Yes, that’s a Dallas reference. Look it up, kids. And then come join us for some streamy goodness at 3:30 PM ET this afternoon, as Drew and I talk playoffs and… um… stuff!

So tweet some questions in the direction of @DustinParkes, @AndrewStoeten, @DrewGROF and/or @DerekSnider, or participate in the live chat, which at some point you’re probably gonna see below.

Click here to launch the stream. See you at 3:30!

Comments (3)

  1. i dunno, mang. i heard you used to read word up! magazine

  2. I bet Parkes is still recovering fron Nuit Blanche.

  3. Ahhh Patrick Duffy!  Why if only Tom Berenger were around for a complete memory of curly haired 80′s glory!

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