Sunday Threat: Jays @ Rays

Sorry for the lack of a weekend threat, but… um… I didn’t do one. My laziness (read: being hung over all day yesterday) not withstanding, the Jays and Rays have played a hell of a series so far, and as much as I’d like to see the Rays shit on the dreams of Red Sox nation, I’m having a fuck of a time cheering against the Jays. Morrow and his new cutter were great on Friday, Romero was good again and unlucky again yesterday, and it sure would be nice to see Brett Cecil finish up strong this afternoon. Fortunately, Boston seems to be doing a good enough job of pissing away their playoff chances without the Rays’ help. So… maybe we’ll get the best of both worlds here. Fingers crossed!

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  1. It’s always a good day to ass rape the dreams of those shitpokes from Boston..nothing makes me happier than seeing Beaners crying into their Sam Adams before kicking the dog and beating on their wife after yet another loss.

  2. Best case scenario: We lose a tight game with Cecil pitching well, to the Rays, Boston loses both games and  the massholes and the rays are tied up.

  3. I masturbate to the sight of Stoeten and that dreamy Parkes streaming all over me. Oh Andrew, let me eat out of that beard…

  4. Hilarious:  RT @Joeycatch8: #Ripbraves

  5. Yanks 2 Sox 0 Lol

  6. I’d say that today the odds are very, very good that we’ll see Cecil throw one of his angry little boy fits in the dugout.

  7. Awesome, another HR and Bautista’s career is probably over. Good game, Cecil.

  8. Deep breath.  there was no hyper extension or anything… hit the partition with his knee…  Likely charlie horse.. bone bruise at the maximum.

  9. Holy Fuck, the sky is falling

  10. For fuck’s sakes.
    His career is over?
    Over react a bit.Step off the ledge you fuckin psycho.

    On second thought, go ahead and jump.

  11. Yanks 4 Sox 0 LOL

  12. Since he’s not even coming out of the game, you might want to dial that back a bit.

  13. 4-0 Yankees!!  Muahahahah…

    That game isn’t on anywhere, is it?

  14. Funny.

    I remember the play that ended Bo Jackson’s career. Didn’t even look as bad as what just happened to Bautista (especially considering Jackson was a running back and used to being tackled 20 times a game). Announcers said it looked like a pulled muscle.

    Point is, anything can happen. They should have at least pulled him out of the game. 4 games left in the season, most people agree we don’t even want to win them, and it makes no difference either way.

    Hopefully, regardless of what happens, it’ll cause them to take another look at that wall configuration. It reminds me of the wood beams they used to have in Exhibition Stadium (until Fernandez broke his elbow). What a joke of a stadium—though appropriate for a joke of a franchise.

  15. I honestly don’t think I’ve rooted for the Yankees like this since … the 96 World Series maybe?  Totally worth it to see Boston collapse.

  16. Assisted suicide is illegal in this country, Ginger. I’m afraid no one on this board can help you… much as some may want to.

  17. Enough Cecil already. Until he can improve velocity at a lower level there is no point of him being here. He’s obviously also a fucking moron so I can’t see him out smarting hitters while nibbling around with an 87 mph heater.


  18. I’m sure anything can happen.But to automatically think it will end his career within 30  seconds is unfucking believable.
    Jeez maybe you should worry about a piece of space junk falling on Bautista,that would end his career too. As long as he doesn’t get near that evil blender that chews fingers.
    And don’t assume that everyone wants the Jays to lose. I don’t.
    While draft picks are nice,winning is better.
    Regardless of what Stoeten is selling you,remember that the Jays have a top three farm system( some think #1).Where you gonna put those draft picks?They already added another minor league team this year.

  19. Wanting to tank for draft picks is kind of dumb in MLB (but pretty understandable in NBA/NHL)..

    I mean the Jays were saying they like Norris pretty much just as much as they liked Beede, and Norris was taken in the 2nd fucking round.

    Yeah, if you have the #1 pick you might get a Longoria/Strassburg, can’t miss type guy, but it’s not worth actually AIMING for that when the MLB draft is so hard to predict/and easy to manipulate if you take high risk guys late and give them stupid bonuses.

  20. This is one of the weirdest days of being a Jays fan ever, not only are most rooting against the Jays but at the same time they are rooting for AJ Burnett to shut down the Red Sox.

    What a day.

    PS Enough of Cecil at least until he can hit 90.

