Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe has quite the juicy tidbit out of Beantown this morning: “When the Red Sox and Terry Francona parted ways, Blue Jays manager John Farrell was the preferred candidate to manage the team, according to a major league source.”

Not only that, Farrell is apparently still in the picture to fill the vacancy, though Cafardo says “there is conflicting information on how deep the Red Sox are at this point in continuing their exploration of Farrell.”

How’s that for a test of the Jays’ talk to anybody you want policy?

“Farrell, 49, turned down interviews in Seattle and Pittsburgh with the expectation that his time would come in Boston,” writes Cafardo. “But last offseason, when it appeared Francona was firmly entrenched – with a two-year extension on the horizon – Farrell took the leap and accepted Toronto’s managing job.”

Cafardo– who believes the Jays might value a compensatory player over a manager, especially with Brian Butterfield and Don Wakamatsu on staff and easily able to step in– has a source who tells him that the Sox are concerned about what sort of compensation they might have to give up to a division rival, and that the idea may have already come up and gone nowhere.

He also, quite bizarrely, suggests that “the presence of the manager doesn’t have quite the impact in Toronto that it does in Boston.”

Um… OK?

Regardless, after the weaknesses demonstrated over his first season as manager, undoubtedly a lot of Jays fans will read all this and figure that Farrell isn’t worth fighting for– especially with a tasty bit of compensation coming back the Jays way. In fact, some of more ridiculous ones will probably be jumping for joy at the opportunity to rid the club of him.

My mind could be changed, I think– depending on what come back the other way, should this fantasy actually be realized– but I’d tend to disagree.

One reason is that it certainly felt as though Farrell got better as the year went on. And while part of that because Alex Anthopoulos traded some of the guys he was most badly misusing, and another part of it was also that we simply became resigned to the fact that he was going to run Eric Thames out there in the two-hole every fucking day, my sense is that he can continue to get better, that he wants to get better, and that he’s very open to listening to what the General Manager has to say about those kinds of details.

I also think he’s a strong presence for the club to sell. He’s well spoken, media-savvy and intelligent, and those things could go a long way towards re-building the Jays as a winning brand.

More than any of that, though (because, let’s be honest, it’s mostly just horseshit), I hate the fucking attitude of the Red Sox. Their clubhouse is chock full of complete fucking assholes, their dickbag ownership slimes Terry Francona on the way out the door, they let Theo Epstein walk, left and right the media is digging into what happens behind closed doors– and finding people who’ll talk– and they expect that whoever they fucking want should come running back to them salivating, arms open, ready to take whatever bone they’ll throw him, because they are the Boston Red Sox? Fuck you!

And fuck the Jays if, for a second, they consider acting like they view themselves as a second-class organization, like they’re here to be pillaged like the Kansas City fucking A’s.

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  1. Lesson learned: even the beat writers in Boston are insufferable assholes who believe their insufferable asshole teams are the only ones that matter.  Seriously, fuck them.  I’d rather watch Farrell pinch hit Jose Molina for Colby Rasmus 300 times than make anyone in that dickbag organization/fanbase happy even for just a minute.  

  2. Good post. Farrell was frustrating sure. But all the things that AA valued in selecting him to manage are still there. He’s a asset, and if Boston wants him back, then he’s REALLY an asset. Good for the Toronto Blue Jays.

  3. I agree with you. My only question is, if Farrell wants to leave to the Red Sox, would Anthopoulos hold him back? Of course, if Anthopoulos won’t agree to let them talk in the first place, perhaps that becomes a non-issue.

    That said, I’d be really surprised if anything came of this. I think it would be pretty classless of Farrell to pursue a job with a division rival of the team that just gave him the opportunity of a lifetime. And I think we have enough insight to believe that Farrell is at least a fairly respectable guy. Hopefully.

  4. Farrell is okay, but the Jays went through the growing pains with him last year and I am sure he will be better next year.

  5. Farrell for Pedroia? OK, deal.

  6. I’ve always been under the impression that the Jays ‘talk to anyone you want’ policy was only applicable for promotions. Tony Lacava can interview for a GM job, but can’t just jump ship to be an assistant GM elsewhere, Butterfield can interview for a managerial job, but can’t go be someone else’s third base coach, etc, etc.

