Game Threat: Jays @ Rays

Not much of a game threat tonight folks: it was either do a proper Game Threat or the Today In Morons post below. So… I think you’ll agree I made the right choice here.

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  1. Fucking useless Einstein.

  2. Sabermetrics showed his intelligence to be overrated

  3. Fuck, nothing on

  4. Jesus Christ Brandon

  5. Looks like we got Bad Brandon tonight.

  6. Deep down I know it’s best if Tampa sweeps this series, but dammit I can’t rout against my Jays.

  7. rout? or…root?

  8. I hope we lead every game and Rauch blows all 3 saves in the 9th. I want that protected pick, and I want the Red Sox to fail

  9. Bad Brandon my ass

  10. The same Rauch who got shut down 2 weeks ago?

  11. You’re gonna have a tough time having that one fully come to fruition. The bullpen is certainly capable of blowing three saves in the ninth, but Jon Rauch is going to find it awfully difficult to do so from the DL.

  12. Not sure if we’re getting Bad Brandon tonight, but you can be sure we’re getting a Good Price. That guy is pure filth.

  13. Thought he was back from his appendix surgery?

  14. I don’t see us ever getting a lead against Price, either.

  15. Dont doubt Rauch…im sure he will find a way to get onto the field in the later innings..and promptly serve up a meatball to the likes of Bossman Junior Upton.

  16. Sent to the dog food factory and he’s not coming back, Timmy

  17. Gonna admit that I have no idea how to spell it. 

  18. Part of me wants to give up on Morrow but you see him strike out everyone like tonight and you figure if you can just get him to get the ball down so he could get some ground balls and double plays that he would be unstoppable.

  19. Gameday has Morrow’s last pitch timed at 97 mph, never seen him throw that hard

  20. Ok, no runs, that’s good. But Morrow’s on a pace to hit 100 pitches in the 4th inning

  21. Anyone noticed that David Cooper is a dead ringer for Needlebaum (the awkward guy from the Rogers commercials who always fucks up and drops his phone)?

  22. Torn cartilage in his right knee. To paraphrase the great Python sketch:

    “‘E’s not pinin’! ‘E’s passed on! This Blue Jay is no more! He has ceased to be! ‘E’s expired and gone to meet ‘is maker!
    ‘E’s a stiff! Bereft of life, ‘e rests in peace! If you hadn’t nailed ‘im to the perch ‘e’d be pushing up the daisies!

    ‘Is metabolic processes are now ‘istory! ‘E’s off the twig!

    ‘E’s kicked the bucket, ‘e’s shuffled off ‘is mortal coil, run down the curtain and joined the bleedin’ choir invisibile!!

  23. E5 is pitching?

  24. His name is actually Needlebaum and you know this?

  25. This feels like the 20th time Edwin has hit with the bases loaded this month

  26. Yup, definitely a tough game to watch for all those rooting for Boston to continue their collapse.

  27. Yes and yes. Somebody sent me this a long time ago.

  28. I think he is referred to as “Uncle Eugene” in the most recent commercial…where him and his nephew are in that museum place talking about dial up internet or something…but yeah there is a resemblance

  29. Bautista is the worst fucking baserunner the Jays have ever had

  30. Cooper is balding though so it’s not quite there. Maybe if Lind and Cooper had a child.

  31. I’d like to see that Baustista play again. Looked close.

  32. He was safe .. but when you do stupid shit like that and get caught off the bag, expect not to get a lot of love from the umps.

  33. Maybe LaRussa was right

  34. clearly you’re forgetting about patterson. 

  35. Massholes cheering the Jays.  Feels dirty.

  36. Good Brandon

  37. If you’re going to mudpie the whole fucking board, do it when your money’s on the Jays, you fucking traitor.

  38. Worst, yes, of course. ‘T’is easy to forget the finer points of running the bases when you trot between them so much.

  39. Call me a twat eating douchebag if you must, but I’m rooting for the Rays. Fuck the Red Sox and the rabies infested horse they rode in on.

  40. I could fathom cheering for the Rays if they weren’t also unlikeable as fuck.  I’m still hoping that the Angels will somehow grab the wild card.

  41. Good Brandon. Only on pace to get through six, but it looks like it will be a solid six. Of course such an assumption would be just as dangerous as assuming he was headed for the showers in the first inning. Baseball’s a funny game.

  42. There goes Morrow’s best shot at immortality.

  43. Double play for Morrow!

  44. Holy fuck!!!  A double play!!!

  45. Homer for Hill… er Johnson!

  46. Is Kelly Johnson Type-A yet?

    He’s declining arbitration for sure but I’d like to see him back.

