Newspaper clippings of the Jays-related variety continue to filter out onto the interweb, and I’m here to serve up the scraps. Here’s today’s light helping of morsels…

Run Differential Perks Me Up

I must admit, I was kinda scared when I saw that Dave Perkins of the Toronto Star had written a piece with the sub-heading “Run differential shows huge gap between Toronto and AL East powerhouses.” But honestly, as friend of the blog Drew Fairservice pointed out to me, you do gotta respect the fact that he’s trying.

And while I don’t quite get why he’d be so concerned with comparing this year’s Jays with last’s, or how I’m not supposed to notice that the Red Sox team that missed the playoffs by a cunt hair didn’t exactly have a monstrous run differential compared to the Jays, I think Perk has it right when he nods at how Alex Anthopoulos “talks out loud about restocking his pitching, particularly his bullpen,” while fans dream about Fielders and Pujols.

“That is what the Rays did a year ago,” he says, “when they lost all kinds of players, mostly for budget reasons. They rebuilt the bullpen from the scrap heap and promoted from the farm and caught the baseball and somehow showed, yet again, that it all can work.”

No Points For Trying

Jon Heyman.

[Note: I'll pause a second for you to stop laughing.]

No, seriously. Jon Heyman. The Sports Illustrated troll writer and PR director of Boras Corp. wanted to get a lot of traffic on the article he just wrote, picking award winners for the 2011 season. So he did what he does best: he made it a complete fucking farce of a farcical fucking farce.

Jose Bautista is fifth on his AL MVP ballot. CC Sabathia is not in his top three for the AL Cy Young. Matt Kemp is third on his NL MVP ballot. Joey Votto ninth and Roy Halladay seventh, behind sixth place Lance Berkman. Dave Dombrowski and Kevin Towers are each league’s GM of the year.

Holy fuck.

Anthopoulos Speaks

“I get asked all the time, how much money do we have to spend,” says Alex Anthopoulos in the Globe and Mail‘s roundup of his year-end press conference, “and Paul’s words to me are always, make your case, irrespective of who the player is.” He added, “I don’t believe in, you have X-amount of dollars to spend so let’s find a way to spend it. You’re limiting yourself to one off-season and one pool of players.”

“There are a lot of good players out there in free agency,” Anthopoulos says in‘s post-mortem roundup. “The best way to explain it is, we like a lot of players, but we like them at a certain price.” He also said that he thought the coaches “all did a great job relative to the talent they had to work with,” adding, “I expect them all to be back.”

“I know it’s not easy for the fans to hear that at times but I think long-term if you know you’re doing what you believe is right for the organization and it’s not trying to make a splash in the winter and getting a slap on the back,” he said, according to the roundup in the Toronto Sun. “If you operate with the thought of putting the best product on the field and trying to win as many games as you can while also maintaining the long-term, I think the fans will understand. Fans are way more knowledgeable today than they were a long time ago.”

Elliott Speaks

Bob Elliott of the Toronto Sun offers his suggestions for what the Jays should do this winter, and they certainly don’t take the path of least resistance.

First, he says they should trade catcher JP Arencibia.

Aaron Cibia came better than advertised defensively, showed he’s got great power for a catcher, and couldn’t possibly do worse at getting on base– and while I’m not sure where his ceiling is, it’s probably going to be high enough to make him an above average offensive catcher.

Why trade him then? A “top evaluator,” according to Elliott, says that he thinks prospect Travis d’Arnaud “could be for the Jays what Buster Posey was for the San Francisco Giants.” Ho-lee!

He also suggests not going after Yu Darvish– who’s posting fee alone, he thinks, might reach $100-million– and going after Mark Buehrle. Personally, I don’t think Buehrle will come cheap enough to take on the risk that his arm doesn’t fall off, or that a move to the AL East isn’t pretty much a terrible idea, but for the right price, you could certainly do worse.

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  1. it’s not hindsight to figure out that hill, jojo, patterson, rivera, edwin, francisco were shitty players to begin with.

  2. Ugh.  You again.

    While you’re lamenting over the Jays choosing Encarnacion over Damon for DH, tell me which one of these players is EE and Which is Damon:

    A:  .272/.334/.453  (.787), 36 2B, 17 HR – $2.5M
    B:  .261/.326/.418 (.743),  29 2B, 16 HR  - $5.25M

    I’ll save you some time – A is EE. Terrible move by the Jays there.  Awful.

  3. and now this same coaching staff is back? the same staff that resulted in 9th in obp in AL and 11th worst in ERA and couldn’t develop any of our prospects?