  7. Re:  AA’s “talk to anyone you want” policy.  Here is what he said about LaCava getting talks to be a GM:

    “If you have that philosophy, in the long run it will serve your organization well, you’ll continue to attract outstanding employees because they know they have the freedom, they have upwards mobility, they’re never going to be held down,” says Jays general manager Alex Anthopoulos. 

    Unless AA considers Boston’s managerial job an “upgrade” over Toronto’s, I don’t see him letting them even talk to Farrell.  If he does, that’s a big “fuck you” to the market he’s GM’ing, IMO.  I’m betting he doesn’t view one MLB manager’s job as an ‘upgrade’ over another’s, *especially* his own.

    If Boston called about Farrell becoming a GM or AGM I could see it, but not to be Manager.

  8. There’s a gaping hole in that article, I think, in dropping this line without further qualifying why it apparently isn’t relevent:

    While the Sox have been hesitant in turning to bench coach DeMarlo Hale for the job because of a feeling that he’s too close and tied into Francona, Farrell also was very close to Francona and learned his managerial style from him.

    When Farrell came over here, there was a ton of talk about how he was Francona’s protege over in Boston; they both made multiple glowing references to each other in the media over the past year, and Francona continued to heap praise on Farrell when he was doing commentary for the ALCS; and by all accounts, they’re pretty much best buds. Even if the Jays were willing to give him up, why the fuck would Farrell want to go work for an organization that just shit-canned a good friend of his, and proceeded to dump all over him on his way out? It doesn’t make sense.

  9. If the Red Sox are willing to give up a significant player, I say go for it.

  10. Let Farrell go if you get compensation for Farrell, hire Francona.  If you can game free agent compensation no reason you can’t do it for managers .  

  11. Ugh, but then we have to look at Pedroia’s ugly fucking face all the time.  Not sure if that’s worth it, as good as he is.

  12. Was Wakamatsu’s record not pretty awfull when he filled in for Farrell ?  following on from what happened in Seattle dont think he is the guy, would prefer Butterfield of the two if Farrell was indeed tempted to go to Boston and they promoted from within , but  I would still  prefer for Farrell to stay as will be very interesting to see how he manages in his second season having learned from his first.

    what is Mr Francona up too if Farrell did decide to go ?


  13. “Oh, you want John Farrell to be your manager?  OK, tell Jacoby Ellsbury he’s our new center fielder then.”

    Fuck the fucking Red Sox and their ignorant fuck fanbase and media.

    That article also had a note on Darvish and listed off several potential bidders…. none of which included the Blue Jays.  Because they’re pretty much AAA and irrelevant, right Boston?

  14. Now there’s an idea…. pillage the Sox with an outrageous compensation claim in exchange for Farrell…. then turn around and hire Francona to take his place.  Now THAT’s intriguing.

  15. from MLB rumours
    While there has been industry speculation that the Red Sox could go after a current manager of another big league team, they have no such plan at this time, a source familiar with the team’s search told Alex Speier of  That would rule out possible candidates such as John Farrell of the Blue Jays and the Padres’ Bud Black.

  16. Two quick points. First, if Farrell wants to go to Boston, AA isn’t going to stand in his way. 

    Second, the nonsense about ‘compensation’ for a non-player, is just that -nonsense. Red Sox fans used the notion of ‘compensation’ for Theo Epstein to delude themselves into thinking that this was a a ‘value for value’ exchange, rather than their GM no longer being able to stand the organization, just like the field manager.  So they made up nonsense about ‘compensation’. Boston is not going to get anything of any value from the Cubs and the Blue Jays aren’t going to get anything for Farrell. Boaton had no choice in the matter, because you can’t run a team with a GM with one foot out the door, and you also can’t run a team with a manager who doesn’t want to be here. 

    Personally, I think Farrell will stay, especially if he knows what’s good for him. Red Sox fans tend to notice when you have 30 baserunners thrown out each week. 

