Playoff Threat: October 3rd

You wanna talk playoff games? Or maybe just do something to distract you from the terrifying thought of the additional hours of Buck Martinez you’ll have to listen to in 2011? Well, here you go. Game on.

5:00 PM ET: Rangers @ Rays – Lewis vs. Price
8:30 PM ET: Yankees @ Tigers – Sabathia vs. Verlander

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  1. Who are everybody’s picks (ie favourites or bets for winners) for this post season? Milwaukee and Texas are who I want to see, with Texas coming out on top.

  2. Buck Martinez:   ‘David Price at 26 years old is just learning his trade’. 
    If he’s ‘just learning’ now, we’re fucked for life. 

    I think we see Texas & Philly in the WS…but certainly wouldn’t be surprised if Milwaukee came out of the NL. 

  3. Milwaukee will beat the Rays in the World Series


  5. Fuck the Rays if they win this game. You don’t need sabrmetrics to appreciate that getting only 1 hit in a playoff game deserves punishment. But let them think they’re the “Team of Destiny” if it means they get their asses kicked.

  6. Rays will outlast the Brewers in seven on the diamond, but the OCD Retard will outlast the rest of us in being an unreadable, leg-humping shit off of it. 

    I predict Evan Longoria will be the WS MVP and that Bubbles’s little fists will be trembling in adorable rage over being laughed at when he reads this. 

  7. speaking of the yankees, funny shit if you haven’t already seen this –

  8. Awesome.

  9. “We aren’t players in the casino, we ARE the casino.”

    So on point.

  10. Upton out at 2nd. Joe Maddon is clearly a discipline of Farrellball

  11. Good play by Beltre there.

    Now we get to watch the Too Much Moneyball Yankees.

  12. isabella, league faced the yankees and the red sox 10
    times this year. he gave up 5 hits and 0 earned runs in 10 innings
    pitched. jays had 15 blown saves this year. league had 5. league had 37 saves. jays had 32. jays were 10 wins from the playoffs. you keep marcum and league and resign halladay (who would have stayed if he thought the jays would contend), and you get a decent shot at playoffs. as far as 2010 is concerned, the jays lost those trades. maybe it pays off in the future, but it’s always been about the future with this team. and that’s just as hypothetical as the what if of keeping halladay, marcum and league.

  13. There’s really no point lamenting the “loss” of Brandon League.  The Jays have guys like Frank Francisco and Casey Janssen and recently Jason Frasor.  Those guys are all in the same peer group as League.  A lot of these guys are pretty interchangeable.

  14. And the save statistic is, well………….. League had 37 saves this year.  Kevin freaking Gregg had 37 with the Jays last year.

  15.  francisco with 11 blown saves?  sure, the bullpen is interchangeable. but a 37 save closer not so much. jays blew 15 saves this year. they blow ten less, which seems a reasonable inference with league on the team, and they have 91 wins. and what isn’t interchangable is a 19 game winner and a 13 game winner. rays are in the playoffs because of starting pitching. jays could have matches that, and put up more offense (even without lawrie) 

  16.  fair enough, but leagues whip 1.08 vs gregg’s 1.39 last year

  17. Not necessarily…teams often win games in which they blow a save.  A relief pitcher comes in in the sixth inning with a one run lead and a runner on third none out and gives up a sac fly, that’s a blown save.  And the team might very well win anyway.  So that’s also not always a very indicative stat, and it’s not as simple as saying ten fewer blown saves = ten more wins.

    I’m not really arguing the starting pitching, but Doc wasn’t staying.

  18. Yeah.  Of course, League went to a much weaker division and got to pitch in a great pitcher’s park.

  19. I would so suck Delmon’s cock right now.

  20. Jeter with a clutch strikeout.

  21. Jose Valverde makes Jonathan Papelbon looks like Roy Halladay.

    What was that, 35 seconds a pitch?

  22. Does anyone know if the Sux get a pick if Scutaro signs elsewhere?

  23. If I had a wish last night, I’d wish that Brandon Morrow was watching the Detroit / Yankees game and was thinking of Verlander, “I could be that guy.” 

  24. So here is undoubtedly an unpopular suggestion but I’m gonna make it anyway.

    The Sux are desperate to get rid of Lackey.  He is the poster boy for the meltdown.  No way the fans want to see his shining little beery face back at Fenway next season.  There’s going to be a fire sale and he will be the door-crasher special, very possibly with Beckett at his side.

