If Colby Rasmus can already be into off-season mode, why the hell can’t I? Here are today’s table scraps…


The image above of Raymond, the Rays’ mascot, by way of Flip Flop Flyballin’.

And speaking of peace in the AL East, there will be a little more of it– at least in the corner of it where the Jays blogosphere resides– as our good friend Drew Fairservice has decided to board up the windows over at Ghostrunner On First [sad face] in order to focus on the awesome work he’s been doing at Getting Blanked! [smiley face]

Hell of a game last night, from Henderson Alvarez figuring out how to strike guys out, to the bullpen kinda nailing it, to Edwin Encarnacion’s walk-off. Pure gold. But that doesn’t mean we can’t still get nitpicky, as the guys at Bluebird Banter do, wondering about John Farrell’s giving up the DH spot by moving Bautista to right after Aaron Cibia pinch hit for Adam Loewen in the eighth (because, what’s a meaningless September game for if not pinch hitting in a critical situation for a guy you really should be getting a look at, amiright?).

Speaking of John Farrell he tells reporters, like Ken Fidlin of the Toronto Sun that– shock!– his goal is to win the World Series. He also, though, gives us a brief scouting report on what he liked in Brett Lawrie this year, and says that, if he’s back with the club, Frank Francisco will likely need a new regimen next spring, to get him up to speed sooner than he was the last two years. You may remember that Francisco kind of fucking sucked until at least June this year.

Fidlin also takes a nice, long look at Henderson Alvarez in the pages of the Toronto Sun. I still think the rotation you see now– Romero, Morrow, Cecil, Alvarez, McGowan– is the one the Jays break camp with next April, for what it’s worth. And I base that, of course, on absolutely nothing.

Matthias at Mop Up Duty writes a title that makes it sound like he’s going to take a jackhammer to a sabermetric straw man, but ends up sort of doing it, and sort of doing an interesting examination of why Ricky Romero’s WAR doesn’t seem as high as we might expect.

In that vein, Jeff Blair of the Globe and Mail tries to downplay the significance of the book in his review of Moneyball.

Apparently Opera Bob’s has decided to have a last minute Jays Days event tonight, as the Jays play their final Friday night game of the season. I won’t be able to make it, and I don’t believe any of the other DJFs will either, but if you’re looking for a bar to watch the game and can get to Dundas and Ossington pretty easily, definitely check it out.

Lastly, the Tao of Stieb brings the heat with an epic tweet bag– even if he didn’t turn the tables on the moron who asked him about trading Cooper, d’Arnaud and Thames for Joey Votto by asking, would you take that package for Jose Bautista, you batshit fucking crazy person you?

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  1. In case anyone wondered whatever happened to the fatassed loudmouth heckler at Rays games…

    Robert Szasz, also known as The Happy Heckler, is a real estate developer and has been a well-known heckler at Tampa Bay Rays baseball games for several seasons.

    A native of Toronto, Ontario, Szasz relocated to Florida in 1984 and resides in Clearwater, Florida. He held season tickets for the then-Devil Rays from 2000 until the end of the 2008 season, sitting in club seats behind home plate at Tropicana Field. He would choose one player from the opposing team to insult during a game or series, waiting until the player stepped into the batter’s box
    before shouting a barrage of insults regarding the player’s playing
    ability. Between the typically small and quiet crowds at Devil Rays game
    during the early 2000s and his booming voice, Szasz’s heckling was
    often heard on television and radio broadcasts of the team’s games.

    In 2008, Szasz released a book entitled The Happy Heckler. In
    2009, banks filed several lawsuits against him for defaulting on more
    than $9 million in loans that he personally signed for, and Wachovia Bank foreclosed on his 7,000-square-foot (650 m2) waterfront home on Snell Isle.
    Szasz did not renew his Rays season tickets for 2009 and has not been heard to heckle in Tropicana Field since then.

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  3. Fuck off Jonsey.

  4. That was actually “knuckledouche”. Not that I’m against succulent nipples, but in reading through the comments coming from that IP, I really see no reason to let that person continue posting.

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