  17. Ack nails it. We take our pick from the farm system and hire Francona, who is a fantastic manager who got fired through no fault of his own — he was run off due to a shitty, shitty fan base and an even shittier media. 

    Hahaha, Francona and Epstein gone, we pillage their farm system, and all it costs us is Farrell? And we hire Francona?? Farrell’s fine, but AA’s gotta make that happen. In fact, I think Alex makes that happen because it simply adds to his legend. 

  18. As posted above….

    Sox will not look to poach another taeams manager

  19. Pretend Farrell is worth something and ask for compensation in return. This sounds like a great outcome to me. 

    The Jays can always get another better manager, one who hopefully won’t take a few months to realize not to use Octavio Dotel vs. LHBs and not to run in front of Jose Bautista.

  20. Considering Chicago got two top prospects for Ozzie Guillen, when they wanted him gone and when he changed leagues, the compensation for Farrell could be significant.

    Then, add in the fact if you move Butterfield to manager, you open up a coaching spot for Mottola to be on the roster without firing Murphy and potential upsetting Bautista.  You could simply move Murphy to be the 3rd base coach, and Mottola can become the hitting coach.  Then I think this coaching staff will be BETTER than it is now.

    I think you should be open to listening to what Boston will offer IF Farrell wants to go.

  21. I think a compensation package of Scutaro and Bard would be fair.

    Maybe even try to get Jose Iglesias (re-unite him with Adeiny) too, though I don’t think he is a very high ceiling player.

  22. Anyone think Sal Fasano is ready to manager in the bigs?

    I know he only had 1 year in the minors, but I love that guy.

  23. Two years, I think (Lansing and then New Hampshire). Hopefully he’s not one the Jays will lose to pursue a better opportunity elsewhere if someone else offers him a big-league job. At the very least it’d be a good idea to have him on the major-league coaching staff in the next year or two.

  24. Silence from Jays on Farrell rumours. Judging by what AA told me on policy earlier… he won’t ask for comp if JF leavesso no compensation , Farrell and Jays silence makes me think that it is more than a possibility that Farrell may certainly be thinking about at least . 

  25. The story just broke.

    Has anyone asked AA, Beeston, or Farrell yet?

    Not sure it is silence.  You will probably here more on Monday when some of the reporters go back to work.  If there is still silence by Tuesday, and people have asked AA, then you may think there is something to this.

  26. Like the last paragraph. Jays should strongly fight any impression that they are a AAAA farm team for the rest of the league. This means that players and personnel do not come to Toronto as a stepping stone to a dream job. Toronto is the place where they should want to succeed collectively, not pad their stats or resume.

    The fact that there are teams who are resigned to be feeders to the Yankees and Sox is probably the only real argument for some salary control.

  27. I’m not convinced anything is going to happen here, as the article seemed like it was more speculation than anything.

    Having said that – it would be one thing for the Jays to lose Farrell and get compensation.  Quite another to lose a guy in the middle of a contract to a division rival and receive NO compensation.  The second option would be pure bullshit.

  28. i agree with the perception issue; there is no realistic offer i would support because i think the damage to the club’s perception is too big. we are not a test market for new managers before they go to real teams.

  29. Not sure if anyone mentioned this yet, but last year when they signed Farrell the terms of the deal weren’t disclosed and I think a few people speculated it was for this very reason — that Farrell may not be long for Toronto anyway.

    I’d be completely fine with him going back to Boston.

  30. According to the Boston Herald, Farrell has a 3 year deal.

    I can’t imagine the Jays wanted Farrell SO much that they said ‘if you want to leave at any time to go to your dream job in Boston, that’s totally fine.’

    If that was the case they would have just hired Alomar Jr or Hale.

  31. Sal Fasano is the future here anyway, and if Farrel wants to be in Boston, we shouldn’t want him. No way we don’t ask for compensation though. You don’t just give your manager to a division rival…

  32. I don’t know if I’d read that much into it.  A lot of teams don’t announce their deals now.  Does anyone know the status of AA’s contract?

  33. Not getting compensation is retarded and unlike Anthopolous. It would be as dumb as letting players up and go to whatever franchise they wished.

