Us citizens of Tank Nation lie in wait tonight, as the Jays begin a three game set in Baltimore against the Orioles, which we would very much like to see them win. I forget which commenter said it, but I wholeheartedly agree that we should forget any of this tank business– and let’s get something straight, when I say “tank” here, I mean I want the Jays to maintain their standing as one of the teams with a first round draft pick that is protected from being forfeited as compensation to the Milwaukee Brewers another team, should they sign a Type-A free agent from their organization– during games against the O’s.

No, tonight let’s do to Baltimore what we’ll just go ahead and pretend poverty, drugs, urban decay and the loss of industry couldn’t. [Note: take away their will to eat shitty crab cakes?]


Bluebird Banter gives us a rundown of the five Jays who– unless something changes, and oftentimes it can– will be playing in the Arizona Fall League, including Anthony Gose and Adeiny Hechavarria.

Richard Griffin of the Toronto Star has a lengthy profile of Ricky Romero, who is starting to fill the big shoes left by Roy Halladay as the leader of the Jays’ staff.

Steve Simmons of the Toronto Sun and being a moron pisses and moans about step backwards the Jays young pitchers have apparently taken this year.

Just a thought: Brett Lawrie might be kinda good.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at

Toronto Blue Jays

Y. Escobar SS

E. Thames LF

J. Bautista RF

A. Lind 1B

E. Encarnacion DH

K. Johnson 2B

B. Lawrie 3B

J. Arencibia C

M. McCoy CF

B. Cecil LHP

Baltimore Orioles of Baltimora’s Tarzan Boy

J. Hardy SS

N. Markakis RF

A. Jones CF

V. Guerrero DH

M. Wieters C

M. Reynolds 1B

R. Andino 3B

N. Reimold LF

R. Adams 2B

J. Guthrie RHP

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  1. Oh fuck off Tallet

  2. So who are the big free agents to be…..Prince, Reyes, maybe CC, anyone else?

  3. …So let’s see. The future? The best experts out there say the Blue Jays crush them. The present? Look at the standings dude. How you can say the Orioles have a better future than the Jays is way beyond my understanding, but hey whatever gets you through the night dude.

  4. I fucking hope so.  This is the pitching equivalent of pinch-hitting Mark Teahen for Colby Rasmus.  Janssen better have run into the fucking centre-field wall and blown out his god damned wrist…

  5. That’s pretty much all that’s worthwhile.  And I doubt CC gets to the market.

  6. All I hear about is the big farm system for the Jays and yet all I see all year is a very thin bench and (now) bullpen…they seem to have no one for the big pinch hit at bat and no big arm to call up to replenish the pen.  Tallet should not be pitching in the 10th with a 1 run lead.  Is there no-one else???

  7. What do you mean Hardy beats Yunel “slightly”? Hardy has 26 fucking home runs.

  8. I get it, the record doesn’t matter but you don’t have to fucking mock the game and your fucking fan base by sending out Brian Tallet to protect a one run lead.

    Fuck this team.

  9. Any time you can put one of the shittiest pitchers in baseball, coming  back from 2 months off, out there with a 1 run lead in the bottom of the 10th you’ve gotta do it right?

  10. Did Francisco work yesterday?

  11. I can’t even be mad. We had Brian Tallet. That’s it. The offense did what it could.

    This game was hilarious.

  12. I can’t believe this is the first time I’ve actually seen a team intentionally throw a game.  Alex must have called in and told waku to not take tallett out.  Tallett is alex’s secret weapon to tank the season.

  13. Who didn’t know that that was going to be the end?

  14. That Tallet kid really battled for us tonight, he could teach these kids a thing or two about being a big leaguer.

  15. This was a bad loss.

    The kind of game improving teams don’t blow.

  16. “AA should have kept Drabek in the minors to start the season as
    well. Lawrie should have been the team’s starting 3B out of camp.”

    Ladies and gentlemen, what we have here is one of the most annoying forms of sports fans: the Monday morning QB. You can’t possibly be wrong when you analyze moves five months after they were made, but feel free to anyway if it makes you happy.

