While I don’t exactly feel that my anger was misplaced in yesterday’s post about Boston’s yearning for John Farrell– because it is a sickeningly arrogant, or perhaps just delusional, stance from the Red Sox that it’s but a formality that anybody they so desire would rush to take a job offer from them, especially someone already employed by a division rival, and especially in the wake of their six week disasterfuck, and it would be completely infuriating for the Jays to, in a way, validate it– I must admit that I’m regretting that I didn’t take more time to piss on the whole damn ridiculous notion.

Which isn’t to say that I think it’s completely out of the realm of possibility that Farrell jumps ship to Boston. It’s just, I think it’s really, really unlikely– so much so that discussing potential compensation, or whether allowing him to talk is covered by the Jays’ talk to anyone you want policy, is pretty much entirely academic.

But if pointless discussion to fill your off-season days is what you crave, this story generated plenty for you!

Alex Speier of WEEI counters the Boston Globe report, saying that the Sox have no plans to poach a manager from another organization.

Farrell says that there hasn’t been any contact between him and the Red Sox, says Shi Davidi of Sportsnet. So do the Jays, according to Paul Beeston, by way of Jeff Blair of the Globe and Mail.

Davidi’s Sportsnet colleague Michael Grange shares my scorn for the notion that the Jays might actually let Farrell walk, if he would so choose.

Richard Griffin of the Toronto Star reviews the concerns and decides that it’s much ado about nothing.

At Getting Blanked Parkes pretty much exactly nails it, pissing on the insecurities of Jays fans who worry too much about the message that allowing Farrell to walk would send, on the fantastical compensation scenarios some are dreaming up, and on any notion that a manager is really all that important anyway.

And Mike Wilner of the Fan590 figures that if Farrell’s heart is in Boston, then why should anyone want him to stay here? But he doesn’t think it’s going to happen anyway.

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  1. Fenway Park local beer store and KFC will be happy if Farrell remains in TO , still Farrell could have ended all speculation with his statement but he choose not to close the door to a Boston approach after the World Series.  

  2. I love how the TO media are exhorting AA to stay strong.  ’No More Mr Nice Guy!’ from Michael Grange on Sportsnet.  Why in hell do this bunch think that AA is a push-over?  Or even particularly kind-hearted?  That guy is as cold as ice.  Which is something I particularly admire in a GM.  If he lets Farrell go it’ll be because it suits him to do so. 

    I don’t think we should be confusing quietness with weakness.  And I don’t see the always-highly-prepared AA being blindsided in this.  A 3-year-old could have predicted that the Sox would make moves towards Farrell as soon as their run ended.  Recent events have only underlined that.  Whatever the outcome, AA and Beeston will have had this discussion a couple of weeks ago and I’m sure they already have had a chat about it with Farrell–who is apparently with his son who is having yet more major surgery for a tumour.  I highly doubt this is high on his agenda right now. 

  3. I think Griffin hit the nail on the head from one perspective in his article when he said this:

    “But even the mere rumour of the Red Sox interest in Farrell is a slap in the face for Jays fans. And why does Anthopoulos not already have his back up and squash the rumours early, denying the Sox permission before they even ask? It’s not an upward baseball move, manager to manager, which Anthopoulos encourages for any of his employees pursuing the chance of bettering themselves. This is a parallel move, unless you believe the Sox and Yankees operate in a higher league. They believe”

    While you may or may not agree that the move will impact the team on the field, the fact will remain that such a move would definitely negatively impact the Jays in the minds of casual fans… and casual fans are the ones the Jays have to really appeal to.  It would send a signal to those people and reinforce their commonly held belief that that the Jays view themselves as inferior to the Red Sox, that they’re going to be push overs to the big boys of the ALE, that they’re not serious about building a winning team, or any other number of other (generally uninformed) opinions.  The only thing that MAY appease the masses would be a ‘name’ player, and we all know that’s not going to happen.

    Something like this would impact the Jays in terms of overall interest, in my opinion.  Good will is not something you just want to give away, and I feel like they would if this were to come to fruition (for the record, I don’t think it will).  IMO, AA and Co. should just shut this down now rather than let it linger, and get on with life.

  4. Disagree with the notion that such a move (as unlikely as it is) would impact the jays negatively to casual fans. 
    In fact, I’d argue that Farell leaving to manage the BoSox would go pretty much unnoticed to the casual Jays fan. Do you think any of the even know he use to be their pitching coach? Let’s face it…no casual fan is following the Jays in October/November. Those fans are too wrapped up in hockey and/or football this time of year to care about or notice a move like this.  They will tune back in around the end of march, drink the Bautista/Lawrie/Rasmus kool-aid Rogers is selling and wonder who the hell this new kid Darvish is.

