Bob Elliott: Rumour Monger

There’s no proper, large picture of Bob Elliott of the Toronto Sun that I can find via Google Images, so I just took one of the shitty small ones and filled in what I figured the rest looked like in MS Paint– minus his left hind leg, which I couldn’t fit in there without it looking like a dick.

I bring this up because the venerable reporter appeared on Prime Time Sports on the Fan 590 this afternoon (audio here), bringing us the latest in Jays rumours that I totally don’t believe. Of course, not before he and Bob McCown had a jaw-dropping conversation about what they felt was Jose Molina’s unfortunate move to Tampa Bay this week, which featured not one mention of the fact that the Jays get a draft pick back for him. “I’m not certain” why the Jays wouldn’t be interested in bringing back Molina, said a reporter who covers the fucking team.

He also laid this on us:

- Orlando Hudson’s name came up during the GM Meetings as a possibility for the Jays’ vacant second base position, but apparently the Padres are happy with him, so it went nowhere.

- “They were in on Papelbon big,” Elliott says. “They’re in on Cordero– Francisco Cordero– and people tell me that they’re in on Bell– Heath Bell.”

- Elliott later expresses surprise that he keeps hearing the Jays have been so aggressive on closers, seeing as the club had noted all summer what a volatile position it is, and how rarely big deals for closers work out. Hmmm…

- “The thing about Bell is that he wants to stay on the coast– and the Angels have that Walden kid who did really well,” Elliott says. I’d have said that the thing is that Bell’s declining, old, heavy, plays in a division that skews his numbers, and is about to get really expensive. But what do I know?

So… there’s that.

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  1. His ‘Soria for Rasmus’ rumor is just about the dumbest fucking thing I’ve read all year. It’s some bullshit that Damien Cox or Steve Simmons would cook up because after all, closers are worth 10 WAR and Rasmus sucks.

  2. I love how everyone is ready to trade Colby Rasmus now after JONESING for him for years and creaming their pants when AA acquired him. Blue Jay “fans/pizza-cheerers” are so fucking fickle. The mere notion of trading a potential 6 WAR CF for an overpriced reliever is absurd and Bob Elliott needs to stop apeing Damien Cox and Steve Simmons’ schtick.

  3. LOL!

    At least it’s entertaining.  That is if you enjoy the urge of wanting to reach through your radio and strangle people.

    The morning guys on the FAN aren’t much better, they were falling all over themselves in hopes of a Heath Bell signing.

  4. Double post, sorry!

  5. Which Google Image Search are you using?
    Bob Elliott holding a ballpoint pen like a prison shiv
    Bob Elliott receiving the First Annual Montgomery Burns Award For Outstanding Achievement In The Field Of Excellence
    Bob Elliott questioning a brown man about his immigration papers

  6. No need to apologize for what is, quite frankly, a fucking awesome picture.

  7. who the eff is ready to trade colby?

  8. Dipshits, mostly.

  9. spot on…

  10. “I love how everyone is ready to trade Colby Rasmus now after JONESING for him for years and creaming their pants when AA acquired him. Blue Jay “fans/pizza-cheerers” are so fucking fickle.”

    Garbage. The casual fans would have had no idea who Rasmus was prior to his trade. Their concerns lay with the Vernon Wells of this world. It was the hardcore lobbying for Rasmus, mocking St Louis’s front office and the general senility of TLR. 
    It’s fine to piss on the hypocrisy and fickleness of the fanbase, but it’s about time to realise it ain’t just limited to the Pat Fanelli crowd. 

  11. A reporter actually said “I’m not certain” as to why they weren’t interested in bringing him back?  That’s just amazing

  12. 6 posts in one day? Don’t hurt yourself Stoeten.

  13. Not that I think they are gonna get him, but ‘Pujols appearing in Toronto because he wants to signal he’s not getting what he wanted’ or words to that effect?  That is horseshit.  If Pujols wanted to put the pressure on his team to give him $$$$$$$$ he’d turn up in NY.  Or Boston.  Somewhere with a tradition of wildly overpaying for major talent.    AA just doesn’t have that kind of rep and neither do the Blue Jays.

  14. If the plan is to contend in 2012, there was no reason for them not to be interested in bringing Molina back. Not saying they should have (given the draft pick), but it should have been considered given his enormous surplus value.

    Can’t say I’d understand signing Cordero or Bell, though.

