We keep hearing vague rumblings of the kind that Buster Olney tweeted about this afternoon, and even though I’m pretty sure it’s bullshit, I can’t help letting it make me kinda fucking sick. So I have be vigilant, and just keep reminding myself that there are some pretty clear reasons to disbelieve the notion that the Jays are going hard after the top closers on the free agent market: the fact that it comes from a tweet from Buster Olney, the fact that the Jays’ obsessive due diligence means they can be easily linked to just about anybody, the fact that nobody seems to ever be able to see the next move of Alex Anthopoulos coming (so there’s no reason to believe whoever’s feeding this to Olney knows either), and the fact that some industrious agent could pumping the market for his client by exploiting the fact that a team with a tight cone of silence around their personnel decisions– who happen to need a closer– won’t say anything to deny it.

Ahh, I think the rare bird has been sighted!

So, I don’t want to go too nuts about this. However, I also don’t want to live in a world where I have to contemplate not fucking hating Jonathan Papelbon, nor do I want to live in a world where the Jays would actually give up their first-round pick to sign a guy like that. This is just fucking crazy talk, amiright Alex? It fucking has to be, riiiiiggghhhhhtt????

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  1. Remember that most Jays fans are casual fans and casual fans are shitty crazy about closers and the DH spot. So you know. Casual fans fill the stadium.

  2. Jays could use about 25,000 more casual fans then.

  3. Casual fans also liked Adam Loewen, Shaun Marcum, John McDonald, wanted to see the Jays contend last year, etc.

    They’re not building the club to cater to the marketing department.

  4. Winning fills seats

  5. yea this is fucking crazy talk bullshit pisssssiiin me offfff

  6. True that! Catering to the marketing department was what JP did. Thank fuck AA seems to be, for the most part, above that.

  7. Onley doesn’t actually mention the Jays are looking at a free agent closer in his comment.  As in, they could be aggressively looking for a closer in a trade.  I wouldn’t at all be surprised to find out soon that the Jays make a trade to acquire Huston Street.

  8. Olney didn’t specifically say they were going the Free Agent route, even if it was implied.  I’m clinging to that.  Suppose it’s not much better dealing top prospects for one of said “best guys” though.

  9. ^^ may as well delete my comment.  Thanks DeMarco.

  10. This tweet from Olney could make sense had there been one of the elite closers somehow managed to slip to a type B status – a guy like K-Rod for example? But considering they all are Type A’s, I can’t envision AA giving up a first rounder to overpay a closer. That said – there is some possibility that if KJ turns down arbitration and walks – they get that first rounder plus the compensation for Beede. 

    I doubt this will actually pan out – but it’s possible. They may also be looking at it from the compensation perspective that if all five of their type B’s walk, they could afford to lose the first rounder and even potentially their second rounder if they sign a couple Type A free agents. 

    Toronto Blue Pujols FTW

  11. Don’t you hate when that happens.

  12. Well, let’s hope.

  13. There is zero reason to believe AA would pay neighborhood $10 million for a closer. He stocks middle relievers like crack-candy for other GM’s. And he lived through the BJ Ryan years. I could see him maybe trading for some high level closers on short term deals like Billy Beane did briefly (eg Foulke, Koch).

    **Note** I see some others thinking in the same direction.

  14. Jonathan Broxton, I hear you

  15. Other closers I could see the Jays going after include:

    - Ryan Madson (who it appears has received interest from multiple teams, although he does have Type A status)
    - Joel Hanrahan
    - Joakim Soria – buy low potential?
    - Andrew Bailey – it’s usually at  about this point in his life cycle that the A’s trade their closer
    - Carlos Marmol
    - Joe Nathan
    - Jonathon Broxton

  16. I don’t by any means think this is false.  AA has said numerous times that the Jays actually are going to be looking for a more reliable back of the bullpen guy, and when you combine that with AA saying on PTS that he’s being really aggressive early, this seems like the logical outcome, doesn’t it?

