Well, it seems as though the Jays missed the message last night, because I thought we all agreed that we weren’t going to bother with this Tank Nation business while up against the craptacular Baltimore Orioles.

It just looks bad, y’know?And yet, there was Brian Tallet, on the cusp of a D’ing FA, trotted out in the tenth inning to cough up a hard-fought lead.

And, as much as I’ve tried to get people to simmer the fuck down and think big picture about all the bullpen meltdowns this year, I can’t deny that it really, really does suck an impressively large cock to have sat down for three hours of baseball only to have it end like that. Ugh.

But hey, at least Jo-Jo Reyes is here to sooth what ails us. 


Wilner informs us that Ford C. Frick award balloting begins tomorrow, meaning it will be time once again to vote for Tom Cheek over and over every day, and then have your hopes pissed on when the committee again selects another, extremely well-deserving candidate to give the award to.

Tony Ambrogio provides the rest of tonight’s scuttlebutt via Twitter. Follow him!

Carlos Villanueva says that he’s healthy now, that his MRI showed no damage, but that “there were nights before he would start he was unsure if he would be healthy enough to pitch.”

Casey Janssen will get a couple days off, but his injury is not serious. Jon Rauch will come off the DL in a couple of days– though no word on whether he’s still suffering from right arm shittiness.

“Colby Rasmus says he feels fine and is set to come off DL Sept 8.”

TV: Sportsnet One

And now, here are the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.com

Toronto Blue Jays

Y. Escobar SS
E. Thames LF
J. Bautista RF
A. Lind 1B
E. Encarnacion DH
K. Johnson 2B
B. Lawrie 3B
J. Molina C
M. McCoy CF

H. Alvarez RHP

Baltimore Orioles of Baltimora’s Tarzan Boy

J. Hardy SS
N. Markakis RF
A. Jones CF
V. Guerrero DH
M. Reynolds 1B
R. Andino 3B
N. Reimold LF
R. Adams 2B
C. Tatum C

J. Reyes LHP

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  1. What if Jo-Jo wins?

  2. Also, is Tabler going to let us know that Jo-Jo has a “shtrong arm” or “big arm”

  3. I don’t want to live in a world where Jo-jo Reyes beats the Jays.

  4. well, quoth Jo-Jo, he’s not gonna change a thing.  So – no need to worry.

  5. the M’s re-upped Jack Z today. So, no King Felix trade until at least next summer, i guess. right?

  6. I cant be the only one who logged into ROgers on Demand for the JAys and found UFC bullshit.

  7. nope. this is ballz

  8. The game usually starts right as first pitch flies, so….

  9. Anyone know of a stream?

  10. Yeah, if Jo Jo wins these one it is the end of the world as we know it

  11. All these late-inning meltdowns suck, but it does make it pretty clear what the Jays need to do for next year: One more big bat, a second basemand and A FUCKING REAL CLOSER

  12. Hogan leg drop.

  13. This team is better than us.

  14. Reynolds with the Hulk Hogan leg drop lol! 

  15. Is there a worse defensive team than the Orioles?

  16. The MLB Gameday board lists the batter, the batter “On Deck” and the batter ”In the Hole.” I find it faintly disturbing when it says Johnson in the Hole

  17. I love Jo Jo

  18. There’s our Jo Jo!

  19. Nice Kelly Smashed it

  20. Hill would have popped that up in the infield

  21.  Channel 01 has a free preview of Sportsnet One until the end of the month. This, despite the fact that the product they have on the field should require them to pay people to watch. Good luck with that, greedy Rogers fucks.

