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“I’m not ready for the next level at this particular point in time offensively,” said a very reasonable and rational Anthony Gose in a phone interview with Gregor Chisholm of “They need somebody now to immediately impact the team and help them win. … So until I’m ready and they feel I’m ready, I don’t really think too much about it. When the time comes, I’m sure there’s a plan in place for me, whether it’s with the Blue Jays or another organization — or vice versa, whether it’s for Colby.”

Over at Getting Blanked Drew pisses on the notion of trading anything of significance to get onto the “NL West-style career path” of Jair Jurrjens, even with “maybe-just-maybe league average” Martin Prado involved.

Speaking of, according to Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports, the Braves tried to swap Jurrjens for Brett Lawrie last winter, but the Brewers said no. I guess they had a better offer.

And speaking of Lawrie, the Golden Brett didn’t do so well in SB Nation’s poll of their writers for MLB Rookie of the Year. John Sickels has the ballots at Minor League Ball. Lawrie finished ninth, with one first- and one third-place vote.

MLBTR examines the free agent and trade market for starting pitchers.

If you haven’t heard the leaked pre-Game 7 speech from Ron Washington, you must. You simply must. Joe Sports Fan had it sent to them. The Rangers are investigating the source of the leak, says ESPN Dallas.

Keith Law has his middle infield buyers’ guide up at (Insider only), and slotting in just behind Jose Reyes and Jimmy Rollins: that’s right, it’s Kelly Johnson.

Concerned about minor league depth? With 27, the Jays have the third most six-year minor league free agents. Baseball America has the complete list from all teams.

Oh, Baltimore. Gordon Edes of ESPN Boston shares some insight on incoming O’s manager Dan Duquette.

Lastly, The Yankee Analysts looks at how bad AJ Burnett was in 2011… not that I could imagine anyone around here wanting to read a thing like that.

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  1. Ron mother fucking Washington can lead me into battle anyday.

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