It’s the early afternoon on an overcast, dreary, rainy day here in Toronto, so you know what that means…

Hipster idiots are lined up to get a table at Aunties and Uncles.

Oh, and it also means the Jays are playing the Baltimore Orioles of Baltimora’s Tarzan Boy, fresh off last night’s cathartic pummeling of Jo-Jo Reyes. But seriously. I have a friend who works at Aunties and Uncles, and I’d totally go in and visit her there at work once in a while, but am I seriously going to line up for brunch? In the rain? On a Thursday?

Do they put some kind of golden cum in their food, or is it just that a bunch of fucking twats want to check in there on Facebook? Either way, I’ll pass.

Stream Threat!

Holy shit, I totally almost forgot to mention that at the conclusion of today’s game, we’ll be coming at you with an episode of Getting Streamed On. So get your Twitter fingers a twittering and send up some questions to @DustinParkes, @AndrewStoeten and @DrewGROF, or get yourself involved in the live chat that will be going over at Getting Blanked.

When the game is done, click here to launch the stream.


Apparently the Jays nailed it last night. Who knew?

Am I the only one who both gets confused every time he sees “R. Adams” in the lineup for Baltimore and thinks that Americanos are awesome? I can’t possibly be.

REAL SCUTTLEBUTT FORTHCOMING! (Actually, no, it’s totally not.)

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at

Toronto Blue Jays

Y. Escobar SS

E. Thames LF

J. Bautista RF

A. Lind 1B

E. Encarnacion DH

K. Johnson 2B

B. Lawrie 3B

J. Arencibia C

M. McCoy CF

L. Perez LHP

Baltimore Orioles of Baltimora’s Tarzan Boy

R. Andino 3B

J. Hardy SS

N. Markakis RF

A. Jones CF

V. Guerrero DH

M. Wieters C

M. Reynolds 1B

N. Reimold LF

R. Adams 2B

T. Hunter RHP

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  1. Kick ass, I love when theres an afternoon game on my day off. I missed the slugfest last night here’s hoping they tee off on Hunter.

    Nice pre game story on Loewen too. Lookin forward to seeing him called up this week.

  2. This should be an interesting game.  That senile old bastard Joe West is behind the plate.

  3. You forgot to mention fat.

  4. At least there is no danger of seeing Brian Tallet close the game

  5. Vegas finishes on the 6th of September.  I expect a lot of callups, unless they send some down for the AA playoffs.  But I think Adeiny, Cooper, Loewen, Drabek, Jayson Nix, and Mastroianni all to get callups.

  6. I’m really excited to see AA go to Japan and watch Yu Darvish in person.  I’d love the Jays to go hard after Darvish.  Heck, I might even want the Jays to go after him harder than Fielder because pitching is more of a need, IMO.

  7. I’ll hang myself if I have to see Nix bat for the Blue Jays again

  8. I forgot McGowan too.

  9. Put the noose away, he’s not on the 40 man roster.

  10. If AA really wants Darvish, I think the Jays will get him.

  11. I forgot he was removed when they DFA’d him.

  12. AA is in Japan right now, apparently scouting Darvish.

    Think he makes the same “mistake” he admits he made with Chapman?

  13. Snider and Drabek dont deserve call ups in my opinion. If Drabek gets the call, he better pitch for a job instead of mailing it in and acting like a spoiled brat.

  14. It will cost the Jays over $100 million.  That is a steep price for a player to never play a game in the bigs.

    Ideally, the Jays will spend $250 million this off-season on both Fielder & Darvish.  Pull a Yankee type move.

  15. Or the Jays could just go after Votto, and not have to spend $150 million on Fielder.

  16. McGowan is pitching today for NH. 

    If all goes well, I wonder if he gets called after the game.

  17. Money talks and bullshit walks. If he’s willing to pay he will sign him… 

  18. Well, lucjky for you, Snider won’t bcs he’s been shut down.

    I don’t have a problem with calling up Drabek, if only to work with the ML pitching staff.  It’s not always about “deserving” a call-up.