  4. Tony LaRussa is a bitter old lawyer who drinks and drives!

  5. tell me which team made the playoffs and which didn’t:

    A Rays
    B Jays

  6. I pointed out that the Jays have been willing to spend money, $65 to Jose, $10ish to get rid of VW, $7 plus to get Colby.  They have spent money and made the team better. 

    You ask Larussa if Colby can hit, I’d bet you one year of VWs contract he agrees with me.

    When did I say Jojo and Patterson were the best players available?  Note: I didn’t.


    I will say that the Jojo trial was not the worst idea in the world, a young lefty who has a lot of “stuff” is given a little bit of a leash, thats not a bad thing in a building year.  And Patterson played b/c there was no one else to play, and (you might remember, I’m not sure cause it sounds like you don’t even watch baseball), he played way over his head for the first two months of the season.  With a roughly .780 OPS through the first two months of the years. 

  7. I’m not going to fall into this trap.  Go back under your bridge.

  8. This is irrelevant to your argument that Damon is that much better than EE. 

  9. Must it be pointed out to you that there are 24 other men who play on a baseball team?  Some of them even play defence too.

  10. Larussa said he was going to bench rasmus in favor of jon jay. and larussa said he wouldn’t give up a talented player.  the reason the cards gave up on rasmus is because they decided that he wasn’t going to be a good hitter in the future. so either larussa is right or alex is right.

    the jays did not spend money.  they simply moved the chairs on the deck around.  they are still way below avg payroll which means they have lots of money to fill the many holes on this team.

    you said it’s not easy to get good players which implies that it’s not easy to replace jojo or patterson.  It’s very easy to replace shitty players.

    jojo has been a shitty player his whole career.  should baltimore now be given credit for signing him?

    and the fact that you just said that there was no one else to play besides patterson proves my point. do you think the yankees or red sox would ever sign a stiff like patterson? and the fact that he played decent the first 2 months doesn’t justify signing him in the first place.  why are we signing retreads that even baltimore doesn’t want?

  11. Question: Suppose there’s a type B we want to keep, say Frank Francisco.  But, we also want the draft pick.

    So what’s to stop us from trading Francisco to another team for a type B they want to keep, have both teams offer arbitration, have both players decline, then have both players sign with their original teams?

  12. in case you forgot, edwin was place on waivers last year and nobody wanted him. then oakland picked him up and then released him as well.  it seems everyone in the league recognizes edwin is a shitty player except for the jays.  that’s why he only makes 2.5 mil.

  13. Shut. The. Fuck. Up.

  14. I think it has been ‘politely” pointed out to you that you don’t understand the value of “protection” in a lineup.

    vernon wells used to have good years when he got protection from other strong bats in the lineup so pitchers couldn’t pitch around them.

    It is hilarious that you are so excited by a multitude of type b picks, when AA himself says they cannot build the team to be competitive in the playoffs in the next couple of years based on the draft.

    why would you get so excited to see a Corey Patterson or Juan Rivera play in LF this year so they could potentially get you a type B pick in a 2012 draft, which depending on positining could be the 60-70th best player in the draft.

    Wouldn’t it have been better to develop, snider, thames, Loewen etc this year?

    The type B’s for these players don’t arrive because Rivera was DFA’d & patterson was a throw in for Rasmus.

    i assume you are not naive enough to believe that Patterson was a key piece of the Rasmus trade?

    What are the odds of that player being a contributor to an MLB lineup in 2015?

    I am not opposed to getting draft picks. Hopefully’s AA’s extra spending on scouts will enable him to get better players than other teams that don’t have as many scouts.

    However, making the team’s strategy so dependent on draft picks at the expense of current performance won’t work either.



  15. Yeah, I think I’ve had enough anonymous, internet arguments for one night.  Well said Phil Kessel’s Charisma, that was much better than the monotone and generic interviews you normally give after the Leafs lose.

  16. Interesting article, re: protection:

    An exerpt:

    “The results lead us to not only reject the protection hypothesis, but also we find evidence that good on-deck hitters actually harm the hit and power probabilities of the current batter. This is consistent with the effort hypothesis. However, the magnitude of the spillover is tiny and for all practical purposes the effect is zero. Even very good (bad) hitters have only a very small impact on the batters who precede them.”