  17. This is a momentous evening. This may be the first time in history that the worst raving and mindless negativity this board can produce is actually too good for the Jays.


  18. yes he did, but he wasn’t overly worked and it’s a night game after a day game yesterday.  Frank should have been in there, period.  WAK NEEDS TO GO.

  19. “Look at the talent on the roster, little squirt.

    This Orioles team hasn’t been built poorly. They just haven’t matured yet.”

    Part of building from within is player development, and the OriLOLs have a pretty terrible record in this area.

  20. Nice to see Tallet hasn’t lost anything.

    Does AA still have Trevor Miller’s number?   I mean, the bottom of the 10th was a joke, right?

  21. Not to mention that I’m pretty sure Brett Lawrie couldn’t play 3B at the start of the season, but, you know, whatevs…

  22. Jesse Litsch was in the BP too. 

  23. Our starters have been so crap all going 6 innings max on a good day, however good our bullpen is (not good) becomes even worse.

  24. Ok that had to be on purpose. That’s the worst pitching change I’ve ever seen

  25. Casey Janssen had “tightness” in his side muscle (with a long Latin name)…

  26. Wilner speculates that something is wrong in the bullpen. Janssenn is hurt….. No word yet on Francisco or Litsch…. ( May be tired)

  27. Even Mike McCoy would have been a better choice than Tallet there.

  28. Hahahhaha, even Wilner was attempting to distance himself from any appearance of “defending” Tallet… this is the perfect time to shut off the radio, I think.

  29. I said Escobar beats Hardy slightly and it’s exacerbated by Hardy’s historical inability to stay healthy.

  30. This may be my favourite game of the season. Straight up.

  31. Hindsight is 20 20. Lawrie was supposed to be called up on June 1st in Baltimore but he got injured & had to wait 2 months.

    The jays 3B this year from April 1- June 1 was horrible. No one thought E5 would completely fall apart at 3B & Nix was not much better.

    Drabek started off OK & fell apart in May.

  32. Oakville, is it really speculation at this point that something is wrong in the bullpen?  :)

  33. I wouldn’t expect a young talent core to mature all at the same time, like Tampa Bay’s did.

    That isn’t how it usually works.

    It would have been nice for the Orioles if one (1) of the pitching studs developed this year. Maybe two of them do next year.

  34. I’m actually pretty surprised.  I honestly thought Tallet would walk the leadoff hitter, then give up a 2 run homerun.

  35. I’m a pretentious twat.

  36. That was a pretty terrible game all around, for both teams.  Yech.

  37. Wilner is reporting that the “only choices” for the 10th were Tallet and Rommie Lewis — Francisco is possibly, maybe suffering from a sore should or something (or an easily aggravated shoulder through too many innings)…pretty murky on Francisco really…

  38. Yes, and you’re out of your mind. Hardy has more value than Yunel right now.

  39. “yes he did, but he wasn’t overly worked and it’s a night game after a
    day game yesterday.  Frank should have been in there, period.  WAK NEEDS
    TO GO.”

    Night game following a flight after a night game.

  40.  The most disturbing part of this entire situation is that Andrew Stoeten is clearly heartbeats away from the Jays’ brain trust; he told them to tank and they tanked.

  41. Report: Nothing physically wrong with Francisco, but Wilner is still speculating on the Jays’ reluctance to have him pitch on back-to-back days because of the murky shoulder issue…

    Jays Talk tonight might be an all-time great…

  42. more AA epic fails:

    brian tallett
    dewayne wise

    hilarious listening to wilner defend tallett. you know maybe if the jays weren’t wasting space with teahan and jerolomon, they could have an extra reliever? but hey wtf do I know?

  43. Lot of angry people on this site tonight.

  44. Still, they’re professionals and it’s a short flight to Baltimore.  Frank’s arm won’t fall off.
    Beginning to wonder if they’re tanking for a better draft position…

  45. He still cant play 3rd base. But who gives a shit when he hits like he does.

  46. Mudpie’s epic fail this season:

    refusing to commit suicide

  47. someone please explain to me what is the point in bringing in jansen and careno to keep the game close only to bring in tallett?

