I was totally going to mail in a post about 25-year-old (as of two weeks ago) Japanese sensation Yu Darvish and the fact that Alex Anthopoulos is over there right this minute scouting him– as reported by the Toronto Sun– but there really isn’t a whole lot to say about it… other than, y’know, so… do ya think the Jays should do it? (Which, actually, seems like a good question for our latest Smokin’ Poll, doesn’t it?)

But somehow we managed to turn that into six minutes of talk during today’s episode of Getting Streamed On. Check it out below and spare me the act of having to put thoughts from my brain into words.

And there are other highlights too– including a full recap, which will take a little while longer to be posted– available on theScore’s MLB video page.

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NEXT STREAM: Since Monday is a holiday, we actually have no idea. Sometime next week, I’m sure.

Bonus Yu Darvish highlights via @ScottCarefoot of Raptorblog!

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  1. Pitcher’s body + natural movement + extensive repertoire very much means something.

    Yu Darvish looks the part.

  2. The latter 2 is pretty much all that matters – body-type means something for durability (usually) but not for skill.

    I shouldn’t be using relievers, but: Rauch – 89mph fastball. Frasor: 95 mph fastball, and the size of Rauch’s leg. It’s all about technique. If Darvish’s technique is god awful, expect some dumbass team like..  well..  the Cubs a month ago to sign him.

  3. reds  want players who cant step in now.

  4. I think the fact that AA has fleeced a few teams for problem players has affected your judgment on what a fair trade is..

    Cecil, Lind and Thames wouldnt get Votto at the deadline before his free agency, let alone 2 years before.

    Reds aren’t letting him go without getting some high end players, none of which  you named

  5. Exactly. Let’s be hypothetical here for a minute. What would it reallly take from the Jays farm to at least get the Reds to talk? They really only want prospects, but you should throw in one MLB ready player to even out the 25-man. Just throwing names out there for value only:

    Alvarez, d’Arnaud, Snider, Molina/Hutchison. That’s just a starting point!

  6. John Rauch has 7 inches on him, build means nothing.

    It’s too much money for a crapshoot. That’s ACE money. Very few pitchers with MLB pedigree and Cy Youngs get that.

    If it doesn’t work out, AA will be fired for gambling so much.

  7. Parkes was also wrong about Bautista.

  8. I just don’t get the desire to trade for votto over signing prince. Especially if we can slip to a bottom 15 pick.

    I get that some worry Prince may be too expensive, but what do they think Votto is going to be in 2 years.

    I know the fanbase is still weary after the bj ryan, vdub and rios contracts. but not every deal works out negatively. For every John Lackey theres a CC sabathia.

  9. The Reds will want Lawrie plus Hech plus some serious pitching talent.

    It isn’t happening. They may trade him in 2013 but not next year.

  10. This will really all depend on the scouts and AA’s firsthand view of him.  I don’t really doubt that with the marketing beast and potential ace Darvish will be, the money will be there if needed.  That said, if AA thinks he can spend $100 million (which will probably be the minimum total commitment) elsewhere and improve the team more than with Darvish, it won’t happen.  But if AA and the scouts are drooling over him, I think the Jays will go all in and be serious competitors for Yu.

    Purely looking at his youtube videos, man the kid has a filthy slider and running fastball. 

    On a side note, here’s an interesting article from when Matsusaka first signed with the Red Sox on his value to the team.  http://www.portfolio.com/cultu

  11. For those who are too lazy to click the link, if the analysis is to be trusted, the Jays don’t gain nearly as much incremental revenue from having Darvish as one would think.  Outside of his on-field performance, the benefits derived from showing Jays games on Japanese TV and selling a zillion Darvish jerseys is shared equally by all teams.  So purely from a revenue standpoint, it doesn’t matter who Darvish signs with, the Jays won’t really derive much additional revenue from those two streams

  12. I think the question is:
    Where is there another #2 pitcher that the team can get?

    Everyone should put there heads together and we can make a list. That’s what this team needs most and it’s obvious that GM AA is looking for.