  22. Did you know Vladdy Guerrero is just one of those guys
    you need to show the young kids on the team how to be a professional?
    How can you ever expect to win baseball games with a bunch of young kids
    if they don’t have anyone showing them what it takes to be a “player”
    in this league? Did you know Vladdy Guerrero is a BIG and SCHTROOOONG
    professional hitter who can really square up a baseball? Did you know Vladdy Guerrero is a character who has Character? And that character wins
    baseball games? Did you know Vladdy Guerrero has been in “More Than One
    Rodeo?” Did you know I once tossed his salad while being eaten myself by
    Michael Young and Johnny Damon in what was a glorious Rim Train? Did you Know these

  23. Jo-Jo F’n Rocks

    Also, doesn’t Kelly Johnson look like Ferris Bueller’s best Friend

    BTW, while I was typing this Molina rocked a homer.

    Jo-Jo F’n Rocks.

  24. Remember when Jo-Jo used to pitch for us? Good times, right guys?

  25. I love jojo reyes pitching against us. He belongs on the orioles out of all teams. To think this is the slop we were throwing out every 5th day. Fucking farrell and aa and their “asset management”.

  26. He’s paying us back for all the faith Farrell showed in him

  27. Via an Oriole board:
    ‘I was listening to Joe Angel on the radio at the start of the game, and
    Reyes said that he was angry at his former team (the Blue Jays) for not
    sticking with him. And he said that he wanted to get back at them
    tonight. I’m not kidding. He actually said that, even though he went 28
    consecutive starts without a win when he pitched for the Blue Jays.

  28. I find it arousing

  29. Kelly Johnson Jays 2B 2012.

    I swear I had this view before tonight.

  30. Beastmode.

  31. This is what we needed….a good ol fashioned ass fucking….or, more accurately, we needed to be the ass fucker, not the ass fuckee

  32. I have to repost this, Kelly Johnson looks like Ferris Bueller’s best friend.  I can’t think of his name, but he does

  33. Alan Ruck = Cameron from Ferris = Kelly Johnson


  34. That’ll teach us to DFA his ass.

  35.  Not that it really matters, but most of those winless starts came in Atlanta. Or a good number of them anyway.

  36. Also to add, I hope Kelly “Cameron” Johnson told Tallet in that imitator voice before he got DFA’ed. “You’re an AAAaaeeeSSHOLE!”

  37. Henderson Alvarez is going to have a rotation spot for 2012 locked up before the end of this season.

    Kid is 21? Are you effing kidding me?

  38. Country Joe West rides again. Yee-haw!!!

  39. And Joe West says, “this is boring, how can I start a fight and spice it up a little?”

  40. The Orioles should claim Brian Tallet.

  41. Vlad Guerrero will be in the Hall of fame. Don’t trash any former expos.

  42. No it wasn’t good times. He had 20 starts that could have been used on some of the kids.

    No more scraps AA. Let our kids that our elite scouting staff has selected get some starts.

    Eveland, Tallett ( home opening day starter 2010 ) & Jo Jo have wasted enough games.


  43. Right. The asset was worth zero.

  44. That is outrageous. The jays gave him a chance when no one else would. His career is virtually over.


  46. The bipolar mood swings on this site are hilarious (and I include myself BTW). When the Jays are bad — and they surely have been sucking lately, I admit — then posters are way down, we got nothing, even the Orioles are a better team. When the Jays look good and are scoring big time, then everything’s coming up roses, we’ve got all these hidden gems developing, it’s gonna be great …

    So while we’re at it, yeah, Alvarez. Is he for real? Or are the O’s making him look like a star? A lot of his stuff looks pretty good to me.

  47. I think HA is for real. Even before tongiht, when his numbers weren’t good, I thought he was doing great. The kid is 21. He’s got dynamite stuff, high 90′s velo, and great command. What’s not to like?

    Also, if that brings you close to climax, this should put you over the edge:

    For tonight game, HA has 16 ground outs and 1 fly out.

    Long way to go, but this kid has elite, ace potential. He’s got that kind of ceiling.

  48. McCoy with no hits in this game….DFA for tomorrow plz

  49. what was HA pitch count??

