Not a whole lot of Jays linkage to go through this afternoon. It’s almost like the whole baseball world wants to talk about the World Series or something. Go figure. Here are your crumbs…

Baseball America Talks Draft

Jim Callis and John Manuel wrote a bunch of (paywall’d) draft report cards for Baseball America, and then went and gave away some of their insight by holding a non-paywall’d chat about them yesterday at BA. Here’s the one instance where the Jays came up, who– by the sounds of it– were just barely outside of the top five, despite– as you may have heard– not signing top pick Tyler Beede, who thought he’d get better value out of a glitzy Gloria Vanderbilt education.

Greg T (London): Surprised the Jays werent listed as having one of the Top 5 drafts. All I have read is positive things about their draft with their aggressive drafting of high ceiling players – eventhough they failed to sign their 1st round pick, Tyler Beede. Thanks!

John Manuel: The Jays’ class has the three HS pitchers with real upside in Musgrove, Comer and Norris; we had Norris rated the highest of the trio coming into the draft. There’s some real power potential from Anderson and Dean, and some nice college arms in Stilson and DeSclafani. To play devil’s advocate, they had eight members of our Top 200, but only Norris was in the top 20; Stilson was in doubt because of his injury late in the college season; and generally we go for star power over depth. Hence a top 3 of Washington, Arizona and Pittsburgh. If you want depth, the Rays took 10 members of our top 200, with star power in Guerrieri and Mahtook. Boston got the edge with more top 100 draftees, including two in the top 20 in Barnes and Swihart. It was close between Boston & Toronto, we’ll see who winds up having the best draft 4-6 years from now.


Bluebird Banter continues to check in on how their pre-season top Jays prospects did, with a new installment looking at the guys ranked 31-40.

Richard Griffin of the Toronto Star recounts how Ron Washington was outmanaged by Tony La Russa last night, and since it’s his life’s mission to piss off the Toronto Star (see: yesterday’s Twitter war with Damian Cox– no, really, see it!), over at Getting Blanked Parkes disagrees.

Sticking with my colleagues at Getting Blanked, check out today’s Game One recap edition of their nifty, short-form vodcast, The Getting Blanked Show.

Today in completely fucking unsurprising news: beer drinking is common in clubhouses and dugouts throughout baseball, and has been for a really long time, explains the New York Daily News. I know, I’m shocked too.

John Farrell joined Mike Wilner on the Fan 590′s pre-game show last night, taking calls and answering questions. I haven’t had a chance to check it out just yet, but I’m sure it’s worth a listen– check it out at Wilner’s blog.

Forbes takes a look a rather interesting study on baseball and the “marriage premium”– the phenomenon whereby married men make more money than their single counterparts. Hmmm, so what they’re saying is, maybe it’s not the biggest mistake you’ll ever make in your life?

Lastly, Andrew Cohen of the Atlantic awesomely examines the journalistic integrity of the reporting on the Red Sox implosion and the subsequent salaciousness.

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  1. Well no shit married players make more. They’ve been playing longer. Gold-diggers don’t hook up until the old man has a big contract. Fuck the young uns!

  2. Here’s another study. Most 40 year olds make more money than 30 year olds and in turn they make more than 20 year olds and they in turn make more than teenagers. Who comes up with this kinda no-duh Shit!

    Sorry ….bad day.

  3. My wife is convinced that the reason Lind went in the crapper is because he got married. Seriously! Check out the timeline.

  4. Still doesn’t explain last year.

  5. his wife does look draining.  thats a lot of woman 

  6. I guess none of you read the report.  They compare similar skilled players at similar points within their careers.

    I just think that a single guy isn’t money hungry, but once he gets married and has to take care of a family, money is more important to him.

  7. Who wants to post a link to Griffin’s Twitter war with Cox?

  8. This.

  9. Here here,

    I dont’ have twitter, but I want to see the war between Parkes and asshat Cox.

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