Yep, there’s still stuff to talk about– even of the Jays-related variety. Let’s have a look at today’s crumbs…


Holy awesome: the Blue Jay Hunter recently examined the legacy of Joe Carter, asking if maybe it was a bit overrated– as the sabermetrically inclined certainly would say– and he got quite the comment in response, from a user in Kansas, claiming to be Joe Carter himself. It’s so him.

The Toronto Sun goes through the interesting exercise of comparing the 2010 Jays to this year’s version, position by position. And while I don’t get how they can say Adam Lind was better than Lyle Overbay (sad as that is), and I could very easily answer their rhetorical question “What does it say about this year’s rotation when the man with the third highest win total (five), Reyes, was released in July” with “it says that pitcher wins mean sweet fuck all,” it’s still worth a look.

According to his Twitter, Keith Law will no longer be a guest on the Fan590, as he’s taken his talents to South Beach TSN Radio.

Gregor Chisholm of tells us that Jose Bautista may be a repeat winner of the Hank Aaron Award, whatever that is.

Richard Griffin of the Toronto Star thinks his friend Terry Francona deserved better. (Which is true, actually. Not that I mind the Red Sox being panicky idiots or anything.)

Jon Wertheim of Sports Illustrated notices that Prince Fielder was the first player in 25 years sitting on a .299 average in his last at-bat of the season to take a walk. Sign him up!

MLBTR lets us know that a bunch of minor leaguers opted for free agency this week, among them relievers Wil Ledezma and PJ Walters, who were briefly in the Majors with the Jays this year.

According to the New York Post, the Jays aren’t the only team who screw around their long-serving beer men for no good goddamn reason.

Shi Davidi of Sportsnet (no Rogers anymore, thank you very much) tells the tale of how Ricky Romero turned his own failure at double-A into a positive and how JP Arencibia helped him.

Lastly, Bluebird Banter continues their review of the players they named as the Jays’ top prospects back at the start of the year, examining the seasons of the guys ranked 11-20.

And don’t forget that we’re live streaming, like… right this fucking second!

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  1. Hey Andrew,
    Big fan of the blog. Please make your links open in a separate window so I don’t get taken away from DJF every time I click on one.

  2. Unfortunately, Blogger fucking sucks for that. Click with the middle/scroll button on your mouse, or if you have to, right click. That’s all the help I can offer, without coding each link to open in a new tab by hand, which I’m not about to do.

    Unless someone has a better idea? I used to use Windows Live Writer for DJF posts, and it would do it for me, but since it turned to complete shit, I’ve abandoned it. Maybe I should check it out again.

  3. Fuck, now the Fan is losing Law too?!

    I knew it was strange when McCown had Jonah Keri on who I like but he doesn’t have the same chemistry that Law and Shulman had with him. Plus, Shulman with Mike Richards and Cybulski hasn’t been the same.

    Weak sauce.

  4. That kinda sucks that Law is on TSN.  As frustrating as the content on The Fan can sometimes be, I’ll take their programming over TSN’s trash anyday.  Especially if the rumours are true  that Tim & Sid are headed to The Fan.

  5. You can add  in the header section of your blog’s HTML 

    This will make every link on your site open in a new window (even your banner and individual posts and stuff).

  6. See my comment below that probably should have been a reply to this.  Also, that response from Joe Carter seems too well written to be Joe Carter. He wins championships, he doesn’t form well-written comments.

  7. I never really understood why Law was still on 590 once 1050 started up, considering ESPN owns part of TSN and Law works for ESPN. I would’ve assumed Law would move over simultaneously with Shulman. Has Law actually appeared on 1050 yet, or are we just assuming that’s where he ends up? I might actually have to turn the dial to 1050 for the first time since they stopped playing oldies.

  8. TSN Radio is pretty weak so far, but at least it’s made The Fan take their game up a notch (I think).  I like McCown, Brady, Blair & Grange.  If Tim & Sid go over that would be interesting too.

  9. Law’s first radio spot for TSN was today.

  10. where’s the toronto sun link?

  11. The Score is up for sale. There may be other personnel moves. I think Sid is taking up the fan590 in the afternoon

  12. Having online access to all things baseball has led me to really dislike the Fan’s personalities. Brady and Lang are puckheads who embarrass themselves when they talk baseball. Blair is like a half-decent substitute teacher; better than listening to the alternative. Lajoie and Stellick…uggghh.

    Say what you will about Wilner, but he’s the only thing worth listening to.

  13. It’s Tim and Sid doing 1 – 4 apparently…

  14. Shi Davidi’s article about Arencibia smartening up Ricky back in ’08 double-A ball was enlightening. Ya’d think that someone in the organization would’ve already gotten involved in helping Romero see that he’d become passive in his approach on the mound, but it didn’t happen until JPA straightened him out. Good on Aaron Cibia. 

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