  15. For that matter, I can’t recall a November here having this much activity. It says something about the Jays fanbase that enough people care to read about baseball in the middle of the offseason after nearly two decades of mediocrity.

    We need a winner.

  16. Today has had more posts than July had Game Threats! The Jays need to show that they’re not as impotent as some (most) fans believe.

  17. Well, once again people with the fascination for the big name capital C closer ninth inning guy icewater in his veins jays just need a closer then they woulda made the playoffs rasmus sucks thing again.

  18. Valentine is the next Sox manager.  Wheeee this will be fun.

  19. Imagine when something ACTUALLY FUCKING HAPPENS.

    I’m all for rumours and Stoeten has done a great compiling entertaining articles and writing up some good pieces but when something this stupid is put out where you are discussing trading Rasmus, Drabek, D’Arnaud, etc. then we need something tangible to happen.

  20. Sleeper rumour of the day from Damien Cox has AA shipping Colby Rasmus to the Anaheim Ducks for Bobby Ryan.  Ryan will then be converted to the Jays’ everyday second baseman.  Apparently AA sees Ryan as a five-tool player and even better, he’s controllable.  AA salivated when he heard that Ryan was a veritable hit-machine as a second baseman in his 4 years in the Cherry Hill Township Baseball Little League.  Ryan was nick-named “The Hoover” by his little league coach for his ability to to suck up any ball hit in his general direction.  The cherry on top for AA is that Ryan also played some left field when he was 8 years old so if Edwin Encarnacion doesn’t work in left field the Jays can slide Ryan over to the outfield and call up Hechavarria to play second.  

    What’s in this for the Ducks?  Well Randy Carlisle has a history of converting centre fielders into hockey players and he will take no lip from Colby’s dad.

    Hold on to your hats folks this is gonna be one heck of an off season for your Toronto Blue Jays!

  21. The best part of the world according to The Bobcat that I could snip from that conversation…Escobar is a question mark. Fucking hysterical.

  22. i just wanted to compliment you on your mad paint skills. way to go.

  23. “If the plan is to contend in 2012″

    I see no indication of that yet.  You’re a robot.

    “there was no reason for them not to be interested in bringing Molina back.”

    Because he’s a backup catcher going into his age 37 season, the Jays will net a draft pick from him and he’s a CAREER (I know you love career numbers!) .241/.286/.344 hitter?  Holy shit.

  24. The media is ruining everything.  And as someone who follows the sport, the media is going to ruin pro basketball in Canada.  There aren’t enough people that are trying to stop this.

  25. #1. With the talent they’ve assembled over the last two seasons through trade and the best player in baseball on their roster, the plan should be contend in 2012. The fact that they’re even discussing making major league additions (rather than moving such players for prospects) is an indication that this is the case.

    #2. Molina’s enormous surplus value does not come from his offense, dipshit, but through his defense and pitch framing. I also mentioned the draft pick in the same post you quoted from.

  26. What the plan should be and what it actually is are two different things. How about you supply some evidence that they’re “planning” on contending in 2012? They just struck out on Broxton as he signed with a non-contender with a closer in place, so start there.

    And Molina is terrible at blocking balls in the dirt.  The difference he makes defensively is negligible. The Jays could replace him with Kevin Cash and it would be a net gain, provided that you don’t think that the acquired sandwich pick has a bust rate of 100%, as you probably do.

  27. sign fielder bc free agents are the new inefficiency….strangely enough.

  28. In other news, I just got my pair of Jays Fan Passes today (tried on the weekend, but they were closed).  If anyone is interested, I suggest they get them quick.  Only 300 passes left (sold about 2700 in 4 days!), and the best seat I could get was in the 26th row.

  29. Molina for 40-50 games next season isn’t worth a pick.  Good pickup for the Rays, but also a smart move by the Jays.

  30. #1. Struck out on Broxton? He signed for $4M with one of the worst teams in baseball, a team that already has a closer. That would indicate they weren’t all that interested in him.

    #2. If you’re doubting Molina’s value as a catcher, you might want to read this:

    And this: http://www.baseballprospectus….

    And this:

  31. @Royals_Report Bob Dutton
    Hearing Toronto interested in Holland (not Soria) from #Royals. Other clubs, too, but Royals are not inclined to deal unless overwhelmed.

    Holland would be a very good get…just not for Rasmus.

  32. Parkes knows nothing about baseball.  Don’t ever link me to that shit.

  33. If those 40-50 games are the difference between making the playoffs and missing them, I’m not so sure about that. We’ll have to wait and see on who they replace him with.

