It’s the early afternoon on an overcast, dreary, rainy day here in Toronto, so you know what that means…

Hipster idiots are lined up to get a table at Aunties and Uncles.

Oh, and it also means the Jays are playing the Baltimore Orioles of Baltimora’s Tarzan Boy, fresh off last night’s cathartic pummeling of Jo-Jo Reyes. But seriously. I have a friend who works at Aunties and Uncles, and I’d totally go in and visit her there at work once in a while, but am I seriously going to line up for brunch? In the rain? On a Thursday?

Do they put some kind of golden cum in their food, or is it just that a bunch of fucking twats want to check in there on Facebook? Either way, I’ll pass.

Stream Threat!

Holy shit, I totally almost forgot to mention that at the conclusion of today’s game, we’ll be coming at you with an episode of Getting Streamed On. So get your Twitter fingers a twittering and send up some questions to @DustinParkes, @AndrewStoeten and @DrewGROF, or get yourself involved in the live chat that will be going over at Getting Blanked.

When the game is done, click here to launch the stream.


Apparently the Jays nailed it last night. Who knew?

Am I the only one who both gets confused every time he sees “R. Adams” in the lineup for Baltimore and thinks that Americanos are awesome? I can’t possibly be.

REAL SCUTTLEBUTT FORTHCOMING! (Actually, no, it’s totally not.)

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at

Toronto Blue Jays

Y. Escobar SS

E. Thames LF

J. Bautista RF

A. Lind 1B

E. Encarnacion DH

K. Johnson 2B

B. Lawrie 3B

J. Arencibia C

M. McCoy CF

L. Perez LHP

Baltimore Orioles of Baltimora’s Tarzan Boy

R. Andino 3B

J. Hardy SS

N. Markakis RF

A. Jones CF

V. Guerrero DH

M. Wieters C

M. Reynolds 1B

N. Reimold LF

R. Adams 2B

T. Hunter RHP

Comments (142)

  1. AA Rasmused the bullpen, and Rauch has been poor.

  2. AA should sign Bell, Broxton, Capps, Isringhausen and Oliver in the offseason to fix our shitty bullpen.

  3. Losing Rzep and Dotel and getting back miller and tallet? That hurt a bit but I don’t it explains nearly all of it

  4. And Frasor.

  5. Rauch I puke once. Tallet I puke twice.

  6. yeah, Frasor would hurt

  7. I’m a lot more comfortable with Two-Frank than I was earlier in the year.

  8. Yeah they started throttling recently.

  9. Nicely done Frankie.

  10. a 1-2-3 9th inning save, how rare was that shit this year?

  11. Bottle that ninth inning

  12. Wow very interesting that AA is in Japan watching Darvish pitch.

    Leads you to believe they must be seriously considering this guy.  Having your GM fly to Japan to watch a guy pitch is pretty involved.  Not exactly like catching a quick flight to Houston or something.

    What would you guys rather see?  The Jays making a big play for Darvish or for Fielder?

  13. What would you guys rather see? The Jays making a big play for Darvish or for Fielder?

    Fielder. Jap pitchers are always mediocre in the MLB. Fielder is proven.

  14. Fielder might be more likely too if the Red Sox and Yankees go nuts bidding for Darvish.  I wouldn’t think either would be in on Fielder..

  15. If AA can speak fluent Japanese, he might get a discount on Darvish.

  16. Maybe a little pie int he sky, but if Rogers is as dedicated as they say they are….  why can’t both be in play?

    Personally, I have this (unfounded, and probably wrong) feeling that they’ll push for those 2 and Papelbon.

  17. I just don’t see the point in spending tens of millions on something the team already has an abundance of in the farm. If they want to spend a shitload of money on a pitcher, go after CJ Wilson. At least he’s already in the MLB and seems to be pretty good.

  18. Given Lind’s current sucking-the-big-fat-bone status, Fielder would be wonderful. We drafted some pretty solider pitchers in recent years, hopefully they will be ready in the coming years

  19. brutal. i’ll go see what’s up on dsl reports

  20. Wilner and Blair discussing Darvish on PTS right now

  21. It’s kinda lame, but if you order the MLPPP option with Teksavvy, it bypasses the throttling.

    However I believe you can opt for single link MLPPP and bypass many of the throttle issues.

    Dug that up from dslreports.

  22. So… do wins improve Elias rankings?  Because if so today’s win might just push Camp closer to that Type B cutoff.

  23. I am not sure why AA disclosed that Hill was a throw in. It must have been very embarrasing fro the whole world to know that he is a throw in while a career utility player is the main prize.

  24. is auntie and uncles the little breakfast place across from pizza pizza on BJWay?

  25. Also, isn’t Stoeten a hipster?

  26. Orioles fans wondering if they can trade us Jeremy Guthrie for Brett Lawrie: [url]…[/url]

  27. Both.

  28. Ooops, maybe I should have read that thread first.  Not exactly what they’re saying.

    Hey guys, did you know Brett Lawrie is Canadian?

  29. “we”? “our”? dude youre a fan not a player or in the front office. 

  30. No, he wore ugly plaid shirts, trucker hats and a beard before it was cool.

    Of course he is, hating other hipsters is part of being a hipster.

  31. Don’t wilner the guy to death.

  32. No, it’s part of being human.

  33. I’ve never been to Aunties and Uncles, but I go to Wrapido next door two or three times a week for lunch.  It’s great, $5 for every wrap on the menu, the little Indian woman who runs it is super sweet, and you can sit on the patio next to Aunties and Uncles and check out the hipster girls.

  34. I found this mildly interesting. Since the McDonald/Johnson trade with Hill as a throw in:

    Hill: .412 obp, .992 ops, 167 ops+, 0.5 rWAR
    Johnson: .419 obp, .996 ops, 166 ops+, 0.4 rWAR

    Johnson’s stats don’t include today, and Arizona had the day off, so both now have played 8 games. Extremely small sample sizes, but it’s possibly a glimpse of factual evidence that both needed a change in scenery.

  35. Definitely recommend Aunties and Uncles….great BLT.

  36. Do you think the Baltimore fans regard us the same way we regard T-Bay?  Whatever happens, the Jays always seem to beat the Os.  Whatever happens, T-Bay always seems to beat us.

    In other news, Aunties and Uncles is nice but always crowded.  I prefer Goed Eten on Ossington…

  37. I would bet you that Darvish isn’t the only guy he is looking at there, and no, I am not referring to Randy Ruiz.

  38. You’re a fucking loser.

  39. LOL our pen was fucking shit long before that. You think losing Rzep is the problem? Jesus christ.

  40. Frasor and Dotel maybe…but since they were at most setup guys, doesn’t really fucking matter now does it.

  41. Like except I’d rather see Rauch out there than have to look at that dirty pigfuckers face everynight. I don’t care how good he is, I hate him with a passion!

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