Come join us for some streamy goodness at 3:30 PM ET this afternoon, as we try to… well… we try to figure out something to talk about as the season winds to a close. I’m sure we’ll figure something out.

So tweet some questions in the direction of @DustinParkes, @AndrewStoeten and/or @DrewGROF, or participate in the live chat, which at some point you’re probably gonna see below.

Click here to launch the stream. See you at 3:30!

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  1. It’s the Other Sox series, so that means a few things:

    1. Check in on Ozzie!/ozziegui

    2. Start harassing Joe Cowley on Twitter (I like pointing out that he is really a suburban Cleveland fuckwad who now gleans an identity from living in Chicago and disparaging other towns, like our own fair city).!/cst_Cowl


    It’s Jason Frasor and Zach Stewart, the homecoming of Mark Teahen, it’s a Mark Buehrle’s Free Agent audition, It’s Alex Rios (who is actually on a bit of a roll). Get Excited!!

    McGowan, Alvarez and Morrow taking it hard to the end. 2012!!!!!!

    PS: Stewart has really sucked in Chicago (other than that absurdly out of character near no-hitter vs Minny, but if you look at that boxscore, it was minor league all the way).

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