Well, it seems as though the Jays missed the message last night, because I thought we all agreed that we weren’t going to bother with this Tank Nation business while up against the craptacular Baltimore Orioles.

It just looks bad, y’know?And yet, there was Brian Tallet, on the cusp of a D’ing FA, trotted out in the tenth inning to cough up a hard-fought lead.

And, as much as I’ve tried to get people to simmer the fuck down and think big picture about all the bullpen meltdowns this year, I can’t deny that it really, really does suck an impressively large cock to have sat down for three hours of baseball only to have it end like that. Ugh.

But hey, at least Jo-Jo Reyes is here to sooth what ails us. 


Wilner informs us that Ford C. Frick award balloting begins tomorrow, meaning it will be time once again to vote for Tom Cheek over and over every day, and then have your hopes pissed on when the committee again selects another, extremely well-deserving candidate to give the award to.

Tony Ambrogio provides the rest of tonight’s scuttlebutt via Twitter. Follow him!

Carlos Villanueva says that he’s healthy now, that his MRI showed no damage, but that “there were nights before he would start he was unsure if he would be healthy enough to pitch.”

Casey Janssen will get a couple days off, but his injury is not serious. Jon Rauch will come off the DL in a couple of days– though no word on whether he’s still suffering from right arm shittiness.

“Colby Rasmus says he feels fine and is set to come off DL Sept 8.”

TV: Sportsnet One

And now, here are the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.com

Toronto Blue Jays

Y. Escobar SS
E. Thames LF
J. Bautista RF
A. Lind 1B
E. Encarnacion DH
K. Johnson 2B
B. Lawrie 3B
J. Molina C
M. McCoy CF

H. Alvarez RHP

Baltimore Orioles of Baltimora’s Tarzan Boy

J. Hardy SS
N. Markakis RF
A. Jones CF
V. Guerrero DH
M. Reynolds 1B
R. Andino 3B
N. Reimold LF
R. Adams 2B
C. Tatum C

J. Reyes LHP

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  1. AA unleashed jojo on this fanbase, gave the loser 20 starts out of spring training

    he’s playing out the string for the orioles, who needed some rotation filler after their prospects went back down to the minors for more seasoning

  2. True. September will be an exciting month. I want to see the jays win some games against the red sox, yankees & rays to end the season on a high note.

    Nothing would be more fun than watching the jays annoy yankee & red sox fans.

  3. you can’t justify jojo’s 20 starts

    so don’t even fucking try

  4. beede will regret turning down 2.5 million in a few years. you know he will blame his agent if he drafted again. I hope he doesn’t get hurt but in 3 years he will be competing with the beedes of 2013…

  5. Jays need the starters to pitch more quality innings, which reduces the pressure on the bullpen.

    A more balanced offence gives them more runs & wears down opposing pitchers. No more 9 pitch innings for the jays opponents.

    Closers will look better if they aren’t coming in with a 1 run lead against the yankees or red sox.

  6. I like Downs but spending 15 million over 3 years for him seems expensive. 

  7. I doubt that. The season is virtually over & we don’t need any critical managerial decisions until we play the yankees or red sox.

    Wakamatsu is a downgrade over farrell. I don’t want a manager telling brett lawrie to bunt.

    AA will not fire Farrell for another 2 years .

    GM’s get to fire 2 managers at most before the the team owners fire them.

    They can blame the manager but after 2, then the team owner fores them. See JP Riccardi.

  8. Actually, Rasmus is more than a year younger than Jones, and Jones’ best season (this year) is basically a push with Rasmus’ second-best season, 2009. 

  9. You really need a sense of humor. Or maybe get that soft mushy stick out of your ass. 

  10. Did anybody happen to notice the Diamondbacks win streak….. obviously not saying that it was a bad trade based upon such a small sample size, etc…… but interesting.

    There is a strong chance Johnny Mac will bring back some post season experience!!!

  11. The Kid pitched his ass off in Oakland for a [2+(4, fuck you Listch)] – 1 loss and we never gave him a comfortable lead in a game.  Our team owed Henderson an MLB win.

  12. What was great about the Kid tonight was that with his great sink and control, he successfully experimented his work-in-progress slider and it was freaking NAILS with his already good, ground-ball-inducing fastball.