  17. “I will say that the Jojo trial was not the worst idea in the world, a
    young lefty who has a lot of “stuff” is given a little bit of a leash,
    thats not a bad thing in a building year.  “

    Jojo was pretty bad during his 20 starts. He only had 6 quality starts, with a very High WHIP of 1.6. He tied the MLB record for most games without a win at 28.

    He was a laughinstock here and was DFA’d by the Jays. he hasn’t done much better with the Orioles.

    he was given a longer leash than Cecil who ended up the season with a lower WHIP than Jo Jo and 9 quality starts out of 20. His ERA was better at 4.73 than jo jo at 5.40

    the jays could have kept cecil here or brought up some people from the farm system earlier.

    Jo Jo got to stay because AA picked him up in a trade last year.

    And Patterson played b/c
    there was no one else to play, and (you might remember, I’m not sure
    cause it sounds like you don’t even watch baseball), he played way over
    his head for the first two months of the season.  With a roughly .780
    OPS through the first two months of the years. 

    Patterson was OK hitting for 2 months but frequently made baserunning mistakes to kill rallies. 8 caught stealing out of 21 aattempts is not good.

    His play in LF was horrendous, being afraid of walls etc.

    The jays could have kept snider or played thames more often.

    If a team like the jays are in a building year , what use is it not to use players from the farm system to help build the team.

    isn’t Snider or Thames development more useful to the jays than corey pattterson???

  18. Damn you oakville69 you sucked me back in. 

    Yes, Vernon Wells played amazing in the early to mid 2000′s because he had Carlos batting behind him. And Carlos hit amazing because he had… Eric Hinske hitting .250 behind him. 

    But I know what you are saying (well, repeating, because I was talking to someone who probably doesn’t read the Toronto Sun before you decided to jump in here), there is a value to protection in the lineup, I was saying it’s over valued, there is value, but I don’t believe it’s as valuable as most people seem to think it is. 

    And ya know, it’s not like Bautista had his worst month in June batting .258 with 4 hR’s (in 16 AB’s) when Adam Lind was protecting him with a .311, 9 HR’s.  Wait..what…it is like that? 

    Well that’s probably a small sample size thing, I’m sure if Adam Lind kept hitting through the second half pitchers would have had to toss lob balls to Jose belt high for fear of walking him in front of the dangerous Adam Lind, and Jose would have finished the season with 62 home runs. Because ya know, that incredibly amazing first half of the season, that must be what Jose is going to hit like from now on if only….ONLY…. AA throws millions of dollars at 36 and 37 year old David Ortiz! 

    We’ll be playoff bound!  Thank the big sky daddy!!  I am a believer!!

  19. Damn allisauce, you’re awesome.  Thanks for this. 

  20. exactly.  and wouldn’t it have been better to throw snider thames cecil etc to the wolves and if the jays ended up with a shitty record then so be it? the jays drafted ricky romero because of a high draft pick.  what is the point of constantly maintaining this artificial .500 record?  the jays are too afraid of tanking the season for fear of fan backlash at the ticket gate and yet are too cheap to spend any money to actually try to contend.

  21. Jojo had a longer leash cause he was out of options and Cecil wasn’t.  If he had had options he’d have been sent down. 

    And yes, I would have rather had Snider not get sent down, but thats not what we were talking about.  Somehow you threw Corey Patterson into this conversation as an example of the Jays and AA being unwilling to spend money.  I pointed out that he 1) was not brought in to play everday and 2) when he was forced to he didn’t play too terribly, and I will add a 3) when he started to play too terribly he was DFA’d.  And when he was DFA’d, that somewhat surprising Eric Thames kid from AAA got a chance to show what he could do. 

    None of these decisions had anything to do with money.  Most teams carry a fourth outfielder, often a fast guy who is a little older and past that point where you hope he turns into a good major leaguer because no one wants a prospect riding the pine in the big leagues. Which is possibly why Patterson was with the team instead of Thames from the outset.

    Now… I’m tired, Tampa lost, and I feel like a defeated high school teacher and you are the student who just doesn’t get simple math.  I’m going to go now and leave you to your Saturday copy of the Toronto Sun.  The Sunshine girl is inside the back cover…you can go lay the paper over your face and upside down now.

  22. You actually just suggested that the Jays made roster moves in order to maintain…maintain!!! the 1.8 million fans they drew this year.  Stop, take a drink of water, and think about that statement.

  23. If someone stabbed you in the throat, I’d point and laugh.

  24. I really hope no one (i.e. wife, roommate, family, business, boss) let’s you manage any sort of money or resource, because “cost less doesn’t mean anything” might be the most ridiculously retarded statement I’ve ever encountered, anywhere. It in and of itself is a ticket to failure and financial ruin, no matter how deep pockets might be. 

