Best. Hockey Jerseys. Ever.

Crotch grab to the Last Angry Fan for passing along this little tidbit from twitterer and unmistakable Albertan, @Unrath89: seems as though a rec league hockey team in Medicine Hat, the Element Blue Jays, has some rather outstanding Jays-inspired jerseys.

Not bad at all. Y’know, for something hockey-related.

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  1. Meh shouldn’t the thing behind the bird be a puck then?

  2. This country would be x1000000000000000 better if hockey were abolished.

    Too bad Canadian baseball fans are few and far between.

  3. I’m not sure what you think the design budget for a rec league hockey team is. This is pretty impressive.

  4. bunch of single oil rig workers making $150k per year.

    also, Rogers` legal team is scrambling.

  5. Yes, I can see how the abolition of hockey would help further reduce poverty, protect our environment, and more evenly distribute wealth. It would also mean increases in physical activity. There would be a greater preponderance on honesty, humility, and “doing the right thing”. Yes, we can only hope that hockey is eliminated. 

  6. Somehow, this is better looking than half of the jerseys in the NHL.  


  7. Not sure what I should  think about it.

    If I knew what Fullmer Fan thought, I could then decide whether or not to like it.

  8. Did they use the altered version of the logo that DJF posted about before? With all the “fixed” issues?

  9. Looks more like the original logo to my eye (beak is more pointy on the new logo, even the ‘fixed’ version of it).

  10. Not a bad fourth jersey…

  11. Think we might play these guys tomorrow night, had no clue they’d done this.  Made some jokes about the name.  Got to give em credit for creativity.

  12. Medicine Hat used to have the Jays’ Rookie A farm team from the late 70′s until 2003ish. Pat Borders, David Wells, Chris Carpenter and lots of other Jays started their careers there.

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