  50. Listened to btw podcast with Greede beede and He said it wouldn’t have made a difference if Boston had drafted him. Either he’s retarded or a liar. Looking forward to following his college career now

  51. I’m just mind-fucked by the Reyes quote. Dude, we were cheering for him. Everybody was pulling for him. But he couldn’t fucking perform, so the Jays let him go. Why on earth would you be mad? You should be grateful you got the chance.

  52. What really gets the Jays fans in this site really down and venomous, is when there are such common sense things needed to be done for our team that are done too late or never done…. let me list:

    -not waiving or DFAing Tallet and Miller as soon as we got them (back)
    -not getting rid of JO JO Reyes in June
    -not putting Mike McCoy on the waivers and not calling up farm prospects as injury replacements
    -seeing Rauch and crappy-version of 2xFranks ruin clutch hits from our hitters or blowing 4 run leads too often
    - Corey Patterson, nuff said

  53. Only one retard thought the Orioles were better. Surprisingly he hasn’t popped in tonight.

  54. Rooney!!!

  55. 97. I would have been a bit quicker with the hook but it worked out nicely.

  56. Henderson has great stuff and a good head on his shoulders to be a pro, but remember, it’s Baltimore and we finally gave him offense, too much offense.  Let’s see if he can control a game if the the score is 4-2, 3-1, 2-0, 4-3, 3-0, 1-0, 5-4, or 4-3 lead against the Bos, Rays, or NYY?

  57. You mean we shouldn’t credit him for maintaining focus under these circumstances? I agree that this is but one (glorious) start, but verily… there’s no need to mudpie the kid on such a night.

  58. Hendie Alvie looked fantastic tonight. To be honest I’ve liked every one of his starts so far. I love that he’s going out there looking for ground balls. It gets a starter far deeper in games and minimizes the big inning.

    I think theres no doubt that he’s with the big club next year. Yes tonight was a no pressure stinker, but his other starts have been very similar. He’s very composed and will only get more comfortable. If you can finish the 8th throwing under 100 pitches, I’ll take that every time.. especially since most BJ starters are hitting the century mark in the 5th inning lately.

  59. Blair had Jamie Campbell on The Fan today.  Both of them agreed that the one thing that saps the joy out of the fans more than any other is a lousy bullpen coughing up leads.  And we’ve had a whole bunch of that this season.  AA apparently thinks that closers just kind of magically appear ‘organically’.  He may be right.  But we surely need a complete bullpen redo before 2012.  Blair and Campbell would only keep Janssen and Litsch.  I’d agree with that.

  60. Had he been a real “professional” pitcher, according to the old-school idiots, he would have given up at least 7 or 8 runs, because winners pitch to the score. Right, Cito?

  61. 97 pitches 64 strikes. Freaking team loses one-run game after one-run game, then they get 8 shutout innings from the kid while they score 13 runs.

  62. Indeed. He made 24 outs without giving up a run. The 13 the Jays scored really don’t matter when evaluating that. 

  63. Jays should have claimed Jo Jo off waivers, then they’d be set for tank mode.

  64. It would have been nice to see Alvarez get a complete game shutout in his first career win.  It’s not like his pitch count was high.

  65. I approve the use of mudpie as a verb. And Ginger, yes you’re right, he was the only one actually pretending the O’s were superior.

  66. If I believed everything I read on this board, I would ask two questions:

    Were the two extra picks worth the losses that could have been averted (even in this supposed “building” year) by Scott Downs?

    Have the Jays done a good enough job of developing relievers under Anthopoulous?

    I do not know if Alex’s approach to closers is correct… bullpen performance does seem to constitute the least predictable interannual variable in baseball… but I certainly hope there is some long-term strategy for the bullpen, tabernac.

  67. I disagree,

    Lets see how he performs against Granderson, Tex, Rod,

    And Perdroia (I prolly spelled it wrong but fuck that rat faced fuck) and then Gonz and then Ortiz or Youkilis (Ugly fuck)

    The Boston, Yankees series will be a great test for Alvarez

  68. Stoeten, come on

    Is kelly Johnson not Cam from Ferris.  I challenge you to prove me wrong.