  25. LOL!. Let’s put Mike Mccoy batting 5th then…….

    Virtually all  MLB teams bunch their best hitters 3-5.

  26. You know who else wasn’t “talented enough” to play for TLR? Scott Fucking Rolen. 

  27. Are you new on this blog? i don’t recognize your screen name.

    Anyway, i am not sure why you are fascinated with what newspapers people read.

    Protection is not the sole determination of a player’s success.

    however, virtually all MLB lineups are constructed to have the best sluggers hit in the 4th or 5th or 6th spot.

    There is a reason for that.

    Now you’re against getting a great hitter like david Ortiz who has a career OPS of 950 at Rogers center , but are perfectly happy with a Corey Patterson in the lineup or Juan Rivera because of the type B picks???

    I know AA got Rivera for Wells & 5 million, but he could have easily paid the Angels  an extra 5 million as extra compensation , and used the roster spot to develop Snider, play Thames or Loewen through the season.

    I am baffled by the Jays wasting a rebuilding year playing Rivera or Patterson in the hopes of getting another draft pick, so that in 2015 the prospect stays in AAA  while the Patterson of 2015 gets playing time.

    You can’t have it both ways. If you have excellent prospects & are not worried about contending then develop the prospect like Thames or Snider.

  28. Bingo! cecil outperformed Jo Jo reyes this year even though he had a horrible year, but his track record is better than Jo Jo reyes.

  29. LOL!

    You are wasting your time with the funny newspaper references.

    So the jays get  a crappy pitcher with a poor track record in a trade last year & decide he must get 20 major league starts. 

    Jo jo’s out of options so that is more important for this team than developing Cecil who won 15 games last year, & had a low ERA, & low WHIP.

    that doesn’t make any sense.

    Jo jo Reyes was a vanity project for AA & he became so embarrassed by his pitching performance that he had to be DFA’s.

    We could have given some of those starts to Jesse Litsch who was wasting away in Vegas.

    If we use your philosophy, the Jays should have kept Brian Tallett till the end of the year in the bullpen because he would be a free agent in 2012 & we could get a B pick…. Doesn’t matter that he would have had a 12 ERA.

    We had 3 prospects who could play the OF. thames, Snider & Loewen all of whom would outperform patterson.

    Snider had better defense, thames better ofense . Loewen deserved a shot.

    Patterson seems to be a fast baserunner with no head. 8 caught stealings in key situation to end rallies…

    The Jays had a 4th OF  named rajai Davis. They could have let the kids play.

    Your math doesn’t make any sense.

  30. that’s hilarious! you mean the jays get points for saving money? then why not have a 40 mil payroll?

    oh and by the way I once turned 2000 into 120 grand in 6 weeks so yeah I know a lot more about money than you do.

  31. yeah the same scott rolen that whined and wanted out of toronto as well.

    and yeah that damn larussa making the playoffs again without much talent on his team.

  32. the jays missed out on drafting lawrie by ONE FUCKING SPOT.  so we could have lawrie and marcum right now.  now maybe if the jays had gone with an all rookie lineup they finish 10 games below .500 and get a high end talent with that higher pick.

  33. I was wrong. That was the most ridiculously retarded statement I’ve ever read. 

  34. Why even write that? No one believes you.

  35. It’s a shame, really.  I come here for some intelligent, rational baseball talk, and I always get dragged into pointing out the numerous flaws in rationale of idiots like you and oakville69.

    It’s my fault, really.

  36. Given your earlier comment on the word ‘solely’ and your other comments about The Toronto Sun I suspect you might be Mike Wilner in disguise.  If so, welcome!  I look forward to parsing every one of your posts.  Be sure I will point out any mistakes in grammar and usage.

  37. I was listening to a podcast on Firebrand of the American League East which is a BoSox Fan Blog roughly similar to this one.  Those guys thought that Beckett and Lackey could never pitch for Boston again and believed that Ellsbury would be used as bait for a team to take Lackey.  

    By the way, The Boston Herald looks at Sox rivals in the division and says that the Jays are one of the best-run organizations in the whole of baseball. Mind you, they applaud Adam Lind’s contract extension. So they may not be reliable judges of excellence :)

    And this is Firebrand’s latest blog post:

    Could be summed up as ‘We’re gonna be great, guys! Management knows what it’s doing! Epstein is amazing! And Tito knew when to quit!!’