  34. No need to read his analysis. It’s all about what’s being presented.

  35. There’s some value there, I won’t deny it, but it still doesn’t make him all that valuable overall, because it’s not a huge edge, he’s old as shit, and he doesn’t provide much in other areas.  Also, I find it strange that Carlos Ruiz is that much of a minus.

  36. I cannot wait to read SOSH next season. I Just Can’t Wait…

  37. between the FA market and the glut of pitchers worth trying out…to say nothing of Casey Janssen…i have no idea why the Jays would trade an everyday player for a fucking reliever.

    my guess is the jays called about this fool holland, and now the royals are trying to guage interest/value – or they’re just fishing.

  38. Very good post on why Elliott is not so good at his job and he sadly seems happy with that.

    **I believe Broxton was trying to sign somewhere close to where he’s born/from. Yes?

    **Anyone asking/demanding the Anthopoulos produce a winner now are _______ (fill in the blank). The guy has made excellent, calculated move after move, and has openly stated that he wants to build a club that dominates and does so continuously. He even lays out how and why he wants to build this kind of club in the way that he is. But some people want NOW. ‘Contender ‘fer sure’  in ’12′. You want NOW, go root for the ’05 off-season Ricciardi Blue Jays. Anthopoulos didn’t acquire,  Morrow, Escobar, Lawrie, Rasmus, and a farm club that went from bottom five to top five all in one swoop. The man has more than earned anyone’s patience.

  39. If the team can contend in 2012 with a few additions (and it can), there is absolutely no reason not to try to do so.

    There’s no point in wasting the production of the best player in baseball for yet another season.

  40. Here it comes…Any second now…Blah, blah, blah we’re wasting Bautista’s production…Blah, blah, blah might as well trade him now…Blah, blah, blah Wash, Rinse, Repeat.

  41. remind me why the jays can’t spend like gangbusters every year again? why do fans have to wait for them to hit paydirt through their farm?
    the yanks and bosox don’t wait.
    99% of the people who care about this team make less than even the lowest paid member of the team. etc.

  42. What’s your definition of contending, by the way?  I’d like to be a favorite to make the playoffs without totally sacrificing the future, personally.

  43. yea, rogers should be focusing on upgrading its internet infrastructure to fibre, not pissing money away on frivolities like a winning baseball club.
    oh, did you mean that signing fielder at the cost of a draft pick and a boatload of money was sacrificing the future?

  44. Yes, there is a reason! If these additions negatively effect their ability to contend for a title not just a playoff spot for a extended stretch of time.

  45. Someone should start a Facebook group called “sign Prince Fielder, or make SN1 free,” or something along those lines.

  46. As for Molina, a backup catcher with his skill set is among the easiest cheapest roles to fill. If you can get a pick in return you do it every time. The exact same strategy as middle reliever. When ate you going to learn the concept I asset management?

  47. They’ve said that they will spend on MLB payroll whatever amount AA wants, when he wants to spend what he wants, on which ever player or players he wants. And he just got done two weeks ago saying how he’d like to spend those present and future millions.

    You do recognize the money that the org has been spending the last two years on scouting, international free agents, the draft, giving money to Philly in the Halladay deal, eating Tehean’s contract?

  48. Fielder does not get jays to playoffs ya dreamers. Maybe Fielder plus Beuhrle plus Rollins plus Madson plus Darvish. That might get you 3 Above average years, tops. For a bloated $120millikn and then back into dumping underperforming overpaid guys. This is the future people want? Really?

  49. That’s why I like the idea of signing Fielder, because it’s an opportunity to sign a long-term asset that can make a huge damn difference for minimal compensation and he doesn’t rock the boat of the long-term plan much at all.

  50. i recognize that my seasons passes are shittier next year. i recognize that instead of 162 games on cable channels i already pay for, there are less each year. i recognize that i’ve watched the mediocre teams for the past 10 years with a star player here and there.

    i am sick of hearing about hechavarria. he will never earn another MLB pay cheque after his ill-advised contract expires. 10 million bux for a glove-first….nix that: glove-only SS.? insane. i guess they didn’t know they’d have Escobar at the time…but still…a little crazy. but y’know what? Boston signed a glove-only SS at the same time and no one bats an eye. no only acts like “oh we’re so fucking fortunate that the owners are out there signing useless utility players with no pop or ability to make contact or take a fucking walk”.

    jeez man. i’m not saying AA is doing a bad job, but at some point the fanbase should hold his feet to the fire to take a god damned risk. ownership should stand with him if it comes from the fans’ demands. but until then, expect them to do and spend as little as it takes to convince the 99% schmoes out there like you and me that they give two shits about winning, instead of the bottom line.

