Some Jays fans undoubtedly felt that they got to know him too well during this brief return to Toronto, but so what? There’s no room for feelings in the world of Alex Anthopoulos, as he has ruthlessly designated the hipster doofus for assignment this afternoon, just hours after his brutally fucktacular performance in last night’s 10th inning– the same fate that befell Trever Miller earlier this month after a colossal fuckup, and David Purcey earlier in the season.

Carlos Villanueva has been activated from the DL to take his place.

Cold blooded!

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  1. Alex Anthopolous is a Jays Talk caller!!

  2. Not surprising. If we wanted Tallet on the team, we would have signed him last year. Him even having a roster spot was likely because it is bad form to DFA a player who was off the roster due to injury. (Even if the original injury happened on a different team.)

  3. Ninja Assassin…

  4. AA is the silent assassin. One bad game & you’re out. Tallett, Purcey, Miller 

    AA has to build a better bullpen next year 

  5. Makes no sense.  Tallet’s a veteran in this league and he deserves innings.  If I was running the show I would have made him my #2 starter.

  6. CV back, and I’d assume Perez goes back to the pen when McGowan/Drabek are activated

  7. well you need guys like that to show the young kids on the team how to be a “professional.” How can you ever expect to win games with a bunch of young kids if they don’t have anyone showing them what it takes to be a “player” in this league. Character alone wins ball games.

  8. Tallet’s just one of those hard workers who knows what it takes to win.  Not like these young kids these days with their iPods and twitters and those tattoos.

  9. Eh, he got tossed to the wolves. Hard to feel much either way, he had a pretty bad time this year healthwise- some kind of horrible kidney condition.

    This “DFAing guys after terrible outings” is amusing, but an odd trend.

  10. well what the fuck have I been telling you! why the fuck do we need to go through these useless experiments when we all know the obvious outcome except for alex.  you know the saying fool me once shame on you? why is it that alex needs to be fooled 2 or 3 times before he gets it? good lord, the amount of games we’ve just thrown away for no reason is mind boggling. to accomplish what? if you’re only going to give these stiffs 1 chance and done, then DFA them before they even get here.

  11. I don’t think Drabek will be back this year. He’s making Tallet look like Tom Glavine these days.

  12. Mudpie is so FUCKING angry right now. His little fists are in little balls and he’s just SHAKING because he knows more about baseball than Anthopolous. GRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!.

  13. Is it just me or does Tallet look like he just flew in on a Cesna with 100 kilo’s of Cocaine and is looking to make a deal? 

  14. damn red sox claimed joey gathright! alex is fuming!

  15. I think the jays hold the record for most dfa’s in one season.

  16. I hear Dirk Hayhurst is available…

  17. Lol,

    That’s funny.

  18. Count me as somebody who is perfectly fine with DFA’ing dead weight. 

    We want GOOD pitchers who are part of our present and future…not Brian Ledezma Miller.

  19. No it isn’ t.

  20. In Greek he would be called “Ο ζόρικος” — The Tough One.  

  21. The Joey Gaithright comment was funny, come on. 

    Patterson, Nix, Rivera, Ledezma, Talent (just kidding….Talet), Miller.  You’ve got to admit we have had some shitstains grease the Blue Jays uniform this year.

  22. how bout DFA Whathefuckmatsu. We all knew what would happen when he came in with a tight strike zone. What a clown you are Don.

  23. Chicago is using Zach Stewart as a pinch runner right now :P

  24. Oh, I forgot to add Dewayne Wise to the shit-heap as well.

  25. Some is an understatement

  26. Don’t forget Aaron Hill…

  27. Villanueva is so mutherfuckingly close to being a type B, this would have happened regardless of Talent’s performance… (

    Also thanks to Brett Lawrie for knocking both Greg Holland (RBI triple) and Louis Coleman (solo HR) down a peg. A player who’s that awesome that he can get draft picks for his own team just by hitting home runs? Maybe he tried extra hard because AA asked him to, and AA is also Canadian.

  28. Aaron Hill wasn’t a 100% bonified shit-stain entering the season though.

  29. But you are right.

  30. And yet they ran JoJo out there for 2/3 of the season. 

  31. just noticed last night that Rivera has a higher fWAR than Lind this season 

  32. Ugh.

  33. Q: What do Wil Ledezma, Trever Miller, Brian Tallet, David Purcey and Jo-Jo Reyes all have in common?
    A: They all throw poorly with their left arm.

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