    When in reality they are not gonna be great until they deal with all the deadwood and the clubhouse crap which will take some time! Management is so bright they signed Carl Crawford and John Lackey and ignored all the signs that Youkilis’s days playing a position are long behind him and played him at 3rd most of the season! Epstein is on his way out the door! And Tito was fired but at least had the grace to lie about it!!

    Sox fans. You gotta love ‘em!


  39. So anyone that disagrees with your view is an idiot? It should be easy enough to defend a position without resorting to personal insults.

  40. Are you referring to me or hamilton?. I can assure you that I am not Mike Wilner.

    I understand how the Type B picks work, but as someone who attended about 15 games in good seats, it was atrocious watching Corey Patterson & Juan Rivera play or jon rauch pitch, waiting for a type B pick in the draft isn’t that exciting.

    The experiment failed because Patterson was traded for nothing, Juan Rivera & Jo Jo Reyes were DFA’d

    AA has admitted that his focus in 2012 will be rebuilding the major league club & that he can’t focus on draft picks to build a contender.

  41. Mr Hamilton.  I would never mistake you for Mike Wilner.

  42. Perhaps the personal insults are a bit much.  But when I read your posts the tone of the writing and the logic expressed sound like they’re written by a fifteen year old.  I’m not saying that to be insulting, it’s just how I feel.  And please, by all means, don’t take my opinions too seriously – after all, I’m just another idiot poster sharing his idiot opinions. 

    At least you’re not Mud Pie.  That guy’s 100% troll.

  43. I intend to be very careful with my grammer in that case.

  44. It is SO VERY clear that you do not understand how the type B free agent compensation system works because you are under the delusional belief that playing Rivera or Patterson had anything to do with it. 

    And to Ms Reyes, I will confess, I had to look up how to spell “delusional”.  I wanted to use an i and two l’s instead of that e.

  45. I sat down to read Pretty Mouth and Green My Eyes by JD Salinger, but continued to be so vexxed by your comments that I felt I needed to provide some documentary evidence to further my point that Patterson and Rivera had nothing to do with draft picks.

    Take note of the lack of Corey Patterson’s or Juan Rivera’s names on that list. 

  46. Fair enough. For the record, I am 42 not 15. The personal insults are childish.

    there is plenty to disagree with in terms of baseball philosophy & how the Blue Jays are run.

  47. Without getting into a long dissertation on the Type B draft picks system, the general rule is that a team that signs a free agent hopes that the player qualifies as a Type B player, so that the team can offer arbitration , & if arbitration is declined by the player  signs as a free agent with another team, the original yeam gets a sandwhich pick after the first round of draft picks.

    Are you saying that Juan Rivera would not qualify for type b status if he had played with the jays for the entire season?

    There are a few jays that qualify for type b status this year.

    Is there something I am missing?

  48. how were those players going to result in a type b pick?

  49. that’s the type of people who come on this blog.  if you disagree with their fantasy belief of this team they call you names. the ones that call you names are actually the 15 year olds. they don’t have the brain capacity to come up with an intelligent response.

  50. one point you are missing is that even is a player plays well enough to command a type B, his salary may be so high that he might accept it so the team may not want to offer it.  ex carlos pena. or the player may not get a longer term deal on the open mkt so he accepts it.  this would be the case in rivera.

  51. Congratulations on reading a short story by JD Salinger.

    I read one of his books in high school, so I deduce that is your approximate age.

    The list you provided is one year old & not relevant.

    Rivera came close to being a Type B free agent this year. He had 56.413 points on the elias scale. The cutoff was 58.152

    Corey Patterson had about 40 which is very low.  There was no way that he would qualify once he got to St Louis. He rarely played.

  52. Agreed. The debate about Type B picks is minor compared to the general discussion about the teams philosophy.

    It seems illogical to me for the Jays to tell fans in April 2011 that the year will be a development year & that a player like Travis Snider will get a full season to develop, then demote him on April 29th so that Juan Rivera or Corey Patterson can get at bats, with the slim hopes that another team will want them for a trade, or if they play enough time & do reasonably well they will qualify for a Type B draft pick.

    I think the Jays would have been better off in 2011 giving regular at bats to Snider & / Thames. 


  54. Not sure I get all of this handwringing and discussion over Juan Rivera’s Aribitration compensation.

    It’s not even relevant to anything.  If Juan Rivera is what it took to rid the Jays of Wells’ deal, then that’s the greatest deal of the past year.

    Move on.