  51. “As for Molina, a backup catcher with his skill set is among the easiest cheapest roles to fill. If you can get a pick in return you do it every time.”

    If anyone has a hard time accepting or understanding the value AA places on draft picks (that’s you Bob McCown & Bob Elliott) you might want to aviod reminding yourself that a big component of why Napoli was traded away was the fact he wouldn’t bring a pick back until ’13 if at all.

  52. Its crazy how pretty much every Jays discussion inevitably devolves into the same thing time after time, isn’t it?

  53. not running jo jo reyes out there for half a season is already a significant upgrade…to say nothing of full seasons from lawrie and rasmus, which most are predicting will be decent.
    maybe not next year, but by 2014, having fielder will be looking pretty good. imo, anyway. time will tell. and hey, it’s not my fucking money

  54. It’s been an amusing evolution for Jose Bautista in the minds of some fans & analysts:

    2010 he has a monster year and at the trade deadline people were all “sell high” & “this is unsustainable”. Of course, other GMs could have had the same opinion and, quite possibly, any and all trade offers were of the shitacular variety. In retrospect, knowing what we now know about Bautista, the offers probably sucked compared to his actual value.

    2010-11 offseason some people still wanted him traded and after VW was traded and rumors of an extension were rampant and there was talk of allocating the VW savings into a Bautista extension…people were all “this will kill the goodwill the Jays built with the fanbase after dumping the VW contract”. Or, you know, signing a utility player turned superstar to one of the best contracts in baseball history could actually help build goodwill…

    The people who were okay with an extension were all “he’ll take between $30-38 million on a 3 year deal because he’s never made any money”. Then when the 5 yr deal was announced people were all “they should have waited a couple of months into the season” even though, u know, Bautista said he would not negotiate during the season and we have zero evidence to suggest this was a lie. Bautista could be looking at a $150+ million contract this offseason…

    Fast forward to the 2011 season and Bautista emerges as arguably the best player in baseball. Suddenly AA had better hurry up and built a contender or trade him because it would be wasting the best player in baseball.

    Apparently ever since Bautista got good he should be traded. Apparently AA can’t work at an organic pace – which may very well only be the next 6-12 months - to build this club into a perennial contender…he has to do it this offseason – preferably before Christmas so fans can enjoy their turkey even more – or he should just trade Bautista.

    Fuck off.

  55. I appreciate all the offseason posts. What;s the o/u on Jays trades at the winter meetings next week ?

  56. “On March 16, 2006, Halladay signed a US$40 million, three year contract extension that would last through 2010″

  57. I am surprised Molina is not coming back. Is the plan to rush D’Arnaud to the majors in 2012?
    Will they sign a veteran backup?. I liked Molina, but he seemed to be lazy at getting passed balls & is very slow on the basepaths.

    It looks like an upgrade for Tampa Bay, but he isn’t supposed to be the starting catcher for TB is he?

  58. If Buster Olney is correct that the extra wildcard is in effect for 2012, AA has to get cracking.

    The fan base could go wild at the prospect of a playoff game in October even if it only 1 game. Anything can happen.

    Glad I renewed my partial season tickets…

    I just want to see competitive jays games after August 1.

  59. Why? Can’t the Red Sox do better?

  60. Did he say that? Escobar is one of the few jays I don’t worry about. He signed a below FMV 4 year contract, partially because it is easier to travel from Cuba to Canada for his family.

  61. Fullmer Fan yes we hear you can you please stop with wasting the best player in baseball comment ………..its old already

  62.  Why would signing or trading for a few good players affect their ability to contend for a title down the road? If you make the playoffs or even compete for a playoff spot, it will only benefit the organization and its situation.

  63.  Backup catchers with his exact skill set aren’t exactly lying around. He’s the best at pitch framing by a considerable amount.

  64. And until ownership spends the money to build a winner (which they haven’t done in 11 years), the same discussions should continue to come up. There is no good reason for them to keep treating this organization like a small-market team…especially not with the talent they have and the potentially huge resources that exist.