  21. Does anybody remember that AJ Burnett got a standing ovation in his final start as a Jay? Apart from being a Yankee, why are we supposed to hate him again?

  22. The problem with Cecil this season is not his velocity, it’s that he isn’t commanding his pitches consistently. Still, he’s a league average starter and that has value in this league.

  23. Yes. He was a head case,with lots of talent, when he came to the Jays.He credits Halladay’s mentoring for his transformation to what he became.His attitude as he left and since then seemed to be “fuck Toronto” “fuck the Jays” ” so long suckers”.

    It was beautiful to see when Halladay beat him and the RC was electric.Although the line up for beer was terrible.I kept missing innings waiting for beer.Drank the beer then ten minutes later hadda wait 1/2 hour for more.Watched more of the game on the monitors than live.Still pisses me off.Why don’t they add more beer places when they have a big crowd?

  24. Mark Tehean is fucking awesome

  25. Agreed.  Cecil should be fine as an average, middle/back end of the rotation type guy.  Even in this shitfuck of a year he has a 4.73 ERA and 1.33 WHIP.  Last year he had a 4.22 ERA and 1.33 WHIP.  Not great by any means, but he has value.

  26. I know it’s not the “Yankee way” but wouldn’t the Yanks rather throw the series against the Sux?  Wouldn’t they rather a weaker Sux tame made the playoffs as opposed to Tampa with their pitching?  Can’t wait to see to look on Crawfords face when the Rays beat out the Sux for the WC on the last week of the season.

  27. Wow, some caller just owned Wilner and exposed the true reason he hates the Rays.

  28. Would loved to have heard that.   What was the jist of that exchange?

  29. “His attitude as he left and since then seemed to be “fuck Toronto” “fuck the Jays” ” so long suckers”.”
    And this is based on what exactly? As far as I’ve read, AJ’s only had good things to say about his time in Toronto.

  30. I mean, I get that he kind of seems like a douchebag. But let’s not act like he wronged Toronto somehow by leaving for more money.

  31. Caller basically said that Wilner hates the Rays because they have done what the Jays have failed to do ie contend in the AL East, thought he was bang on.

  32. You’re the guy writing “lol” without irony. GingerCampbell takes things to extremes, but he’s at least got his shit together otherwise. You’re a living outbreak of herpes here. Someone at The Score has to slather the servers in dick cream after your shitty posting, you illiterate, impotent lump. 

  33. Dear God how I wish I had Sportsnet 1 right now.

  34. Wilner also hates the Rays because during their break-out season he kept insisting that they were a mirage and they would fall back to earth.  It’s not like I didn’t think that either at the beginning of that season.  But by the AS break it was pretty clear they were the real deal.  But Mike there kept on telling us they weren’t.  So by the end of that season he looked pretty stupid.

  35. Yup.

    Now all he has left is crediting all the Rays success to sucking for 10 years when teams like the Expos/Nationals, Royals, Pirates, etc. haven’t gone anywhere after sucking for a decade plus in weaker divisions. 

  36. 3-0 Yankees, game two. This is happening!

  37. To be fair, the Rays have been at the building thing a helluva lot longer than the Jays have. I refuse to count any of the Ash/Ricciardi years as building years because Ash traded away his farm system chips for second rate MLB dreck (Loaiza, aaargh!), while Ricciardi was hampered by budgetary constraints when he started, and out of fear for his job poured tons of money into the payroll when the purse strings were loosened. Without a solid system to back that investment up, he might as well have flushed that cash down the toilet.

    The Rays built for ten years, and have seen the fruits of their agony for the last four. The Jays have been building for two, and have made major strides with the farm system, to the point where they might have one building year left.

    WRT Wilner and the Rays, fuck him. It seems like he painted himself into a corner during the 2008 season, when he kept predicting the imminent collapse which never came, and ever since then it seems like he feels that in order to maintain his “integrity” he has to continue to slag their phenomenal achievements.

  38. Beat me to the punch again isabella.

  39. Lackey gives up three in the first inning.  3-0 Yanks.  Sox totally imploding.

  40. Dammit Sox crawled back.  4/4 tie.  Come on Yanks, Bury ‘em!

  41. Carl Crawford caught stealing.  Way to destroy a rally, Carl!  Now 2 out in the top of the 8th with Our Dustin at bat.  Oh sorry, whoops!  Dustin grounded out to Texeira.  

  42. anyone have the red sox-yankees stream??? just got home, can’t find one

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