  17. Maybe the Jays are going to sign Raunch and get his type B pick from the Jays of 1 month ago 

  18. Maybe they will sign a closer and give up a first because they have an extra one for not signing Beede

  19. AA recently said on PTS that he would sign a closer to a 4 year contract (albeit reluctantly), provided that the player’s age, performance projections and body types warrant such a deal.  I think that Madson fits the mold for such a contract.   But, as you point out, he’s a Type A and is going to get multiple offers from other MLB teams.

    I like the idea of offering a 2 year deal to Nathan and a 1 year deal to Broxton (with incentives).     With the plethora of big name closers on the free agent market,  I doubt that they will be fielding multiple offers in the off season.  For 2012, I would try to build a bullpen much like Tampa Bay did with some prominent but not highly coveted arms.  Farnsworth turned out to be a decent pickup for Tampa Bay.  

    Soria could be also be a good fit.  However,  KC is not in a hurry to trade him.  Soria has way more trade value at next year’s July 31 deadline, especially if he bumps up his performance in the first half of the 2012 seaon.

    I would be surprised to see AA make a trade to acquire a Bailey or a Hanrahan.  From an organizational standpoint, what you have to give up to acquire a young high-end closer can be expensive.  At this point, I would think that AA would be extremely reluctant to send top prospects to any team for a “prized” closer.   I am sure that any of the Jays top minor league prospects (along with the likes of Snider, Thames or Arencibia) could be available in a trade scenario.  But AA will want something more than a mere closer in return.  A starting pitcher would be the floor on such a deal.

  20. I think you misheard AA.  When he said that, he followed it up with a mention of some 23-25 year old arms that would warrant such a contract.  It didn’t sound at all like he was talking about FA aged players.

  21. I mentioned Bailey and Hanrahan specifically because they are going to start to get expensive and play for small market clubs.  The cost to get them may not be that excessive, in fact maybe you could get one in a straight up deal for either Thames or Snider?

    Of course this is all speculation.

  22. I would consider an “approach” to be “aggressive” if AA phoned up Papeldouch and said “I hate your stupid face and that stare you do before every pitch is so annoying and full of fake intensity and oh yeah you’re a total asshat”.

  23. I wouldn’t trade Snider straight up for either Bailey or Hanrahan.  Given his age and defensive  liabilities, not to  mention that our outfield is likely going to be clogged up by 2013, I would give up Thames.  

    Snider gets pissed on by many Jays observers due to his inconsistent performance and poor 2011 season (both in AAA and at the MLB level).  We can all thank JP for that.  However, if he puts it together, his ceiling is still too high to be traded for a closer.  AA will want a reliable innings eater (ie:  starter) in exchange for any deal that involves Snider.

  24. True, Madson is what 31?  But how many high end closers can you find in the big leagues that are 23-25 years old?  

  25. The Jays don’t have “an extra one for not signing Beede”.  Yes, the Jays have an extra selection this year, but only because they were jipped one last year.

  26. Not many.  But McCown was asking a general question about whether ANY reliever was worth a 4 year deal.  AA said that he could think of a few, then talked about young ones.  I assume guys like Kimbrel come to mind.

  27. Honest question – how are the Elias Rankings determined?  And what makes Matt Capps a Type A and twoFrank a Type B?

  28. Ya, listen to AA’s interview w McCown last week, Stoeten (the one where AA said the Danforth was overrated)

    AA talked a lot about what he’d look for in a closer there.  Was a little more candid than usual.

  29. Aggressively after Joe Nathan or Jonathan Broxton hopefully.  

  30. MLBTR has a full explanation of it I believe…. Too silly and complicated to explain.

  31. AA is not going to throw all kinds of millions of dollars at a closer.  Don’t worry about it.

  32. 2 words: Joe Nathan. 

    that is all. 

  33. obviously id much rather have the jays develop a closer from within but its not like they have a plethera of guys who throw 97 and strike guys out in their system.  and the ones they do have need at least two years to fail as starters before being moved to the bullpen.  im thinking drabek here

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