Whirling Darvish Rumours

Despite a report to the contrary earlier in the week, Yu Darvish claims that he’s undecided about whether he’ll ask to be posted this winter, allowing MLB teams to bid for the rights to his services, and assuring a spring 2012 MLB debut.

Patrick Newman of the awesome NPB Tracker, which follows Japanese baseball for all of us and reports on it in English, posts this super-terrific emoticon-y translation of an entry on Yu’s personal blog dated October 19th:

Articles saying “Confirmed: Darvish to the Majors!” have been appearing since yesterday.
As I mentioned on Twitter
Nothing is decided!!
I haven’t decided anything for myself so nothing can be confirmed.(^_^;)
It was an article from the Kyodo News, but what did they base their writing on?
You can say this is freedom of press, but with freedom comes responsibility.
I want a press that takes responsibility.
Every year, when I haven’t decided anything, they write “Majors this, Majors that”, but then when I don’t go they just make up excuses.
How did they write lies and escape responsibility?
Well, after the entire schedule is over, I will carefully think it over!
As soon as I decide I will let everyone know(^^)v

Delightful. But believe it or not, that hasn’t exactly stemmed the rampant speculation.

In a tweet yesterday, Joel Sherman of the New York Post listed “the Rangers, Blue Jays, Nationals, Mariners and Royals as the favorites to land Darvish this winter, in that order,” explains MLB Trade Rumors. Sherman tweets that he doesn’t have the Yankees on the list because they’ve been burned too many times by high posting fees– thank you very much, Kei Igawa.

Larry Stone of the Seattle Times, for the record, doesn’t see a fit between the Mariners and Darvish. That’s mostly because the Mariners have a pair of great pitchers already in the majors, and a bunch of very good, young, cheap, controllable ones– Danny Hultzen, Taijuan Walker, James Paxton (yes, that James Paxton)– knocking on the door.

As for what it will take to get him, Tim Dierkes of MLBTR spoke to an unnamed agent, who figured that Darvish is in line for a five-year $75-million deal, with a $50-million posting fee, whereas Jon Heyman of SI spoke to a GM who figured it would be over $100-million between the contract and the fee.

It’s a lot of money, but it sounds like there’s good reason for it. “You know how Justin Verlander throws 93-94 and then in moments of duress pumps his fastball at 99?” a scout asks Buster Olney of ESPN. “That’s what this guy does. He’s throwing 92-93, easy, and with runners on base and two strikes on the batter, he’ll roll out a 95-96 mph fastball.”

In the same piece, Olney says this about the Rangers’ pursuit:

An AL source says the Rangers will make a competitive offer for Wilson, but they will not get into a bidding war with the Yankees, who are expected to make him their No. 1 priority. Some scouts think Wilson, who turns 31 in November, is not worth ace dollars because his 2.94 ERA this year is a by-product of his 10 starts against the Rangers’ light-hitting AL West rivals in Oakland and Seattle. As it is, the Rangers have already set their sights on Yu Darvish.

If their pursuit of Darvish falls through, the Rangers could make a run at righthander James Shields, whom the Rays might make available this winter before his salary starts to escalate. Tampa Bay always has an eye on the bottom line, and Texas has the young talent the Rays covet. “The great thing about the Rangers is they have a lot of different ways to get better,” says a National League GM. “They have money to spend and prospects to trade, and they already have a great team. They will figure it out.”

Makes sense. Judging by the comments I’ve seen around here, most fans would rather Darvish than Wilson– a sentiment I feel strongly about myself. The Rangers sound like they feel much the same way, but the Jays, as we all know, don’t have anything preventing them from landing the phenom except themselves.

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  1. Maybe I’m just dreaming now, but maybe Boston would be willing to deal some MLB players.

    After his terrible September, I don’t think Daniel Bard is too liked in Boston right now.  Maybe Bard and even Scutaro (if his option is picked up) for Farrell.

    But now I’m sounding like a Leafs fan…

  2. You’re under mistaken assumption that this is satire.

  3. Stoeten mocked me a little when I said Farrell didn’t do the greatest in his rookie season.Even AA questioned him on some of his decisions.
    I’m willing to cut him a break for his second season,hoping he improves.

    I’m getting the feeling,I’m not the only one who wonders whether he can manage this team to  playoff contention.