  34. Ice Cream – exactly.  It’d be like letting Bautista get out of his deal to negotiate with the Yankees. (Not that Farrell is the Bautista of managers.)

  35. You mean like an opt-out clause if Boston comes knocking?

    Then the Jays would be screwed, because you get no compensation.

  36. Uh, its Sunday in the offseason and the Story just broke.

    Wait a couple hours, and then you’ll see an article like this:

    This is all much ado about nothing, IMO.

  37. I really think there’s nothing to this story.

    The only way this gets done is if the Jays receive significant compensation in return for Farrell (I’d think that since he’s going within the division to a “championship ready” team, they’d ask for something MLB-ready) AND they had a guy waiting in the wings who they KNOW will be a better manager than Farrell.

    Given the amount of time they spent last year working this out (and the comments from AA after the season ended that this would be the first off season he had to concentrate solely on the team) I seriously doubt the Jays would want to re-focus on getting the managerial aspect done again.

  38. Wilner and Shi Davidi are saying on twitter that the Jays would not require permission for the Red Sox to talk to Farrell and would not demand any kind of compensation.

    I’m starting to think this is a stupid policy.

  39. Read that too.

    Thought the same thing.

  40. Isn’t it an oxymoron to use the word loss in the same sentence as farrell? This guy is the most useless manager I have ever seen.  He actually made you contemplate cito being a better manager.  Asking to be compensated for taking our piece of shit manager is like asking for compensation for teahen.  Sal fasano can do the same job or better than farrell and you save about 2 mil in the process.  A bucket of fried chicken half eaten by becket is fair compensation.

  41. I’m assuming that policy is for promotions not lateral moves.

  42. When Tito got fired by the BoSox I was making jokes about how maybe we could trade managers just like everyone else. And to be honest, I’d love to see Terry Francona managing the Blue Jays. But the thought of the Sox taking the manager AA chose after slowly culling a massive list of candidates over 6 months is nauseating. If this goodwill policy is so good that it costs the team staff members who are already in senior management roles within the organization, it’s a shitty policy. I can understand it applying to scouts at all levels, heads of player development, assistant GM’s, bench coaches, base coaches, minor league staff. But a fucking field manager? Unless you’ve been offered the position of Commissioner of Baseball or a family member is dying and you need to work close to them or you’re so bad at your job that joining this team would make you a bit of a trojan horse, you do not get to leave this team under contract on a lateral move. You especially don’t get to go to one of the odious teams whose complete disregard for the notion of competitive balance and rational market value has helped to put this team in the hole it is in. Even if you have fuzzy warm memories of that time one of those drunken douchebag Massholes recognized you and paid for your entire lobstah dinnah, or how Tito used to pat your head and tell you one day this will all be yours. You committed to the fucking Blue Jays, the team wasn’t only willing to interview you but rather actually give you the top job. Honour that commitment. And if that makes you think the Jays are a bad bunch of guys, maybe someone can explain to you how legally binding contracts work in the grown-up world.

  43. In all seriousness, what the fuck is with all these “trades” involving personnel that aren’t players? This used to be a humorous and rare idea, but Ozzie, Theo, Hoyer, and now potentially LaCava and Farrell? This is borderline retarded. Not to “back up” Farrell in any way, but fuck, find your own fucking personnel in your organization you Massholian twats (and Cubs).

  44. Very stupid policy. Makes the team look like a feeder organization for the bigger markets. 

  45. The Red Sox are the ENEMIES.  It would be one thing if it were, say, the Cubs who were interested in Farrell.  (And I suppose they might be once Theo is set up over there)  But we’re talking about the fucking Red Sawx.  Those ass-clowns threw Francona under the bus and then have the BALLS to suggest that they would want our guy.  Those entitled dickbags blame everyone else but themselves for their own problems.  Contrast that with the way the Jays are run – do you think Brandon Morrow would even get halfway through a clubhouse brew before Farrell knocked it out of his hand, grabbed him by the neck, forced him to the floor and made him clean it up with his soiled underpants?  Of course the Red Sox want Farrell – they need somebody who can kick some ass and won’t put up with any shit.  But why would the Jays help the Red Sox?  They need all this drama and associated horseshit to continue indefinitely in the hopes that it will give them a competitive edge.