  13. Latino, Afro, Asian, or Caucasian, I want a closer that comes in with a 95 MPH sinking heater, bitch-ass slider, death cutter, awesome command, raping splitter, and a cool-as-ice face and body language that tells every hitter he faces: “try to hit me motherfucker!”  Since Dwayne Ward or Tom Henke, there was never a closer the jays had since.  I hope it’s in our farm system now in A, AA, or AAA….

  14. Every game you increase his pitch limit by 5 pitches for every start.  The game was in the bag, I don’t want Henderson to stretch his luck unless he was gunning a no-hitter.

  15. People forget how filthy B.J. Ryan was before he got hurt. He was that guy.

  16. Pneumonia is a bitch of a condition to have, and it killed Bernie Mac just like that.  This shit can make you cough out blood. 

    You can play conspiracy theory if you want, and by chance it maybe seeing what WAKA-WAKA can do.  Let Farrel wing this one out and have him take his time to come back. 

  17. Imposter. I would never actually capitalize tom’s name.

  18. the real mudpie

  19. I’ll farm some moisture for you, ya man-boobed fucknut…

  20. I’m the REAL Mudpie and I like my own posts.

  21. Yay! One of the most recent inductees into “The Book Of Moron” Jayson Stark is coming on with Brady and Lang at 8:40 am. One of the topics will involve Jayson stumping for Justin Verlander for AL MVP. This should go well.

    Verlander’s had a great season, but Jered Weaver is pretty close to him. There’s Jose Bautista and then there’s everyone else in the AL among the hitters. It should be a shoo-in for Bautista, but it won’t be of course thanks to Colonel Sanders signalling pitches to him from the outfield and those magic bean PED that only Jose Bautista is so obviously taking. Listen to the repeat later Stoeten, and get ready to skewer.

  22. i don’t know who this poser is, but i am the REAL mudpie and i stand by my opinions

    i have already vanquished tom jackson

  23. A second baseman? I think Kelly Johnson fits in perfectly. Done.

  24. He was that juiced guy.  It’s not a coincidence his performance tanked after the league got serious about drug use.  When he came back for the ’09 season it was like he lost a third of his upper-body mass.  And he never got it back.  If he’d been injured he would have been able to regain that muscle.

  25. Stop saying Rooney, soccer is for chicks.

  26. Oh yes all knowing one. You’ve truly taken me to the cleaners. I hang on your every word of “unique” baseball wisdom…Not.

  27. I think you guys are in for a suprise when it comes to the MVP voting.   Last year a sea change occurred with the BBWA when they properly selected King Feliz the CY Young despite his pedestrian win / loss totals.  This tells you that intelligence is finally starting to reign over convention.  There are alot of smart mother fuckers who vote for this shit and the dumb fucks that you see on TV or hear on satellite radio are a smaller percentage of the voters than you think.  In fact, there are likely a legion of closet Bautista voters who are loathe to come out and express their opinion because they are simply laying in wait,  preparing to unveil some serious shit to the Jayson Starks and Buster Olneys of the world come voting day.  Keith law wrote an article a couple weeks back where he stated that their is no possible choice that would make sense other than Bautista. 

    Even if this new found intelligent voting partially fails, you still get to rely on the splitting of Red Sox votes, anti yankee sentiment amongst a good percentage of voters, and the fact that a couple writers will simply leave Verlander off the ballot completely.  What is most important is that Jose has a big September and pushes his counting stats even higher.  

  28. you forgot to capitalize the I. at least put some effort into this.

  29. hey butch, why don’t we send thames down like you were crying for a few weeks ago? be a man and at least admit you were wrong.  next time don’t write off guys when they go into a slump for a week.  and as someone told me recently, that .250 avg is getting too close for comfort.  I’m really worried. not

  30. Only if you’re Jack Morris, the Grant Fuhr of pitching.

  31. Huzzah!

  32. So, AA is currently in Japan scouting Yu Darvish.

    Chances he doesn’t make the same “mistake” he acknowledges he made with Chapman?

  33. It sure is shaping up to be an interesting offseason for the Jays on their way to becoming the best team we’ve had in a while.

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