  65. I’ve never wanted Bautista traded at any point (and I was one of the small few who backed the Bautista contract when it was made), but if this team isn’t going to even try to win with him playing at his fantastic level, trading him at peak value should obviously be considered.

  66. I’d expect they’ll sign a veteran backup catcher on a small 1 year deal. He just won’t be as valuable as Molina was.

  67.  Jo Jo Reyes. Good gawd. Don’t speakith that name. What a pointless exercise that was. A truly predictive one at that.

  68.  You want to know what’s really old? Watching this team not build enough around elite players like Carlos Delgado, Roy Halladay, and Jose Bautista and finish with mediocre seasons for 17 consecutive years.

  69. I’d set the o/u at 1. My guess is they’ll trade for a reliever–just hoping it’s not the overpay Fransisco was. Matt Thornton is a more realistic possibility than Greg Holland, IMO.

  70. “Why would signing or trading for a few good players affect their ability to contend for a title down the road?”

    Are you fine with signing Fielder for $25 mil per over 8 yrs, tying up 20% of your future payroll in one player? A player who may end up being as big as the Hindenburg.

    “There is no good reason for them to keep treating this organization like a small-market team…especially not with the talent they have and the potentially huge resources that exist.”

    Either you think Anthopoulos is a liar, or you may be better off rooting for a new team, buddy. He wants to build one way, you want to another. You’re giving yourself a lotta aggrevation. Ouch.

  71. 120m is what they should be spending today, not in 2020.

  72. Okay, so you want 120 million spent in 2012. Not 2013 say. Where do you want to spend it?  _____________________.  And by doing so, however you do it, is it going to hamper or fuck any future decisions that otherwise could have been made.

  73. It’s way too early to say, I have no idea what the market for certain players is. Last year though the Jays sat by on the FA market outside of relievers – it would be a disappointment if that happened again. At least take some chances on high upside guys – like last year when teams signed Bedard, Harden, Webb, Berkman, Martin, Pena, etc. to one year deals. Not every FA discussion has to predicated around Fielder, Pujols, Reyes, Rollins, Wilson, Darvish, and upper tier guys of that ilk looking for much longer deals. There’s lots of value to be had on the one year deals, and the Jays have enough holes, especially on the pitching and DH/1B side, that targeting some upside wouldn’t hurt.

  74. At the risk of offending Stoeten ( he has you as his choosen one).And despite your upcoming appearance on the GB podcast ( if the Score will free up the funds to send the video crew to your location stateside),I’ll counterpoint you.Just for shits and giggles.
    The signing of a few good players is too vague to make an arguement.
    Which good players and for how long?The issues of Snider,Thames in left must be resolved for example.Signing or trading for players long term when better players may already be in the system. These players maybe blocked if large financial investments are made in the FA market.
    Why trade future prospects who might be major leaguers for short term player solutions?
    Would it do to trade or aquire a player for 2012 if it means a commitment to that player for the 2013 and 2014 season?
    The reason rumours about reaquiring D’Arnaud have surfaced is because the Phillies minor leagues rating has gone for a shit and needs to be rebuilt. This, after it was considered one of the best.
    Sacrificing the sustainabilty of the team in the future, for a possible WC spot isn’t in the cards for AA.

  75. “Either you think Anthopoulos is a liar, or you may be better off
    rooting for a new team, buddy. He wants to build one way, you want to
    another. You’re giving yourself a lotta aggrevation. Ouch.”

    Not this shit again. Just because I want Rogers to spend up to their capabilities for the first time in their ownership run doesn’t mean I’m any less of a fan of this team than you. Nor does their spending more money mean they have to divert from whatever the “plan” is. It will only supplement it.

    And yes, I’d love to have either one of Albert Pujols or Prince Fielder in a Jays uniform. As should everyone. That kind of addition would make it much easier for this team to make the playoffs for the foreseeable future.

  76. Nothing that I’ve suggested (trading for Garza, signing Cespedes, signing Fielder, signing KJ) would sacrifice the sustainability of the team in the future. I’m not sure why people see it that way. It would only make it more likely that they’ll have a playoff team going forward, which would allow them to make more revenues and further build on what they already have.

  77. Relying on the article on pitch framing as the only basis for your arguement is shortsighted.I find it interesting , that you pride yourself on stats knowledge and the value of stats  over what was considered an unmeasurable skill like pitch framing.But an article breaks it down into increased strike calls and its now a skill in a catcher that’s desirable.
    Framing is one skillset that Molina was excellent at. But there are many others needed for the position,pitch selection,blocking,pitcher knowledge,and for older catchers, mentoring.
    Aside from framing, those other skillsets are available from other catchers. 