  19. Vladdy running just looks sooooo painful lol 

  20. Wow, when Guerrero was with the Expos that was a stand up triple. Now he runs like Benji Molina on a prosthetic leg.

  21. Question – do you have to be on the 40 man to be called up in Sept?

  22. I believe you have to be on the 40.

  23. The most exciting play in baseball – when Benji Molina goes for the triple!

  24. Thought so.

    There are 38 guys on the 40 right now (including McGowan).  Was wondering if the Jays would ahve to move someone off to make room for Loewen if they brought him up.

    The issue with Loewen is where do you play him?  I’d assume the Jays want to get Thames as many ABs as possible, Rasmus will play everyday in CF, and Bautista will want to play to keep his #s up.

  25. What makes you think Votto is available for anything that doesn’t include Bautista?

  26. An 85 MPH fastball right down the middle to Bautista? Hunter got off easy.

  27. I am torn. I have never wished the Jays to go winless until now. Not only to get a protected pick, but also to have that pick be closer to top 10 in a weak draft year. Id be happy with the players excelling in individual stats, and lose as many games as they can. Next year will be different.

  28. Loewen is a backup 1B/4th OF’er.

    Until Rasmus returns, you could try Thames in RF, Bautista in CF, and Loewen in LF.

    Then once Rasmus returns, you can play Loewen occasionally at 1B, and in LF.

  29. I know it’s sorta cliche, and my eyes might be deceiving me, but Lind over the last month looks like he’s just been missing a lot of balls, or is hitting rockets that are finding gloves. Maybe one of the stat heads can verify this (line drive rate or something?).

  30. I would trade Bautista for Votto in a heartbeat.

  31. You have to love baseball to be watching a Jays-O’s matinee on the first day of September, before a crowd smaller than what we get at Rogers Centre.

  32. More bullshit from Cowboy Joe.

  33. Me too, but the team gets significantly better if you keep Bautista and sign Fielder instead, and the Reds aren’t exactly looking to rebuild.

  34. They need to fire this horrible ump.

  35. Joe West

    What a fat fucking attention whore

  36. Joe West and CB Fucknor are the worst black clad shitbags the MLB has to offer.

  37. Kind of like having pitchers like Perez and Villanueva in the lineup. Decent spot starters, good out of the bullpen. 

  38. Hey douche why you got a sun logo? You got a little too much sugar in your blood fool?

  39. I still miss Aaron Hill.….

  40. Stoeten’s R.Adams reference in this post brings to light the fact that one J Votto was available (picked 44th) in the 2002 draft when Retardi picked Russ Adams

  41. What a gun there by Lawrie.

  42. Fuck, don’t do this.  Just about every team passed on Votto at least once.  The Reds even picked some guys named Chris Gruler *3rd* overall and Mark Schramek 40th overall before they took Votto 44th.

  43. Brett Lawrie – not a poor defender.

  44.  ~Vlad is going to hit a homerun on the next pitch.

  45. It looks like gameday thought at least two balls to Vlad were strikes. How crazy is West’s strikezone today?



    The first ball was borderline…  the rest were correct.

    The HR pitch was typical Vlad.

  48. That was strike 3.

  49. And then strike 3 was a ball.  Joe West is a fucking retard.


    Strike 3 Sure was a ball.  The rest of the called balls WERE balls though.

  51. Wakamatsu: Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.

  52. nice play.  He has 2 2Bs, 1 3B and a HR since going to Arizona.

    Good for him.

  53. Well that trade’s looking pretty good.

    (Though Hill’s OPS is somehow over .900 since going to Arizona, as well). 

  54. KJ’s bat is corked and Joe West totally knows.

  55. Kelly Johnson is significantly better than Aaron Hill.  People who claimed it was an underachiever for another underachiever trade don`t know what they`re talking about.

  56. O’s radio broadcaster talking about KJ just said that he was acquired when the Jays sent Hill & Mac “over to the D-Bags”.  No joke.

  57. Well, they were both underachieving.  But I agree with you.  Still miss him though.

  58. It wasn’t even (primarily) a Johnson for Hill trade. If you read the press with AA, it was JMac that Arizona was interested in. It just so happened that with Johnson going over it made sense for a 2B to go back the other way, and Hill had an expiring deal.

    You know your career is seriously fucked up when you’re the throw-in to a trade where John McDonald is the main prize.

  59. This is what change of scenery and uniform will do to your defense and offense, and not have Dwayne Murphy around you.

  60. Your mother and I have decided we’re giving you up for adoption. There are some great group homes out their that are specifically designed to deal with people with down syndrome. We love you son, and we hope you get better.

  61. Fuck Perez.  More meatballs.

  62. Perez has been unable to do anything with Vlad and Weiters.

  63. You’re blaming Murphy for Hill’s shittiness? What is he, Emmanuel Goldstein?

    Hill is taking advantage of pitchers that don’t know him. Not to mention it’s only been a week or so.

    Guaranteed he slides back into mediocrity.

  64. Anyone notice how the Jays have the fourth-best offense in all of baseball, but the seventh-worst pitching staff–yet it’s the hitting coach we all want to see replaced at the end of the season?

  65. Yup, Murphy has made all the Jays hitters terrible.  Except Bautista.
    And Lawrie.
    And Escobar.
    And Encarnacion.
    And Thames.

  66. It’s kind of sad watching a future hall-of-famer cripple his way around the bases.  But I’ll take the out at home.

  67. Is it just me or should Jesse Litsch be the Jays closer next year.  He has been incredible since his move to the pen.

  68. They should both be gone. Walton because of the regression of the majority of the young pitchers this year and Murphy for fucking up Hill and Lind (and probably Snider) with his retarded pull-everything approach.

  69. Lawrie and Thames haven’t been up long enough for Murphy to cause serious damage yet.

    Escobar isn’t conversant enough in English to understand Murphy and probably wouldn’t listen even if he did.

    Not sure if you’ve noticed but E5 has had some absolutely MASSIVE struggles over the past couple of years. He’s probably right on the brink of another 2-month period where he gets 1 hit a week. I’m ok with giving Murphy the credit for his occasional hot streaks if he’s also given the blame for the long stretches of uselessness.

  70. I cant even imagine the numbers that Bautista would put up with Fielder hitting behind him. Also, I think itd be awesome to get a new hitting instructor in there for a fresh approach. Someone that thinks more contact and not just pull/homerun all the time.

  71. He shouldn’t get credit or blame for any of it.

  72. Fucking Camp.

  73. Bring back tallet

  74. Actually, it was Walton’s fault that Camp hit that batter.

  75. I wonder if Camp is feeling a little nervous.  Bad things happen to relievers when they screw up around here.

  76. That son of a bitch Camp is going to get the win.

  77. I think at this point I would let Brett Lawrie fuck me.

  78. Gordie Dougie!

  79. FUCK YEAH!

  80. Thames has a huge man crush on Lawrie. 

  81. Will Lawrie be ROY eligible next year?

  82. I’m sure he’s been waiting his whole life to hear that joyous news.

  83. Lawrie’s OPS is higher than Bautista right now.

  84. Off topic:  AJ Burnett hasn’t beaten the Red Sox in 3 years!

  85. Kardashian is going to leave Humphries and marry Lawrie

  86. brett lawrie: triple away from the cycle…

  87. Bautista is being reduced from God to minor-but-still-noble deity

  88. Naaaw.  Lawrie is so hign in the order, kim Kardashian will only be his call girl.

  89. Bautista is now just a Demi-God

  90. “Good to see Big John Rauch out of the bullpen again” No Buck it really isnt

  91. as long as it’s Kim and not her sister, the one with odom

  92. Twice today Ive heard Buck say “its good to see John Rauch back on the mound”…

    Speak for yourself Buck.

  93. Hard decision to make if reality made it possible, would you rather have Rauch or Tallet pitch with a 1-run lead?

  94. It’s good to see him as long as he still nets us that draft pick…

  95. At the start of the season I remember thinking the bullpen would be one of our strengths. What the fuck went wrong? Leading the league (or close to it)  in blown saves? Reduced to using Tallet as a closer? fuck me

  96. “But he is a big schtrong arm that will come right at ya, and can pick the corners..He is a class strike thrower with a mound presence that surely helps the Jays Bullpen”   Fuck off Buck he is 8 feet tall and throws 87 MPH thats about all you need to know

  97. um. we traded for colby rasmus. that’s what happened to our bullpen.

  98. the milf in this rogers commercial has great tits

  99. anyone know if tekksavvy throttles uploads like robbers?

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