  13. MLB 2012 free agent pitchers:

    Starting pitchers
    Erik Bedard (33)
    Mark Buehrle (33)
    Chris Capuano (33)
    Chris Carpenter (37) – $15MM club option with a $1MM buyout
    Bruce Chen (35)
    Bartolo Colon (39)
    Aaron Cook (33) – $11MM mutual option with a $500K buyout
    Kyle Davies (28)
    Doug Davis (36)
    Ryan Dempster (35) – $14MM player option, no buyout
    Zach Duke (29) – $5.5MM club option with a $750K buyout
    Jeff Francis (30)
    Freddy Garcia (36)
    Jon Garland (32) – $8MM club option with a $500K buyout
    Aaron Harang (34) – $5MM mutual option with a $500K buyout
    Rich Harden (30)
    Livan Hernandez (37)
    Hisashi Iwakuma (31)
    Edwin Jackson (28)
    Kenshin Kawakami (37)
    Scott Kazmir (28) – $13.5MM club option with a $2.5MM buyout
    Hiroki Kuroda (37)
    Rodrigo Lopez (36)
    Paul Maholm (30) – $9.75MM club option with a $750K buyout
    Jason Marquis (33)
    Kevin Millwood (37)
    Sergio Mitre (31)
    Roy Oswalt (34) – $16MM mutual option with a $2MM buyout
    Brad Penny (34)
    Oliver Perez (30)
    Joel Pineiro (33)
    C.C. Sabathia (31) – may opt out of remaining four years, $92MM
    Javier Vazquez (35)
    Adam Wainwright (30) – $10MM vesting option for ’12, $12MM for ’13 
    Tim Wakefield (45)
    Chien-Ming Wang (32)
    Brandon Webb (33)
    Dontrelle Willis (30)
    C.J. Wilson (31)
    Chris Young (33)

  14. Let’s make a list from these who are number 2′s.

  15. http://www.fangraphs.com/stats
    Bedard could be a possibility. He’s a guy that could still develop an effective change up.

    He’s held his own against the Sox and Yanks but he’s a Tampa Ray killer !

  16. Buehrle would be great outside the AL East- Yanks absolutely light him up. That 85.6 mph fastball is not something to invest in.
    Capuano has a 5.00+ era in interleague and sub 90mph fastball.

    Chris Carpenter could be a nice target. He’s been a bit unlucky perhaps and might be had coming off a down year for him.

    Aaron Cook- pass
    Dempster as a #3 could be a possibility. Cancel that after seeing how he pitched against the Yanks and Sox


  17. Zach Duke – pass

    Harden – maybe kick the tires

    Edwin Jackson- GM AA already passed him through, so I would assume he’s not interested

    Oswalt probably wouldn’t want to come here

    Wilson’s gonna cost a lot

  18. Bedard, Carpenter, Harden, Wilson are probably the only realistic choices here.

    One would have to look around for trades after this point.

  19. From stats and the videos it looks like he’s the real deal and no one coming out of Japan has had numbers even close at such a young age.  It’s only 1 inning but Darvish vs Team USA in 2009 WBC cannot be discounted ( and this was as a 22 yr old in a semi-final game!):

    Top 9th: USA

    – N. Aoki in center field

    – Y. Kamei in left field

    – Y. Darvish relieved T. Mahara

    – D. Jeter grounded out to shortstop

    – J. Rollins singled to shallow right

    – D. Wright struck out swinging

    – J. Rollins to second on fielder’s indifference

    – J. Rollins to third on fielder’s indifference

    – A. Dunn struck out looking

  20. Just a comment on the off hand way the world baseball classic was dismissed as not serious baseball… Ok, not to Team USA perhaps but for most of rest of the world used to viewing internationals as the pinacle of the sport it totally mattered (look at the Rogers attendance for the USA Canada game, you don’t think that was just as big as any Blue Jays game this year ?

    also…   Japan could play Korea in hopscotch and it would be serious….

    so, yeah small sample size for sure, but don’t think for a second that Darvish didn’t at the very least show he could pitch under the highest pressure in his outings during that tournament.

  21. On Votto:  The Reds are going to pick up Phillips option for next year and go for it.  They got a taste of success in that shithole division last year, so they believe they’re not far off.  If next season goes as this one has, Phillips is definitely getting dealt at the deadline, and I think that’s when you could make them listen re: Votto.  Not before.

  22. Let’s say Votto was from Buffalo, it wouldn’t change the fact that he is one of the best 1B in MLB. I think he is more valuable than Prince Fielder.

    My point is that if Votto for Bautista was 1 for 1, then you wouldn’t even need to give up Cecil,Thames or Lind to get Votto.

    If Votto does what Halladay did & said he won’t sign an extension after his contract is up in 2013, then the Reds won’t get as much for him.

    The other thing is that if The Reds have a payroll limit of 80 million, can they afford to pay Votto 20 million per year??

  23. Parkes is a genius!

  24. The Jays got 3 prospects for Halladay, the best pitcher in the MLB with 1 year on his contract & a contract extension signed with the ‘Phillies.

    Thames,Lind & Cecil can help the reds from a payroll perspective & performance perspective more than the 3 prospects the Jays received.

  25. whats your point.?

    You think if we offer cecil, thames and lind that no other team would offer more?

    Get real, plenty of teams would step up and send the pieces necessary to land him.. you think the Jays are the only team with him on our radar cuz he’s canadian?

    Angels, cubs, possibly the cards, dodgers, texas, baltimore, would all be in on Votto and would certainly offer a heck of a lot more then the trash you are suggesting..

    Would you trade Bautista in his last year (provided his performance holds pretty steady) for a decent, average 1b and, lf and back end starter?

  26. If the Reds only want prospects, they could have thames or Snider, Alvarez  & another prospect.

    Jays fans tend to overvalue other teams players & undervalue ours

  27. I would not be opposed to Fielder. It’ just money.

  28. I’d have a tough time trading Alvarez. His control is obscene and he is going to be really, really good. I’m okay with some lower level starters (Deck, Hutch?) but I’d like to see what Alvarez turns into.

  29. Yeah I agree.  Whenever these trades go down, everyone is always surprised by how little it took.  See the Rasmus trade for the latest example.

    It comes down to whether the Reds are even willing to listen.  They might very well be going for it, and come what may down the road.  Just ride Votto out and risk losing him in free agency like the Brewers and Fielder.  In that case they won’t even listen to a Votto proposal. 

    But if there is any chance they would listen, I don’t think it would take quite as much as some of you are saying.  It almost never does.

  30. DO IT !

  31. “If the Reds only want prospects, they could have thames or Snider, Alvarez  & another prospect.

    Jays fans tend to overvalue other teams players & undervalue ours”

    That was the single stupidest fucking post I’ve ever seen.

    Thames OR Snider, Alvarez and PTBNL for Votto huh? This after saying retarded Jays fans like YOU “tend to undervalue” their players. Thames and Snider are warm bodies. Snider in particular is near worthless as tradebait. Alvarez might be a decent part of a trade but the Reds aren’t even picking up the phone without Lawrie and Hech in the conversation. Forget about Votto for next year. It isn’t going to happen.

  32. Well that was quick.

    Kelly Johnson is now a type A .

  33. It’s possible that other teams will offer more but if Votto says he wants to go to the Blue Jays in 2014, othet teams won’t bother.

    halladay made it clear he wanted to go to the Phillies which reduced what other teams would offer the jays in prospects for him.

    If Halladay said he wanted to go several teams, a bidding war for Halladay would have started & we would have done better than we got for him.

  34. Agreed. Very few people thought AA could get Rasmus for relievers.

    If the Reds cannot afford to keep Votto &  he walks after 2013, he will be available at a lower price.

  35. Except you’re comparing a player who was being yelled at for being on Tony LaRussa’s lawn, to Votto who has no issues that are blown out of proportion. Escobar is in the same category.

    Votto is a top 5 position player in the game, and is just entering prime years. The Reds have all the leverage right now, even in regards to money for the time being.

    Contrary to the belief, Votto does not equate to half the Jays farm–pull that kind of trade off and you’ve underminded all the rebuilding to finish 3rd place. The Jays can get the same WAR value out of Fielder for only money as you mentioned, and money is easier to sweep under a rug than an empty farm system, especially with Tony Reagins on Anthopoulos’ speed-dial.

    If you want to make trades, you trade for a cost-controlled reliever or SP not named Yu Darvish.

  36. Votto has made no indication that he cares where he plays.  Why on Earth would you trade Bautista for Votto straight up considering their contracts?  It’s not happening this off season.  Let it go.

  37. Not sure why everyone thinks Votto is good to go since they have Alonso. They are currently grooming Alonso as a 3rd basemen so Votto won’t be blocking him any longer.

  38. Haha I like your thoughts dude, but to be honest, where the fuck do you get this info?”I firmly believe if AA truly believe in Darvish and states that belief to Beeston and Rogers, they will be on board.” Oh, because Rob Ambrose…some guy on a shitty little blog comments section “firmly” believes it, I should get pumped cause it’s most likely going to happen.”AA has higher standing with Rogers then JP has ever had, and if JP got $100 million, then AA definitely does if he feels he needs it.” And you know this how? Pure speculation from a guy off the street.LOL

  39. a Whirling Durvish   yes  !

  40. Stoeten explaining to Parkes in that clip is like watching somebody try to reason with a child who is literally whining.

  41. The Bautista – Votto trade was rumored in the past off season. i would not trade Bautista for Votto now.

    I would try to acquire Votto from the Reds for Lind  plus prospects or Lind plus Cecil if they want pitching.

    This assumes Votto signs an extension past 2013

  42. Lind and Cecil?


    Are you a Jays talk caller?

  43. if the jays decide they want to spend 20 million per year for a 1B or DH then I would pick Votto over Fielder.

    If Votto is not available, then get Fielder.

    It seems to me that AA would be weary of paying 140 million over 7 years to get a top notch free agent.

    I wonder how bautista would react to another player coming in at 20 million per year vs 13 million per year for him.?

    Would bautista try to renegotiate his contract?


  44. Thames has some value. Lawrie won’t be traded. The Reds may take a relatively local boy like Adam Lind. You could give them Cecil.

    Didn’t cards fans want Ricky Romero for Rasmus?

  45. You ARE a Jays talk caller.

  46. if the jays decide they want to spend 20 million per year for a 1B or DH then I would pick Votto over Fielder.

    Who wouldn’t? Problem is this is now, not 2014.  Got to remember too that players (Bautista) do age, and shit, maybe in 3 years when Fielder is 30/31 and is better suited as a DH, the Jays sign Votto to be their 1B.

  47. LOL! that is a horrible insult.

    On a serious note, you should review the trades AA has made & you will see that it doesn’t take as much as you would think to get quality players.

    Look at Lawrie – marcum, rasmus deal, halladay etc…

  48. I say sign the mofo. Then sign the Pujols and Fielder. 30 + 20 + 15. 65+ in payroll would put us around 120+ right? Let’s not waste Bautista’s prime right? Freagin do it AA. Let’s go for greatest lineup of all time. 

    But really. Would love to have him with the Jays next year. Seems to have that “passion”  for the game and drive to succeed. I think he could be a very effective pitcher; like when Hideo and Chan Ho first came? He’s the next big Asian pitcher! Hopefully with a bit more longevity in MLB success. 

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