World Series Threat: Game 2

Apparently some of you– though, not a whole lot of you *COUGH*– just can’t get enough of the ol’ DJF and want to have a little discussion while the day’s playoff games are king hell ball-busting World Series action is going on. Well alright, I’m happy to oblige. Just don’t expect and lineups or scuttlebutt or nothin’. Here’s your World Series Threat for Game Two.

8:05 PM ET: Rangers @ Cardinals – Colby Lewis vs. Jaime Garcia – Cardinals lead series 1-0

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  1. Hamilton’s swinging like Travis Snider.  All hands.

  2. Ian Kinsler home stats, career:  .309/.395/.526 (.922)
    Ian Kinsler away stats, career:  .242/.315/.412 (.727)

  3. I think all their players are like that.  Check out Nelson Cruz and Michael Young.

  4. What’s the colour of the shirt on their guy again?

  5. Texas takes the lead.

  6. Tim Dierkes talked to an agent who thinks Darvish will require a $50 mil posting fee, plus a 5yr $75mil contract.

    Hard to imagine a team paying a guy who’s never pitched in the majors before 5yrs for $125mil total!  I think it’d be awesome to see the Jays take a run at him, but that deal sounds like financial suicide.

  7. I’ve really enjoyed the NL no-DH style of baseball these last two games. The strategies that managers are forced to consider and work with add a level of intrigue to the game that I find I appreciate. I know the AL will never scrap the DH – and that’s fine – but I hope the NL doesn’t end up going that way. 

  8. Gotta love how the Rangers just would not accept having Craig get the game winning hit off Ogando again.

  9. I disagree. The “strategy” involved usually means they sac bunt a lot and do double switches where shittier players come into the game. 

  10. If you think of it in terms of the Bautista deal you get an idea how Jays management thinks. They almost went to arbitration over 5/65 for him and Darvish is unproven.

  11. You disagree what? … that I enjoyed it? I didn’t say it’s ‘better’ without the DH. I just found I liked seeing the different rule in play and how it affects the game on both sides of things in the number of ways that it does, mostly when the game is tight and both teams are scheming to make the right thing happen. Gives the manager – and us all – a bit more to think about. Don’t know if I’d like it for the AL and the Blue Jays but I hope the NL keeps the no-DH rule the way it is. 

  12. hahah! Ok so now there is a very good reason for the Jays to spend what ever they have to get Alber Poohals. After game three, everyone is marveling at what the big guy can do when he is mad because of the media, well if he came to the T-dot he would be mad all the time.. I bet he would double the current home run record@! :)

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