  47. Good day by Morrow. People are moaning about how they hope the Jays sign Fielder or PooHoles – it ain’t going to happen – but if they jays were to open their dusty wallet for a big FA signing I hope they get another top starting pitcher.  Romero, Morrow, Great Pitcher, Alvarez, McGowan, Drabek.  That has the potential to do some damage

  48. 92 pitches. 7th inning maybe?

  49. It’s tough to root against the Rays. The team has overcome the odds to get very close to the red sox with a very low payroll and virtually no offense.

    Today, I was at the Tampa Bay airport on my way back to TO. There are signs everywhere at the airport wishing the Rays success against Jays tonight.

    At the security checkpoint, the TSA officer saw my Jays shirt and told me I needed an extra pat down after going through the X ray machine.

    I joked with him that the Rays were my second favourite team in the AL east.

  50. Miss Bertie squirting out a little Muncie home boy tonight?

  51. Isnt Rauch done for the season?

  52. I feel sorry for Cooper losing his hair in his early 20′s. The guy need Propecia & Rogaine

  53. Morrow just decides to pitch two outings in a row where his undeniable talent is manifest and he actually puts it all together…just in time for us to get really excited for his prospects next year only to find out he comes into spring training with some kind of arm injury

  54. Zach Stewart is throwing an extended BP for the Royals  tonight. 
    4ip, 10 hits, 7er, 0bb, 1k, 63 pitches.

  55. You mean Mr No-hitter?

  56. The one & the same!

  57. Stewart sucks.  Classic example of a sell high prospect.  Low 90′s fastball, some sink…no out pitch, no ability to miss bats.  I actually thought that Rzep was the best prospect in the deal although his recent performance in the St. Louis doesn’t help

  58. I hope the Jays surpass the Rays in 2012. It is embarrassing that the Rays with no offense are in the wild card hunt on Sept 23.

    can you imagine what Toronto would be like if we were in the rays spot this year.

    Every sportsbar would be packed. toronto needs a winner….

    The rays will almost certainly fail in their quest for the playoffs, but it was a memorable sept for them.

    Lots of empty seats tonight…

    Too bad , I had to fly back to TO tonight, otherwise I would have been at the game.

  59. 100 pitches, time to park Morrow at the end of this inning

  60. Cooper you fucking bum! 

  61. Cooper Y U NO get second double play for Morrow?

  62. OK, this might be a stupid question.

    If kelly johnson, declines arbitration but signs with the Jays as a free agent, I assume the Jays don’t get a pick in the draft??

  63. Roy Oswalt will be on the Market. He won’t cost a ton of money or years. Not crazy about the idea but can think of worse.

  64. Do you feel sorry for Youklis and Pedoroia?

  65. Correct.  Only if the player changes teams.

  66. Or Stoeten for that matter

  67. It would appear that the Brandon Morrow of the past 2 starts has remembered the teachings of The Sage,  Shaun Marcum:    ‘Are you ready to pitch like a man?’

  68. I wonder how the team chemistry would be affected by the Jays signing a big name free agent pitcher , who would take over from Romero as the new ace.

    The new FA would probably make more money than Romero , so how would the clubhouse react???

    same question about signing someone like Prince Fielder for 20 million plus pe r year.

    How would bautista react if he is making 14 million per year and playing any position from 3B  to RF, yet Fielder would show up as a DH for more money.

    Would bautista ask for his contract to be renegotiated?? 

  69. Bautista did play with Vernon Wells.

  70. Romero’s going to be making $7.5 million a year from 2013 to 2015, not chump change. He seems level-headed enough to not be upset by a guy making $12 million

  71. Congrats to Adam & Laquesha. Hopefully, if its a boy, he will learn to hit LHP.

    I hope Lind adjusts well to being a new dad. It affected hill & cecil


  72. Thanks. Otherwise it would be easy to strike a side deal with a player & let him decline arbitration.

    Who else would want Kelly Johnson?

    Does Aaron Hill make more money in 2012 than Kelly?

    I wonder if hill can perform in the playoffs?

  73. So that’s the secret, Hill left his kid in Toronto?

  74. Why is Farrell insisting on giving innings to Luis Perez when there are guys in the pen who have yet to throw a pitch in the majors. Give the guys a chance, fucking Luis Perez…Jesus Christ.