    Fuck the Red Sox.  I hope AA tells John Henry and his boys to kiss his silent ninja assassin butt.

    The Orioles on the other hand – *shrug*.

  46. Totally agree with the last paragraph. Like fuck the Jays should let the Red Sux try to push them around. By the looks of things, they have totally derailed, and to be honest why would Farrell want to go back there. I know I sure as hell wouldn’t, I think the future of the Jays is way brighter than that of the Sux anyways.  This sounds more like a made up story from the Boston media, and a little unprofessional.

  47. I don’t think LaCava fits into the same mold as Theo and Ozzie, though.

    Hiring AGMs awa from other teams has been going on forever, without compensation.

  48. Jerry Layne and Alfonso Marquez umpiring the World Series. Fucking terrific.

  49. Farrell’s managing quality aside, I would be really disappointed to see him want to leave after just one season.
    It would definitely set this organization behind to have to do another manager search so soon and to have to possible replace Lacava too. Farrell should just enjoy not being under a microscope in Toronto as he learns his position.

  50. Remember all the time AA spent last offseason looking for his manager? Remember how he said it was his #1 priority and that it “consumed” him?

    If Alex believes Farrell is the guy to grow with this organization then great. If Alex doesn’t want to stand in Farrell’s way then great.

    My issue is with another offseason largely devoted to the managerial search when, you know, the silent ninja should be focusing on acquiring Heyward for spare parts.

  51. I really don’t think anything will come of this.  Almost certainly.


    If the Jays could pry some serious talent out of Boston as compensation, then turn around and hire Francona (who’d love to stick it to Boston, I’m sure) then we’d actually be better off.

  52. Has anyone ever hired an under-contract manager to be their manager (other than Ozzie who Chicago didn’t mind seeing go)?  If it was common there would have been many big-money team raids on other team’s managers.  

  53. 1.Escobar SS, 2.Johnson 2B, 3.Votto 1B, 4.Bautista RF, 5.Lawrie 3B, 6.Heyward LF, 7.Rasmus CF, 8.Encarnacion DH, 9. Arencibia C.

    This is how the lineup should look heading into next season, with a staff of:

    Sabathia, Romero, Darvish, Morrow, McGowan

  54. Votto plays for the Red. Heyward plays for the Braves. You fucking idiot. 

  55. Lind on fan 590- the back wasn’t bothering him all season like Wilner likes to insist. Lind said it was the grind and being locked in for every pitch and that he needs to pace himself.

    Time to trade him for the best deal you can, IMO.

  56. I also believe that AA should just pick up the best hitter, best MLB-level prospect, best free agent pitcher, and best international free agent in baseball over the next four months. Entirely realistic, too. 

  57. Guaranteed Game 6!  Fuck Yeah!

  58. I would be shocked if the Jays just let Farrell walk away to the Red Sox. They do have this policy but im sure behind the scenes they would do everything in their power to make farrell stay or get comp if he really wanted to leave. They would be ripped apart by the fanbase if they let it happen. Plus, farrell seems loyal enough to stick with the org. that hired him. If its 5 yrs from now and the team has gotten nowhere thats something else

  59. I like Farrell but wouldnt be bummed if he left. This club should have been Butters anyway. Just slot him in the managers seat.

  60. I sort of like the Red Sox. I admire their pluck and doggedness, and they have the best fans in sports.

    The entire organization is shot through with class.

  61. Way to go Stoeten.  You nailed it.  Fuck them!

  62. I suspect that there is not much truth to this rumour, however if it is true I’m confident that Anthopoulos will do his due diligence:

    A) Talk with Farrell to determine what he wants (if he doesn’t want to be here why force him to stay)
    B) Talk to the players and identify whether they feel it is important for Farrell to stay (make sure that the players wouldn’t think less of the team if he left)
    C) Evaluate his other potential options to take over as manager (If he thinks there is someone better available to run this club after experiencing first hand on year of Farrell, why hang on to him?)

    I’ve always believed that the importance of a manager to a team is over stated, although if Farrell left it may not send the right message to the fans/players about this organization.  I also have a hard time believing that the Jays would pay $3-$5 million a year for a guy like Francona who has warts of his own.  AA just went through a very long and very thorough manager search and I personally was impressed by Sandy Alomar Jr, and maybe AA feels that someone else he interviewed during that search may have been a better candidate? 

    Finally, if Farrell left, I wouldn’t hold my breath for significant compensation, I think at the high end the Jays might be able to get Lars Anderson.

  63. Some guy called in to Brady and Lang and DEMANDED that the Jays get Pedroia and a **first round draft pick** as compensation for Farrell, then Jim Lang said that was a great call.  I’m thinking that I should just accept the collective stupidity of the fanbase as something that’s cute and cuddly instead of hoping for change.

  64. I and kind of enjoying how this is slowly morphing from a story about how the Red Sox are *allegedly* *thinking* about John Farrell a a replacement to a feeling that Farrell’s departure is imminent.  

    Listening to 590 this morning certainly gave that impression, anyway.

    also, the article posted above from WEEI that the Red Sox will not look to poach another team’s manager seems to have been largely ignored.

  65. Guys, please, settle down.

    First of all, the Boston media have spent two weeks covering The Collapse and now it’s time to move on to 
    The Answer.
    Second of all, John Farrell’s name has been all over the place in connexion with the pitchers’ behaviour and how he would have prevented it.
    So third of all, it’s obvious, now that Farrell is a manager, that those clowns would glom onto him as the only hope the Sox have.
    And fourth of all, that ‘our guys can talk to whomever they want without permission’ must also come with a rider that says ‘and so can we’ or it wouldn’t make any sense.

    Yes, the Boston types discount the Jays.  But it’s not like that’s news.  They make it sound like Farrell is dying to come back, and all it would take to get him would be a bunch of pink hats and John Lackey.  But that’s good not bad.  They’re underestimating AA and that’s dangerous.  If he hasn’t already talked to Tito I’ll be very surprised.  (See ‘fourth of all’ above.)

    So we’re presented with the following possibilities:  
    - Our rookie manager stays here and continues his education.  He’s a bright guy so I think ultimately he’ll do well here.  
     - our rookie manager becomes a sophomore in the pressure cooker that is Boston.  In which case…
     - our no-longer-rookie GM probably hires Terry Francona.  Who is a seriously proven manager.  Who has 2 World Series wins.  Who always hated the Yankees and now hates the Sox.

    Win/Win I’d say.

    Edited because SportsNet is announcing Farrell as saying “I have no idea and no comment on what’s happening in Boston. I am focused right now on preparing for what is best for the Blue Jays in 2012.” He doesn’t say he has no intention of leaving though…

  66. A couple of things:

    A) I don’t think the Jays will hire Terry Francona’s father Tito to manage the team.
    B) I don’t think the Jays would Hire Terry Francona either, and I’m not sure why a lot of fans want this?

  67. Jays should sign Bedard.

    edit: also: rich harden.

    team maple bonerleaf

  68. I get the feeling Tito Jr. wants to distance himself from the Red Sux saga – and if Farrell went to the Sux, becoming the manager of the Jays would put Tito Jr right back into the thick of it.

  69. Farrell should stay. We have lots of KFC and our beer is better than the stupid ‘amercans’

  70. I heard that this morning and couldn’t stop laughing. They also said that Pat Hentgen could be a replacement.!

    Is there a minimum required sports knowledge to be a host?

    Last year on PTS, Dave Perkins told Mccowan thought that Farrell had an opt out clause specifically for the Red Sox.

  71. Well written Stoten, what’s the deal with Selig saying they will movw a NL team to the AL in 2013 ? lets hope it’s not Milwaukee again. They kicked our arse for years. Better yet, let the Jays move to the NL  Much better chance of getting to the World series like St. Louis does .
    i agree ,fuck Boston.

  72. Francona would be an upgrade over farrell, but I would think he would want a year off to rest from the chaos.

    However, can you imagine the excitement if Scutaro & Ortiz come to the Jays with Francona as manager.

    There would be brawls at the Rogers Centre 9 times a year.

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