  78. If they sign Darvish as the biggest move, will you be happy??

    Or do you need Darvish signed. Johnson signed to a 2 yr deal. Heath Bell signed. And Fielder?

  79. The Jays have spent money, with disastrous results.Wells,Rios,Ryan.The answer is to spend in a productive manner that doesn’t handcuff your future.
    It’s not as much the total amount spent, it’s spending it wisely.
    During the WS years, the final pieces of the puzzle, Molitor and Winfield were added.But they wern’t signed to 7 year 140 miillion contracts.

  80. If the only value of Bautista is his bat, you might have a point.Bautista was 3rd in MVP voting. even if his production were to regress, he’d still be a valuable member of the team.Certainly too valuable to trade away.
    Remember the predicted regression for Jbau at the beginning of 2011?Even Stoeten said his contract would be a steal if he regressed by 40%.
    Instead he got better.
    And don’t underestimate the value of his influence on Escobar and the other Latin players.

  81. I don’t know. I just skimmed through the free-agent list again, and man, I can see why AA talks about the best way to acquire the best talent is via trade. That is a poor list. I’d love for the Jays to upgrade and acquire a few nice ass players (Upgrade over Lind – PLEASE! Solid #2 SP very much needed, and a lights out bullpen arm YES! read: Doesn’t need to be a “closer”) but I hope they come from trade. Harden would be a nice, fun pick-up for sure. At this point, Frank Franscico is one of the top 3 or so relievers still available.

  82. What would getting Garza cost in terms of trading prospects?
    Cespedes has more questions than answers. You gonna put in which field? How old is he really?Did he really play against top competition?Other Cubans whose stats were better, didn’t excel as expected.There’s even questions about the Mizuno ball used in those leagues. If you were an umpire like you claimed, you know how important that is.

  83. Sorry to disagree with you. Reyes was a bust but had the tools to be a good one.Obviously because of his spotting,command etc. it didn’t work out.A left hander who throws low to mid 90′s is like a right hander throwing high 90′s. On paper he shoulda been a lot better. A risk that didn’t work out.

  84. It was always a desirable skill for a catcher. The only difference is that now it has been quantified. 

    And are you really doubting that Molina isn’t above-average at most of those other skillsets? There’s a reason he has kept getting good guaranteed money from teams.

  85. One above-average payroll season in a decade (2008) suggests that isn’t the case. Rogers treats this team like it’s in a small-market And yes, there is a direct correlation between total spending and winning games. 

  86. I’d be happy with Rogers spending any money at all, with the exception of overpaying a reliever.

  87. I said consider, not that they should. I don’t think it’s likely that any team would offer enough to get the Jays to move one of the most valuable players in baseball on a good contract.

  88. If all it costs is prospects for Garza, the Jays would be lucky.

    As for Cespedes…for all the questions surrounding him, you don’t have enormous talents like him come around very often. Considering the Jays signed Hech and nearly got Chapman (two guys with some of the same questions)…they should be willing to at least bid on this guy.

  89. Thanks for the politeness. Ya, to me he was constantly showing what he was and he would have had to have taken a pretty big  jump to have been a valuable trade chip worth trotting him out and out there. But, the org has some professionals working for them, and i’m just a guy. I’m pretty sure they know what they’re doing better than I.

  90. And i’m sure they will dude. Again, when they feel it’s for the right player(s).

  91. Rogers drank the Billy Beane,Moneyball Koolaid, like we all did.They hired Beane’s protege  because JPR said he could build a winning team that way.Fire the scouts,draft by the stats,etc.When it wasn’t working,sign Thomas,Ryan and others without breaking the bank.

    Beeston is following the same route he did when the Jays went to the WS. Instead of Gillick we now have AA and an army to second guess him to keep him on track.

    BTW. I’m not convinced the problem will be Rogers,payroll,players,budget or AA.I think Farrell maybe the biggest stumbling block to the post season.

  92. Even if you count Frank Thomas (and I don’t really), they haven’t signed a major free agent in over 5 years now.  It’s the same story every offseason.

  93. Ya too bad they couldn’t have a guy in the last five years like Halladay.What, they already had him?Guess we coulda signed a 126 million centre fielder? Oh we already did that.How about a nice 60 million right fielder? