Game Threat: Jays @ Rays

Not much of a game threat tonight folks: it was either do a proper Game Threat or the Today In Morons post below. So… I think you’ll agree I made the right choice here.

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  1. Anyone notice that Carreno has been a stud in the ‘pen so far? 8.04 K/9, 2.30 BB/9, 2.83 FIP (1.15 ERA) in 15 2/3 IP.

    Have to see how he does in a full season, but that looks like another solid young arm for 2012 in arguably the Jays’ biggest weakspot.

  2. Very interesting news, but a 1 game playoff would not generate as much revenue as a 3 game series.

    Would it be possible to to give the 5th playoff spot team a home game, or would travel considerations eliminate that?

    If there is a 5th playoff team, does AA adjust his strategy for 2012?

    The Jays would be battling Tampa bay, cleveland, chicago white sox etc for a playoff spot, so it’s not like AA needs a 120 million payroll.

  3. That’s true.  It seems baseball is much lower on the totem poll than most places in the States.  Florida seems to be a football state only, pretty much.  Then add in that a lot of the population is transplants from other areas, and there’s not much support for baseball in general, or the Rays in particular.

  4. Just saw this on bbref.  A bit surprised it’s only a 1 game playoff instead of 3.

  5. Agreed. sarasota is the spring training home of the Orioles. It used to be the reds. Must be great to be there from February-April to watch the spring training games. I saw a few people wearing tampa Bay Lightning shirts.

  6. I’ve noticed it.  Dave Gershman, who covers NH, noted when Carreno was called up that most of his difficulties in terms of control and command came later in games – 5th inning and on.

    Short stints might be the best thing for him, and he’d be a prime example of building BP arms from within.

  7. Luis Perez is A squad…? Lol

  8. I wouldnt say carreno is great yet. Its his first go around in the league. Lets see how he adjusts the 2nd or 3rd time thorugh the league. Luis Perez was also pretty good when he came up and now everyone universally agrees he sucks despite his great outing against the weak hitting a’s.

  9. I wouldnt say carreno is great yet.

    To copy/paste exactly what I wrote:

    Anyone notice that Carreno has been a stud in the ‘pen so far?
    Have to see how he does in a full season

    I never said he is great. I only said he’s quietly been great so far, and to add on to it, I’d like to see Farrell utilize him more often.

  10. He’s referring to the catcher, Carlos.

  11. Relative to who else is in the pen, yeah he is.

  12. Matty Joyce, since June 1st (when he had a 1.066 OPS): .228/.306/.388 = .694 OPS (9 HRs)

    Sam Fuld, since he left Toronto in late April (where he got on base 6 of 14 PAs): .204/.285/.309 = .594 OPS.  Anyone have one of those 10,000 Super Sam Fuld capes given away on May 29th this year:…¬ebook_id=17749266&vkey=notebook_tb&c_id=tb

  13. In that context I was talking about Luis Perez… he asked why Perez was getting innings over guys who hadn’t pitched yet, and my response was that it had to do with the ‘integrity of the race’ with respect to TB and Boston, and Perez is likely one of the more ‘proven’ guys in the pen, not named Janssen or Francisco.

  14. I was speaking about CARLOS Perez in response to Uroo, though.

  15. According to MLBTR, the Jays are considered by some of Buster Olney’s sources to be the frontrunners for Yu Darvish at this point.

    AA gets linked to everything, but the fact that he actually flew out to Japan in the middle of the season to watch the guy pitch makes you think they’ve probably got some serious interest.

  16. I can’t see AA spending 50 million on a pitcher who has never thrown one inning against MLB players.

    If the team won’t sign any type A ( Fielder ) free agents for 100 million, why would he risk  50 million on a pitcher with no MLB experience.

    AA is doing due diligence.

  17. No doubt the team is interested in Darvish.  Starting pitching is the biggest concern & Olney has surely heard some chatter about the Jays.  

    But even with AA’s aggressiveness w/ International talents, it will take huge amounts of cash to acquire Yu. The Rangers GM has also made trips to see Darvish & you know the Yanks will be buzzing all around (even after getting burned w/ Igawa).   With Alex’s recent comments about spending on Free Agents, I’m not sure how far down the road the Jays will be willing to go. They’ve probably established their own price point but I think this bidding could easily escalate beyond what the Jays are comfortable paying for what could be a #2 starter.   Who knows, maybe I’m waaaay off – they submitted a healthy bid for Chapman after all.  But it will certainly be interesting to watch unfold.

    In other completely shocking news, FOX didn’t bother including Bautista in their MVP graphic just now.  Shocking!

  18. Rosenthal mentioned him verbally…if that counts for anything.

  19. It seems a bit far fetched to me too – but the fact that AA actually went to Japan makes me think there may be something to it.  AA said in an interview something like ‘I went because if I didn’t then we wouldn’t even have the option to bid’ and ‘the trip really it only took 4 days out of my schedule’.  Call me crazy, but AA seems like the kind of guy who would value his time enough that he wouldn’t spend 4 days in Japan to check out a guy he doesn’t see the Jays being serious bidders for.

  20. On a complete aside, look how crazy bad Jayson Werth has been:

    .231 .331 .393 20hrs.

    What an idiotic contract.  Absolutely retarded.

  21. I could see the jays making a bid for Darvish so that they can say they tried, but it would be irresponsible to spend $50 million on Darvish plus whatever they need to sign him.

    There are too many kids coming up from the minor leagues that could be tried out before the jays spend $50 million.

    I could see AA getting Rich Harden as a fill in.

    Fox is ridiculous. bautista deserves MVP consideration.

    I think he could finish 3rd.

  22. AA will bid for Darvish, but I doubt he wins the bid.
    AA probably has a huge white board in his office with every available MLB player & every other GM’s needs / wants

  23. Personally, and I don’t know WHY I feel this way, but I *feel* like AA views the International Market as entirely separate from the MLB FA market, and that he attaches $$ figures to those guys differently than he does MLB FAs.  Perhaps I think its about the “upside” component that he likes to talk about (that generally doesn’t exist with MLB FAs).

    Just my 2 cents.

  24. Another meaningless HR for a non-contender.
    …Meaningless unless you’re the Red Sox, Rays or Jays that is. 

  25. Keeps J-Baut ahead of Where’s The Juice Granderson for home runs.  Makes no difference but I’d like to see Our Jose at least be hr champ 2 years running.

  26. I don’t know what it is tonight, but I’m watching the game on Sportsnet with headphone, and I can literally hear the background conversations going on in the stands. 

  27. Cooper fucking sucks.

  28. Red Sox got butchered tonight, have lost three in a row and 8 of their last 10, but will make the playoffs because the jays are kicking the Rays’ asses

  29. This is pathetic.

  30. Denying the fucking Yankees the home run leader is never meaningless.

  31. Are the Jays doing this on purpose to help the Rays overtake the Sux?

  32. Apparently the Jays wanted to contribute to the tire fire over at SOSH. 
    What a miserable inning of ineptitude. 

  33. So, this website doesn’t automatically update so we have to hit Game Threat every time we want to see the new messages in a strategy by stoeten to boost the number of hits it appears his website is getting. And he doesn’t bother posting a new string on Sundays. Lovely

  34. or saturday, I should say

  35. so romero could be at 16 pitches through two innings if cooper knew how to track harmless foul fly balls.

  36. I’m pretty sure theres no strategy other than the stoeten doesn’t give a fuck strategy.

  37. he actually wrote one time that he leaves it without an updating function to get more hits

  38. I know this game means nothing to the Jays, but…. What the fuck?

  39. Jesus Cooper looks so uncomfortable playing first base…did he play there all year in Vegas? my fuck…

  40. Carlos Perez is sick

  41. Yeah, it’s kind of mindblowing how bad he’s looked given that he’s been a first basemen for how many years now?   I’d heard he was no great shakes, but jesus.  WTF is he doing out there?  Makes Lind look like a gold glover. 

  42. More fucking mindless shit on the bases. 
    JP was out by five years. 

  43. Making the 2nd out trying to steal with a man on 3rd is equal to making the first or third out at third.. You take away the ability to score a run without a hit.

  44. It’s pretty much a given the Jays lose tonight and tomorrow.  I mean, they haven’t won a series in Tampa in…..uh, have they ever?  And they haven’t beaten the Rays in a series in, uh….

  45. Yeah it made me realize that Lind has actually played pretty well defensively this year at first. Even that play in the first where Mccoy bounced it a few feet short over to first, is a scoop that Lind has made look pretty easy this year. Cooper looked like a goalie in a neighbourhood road hockey game making a wild attempt at a glove save.

  46. I just can’t believe I thought the jAys should have non tendered Bautista two years ago.

  47. I’d actually like the Rays to win and win again if possible.  We’re not finishing above 4th.  So it really doesn’t matter to the Jays.  The Rays, however, have the chance to knock off the Sox.  Boston sports journalists had this version of the Sox as the dream team.  They were gonna win 100 games and the World Series.  If the Rays continue to win and the Yanks play the Sox tough, then they aren’t even going to the post-season.

    And I, for one, would find that very very satisfying.

  48. The Red Sox were going to be “the greatest team in major league history”

  49. Small consolation, perhaps, but a Jays victory tonight secures a series win in TB for the first time in years. I would derive some satisfaction from watching this team play all three rivals hard in September (the one blowout at the hands – feet? – of the Red Sox notwithstanding) – enough that this team was in the reckoning. Fox may have snubbed Bautista this evening but they did allude to the ferocity of this division with references, by name, to the Rays and Jays. I am hearing that more and more from US sources. Pecking the Rays’ eyes out with a series win or a sweep, as with the fucking Tigers in 1987, would be long-remembered in Tampa… by a few hundred people.

  50. Anything that assfucks their Masshole fans is fine by me.

  51. Jays are playing like the season has ended already..c’mon boys..bear down..

  52. The defense failed Ricky there.

  53. Good. Fuck the Red Sox. Hope we lose again tomorrow.

  54. Ahh..those extra outs will kill ya…

  55. all game.

  56. The defense has sucked all year.  Just think of all the times this year outfielders have butchered fly balls or the outfielders and infielders have converged only to let a catchable ball drop between them….

    Now think about how often the other team has given us such gifts..I dare say its not even close..we have them beat in gift giving by quite a bit. 

    Now think about the shit show that is JP arencibia and Molina behind the plate, what with their past ball and “wild pitch” show.  Are our pitchers really that much more wild than others?  Nah…its just that other teams have catchers that can actually block balls in the dirt…and those unblocked balls all go as wild pitches no matter how blockable they were.

    i think the shitty team defense is something that is not discussed as a legit problem going forward…folks its mighty shitty.

  57. Uh boy. Not sure which will take the greater pounding after tonight – the wall nearest Ricky, or dear Miss Rima…

  58. If those goggles get any bigger, Farnsworth is starting to look like Henke.

  59. Cooper deserves a punch in the face.

  60. All you fucks rooting for Tampa Bay aren’t real Blue Jays fans, and I hope we don’t see any of you dung beetles out at RC when we become a contender.

  61. Perhaps AA is willing to spend more money on an International Free Agent than a North American teenager. But do you really think he will risk $50 million ???. If Darvish flops, AA loses the golden boy touch. Much easier to spend $50 million on several drafts or some young talent he can acquire through trades, by picking up another teams “Mark Teahan or Juan Rivera”

  62. And as for that last AB – if he’s going to run like Olerud, he should hit like ‘im too…

  63. Has any Jay won the HR title 2 years in a row in franchise history?

  64. No. And I dont think it’s a given it will happen this year

  65. This team foisted a shit salad of Jo-Jo Reyes, Jayson Nix, Corey Patterson, Mike McCoy, Chris Woodward, Mark Teahen and other guest stars on a beleaguered fanbase this summer alone. I will root for them to lose if I please — if it means keeping the Sux out of the playoffs — and you can go fuck yourself if you don’t like it.

  66. The Jays won 80 games in the AL East with Jayson Nix, Corey Patterson, Mike McCoy, Chris Woodward, Mark Teahen, and Jason Frasor. STFU.

  67.  don’t forget jon rauch and aaron hill.

  68. I’m as much a Jays fan as you are and I’ve got the season tickets to prove it.  But honest to God who cares if they win?  The Rays have a payroll that costs like $1.49 and they are giving the ‘greatest team in history’ fits.  I say credit where credit is due.  Next season I’ll be at the RC having paid all that money for years and years to watch a mediocre team fuck up again and again and I’ll still be back there paying some more.

    The good wishes for the Rays this week?  I think I’ve earned the right to root for whoever I want to right now and if the Rays take the Wild Card over those entitled fucks from Fenway I will be thrilled.

  69. How much they spend on Darvish will be somewhat tied to how much they believe he can bump the revenue. The answer of course is: Not much.

  70. At the beginning of the year, I thought Lind would be weak defensively since he had not played 1B since college, but to his credit he has done very well on defense. Offense was weaker than expected, but hopefully he will condition himself better in the offseason. I hope baby Lind doesn’t cry too much at night. We need a well rested Adam for April 2012.

  71. Fuck off. These games are meaningless for the Jays. It’s not like some of us are rooting against the Jays just for the hell of it. And we’re not rooting against the Jays because we’re bitter about another season out of contention (the fair weather type fan you’re referencing). They’re unfortunately playing the Rays, who have a legitimate shot of knocking out the Red Sox and sending their insufferable, incestuous, inebriated, hillbillies of the north fans into a mental tailspin the likes of which we may never have an opportunity to see again. So suck it up for one more game, and then we can close out the season in Chicago in typical fashion.

    And really…I mean it…I feel terrible for Ricky Romero about tonight’s shitshow. But it’s for the greater good.   

  72. Classic post. The red sox are an embarrasement to the MLB. They spent a fortune on free agents. They play in a mickey mouse stadium. They have the umpires give them every break possible, yet they are struggling to win a wildcard against the decimated Rays????

  73. Hey, you and Isabella are right for the most part. Some pain for us is a very small price to pay for the privilege of watching the Sox sink right into the fucking fens. But Señor Ricky’s reaction to everything tonight tells me how “meaningless” it is for him, and, hopefully, the other gamers in that clubhouse. If this team is going to win in the future, they must continue to play it out that way.

  74. You’ve sold your soul as a baseball fan so the Beantown fuckwads can eat crow for all of a month, and then go on another outrageous spending spree and become stronger for it. It matters not if they miss the fucking playoffs. They aren’t going to go away.

  75. The defense will improve in 2012. Rasmus is better than Davis in CF & if Snider is in LF, he will be better than Thames or Rivera

  76. Looking back on this Season gotta say that Romero has turned into a definite Stud number one.

  77. No es correcto. Ever hear of Bucky Dent? The Curse of the Bambino? They are some of the most neurotic fucks in sport, with arrogance to match. It would be a service to humankind to defeat them. I simply don’t want to do it on our knees.

  78. Come to me, Superman! I defy you!  Come and kneel before Zod!

  79. I really hope AA isn’t Generally Managing based on whether or not he’s percieved as a ‘golden boy’ or not.

    If he’s there, thinks he worth the $$, then he should spend it, and bring him in. Not making moved because they MAY fail is near what Ricciardi did at the beginning of his tenure in TO (through the draft, taking ‘safe’ college guys, for example), and AA sure isn’t risk-averse.

  80. We have to go through them at some point, so I hope they get weaker and not stronger.

    A meltdown like this will only cause them to strengthen themselves.

    I would prefer they were lulled into a false sense of security. Their September shitshow has shown them they need a lot more pieces.

  81. I don’t think the Red Sox are going anywhere for a while either, but if they don’t make it this year that’s two years in a row out of the playoffs for them.  Sad as it is, as a Jays fan, I would derive a lot of satisfaction from that.

  82. I can say as a Jays fan that Tampa Bay has inflicted more frustration than any other ALE team in the last three or four years — I am talking about brutal shit losses — and thus am rooting for them to go belly up and back to their ancestral suckitude. I can then pull for the Sux to get popped like a zit by either Detroit or Texas. Best of both worlds.

  83. It’s possible that darvish could end up being a Cy Young winner, but I can’t see AA spending $50 million to find out.

  84. Women shouldn’t swear.

  85. well, im afraid of some team like the yanks or sox signing the fucker and him killing us for the nexte ten years

  86. the sux are being rewarded for taking a dull approach to success

  87. Or he could turn into Dice-K…

  88. Sadly, this one does.

  89. Too stupid to understand how the DL works. You’re such a worthless faggot. 


  90. So what if I am gay?  Gives you no right to call people faggots. If I were black would you call me a N@##er?  Grow up you homophobe.

  91. Your sexuality has nothing to do with it. Nice try, though.

    It’s time you found another site to post to. You’re stupid, illiterate, mindless and hysterical. I don’t want to read your shit here any more. If this team is going anywhere next year, we need to jettison abject failure losers like yourself. 

    You had a good run of being terrible, but it couldn’t last forever. FUCK OFF. 

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