It’s not often around here that we get to dust off the ol’ JP Ricciardi Bullshit Translator 3000, and as much as I like rolling out the old girl, that’s probably a good thing. I mean, regardless of how fairly or unfairly maligned you fell the Jays’ former General Manager was, I don’t think anybody could feel like things aren’t a whole lot better here without him.

That said, from time to time there’s occasion for pushing her buttons and twiddling all her esoteric dials, doodads and oojamaflips, and when those times come, I just can’t resist– and guess what suckas? This is one of those times!

Let’s feed the beast!

I think the thing with Theo, when he took that job, he had an idea of what he wanted to do, and he wasn’t afraid,” said Ricciardi in a phone interview with the Boston Herald. “There’s a lot of guys who end up operating in a vacuum of fear. Theo has done the job not being afraid, and that’s why he’s been successful.

Translation: The two keys to being a successful GM are having a plan and not being afraid to piss money around. Be bold, fah cryin’ out loud! You can spin your way out of any hahrrible decision, but there’s no good way to tell yah fans that you don’t think your club is good enough and you’re gonna save money they already know you have for a time when it makes more sense. You might not have a jaahb by then! So anyone who tells you othawise doesn’t know Albert Pujols from Joey Bagadonuts. And I should know, because I successfully kept my jaahb for almost eight yeeahs. See, the word “successful” is right in there!

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  1. Great pic.

  2. I hate to say it, but JP’s errors made GM AA the man he is today…

  3. ya AA must have been thinking WTF alot when he worked under JP.  

  4. If they’d only given Eric Crozier a chance!

  5. So what do you think would have happened if the Sox came callin’ on John Farrell under JP’s watch…?

    And brentinKorea has nailed it.  JPR made AA the GM he is today.  Quiet, contained, thoughtful, informed.


  6. Finally a Mike Birbiglia reference! Might I request that Sleepy Karl makes an appearance soon?

  7.  That and souvlaki.

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