  69. I don’t think AA envisioned the bullpen being as bad as its been, plus it got a whole lot worse when he had to bring in the shit as he acquired Rasmus which I don’t think anyone has a problem with.  That being said, yeah, this bullpen needs to get overhauled.

    I agree with keeping Litsch and Janssen, but I would also keep Villanueva and maybe Luis Perez.  Not for super-high leverage guys, but I think they can be really useful.  Hopefully, AA can then find a couple guys via FA or trade that can be better versions of Frankie and Rauch.

  70. I don’t think the picks question can be answered for 5 years or so. However, one of those Scott Downs comp picks turned into Daniel Norris, so I’m going to lean toward yes. (The other was Jacob Anderson—don’t know much about him.) With Downs we might have 71 wins now vs. 68?

    In terms of relievers, I had assumed that the plan would always be to use the “surplus” of pitching talent to patch the bullpen holes—whoever didn’t work out as a starter would end up in the pen. I think that’s still the plan long-term. Last offseason I think AA saw an opportunity to essentially buy a bunch of picks, and possibly some leverage at the deadline. To give him full credit, three of those bullpen arms, including a couple of the purchased ones (I’d count Frasor as a purchase, since he was technically FA eligible before this year) turned into Rasmus, so that went ok.

    Moving forward, especially if they change the comp pick rules, I can see it becoming a free-for-all for the remaining 2-ish rotation slots and the majority of the bullpen roles.

  71. In hindsight, I should not have employed “mudpie” as an active verb; it should be passive-aggressive.

  72. What did Jo-Jo say?

  73. I’d also like to keep Luis Perez, Carlos Villanueva, and Joel Carreno if you don’t mind.  ;)

  74. Jay said this earlier:

    “Via an Oriole board:
    ‘I was listening to Joe Angel on the radio at the start of the game, and
    Reyes said that he was angry at his former team (the Blue Jays) for not
    sticking with him. And he said that he wanted to get back at them
    tonight. I’m not kidding. He actually said that, even though he went 28
    consecutive starts without a win when he pitched for the Blue Jays.”

  75. “And Perdroia…” It’s Pedroia, as in pedophile, as in Dustin’s older brother Brett.

  76. Where is Mr Mudpie?

  77. Jo-Jo should get on his hands and knees and be thankful a team other than the Orioles gave him 110 innings at the ML level.

  78. Actually it was Uncle Herbert (not Uncle |-|erbert though) arguing that the OriLOLs were superior to the Jays. Uncle Herbert could be one of Mudpie’s pseudonyms though. Who knows?

  79. I am the son of moisture farmer Cliegg Lars, husband to Beru Whitesun and stepbrother of Anakin Skywalker.

  80. Does anybody else think that Farrell is being “told to stay home” (apparently for the rest of the road trip now, I heard tonight) so that Wakamatsu can essentially audition for the job? Does anyone else think that it’s somewhat possible Farrell might be told to stay home for the rest of the season, and eventually, forever?

    I don’t really have any reason to think this; it’s just kind of a fantasy of mine (although I’m really not sure that Wak would be any better). But it strikes me that both sides would be a little unhappy having to basically admit that it was a bad hire and huge failure. On the other hand if he remained “sick” for several months, eventually having to “resign,” and was quietly given a nice package to go away, it would be better for both parties. At my company when we fire people we usually let them pretend to their co-workers that they quit, and I suspect a lot of other places do the same. Could be a nice way to wrap this little experiment up with minimal loss of face, am I right?

  81. Am I wrong in assuming that Alvarez is going to have to be shut down soon?
    He pitched 112 innings in 2010, and is sitting at 127 after tonight’s game.  Rule of thumb is no more than 30 extra year over year.  That gives him 2-3 more starts?  