  75. Bautista also became a new dad this year.

  76. Felix Potvin was never the same either. And it’s always when athletes have baby girls, the kiss of death

  77. Which explains Roger Clemens’ 4 boys: Koby, Kory, Kacy, and Kody.

  78. It took so much out of the Rocket, he needed to refuel with PEDs.

  79. Morrow is such a cock tease.  Out of nowhere he’s amazing again.

  80. Don’t tell Mudpie.  He thinks Zach Stewart is going to be the next Pedro.  He’s been super high on Stewart all along….or at least, since the second the Jays traded him.

  81. The success of the Rays the last few years was wasted on that fanbase.  If Toronto or Baltimore did the last 4 seasons what Tampa’s done, it would have been a baseball revival in those towns.  Of the three “other” (Toronto, Tb, Balt) teams in this division, Tampa is the one whose success doesn’t seem to mean anything.

  82. Okay………uhmmm……..yes……well……uhhhhh…………cause I…….ummmm……..

  83. Apparently he’s broken out a cutter over the last two or three starts. So there’s that, and obviously Marcum’s been texting him like a fiend telling him to “Pitch like a man”.

  84. I’m uessing it has something to do with the “integrity” of the playoff race, which I get.

    If we were fans of the Sox and some other team tossed its B squad at a team chasing the Jays, this place would be even more profanity-laden.

    I’m guessing you’ll see some more of Chad Beck in Chicago.

  85. The thing that struck me looking at the Rays lineup now vs. just a few months ago:

    1. The Legend of Sam Fuld is DEAD (oh, what a Twitter sensation he was for a few weeks); and
    2. Matt Joyce, an All Star? Really? SMH, he was battling Bautista for title as best hitter in AL for the first few months.

    Such a long season, so long ago.

  86. The Joyce selection is nowhere near as uninspired as Derek Jeter or Russell Martin.

  87. Moneyballmania on NPR:

    And, the BP podcast talks Jays’ prospects (Jason Parkes, who covers the Rangers farm system with a subscriber-paid website thinks the Jays have the top system in MLB)


  88. The other heartening comment in the BP Podcast is that Kevin Goldstein is not so sure the Rays have such great prospects anymore.

  89. OK, but if the free agent at 10 million per year underperforms ricky, how does Ricky react?

    How does Morrow who is looking for a contract extension react?

  90. LOL!. No. The point is that some players have trouble adjusting to the responsibilities of marriage & fatherhood. There were some rumours 2 years ago about Hill’s child having serious health problems. It is reasonable to assume it would affect his performance in 2010. Cecil became a father in the offseason. based on his wife’s tweets, she seems to have trouble dealing with raising the baby & dealing with Bret’s abscences. Bret should be no where close to any kitchen appliances with his pitching arm. Remember this is a guy who asked Romero if turbulence on an airplane was a side effect of an eathquake.

  91. Right. but he is more mature than Bret orHill when they became dads.

  92. Agreed. This week the front pages of the sarasota sports pages focused on college football teams. I am shocked that only 18,000 fans showed up tonight.
    This is a key home series for the Rays. From talking to people there, everybody comes from the north, so the porter at the hotel said he was a Cubs fan despite living in the Tampa Bay area for 10 years.

  93. Thanks for the links dm. Good to hear from folks who know what they’re talking about regarding the future of the Jays, rather than Cybulski, Simmons, Cox, McCown and on and on and on.

  94. How good are these fucking arms that the system is so highly rated without any standout positional prospects outside of Gose and D’Arnaud?

    It’s probably the number one reason to be legitimately pumped for the future, they have guys hitting the high 90s growing on trees.

  95. Cecil is a goofball.
    Not much between the ears.
    We should have traded him last offseason, while he was still worth a shit.

  96. “How good are these fucking arms that the system is so highly rated without any standout positional prospects outside of Gose and D’Arnaud?”  And Marisnick, and Perez and Jimenez and Thon and…

  97. Also:  Florida in general is a terrible sports market if it’s not football.

    I mean, the Miami frickin’ Heat couldn’t sell out every game this past year.

  98. Negotiations for a new collective bargaining agreement for major league baseball are moving at a fast pace and one issue the sides have all but agreed upon is adding two wild-card teams and holding one-game playoffs in each league to determine which of the wild cards advances, The Post has learned. One person involved in the talks described that scenario as a done deal and another hedged a little by saying it is likely to play out that way, but nothing will be finalized until an entire CBA is inked.

    Read more:

  99. Most scouts like Marisnick way more than Gose.  Goldstein thinks he’s going to be a true 5 tool stud in MLB.

  100. The tampa bay buccaneers are not selling out games either. The weak economy has something to do with that, but attending a football game in 95 degree heat with humidity wouldn’t be fun. The upside is that you would need lots of beer to keep cool.

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