother answering because the Jays have been kicking their asses up and down the square. So much so, that it’s pretty much a given that the Jays are now the #2 organization behind Tampa Bay. Edge: Toronto big time…

  96. I see my patient has returned to the message board I forbade him to post on.

    Ice Cream, we have talked about this, boss. This message board brings out your manic side. We can up the dose of lithium or bring you in for a little electroshock, but I do wish you would obey your doctor’s orders.

  97. Starting to look that way. And you know what, at this point, might be best option

  98. …3 a) As for what’s on the rosters this year, Escobar beats Hardy
    slightly at SS. The fact that Yunel’s been the healthier player
    historically adds to that margin. Lawrie beats whatever replacement
    level shit the Orioles are running out to 3B every night. Ditto for
    Johnson at 2B with Roberts on the shelf with a concussion. Now that
    Reynolds has moved to 1B, it’s a push at 1B. Lind has as much of an edge
    defensively on Reynolds as Reynolds has offensively on Lind because
    Reynolds is about as useful as a fencepost in the field. Slight edge to
    Baltimore if we add in Derrek Lee, but not much. Bautista over Markakis.
    Jones beats the Davis/Patterson/Rasmus experience, but I like Rasmus to
    close that gap going forward. Wieters and Tatum beat our tandem at
    catcher. LF for both teams hasn’t been any great shakes, but the Jays
    (believe it or not) have been better out there with Thames, Snider,
    Patterson, and Rivera. The Orioles fuckawful trio of Reimold, Scott, and
    the abysmally dreadful, dried out husk that is Felix Pie is just
    terrible, and it has to be to lose to the Jays bunch of stiffs.

    3 b) The O’s have a decent trio in Guthrie, Britton, and Arrieta, and
    Simon’s looked good lately. I don’t see anyone that comes close to Ricky
    Romero though. Add in the contributions of Villanueva, Cecil, and
    Morrow and I think the Jays have enough to get the edge here, and
    there’s a shitload more coming. I just ate, so I’m not going to discuss
    the Jays bullpen, but I give the edge to the O’s here, although one of
    the Orioles best relievers is now a Ranger, so maybe it’s closer than I
    thought. I think you have to give the edge in overall pitching to the Jays because of Romero. Feel free to disagree…

  99. I know I know.

    I still enjoy watching victories though, and abhor death by a thousand walks.

  100. Apparently Janssen talked to Poulis (the trainer) after the last inning.

    Don’t know whats up with FF, but that leaves Tallet and Rommie Lewis.


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