    Those are unofficial Rankings going into 2011, “to tide us over until the officials ones come out” as the article puts it.  But it demonstrates how every player in the league is given a numerical value and explains that the rankings are determined over the course of two years.  This estimate actually has Juan Rivera as a Type B, but in the official rankings that I linked to earlier he did not make the cut.  Anyway, he was probably close due to his solid 2009 and poor 2010, therefore he would have needed a year better than his 2009 24 HR .850ish OPS to get there.  I doubt anyone in the organization expected him to put up those numbers; in fact, zips had him batting about .265 with 15 HR’s and a roughly .750 OPS.  So the best statisticians baseball can muster up did not expect him to come close to a performance needed to reach Type B.  He played because the Jays needed someone to DH and he was forced upon us in the VW trade.  Would you have rather had Thames or Loewen DHing?  Would that be better for their development?  I would argue no, it would not be better for their development.

    Type A free agents are considered the “top 20%” player at their position, Tybe B are top 40%, positions are grouped with the theory that a lot of guys who can play OF can play first as well., 2B/SS/3B etc.  So it’s not just “play him and hope he plays well enough to be a Type B”, there needs to be a bit of a track record.

    If the team is being run as you are suggesting it is being run, which is a relentless pursuit of Type B picks, then Rajai Davis (who was pretty close to Type B in the estimate) would probably have been left in there al year.  No one in the organization expected Corey Patterson to jump 35 points into Tybe B Status, and maybe there was some hope for Rivera making it to Type B, but AA wasn’t afraid to ship him to LA for “please take this guy off my hands” player to be named later or cash.

    I don’t mean to be too hard on you man, but I get frustrated when I worry that an uneducated fan base could stir up enough crazy to pressure my baseball team to make bad decisions.  Milking the free agent compensation system has allowed the Jays to go from one of the worst farm systems in baseball to one of the best in a very short time.  A fan should want to see this team rebuilt with a good foundation, not just with a fresh coat of paint that an aging free agent might provide.

  56. The list I provided is more relevant than this years numbers because it demonstrates what the potential was for a draft pick. 

    And yeah, you probably read Catcher in the Rye in highschool.  Isn’t it nice you can just read the Sun now?  So much less critical thinking involved in that one!  And you can take it to the bathroom and rub one out with the Sunshine girl while on a break from work too!

  57. beep beep. 

  58. thank you for the detailed analysis of the draft pick compensation system.

    The jays were supposed to use Rivera in RF, but he played poorly & was transferred to DH.

    This set in motion, moving E5 back to 3B & Bautista back to RF.

    This was not helpful because E5 was a mess at 3B, getting 8 errors in April.

    He performed poorly at the plate as well.

    Rivera got off to a horrible start as DH.

    I would have been happier if Rivera was not on the team.

    Have AA pay 10 million to the Angels to take Wells rather than have to find a spot for Rivera.

    My problem with Rivera is that he was wasting a roster spot in a development year.

    It is better to get Loewn , Thames or Snider at bats even as a DH than letting them waste time in AAA.

  59. You are right , I did read Catcher in the Rye in High School.

    I don’t get why you are so infatuated with the Toronto Sun. I read it occasionally, just like other newspapers.

    I am more of an an” The Economist/ Wall Street Journal ” type.

    Were you a Toronto Star delivery boy when you were growing up?

  60. Fielder has put up a better than .400 OBP in each of the past 3 seasons (look at the other players who have done that,only Joey Votto), meanwhile Wright hasn’t been very good in any of those seasons.  My definition of an elite player is someone that consistantly puts up high level statistics.  Also, if you overpay for single season outlier years like you would have to with Napoli, you could end up with a Jayson werth type contract.

  61. And yet, still, Fielder hasn’t had a single season as good as Wright’s best two. More importantly, you’re going to end up overpaying on Fielder this off-season, whereas players like Wright end up being pretty consistently undervalued on the free agent market, especially when there are injury concerns. 

  62. They weren’t supposed to use Rivera in RF, I invite you to look at the opening day lineup.  I don’t even entirely disagree with you that Snider over Rivera (even if it meant Snider in RF and Thames in left) would have been a bad thing.  But you just keep saying things that are wrong, or stupid, and I’m new to this whole internet arguing thing and haven’t yet learned to not point out that you are saying things that are wrong or stupid.  I tried using evidence and logic to point out the things you are saying that are wrong or stupid, but then you just keep saying more things that are wrong or stupid.

    P.S.  Looking at the cartoons in The Economist doesn’t count as reading it.

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