Playoff Threat: October 2nd

Even though the Jays season is over, it seems like some of you just can’t keep yourselves away from good ol’ DJF. So, you wanna talk playoffs while the games are on? You got it. This is your playoff Game Threat. Just don’t expect any scuttlebutt or nothin’…

3:30 PM ET: Tigers @ Yankees – Scherzer vs. Garcia
5:00 PM ET: D’backs @ Brewers – Hudson vs. Greinke
8:30 PM ET: Cardinals @ Phillies – Carpenter vs. Lee

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  1. AJ Burnett is starting game 4 for the Yankees!



  2. if it gets that far.

  3. Why isn’t the Det/NY game on tv?

  4. It’s on Sportsnet Pacific.  How stupid is that.

  5. Oh, the guide shows that as motocross haha. Now that’s fuckin stupid.


  7. …what?

  8. Pointing out that Sportsnet has it’s head up it’s ass. Why air a playoff game when you can pour millions into dead media?

  9. Thanks for putting one of these up, Stoeten. We all like talking baseball with one another.

  10. If you lived in a country with real health care they might be able to enlarge it… say, to a whole two inches.

  11. Aaron Hill is 3-3 so far today, after OPSing  878 in 33 games for Arizona.  I guess he wasn’t just a throw in on the deal for Johnny Mac, who I love but isn’t getting any play time behind Willie Bloomquist.  

    Unrelated, but Kirk “potential manager of the year” Gibson is hitting Bloomquist and his .657 OPS, 20 steal and 10 caught stealing, lead off.  How quickly would heads explode here if Gibby did something that ridiculous?

  12. Watching Wilner squirm as his lover John McDonald and the D-Backs are about to go down 0-2 is great.

  13. Pujols, first pitch pop-up with a man on third.

    Kinda reminds me of Aaron Hill.

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  15. Isnt it just amazing how many borderline calls the Phillies pitchers get and the opposition doesnt. It just baffles me to see the calls Halladay and Lee have been getting in the series so far, Im sure Molina is ready to throw something.

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  26. Internets

  27. Man it’s so weird that this guy continues to post as the two of us, even when we leave it alone and talk baseball. He has some crazy tard fetish, he can’t leave it.

  28. Playoff thoughts: A year ago, I had my fingers crossed for Halladay and his team as the playoffs began. A series later, I had decided that it probably shouldn’t be that easy for Halladay – and somehow, I had developed a dislike for the Phillies in general – and was glad to see the Giants take them out. 

    This year, seeing Halladay give runs up early made it fun to watch the rest of the game. I had always loved watching Halladay respond to getting himself in trouble and then – almost always – raising his game a notch … and that’s just what he did on Saturday. (I sure do love watching Halladay pitch when he’s in that zone; he really is the best … although he probably got a call or two that he wouldn’t have got if he wasn’t Halladay.) 

    Seeing the Cards bullpen including Dotel and Rzepczynski do a job on the Phillies last night did my heart good. LaRussa might be a dick but I enjoyed watching his team even it up last night. 

    I’m not caring about the DBacks as much as I thought I might when they’d first got Hill and Johnny Mac. Hill just looks too happy being there for my liking. That might be silly in its way but … where was that Hill when WE had him? Did he really have to be such a mopey fuck all year with the Blue Jays? So I’m pulling for Shaun Marcum to wrap that one up tomorrow. 

    Rays and Texas, I could go either way. Same with Yankees / Tigers, although I am hoping Verlander brings his A game today. I normally might be wanting to see the AL East represented in the WS but … meh. Can’t see me getting all that worked up about the Rays or the Yankees. 

    Lastly, watching the game in Milwaukee on Saturday, I was jealous of that natural grass field that they figured out how to have while having a dome that opens. Damn, I wish there was a way to have natural grass in that concrete convertible of ours. 

  29. Good to know that your best buddy on this board is the little bitch pariah Jonsey. Make sure you let him win at Donkey Kong.

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    The great thing is, he truly is a harmless fuck. He can’t help being so goddamn awkward and embarrassing, which is why you see him say things like TEH INTERWEBZ or whatever. He’s truly the last barnacle in the fan base that needs to be brushed off. He does have time on his side. I’ll give him that. Who has time to keep up with him? 

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