  82. the orioles are better on paper, Tom. At a half-dozen positions. we’ve already been over this.

    the Os picked up shit-shit reyes because they’re getting their young guys (rushed to begin with) work at the minor league level.

  83. Janssen, litsch, CV and Perez.

    Those are my 4 from this current group.  FF has been pretty good for a while now, though in lower leverage situations.

  84. I doubt it.  It’s not like Wakamatsu has a sterling track record as a manager.

  85. Name the six positions.

  86. Other than at catcher, where are the Orioles better?  You’re full of shit.  They have a piss poor current squad (reflected in their record) while their farm system consistently ranks middle of the pack or worse, while the Jays are thought by most to have one of the 2 or 3 best stables of prospects.

  87. ss-hardy
    2b-roberts (when healthy, which is rare nowadays)

    so on so forth

  88. The dude has fucking pneumonia. What’s ridiculous is the Jays insistence that he’s going to be back tomorrow, and when tomorrow comes it’s the day after, and then he’s missing the OriLOLs series, and then the Yankee$ series. Pneumonia takes a while to get over. It isn’t one of those “Aw poor baby got a cold” situations. It’s pretty serious. And trust me, no matter how little you think of John Farrell as a manager, you’d really hate Don Wakamatsu in that role.

  89. prove me wrong, punk

    some of us actually study other teams than the jays

  90. It could be a nice way to get rid of Farrell.  But do you really want Wakamatsu to manage this team?  I’m all for hiring a more experienced manager but I’d prefer to get one with more experience and a better record.  

    In any case, I’ve had pneumonia and it put me out of commission for four weeks during which I was so weak I couldn’t walk downstairs.  Not fun at all and a long recuperation.  So Farrell may be legitimately out for quite a while.

  91. What do you sniff more often??

    Paint Thinner

  92. Escobar beats Hardy. Johnson beats Roberts and the sad sack of shit replacement level players that have started all but 97 games over the last two years. Lind and Reynolds are a push at 1B. Reynolds has the better stick, but is an absolute fencepost in the field. And Arrieta isn’t even better than Brett Cecil. C’mon, you’re really reaching. I’ll give you Wieters, Jones, and Johnson, so that’s three. Showalter’s not a player and neither is Oriole Park At Camden Yards.

  93. prospects are prospects because they’ve proved dick at the major league level. amazing some of you guys don’t get this yet

  94. But the keeper prospects can plug holes on the roster and then you can use some of the others to get established talent, so having a great farm system is actually a good thing.

  95. so on so forth?

    Mudpie, there’s still a little issue you have to explain, and that’s this:  since the beginning of last year, the Orioles are 32 games behind the Jays, and have gone 8-24 head to head.

  96. do you guys think even the orioles would give mike mccoy 120 PA in the AL east? you can’t fault them for trying, but they did sign two established major leaguers to fill out what looked like a pretty good lineup in ST.

    and they knew corey patterson was excrement long before we did.

  97. aa is still the only GM who thought jojo had “promise”

    he’s a bandaid for the orioles in another lost season

    we gift-wrapped him 20 starts and a rotation spot

  98. The irony is that Corey Patterson would’ve served the OriLOLs much better in LF than that trio of shit (Nolan Reimold, who should have the job all to himself, Luke Scott and the corpse of Felix Pie) that they’ve run out there this season.

  99. What about Jo-Jo? Do they get a pass on him?  What a fucking troll you are. Hardy better than Escobar? You’d be hard pressed to find someone who agrees. Jones better than Rasmus? Jones is younger and is having his best season right now which still isn’t as good as Rasmus’ 2010. Roberts is headed for retirement and calling Arrieta better than ANY of the Jays starters right now is a fucking joke. Go yell at your dog some more.

  100. Stoeten, your photo-shopping is Major League quality. Prince’s 56 ounce large-barreled , Boston Cream bat is a work of art.

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