  4. Wow, it just takes Stoeten speaking to you twice and you back down? Laughable. Beyond my contempt.

    The Jays will not spend $100 mill + on Darvish, the Jays should not spend $100 mill + on Darvish. But it’s awfully good for Beeston to continue to spend those fake dollars he loves to make rain by having the Jays involved. Has anyone doled out more pretend money than the shitlicker Beeston the last five years? His pretend payroll is like $200 million. 

    But no, a posting fee of that magnitude is just retarded

    The only guy worth getting at high dollars this off-season is Fielder. This is because his OPS is amazing, he is only 27, we have two positions open for him in DH and 1B, and because he will even us up at 1B with Boston and NY. He is one of the few free agents we could pay for future production instead of exclusively past performance. At five years, who cares what he makes. At six years he’s still someone I hope Anthopolous jumps on. I fear he will get a 7 or 8 year deal from Chicago, though.

  5. disagree jeff.  taking the team we have going forward for a full year without the 60M worth of free agents your talking about would win more than 81 games…probably closer to the 85 they won last year.  think no patterson reyes rivera…those guys got major run last year…and they wouldnt have if we kicked into “going for it” mode.

    do you want to wait until bautista is 36 and no longer a top 5 player in baseball before we go for it?  or wait until escobar’s very team friendly contract expires?    no end to these hypotheticals.

    are they holes in the order,bullpen and back end of the rotation right now?  sure…but they are damn close.  and every team has question marks.  no team is impervious to criticism but that doesn’t stop them from taking the leap.  with darvish in the rotation and someone to lock down the back end of the bullpen this team has every chance to compete for a playoff spot next year… and as we continually see the tournament style format baseball feature leads to the prevailing notion that if you get in you have a legit chance..  just ask SF or STL.

    in short we will not be any better off in 2 or 3 years than we are RIGHT now. 

    If detroit and minnesota can boast payrolls of 100M plus then i see no reason why we cant as well.  im not saying spend for spending sake but this offseason is the prime time to take this team from “on the verge” to “bonafide contender”

  6. no one is saying “hey the jays should throw huge sums of cash at the guy whether he’s worth it or not”.  i for one am saying you have to be willing to take an educated risk on someone with lights out stuff like this.  and it is a statement to shell out 50M as a posting fee.  it announces you feel your team is ready to compete for a WS and not just look to be competitive. 

    not to mention the fact that it’s a silent auction.  if this is the same guy who posts on mlbtr u seem knowledgable but it seems like your always looking to refute what others are saying in a somewhat derogatory tone.  this makes you a loser bro.

  7. if its true that most baseball execs would prefer darvish to wilson then this number appears to be way low.  wilson is a lock to make 70M plus for a 5 year deal so logic would dictate someone will be willing to pay darvish more than that.

    the post may not be 50 but it’ll definetly be north of 40. imo.   too many team this offseason looking for a front line SP.

    hope your right tho would be nice if the jays could get this guy without taking on such a huge financial risk

  8. “no one is saying “hey the jays should throw huge sums of cash at the guy whether he’s worth it or not”

    actually thats exactly what the guy I’m replying to was saying, which is why I took that tone. you’re missing context, so i’ll ignore the ‘loser bro’ comment.

    spending money for the sake of spending money is not a statement of anything other then idiocy

    Nationals were/are well on their way to being a good team, through draft and player development.  The signing of Jayson Werth was in many ways a knee jerk reaction in order to appease a fan base desperate for a winner.. The only problem is that 100+ will end up going to an AT BEST average RF that seems to have already peaked.

    Now I’m, not saying the Jays shouldn’t pursue FA’s, some of them work out, some of them don’t.  However you have to evaluate what a player is worth, and grossly overpaying for someone just for the sake of making a splash and showing the fanbase that they are willing to spend does  more harm than good.  Finances are not limitless and they need to be spent wisely.

    Yes its a silent auction but you can continue to change your bid as you feel the market dictates, or rumours swirl on what others have bid.. For instance if you recall the dice k sweepstakes… Red Sox original bid was 34 million. When rumours swirled that the yankees we’re leading the bid, red sox changed their bid to 51 million. .. second place bid ended up being the yankees  40 million bid.

  9. What the fuck are you talking about?

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