  48. someone please explain to him why it feels good when the priest touches him.

  49. I see your point, but at the start of the year he REALLY couldn’t play 3rd.  How many articles have we seen talking about the really great strides he made fielding the position in Vegas?  The only way they could have brought him up would be to have DHed him, and I would rather see him play a BIT of 3rd every day than DH.

    But, yeah, he really fucking rakes!

  50. One thing for sure…….Lawrie and Jp have already forgotten about this loss, and they are going to go out and party with some hot chicks tonight. Check your twitter feed.

  51. Man, I’m laughing like a motherfucker over here.

  52. By what measure?

    Since you used the term “value”:

    Escobar:   4.0 fWAR (’11);   10.6 fWAR (’09-’11);   3.8 rWAR (’11);   11.0 rWAR (’09-’11)

    Hardy:   3.6 fWAR (’11);   7.5 fWAR (’09-’11);   3.3 rWAR (’11);   9.9 rWAR (’09-’11)

    Escobar is a slightly better SS when both are healthy. That edge increases due to the fact that Hardy can’t seem to stay healthy. You can’t just look at taters and say the guy with more is the better player, especially at SS.  

  53. Well, I thought he had been doing a pretty good job with the d, but then I went to the game on Sunday and had a seat right on the 3rd base line. It was that game when he had that brain fart and thought about going for the double play instead of the easy out at first. He half cocked a throw to 2nd, then threw to first but it was too late. Also a lot of balls were hit along the 3rd base line in that game, and he was not able to get to any of them. It is his first year at 3rd, so we should cut him lots of slack, but you have to wonder if Snider doesnt put it together, Lawrie may very well be our LF of the future.

  54. Actually the numbers say Lawrie’s been slightly above average so far. Defensive numbers are easily the most non-reliable numbers of all the numbers out there, but any that I’ve seen have had him as slightly above average at 3B despite the “Full Tilt”, bull in a china shop approach.

  55. I don’t know what’s a bigger shitshow, this comments section or the finish.

    We usually only get the real lunatics for the west coast swings. The Orioles are better than the Jays? Laughing indeed.

  56. “It would have been nice for the Orioles if one (1) of the pitching studs
    developed this year. Maybe two of them do next year.”

    I wonder how much of that can be blamed on dumb luck and how much of it is on poor player development. Surely the player development department has to take some responsibility when young players consistently don’t take the next step.

  57. If Farrell is unsure of who to use to close a game, he should watch re-runs of Cito bringing in Tallet in high-leverage situations. That would give him all he needs to know.

  58. Tallett is like jack layton’s cancer. It just keeps coming back until you die.

  59. Too soon.

  60. Adam Lind is so bad that you could hit him 9th and the order wouldn’t be all that absurd to accommodate that.  Ex.: Yunel, Johnson, Bautista, Rasmus, Lawrie, EE, Thames, JPA, Lind.

    The guy is so fucking overrated among this fanbase.

  61. Wakamatsu is the manager. They don’t want to use Francisco on 2 days consecutively. Janssen was hurt.
    2 options Lewis & Tallett.

    I would have used litsch but he is tired.

    Offense failed tonight to build up enough of a lead so tallett would only allow 3 runs.

    Watching the diamondbacks. Hill just took a walk on a full count. 6-2 diamondbacks. They haven’t lost since Hill joined the team.

    Overbay hits after Hill now…

    Overbay gets a HBP…

    NL is for jokers.

  62. Wakamatsu is the manager.

    Same shit, different pile. The managers seem to be slow learners.

  63. I don’t know, but enough people have been high on both Matusz and Tillman that they can’t all be wrong.

    This reminds me a little bit of the three pitchers the Mets had that were insanely touted and only one of them — Isringhausen — amounted to more than half a shit. And that as a reliever.

  64. I loved that lefty Tallet faced 4 righties in a row. Also love that Tallet has blown six saves in six attempts (at least according to the broadcast). Let Tallet serve them up for the rest of the year. And then don’t ever let me see him again.

