The Blue Jays have in their fold arbitration-eligible centre fielder Colby Rasmus for the next three seasons, high-end prospect Anthony Gose, who will likely patrol centre for triple-A Las Vegas next year, and lower level potential CF stud Jake Marisnick, who took a big step forward at Lansing this season, and should find himself at high-A Dunedin in 2012.

So… you could say that they’re pretty set in centre, right?

I’d say so. Yet, there they were this afternoon, being included by Yahoo’s Tim Brown among the teams whose scouts attended open workouts in the Dominican Republic for Cuban free agent Yoennis Cespedes– a centre fielder who Kevin Goldstien of Baseball Prospectus and Brown’s Yahoo colleague Jeff Passan figure will receive something in the neighbourhood of the $30-million deal Aroldins Chapman got from the Reds two winters ago, and who Goldstien calls “arguably the best all-around player to come out of Cuba in a generation.”

Obviously I don’t bring this up to shit on the fact that the Jays even bothered. Actually, it’s a little bit fantastic that the club is going to do their homework on any and all possible free agents– and let’s not fail to recognize that whatever homework is being done now doesn’t stop having value once a player signs elsewhere; it can help from an advance scouting perspective, or if the player is ever involved in trade. And let’s say the Jays saw in Cespedes something they truly wanted and felt would be worth the ultimate asking price. There’s no reason not to go after him knowing full well that if he made someone extraneous, that guy could be quite easily traded.

No, the reason I bring it up is because it illustrates what’s going to be a common theme this off-season– and every off-season in which Alex Anthopoulos and his monster scouting department are in charge of the Jays– which is that the Jays are going to do their due diligence on just about everybody available, and subsequently they’re going to be labelled as interested in everybody available, which really isn’t the case. This, and the rumbling from Buster Olney earlier today about them being aggressive on closers, won’t be the last time we hear the Jays linked to a player who it really doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to chase.

Bullshit season is in full swing.

And shit! Just in case the Cespedes stuff didn’t illustrate my point well enough, we have Jon Heyman of Boras Corp. Sports Illustrated tweeting that the Braves are looking for a “Greinke-like deal” for Jair Jurrjens, and that the Jays are among eight teams who might be contemplate what it would take to acquire the pitcher who Drew completely scared everyone off of this morning over at Getting Blanked. Merry Bullshitmas!

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  1. Except that in Cespedes’ case it DOES make a whole lotta sense to chase.

  2. And not to mention that the Jays ARE going after a closer (whether it makes sense or not), as AA has repeatedly said.

  3. The only way to really fit him on the team would be to either trade Snider or Bautista along with Gose. As much as I want the jays to get a guy with a star wars themed scouting video featuring both elevator music and Jay Z I don’t see how he could fit.

  4. That’s nonsense.  Gose is at BEST a year away, and it’s not like the Jays are set in stone at DH.  There’s no such thing as having too many assets in baseball.

    Not to mention that Cespedes will probably have to start the year in the minors anyway adjusting to the better pitching.

  5. Bautista is not a good RFer and the Jays got a .677 OPS from LF last year. There is PLENTY of room in the outfield for an upper tier talent. Counting on Gose & Marisnick to ever be contributing MLBers as a reason to not sign a player today is very, very silly.

  6. We need Cespedes. Consider his talent level and swag combined, there is no better player available at his price. Play him in LF and you have an All-Star outfield. 

  7. If you get Cespedes, you could always move Bautista to 1B in a few years…

  8. Yea I’m pretty sure AA has said a couple times that the Jays are going after a closer, (hopefully one of the cheap ones…). Totally wouldn’t mind a CF quality fielder patrolling LF or RF, and then be able to move a couple Thames/Snider/Gose/Siera/Marisnick/ect. for front line pitching.

  9. I love that 2 years ago the Jays system was pretty barren in terms of C, CF and SS – and now they’re totally stacked in each of those spots.

    If this guy is good – fucking go for him.  Nothing wrong with depth.  Trade one of the CF’s to get help in another area when someone gets logjammed.  Or yeah – move one of them to LF potentially.

  10.  Or move them for a 1B that doesn’t have an OBP below .300.

  11. Fullmer Fan, what is this mystical “1B that doesn’t have an OBP below .300″ that you speak of? Does such a creature exist?

  12. Lyle Overbay has a career .354 OBP for one. But I was thinking more along the lines of trading the farm for Joey Votto.