  5. Agreed 100%. as a relatively new jays fan, who buys flexpack tickets, watches the Jays on TV, spends money on merchandise, & too much time posting comments to various blogs, losing Farrell for no compensation when he is under contract for 2 more years would be a kick in the teeth.

    I doubt this will happen, but the Jays have to stop being wimps.

    Everybody knows that if the situation was reversed & Rogers decided to go after Francona last year with a bucket of money, the red sox nation would demand military action against the Rogers Centre. 

  6. So the Farrell for Pedroia deal is off then?

  7. I disagree. Jeff Blair made a good point that the Jays Buzz is coming back to Toronto. The rest of the division is in turmoil. Friedman from TB may go elsewhere. Red Sox are in chaos, & the Yankees are getting older. 2012 is ripe for the Jays to make some noise. If AA has to waste time looking for another manager or puts Butterfield in there it will be embarrassing.


  9. Right. Because it’s Friedman and Theo keeping those organizations from running around like chickens with their heads cut off. They won’t continue on being fantastically run franchises.

    Also, why would Butterfield be embarrassing exactly?

  10. Moreover, and as AA has already stated, it’s LaCava and his encyclopedic knowledge of the minor league system that will be hard to replace. If they could promote him to senior VP of everything and give him a raise it’d be worth it. 

  11. I agree.  AA comes across mild and polite, almost meek, in public, but he’s a ruthless ninja.  I love that.

  12. Condescending to one of your most loyal readers and commenters for making a  point quite similar to the one you posted about a week or two ago? Not cool man.

  13. Friedman has been very successful in TB at putting a very competitive team on the field at a bargain basement price.

    Theo put together a very good team on the field with a bigger chequebook.

    At the beginning of the year the red sox were a lock to win 100 games.

    The collapse in Sept could have been avoided if the players behaved as adults.

    I dont know why Francona didn’t put an end to the clubhouse antics, but a collapse of that magnitude should not happen.

    I like Butterfield, but it would be embarrassing for AA to spend a year doing exhaustive research on a Manager & have him quit after a year to go to the Red Sox while still under contract .
    It’s not like AA & Farrell did notget along or that there was a clubhouse revolt against Farrell.

    Allowing Farrell to go to a division rival for no compensation is absurd.

    If the dumb Marlins have to give compensation to the White Sox to get Guillen who would in all likelyhood not be offered an extension, why would the Jays give up Farrell for nothing.?? 

  14. While you may be right that Farrell’s potential interest in the Red Sox job is a slap in the face to Toronto, it’s Farrell doing the slapping. It’s not up to Alex to say it’s not true. 

    Farrell could have very easily said “i’m the Blue Jays manager and I’m going to be the Blue Jays manager”, or words to that effect. Instead he issued  a classic Nixonian non-denial denial by saying he’s presently getting ready for 2012. Well, obviously, but that’s not really the point. 

    If Farrell want to leave here for Boston, there’s nothing that can be done. You can’t have a manager who wants to be elsewhere, anymore that Boston could keep Epstein. And pretending it’s a trade for ‘compensation’ is equally silly. I’m sure Boston would gladly give up something to let Toronto save face, but it’s not ‘compensation’, it’s a gracious facesaver. 

    Farrell’s remarks were disappointing. I read it as: 1. No Comment 2. At present, I’m a Blue Jay. 

    If I were Alex, I’d let him go now and start interviewing. Toronto made the huge mistake of extending Ricciardi when he threatened to go to Boston, and that was a double whammy. We ended up with Ricciardi, and second, they didn’t. 

  15. I agree. While I don’t think him leaving would say anything in particular about the Jays’ organization or future, the way they handle it would. As much as I agree with the “Let people talk” philosophy in general, talking about a lateral move to a close competitor in any industry while under contract would be grounds for dismissal. If any of this shit actually starts going down, I’d fire him before he hung up the phone with Boston. 

  16. Apparently, Farrell’s son is going through more surgery for a tumor so perhaps he isn’t in the best frame of mind right now.

    Thus, AA should try & dispel the rrumor about the opt out clause for Boston.

    Assuming there is no opt out clause, then AA should have a quick chat with Farrell  and figure out what to do.

    I would not extend Farrell or increase his salary based on a Boston Globe newspaper.

    If Farrell does go to Boston, then that says a lot about his character.

    It would be a huge blow to AA’s reputation.

    Farrell would  be disloyal to quit on the jays after 1 year but he would be putting himself in  a tough situation in Boston.

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