  65. I’m sprouting wood reading your posts, Uncle Herbert.

  66. who signed him to such a terrible contract? can we shove him back in left and sign fielder/pujols plz?

  67. ICJ–

    I suggest you stop running your mouth on this site and show up to one of the Opera Bob’s gatherings. Not that I would do anything physical to you, but just because I want to see if you’re as big a pussy as I have a feeling you are in real life. Come on out. It will be a fun social experiment.

  68. Are you fucking joking? If I see Marcum in a Jays jersey next year I’ll be pissed haha. He’s obviously talking about Fielder. Jesus christ I heard a guy call into Jaystalk the other day “wondering” where the Jays would be if they hadn’t made the Marcum trade and maybe it was a mistake. I almost puked.

  69. Lol another golden word used…”chief”, like you’d actually say that in a face to face argument.

  70. …”boss”? What the hell is wrong with you people, stop talking like you’re in a movie.

  71. that was disgusting last night bringing in Tallett, see ya Don, you chump !

  72. I was at the game on Sunday too. I didn’t think Lawrie had a bad game other than the too long look at second when he should have just gone to first with the throw. He has also made some exceptional plays both mentally and physically. He’ll be more than fine at third, I think.

    I was however, really disapointed in Cibia’s defence. He was terrible.

    And even from the first base side 500 level, I could tell when Price threw offspeed pitches just by the awful swings. The whole team look way overmatched.

  73. I was at the game Sunday.  I didn’t think Lawrie looked too bad aside from the brain-cramp.  But I wasn’t sitting as close to him as Garafraxaguy.

    By the way, do we have any power hitting 1st base guys coming through the organization?  I can’t come up with anyone off the top of my head and we sorely need more power on this team right now.  

    And a credible lead-off…

  74. I actually really like Escobar leading off.

  75. People actually believed that Rajai is/was a good leadoff hitter and Yunel isn’t cut out for the job.  Crazy, but true.  I feel like I’m living in some sort of bizarro world sometimes.

  76. Escobar isn’t a bad lead-off hitter but I would like to see him hit second.  Where does Hachevarria hit?

  77. My buddy sent me a text when tallet was in the pen:

    “yup there goes the game”

    Me: “yessir”

    Why is Brian Tallet playing in the major leagues,,, at all, nevermind in an organization that regularly boasts about their amazing pitching depth? Is there not a rookie or hard working veteran worthy of a shot somewhere in the entire organization that they could have called up?

    After the game Tallet says “i dunno what happened, I know I can throw strikes”, yes Brian you can but yah see, the thing is, when you throw strikes, even David Eckstein could put you into the upper deck so your argument is invalid.

    Seriously… DFA him, release him, whatever, but seriously he hasnt done anything good at the major league level, so enough of that ok?

  78. Why are you such a narbo boss? You whine like a fucking bitch chief!

  79. In New Hampshire or Las Vegas until he proves he can actually hit.

  80. No power hitting 1st basemen on the way up, unless you think Michael McDade (New Hampshire) has a prayer of making it. I’m not convinced, but I could be wrong. Kevin Patterson (Vancouver + GCL Blue Jays) had an awesome debut season, but he’s a long way off, and because he’s a college kid he’s already 22.

  81. I’ll throw you into the lake if I ever see you, chief.

    Test me on this.

  82. Besides CC Sebathia does anyone know which starting pitchers are available in free agency this offseason.  We can’t go into next year with Romero, Morreau and Cecil as our top three.

  83. Yes, but he is just so damn earnest when he explains his failures, on what used to be a regular basis the first go round with the Jays..if only his talent matched his desire..

  84. Well sure.  Rajai’s FAST.  Yunel isn’t.  And that’s the most important aspect for a lead off hitter, according to Buck.  Who cares if Rajai can’t actually reach base and Yunel can?  OBP means nothing if you can’t steal bases, you know.

  85. Buck would just like to inform you that Rajai is so fucking fast that he actually can steal first, so put that old adage in your pipe and smoke it.  ;)

  86. Just a reminder that the bullpen was shit soup from 1982 to 1984, too. Last piece of the puzzle.

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