    And both of them can pitch.  

    Lackey is a horrible, objectionable excuse for a human being who showed-up John MacDonald after he hit a home run off him.  But this year’s stats look like an outlier.  Before that between 2003 and 2010 the lowest amount of games he won was 11 in 2009.  He bounced back and won 14 in 2010 with the Sox.  In fact he’s won 14 games 3 times. In 2007 he won 19 games.   Josh Beckett’s stats are even better.  Now the Sox will want something back for Beckett but they want Lackey out of town yesterday.  We could do worse than consider him.  Also he’ll have something to prove.  Which is a good thing.  And Farrell has worked with him before…

  25. Aa has said several times that veteran pitchers will only be sought out if they are front end guys…middle to back rotation fodder will be internally filed by prospects.. This is one of the smartest things he’s ever said

  26. Lackey’s stats aren’t middle to back.  He’s good enough to be a #2.  Also I think AA means that he isn’t going to pay too much for middle to back rotation guys, which he will have to do on the free agent market.  I don’t think getting Lackey is going to cost much at all.  The fans hate him.  The front office have done nothing to suggest they support him.  They absolutely don’t want to see him in a Sox uniform in Spring Training.  I doubt we’d have to give away the farm.

  27. Lackey’s horrible.  He put up decent stats in a weak AL West.  Pitching in the East he’s been exposed.  He’s not getting any younger.  His stuff has become pedestrian.  I can’t believe you’re talking about “wins.”  And the guy makes a bajillion dollars.  I’m not sure he’s much better than Brett Cecil at this point.

    Stay away from Lackey.

  28. “Lackey’s stats aren’t middle to back.  He’s good enough to be a #2. “

    Back when he was in his twenties pitching in the AL West, sure.  Not anymore.

    “I don’t think getting Lackey is going to cost much at all.”

    Isn’t he making like $20 million a year? 

    Seriously, John Lackey?  You’re better than this Isabella.

  29. He’s not horrible.  He had 14 wins in 2010 for the Sox in the AL East.  He’s had one horrible year and he’s a horrible person but his stats suggest he’s better than how he pitched in 2011.  And he is gonna be cheap, cheap, cheap.  They will pay a large amount of whatever salary he’s got coming because having him back at Fenway will just be a disaster.

    I’m not saying spend a lot of money.  I am saying this is a guy who might, possibly, have an upside and it won’t cost much to find out.

  30. buck martinez is the matt devlin of baseball announcers.

  31. But again I don’t know why you go back to a team stat like “wins”.  In 2010 Lackey pitched to a 4.40 era and a whip over 1.4.  He did not pitch well.  I don’t see him rebounding to anything better than that, an okay-ish year at best.  The Jays really need to aim higher.

    And besides, I say if you’re the Jays, you don’t help the Red Sox out.  Don’t take a mediocre pitcher with a bad attitude off their hands. 

  32. I’m not going to argue because everything you say is completely reasonable.  Lackey is only worth going after if it’s a kind of ‘you pay everything except $1.49 or so a year’ deal.  If we can get him as a major bargain I think it’s worth a shot.  If he’s not a major bargain than he’s not worth pursuing.  But as recently as a couple of days ago, some Boston media were talking about parcelling him with Ellsbury as an incentive–which I was really surprised to read given Ellsbury’s season.  They want him gone and it might be at any cost.  We could give him a chance.  If we don’t have much invested in him, either he’ll work out or he won’t.  What surprised me was that apparently he’s not unpopular with the other players.  He’s poison but he doesn’t sound like he’s clubhouse poison.

    In any case, Farrell would be the one to make this decision as he knows the guy and has worked with him.  If we don’t hear that the Jays are sniffing around, then it’s because he really is bad news.  


    Why Smoltz is superior to Buck Martinez….

  34.  But can he say “Encarnashyown”?

  35. I could at least entertain this notion but for the fact that three years remain on his contract. This is the kind of experiment that may need immediate termination, and – despite all the plaudits here about Anthopoulous’ “ninja” trade skills in escaping poor contracts – I do not think this is good business. Still, I don’t blame you for considering such possibilities.

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