World Series Threat: Game 5

Apparently some of you– though, not a whole lot of you *COUGH*– just can’t get enough of the ol’ DJF and want to have a little discussion while the day’s playoff games are king hell ball-busting World Series action is going on. Well alright, I’m happy to oblige. Just don’t expect and lineups or scuttlebutt or nothin’. Here’s your World Series Threat for the must-always-be-referred-to-as-pivotal Game Five.

8:05 PM ET: Cardinals @ Rangers – Chris Carpenter vs. CJ Wilson – Series tied 2-2

Comments (13)

  1. Mike Napoli hitting eighth.

  2. If I hear the announcers mispronounce Nick Punto again…

  3. How great would it have been if Bautista accepted the Hank Aaron award wearing a white suit?

  4. Yeah, I did a double-take on that, too.

    And now Super Genius walks the righty with Dotel so that Alphabet Soup can end up facing Napoli with the bases loaded. Wow.

  5. I think this is TLR’s tipping point right here.

  6. McCarver: “But, I mean, Dotel was soooo bad, they brought in someone else to intentionally walk the batter.”

  7. For the love of shit, can baseball please make a rule to stop this crap from happening?  mid-inning pitching change, followed by intentional walk, followed by pitching change. 

  8. It would be HILARIOUS if this game went to extras and La Russa actually had no more bullpen left. 

  9. Is the fix in? Bud Lite in the dugout? What the hell is going on here?

  10. McCarver: “There’s just so much to talk about in this game.” *Silence*

  11. Whoever wins, we lose.

    The Jays should get a World Series ring.

  12. I wouldn’t mind this whole situation if I was AA.  Nolan Ryan would be paying for a van-load of the best prostitutes from Texans and shipping it to my apartment or house in Toronto.

  13. The real pressing question is when did the jays get a sauna in the clubhouse and how can lawrie get to wear his uniform inside it? I NEED answers!

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