  13. “We need Cespedes. Consider his talent level and swag combined, there is
    no better player available at his price. Play him in LF and you have an
    All-Star outfield.”

    Do you believe your own bullshit?

  14. Definitely could be due diligence as could every other rumor you hear.  

    But if it will take a Chapman like 6 year/$30 million deal to land “arguably the best player to come out of Cuba in a generation”??  I don’t really see $5 million per as a huge blow for someone with that much current potential.  Plus you don’t have to give up a draft pick to sign him.  

    As someone mentioned earlier, considering Gose and Marisnick can’t miss locks as MLB stars is very risky.  I think AA wants to add assets regardless of their position or who else in the system is playing there.  The parts are always moving.

    The Jays basically payed a 20 year old Hechavarria $2.5 million per to play in the minors and are hoping he develops as they expect he could.  If they feel that Cespedes is the 26 year old 5 tool talent that he is being billed as, I don’t think they will hesitate to pay him $5 million per if that’s what it takes.  

  15. There’s no such thing as too much talent in the system.

  16. And I don’t understand the comments about “having no room for him”.  

    Sorry but if he’s an absolute stud for a good price, Snider’s potential and Thames’ epic facial hair can  both be traded to NL West purgatory for all I care.   I’m sure the Giants could find regular at bats for either of them. 

    If they Jays feel he’s not worth the money… then obviously take a pass.

  17. Bullshit and Cespedes have no place in the same sentence.

  18. “….the Jays linked to a player who it really doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to chase.”

    This is dumb.  If the guy is a primo talent, then you try to get him, and sort out where he plays later.  It’s not like he’s a 1B or DH type that is limited defensively.  If he’s a CF then he could also play a corner OF spot.  You can always trade guys like Snider or Thames.  Or maybe Rasmus doesn’t bounce back, and you can have this guy in centre.  Or as BFF said you could put him in right and Bautista at 1B. 

    In any case I don’t want the Jays to overlook a guy just because he plays a position they already have a player and a couple of prospects at.

  19. Check out this awesome video. Awesome in a different kind of way. The intro alone…

    That is all.

  20. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention it’s on Cespedes.

  21. oh for fucks sakes it’s gone. Just google Yoennis Cespedes The Showcase.

  22. Teams that pass on elite talent because of “positional needs”, in any sport, are making a mistake. Given that Cuban defectors or Japanese postings are the closest thing to draft-ready players in the other big three sports, I really think that in cases like this you need to be damn sure the player is overpriced before you pass on them, or you become the baseball equivalent of being the team that passed on Michael Jordan because you already had Clyde Drexler.

  23. I’m sure that the people that are saying that just because we have Snider Thames Rasmus Gose and Marisnick as possible OF players that we don’t need Cepedes are the same types that would get pissed off if the Jays took a pitcher in the first round next year, or multiple pitchers in the top 10 picks we have.

    You can never have enough good players. You can trade your excess guys for beasts in other positions that you lack. We don’t have any 2B prospects coming up. You can deal some of these guys for a good one.

    Personally I’d easily give Cepedes a 6/30 or even 6/40 for his potential.

  24. Rasmus is full of potential but has had one good year; Gose can barely hit worth a damn right now; and marisnick is in freakin A ball. Low A at that. You’re saying not to go after the cuban because there’s a VERY remote chance you would be in the terrible predicament of having 4 elite, young, and controllable centrefielders. When you also have a hole in left and a right fielder who is 31 and already has below average range, while 1B and DH are also completely open. I hate to go nuclear here but you sound like a jays talk caller. 

  25. Don’t hate me for this but …
    sometimes I hope the Jays sign Papeldouche just to see Steoten and Parkes’ heads explode. Having to choose between their Jays love and hate of the Papsmear.

  26. It would make every game a great case study in cognitive dissidence. 

  27. I like the guy that thinks that if the Jays go after this guy they have to get rid of Bautista. What a fucking leap that was.

  28. How are you so sure this guy is good? I never even heard of this guy before today and I could probably say the same thing for most people. Just because he made a great youtube video doesnt mean he’s the next willie mays. He could be but he’s far from a sure thing.

  29. He broke the league record in Cuba for Home Runs, and apparently has plus range, speed, and hitting skills.

    Between all of that, if he is a .270 hitter with 25 HR while providing decent defense, you’d be getting a good return on your investment.

  30. I dont know…Chirstopher Cross “sailing” as background music drops this guy a few million bucks in my opinion.  Im also not sure what benching 350 lbs and hack squatting 500 lbs proves for a baseball player. 

    what i do know is that he was really cheating on the incling leg press..he was almost doing a calf raise more than a real leg press.

  31. don’t care about his batting average nearly as much as obp… lets say if we get .340 obp, .450 slugging, good defence and some steals thrown in we’re winning at even 40 mill over 6 years

  32. I don’t like that this communist might be coming to take a job away from scrappy veteran Reggie Davis. Once you let one commie in, you’re infected. See what happened to Johnny Mac. Now there’s a hardnosed vet that you win with.

  33. stupid fail. was supposed to be a Cito comment….

  34. I can’t remember another time in Blue Jay history where the Jays had so much going for them.Does anybody think that any previous GM would be doing DD on players like Cepedes,Chapman,Darvish?
    That the Jays would be setting records for international signings?That they would be attracting management like LaMar ( who quit the phillies over their policies and joined the Jays because of them)?Trading untradable contracts?Eating millions in salary just to get the player they want?

    Sounds like the Yanks or Boston org.

    I remember stats geeks like Stoeten laughing at the thoughts of expanding the scouting.Seems old school is paying off.

    The Jays are creating a buzz in the baseball world, as an attractive organization to be involved with.Won’t be long until until FA’s are telling their agents that they want to play for Toronto.

    A winning team.

  35. Latin players are certainly feeling the love for TO.  I’m happy if they get Cepedes.  I’m not yet sold on Colby Rasmus.  And the thought of E5 playing the outfield ever gives me hives.  Also right now Left Field is a swamp of damaged expectations.  For God’s sake let’s put Snider out of his misery and trade the bugger.  Maybe he’ll do well on another team but I’ll be amazed if he ever succeeds on this one.

  36. I wonder if the Latin players love of  TO is due to relationships built with the Jays Latin scouts and the Jays cash.Regardless, the fact that the Jays are in the hunt for these players,rather than being on the outside looking in,is a reflection  of the organization’s image.
    I have my theories on Snider,just pure speculation on my part, but I’m leaning in your direction.

  37. In my opinion, it adds a few million bucks.  It was very pleasant to watch that part of the video.

  38. I have a strong feeling that the Jays sign this kid to either play LF or move Rasmus to LF …..Then AA deals Snider for a very good reliever /setup / potential closer like Sergio Romo or Tyler Clippard

  39. Well, according to this guy I’d never heard of till now, the Jays aren’t going to be in on Cespedes:

    “Toronto could go after Cespedes, offering a corner outfield job, but I have just learned the Jays are not that interested. Colby
    Rasmus and Jose Bautista have CF and RF locked down, and the other
    corner spot is up for grabs. Travis Snider and Eric Thames remain
    affordable options with plenty of upside. My feeling is the Jays may
    kick the tires, but they’re not a player here.”


  40. Olney says the Jays might target Bailey. That could be a good move depending on the pieces going the other way. Bailey is the type of player AA would go after in trade. Young, proven, and talented.

  41. That is good to see.  I think I like Bailey.  I’m not a big fan of the “save” stat and the whole thing about a capital
    C “Closer” and all that voodoo.  And I wouldn’t want to see the Jays
    pay through the nose for Papelbon or someone like that.

    trading for Andrew Bailey to bolster the pen would be something I could
    get behind.  He definitely seems like the type of player AA would
    target.  I’ve often been impressed watching him pitch against the Jays,
    as well.

  42. It’d be kind of like if they’d brought in Roger Clemens. Or Rickey Henderson. Or Jose Canseco.

  43. AA – Please please please send Prospects +Mark Teahen for Bailey

  44. I kind of like the idea of getting him but calling this guy a “kid” is a bit of a stretch. He posts his birthday as October, 1985 but he looks like he could be much older. So you send him down to the minors to get used to the pitching and he is a mid-season call up for 2012- at 26. Realistically you have him for all of 2013 season- the contending year. At that point, he is a 27 to 29 year old “kid”?

    If you assume that he is currently 27 and a regular at 28, then maybe a 5 year deal to take him to 32 isn’t that bad.  

    Looks good though. His vertical was very impressive. It has little application to baseball skill but still pretty cool. I bet the jays are out but he goes for more than 5/30.

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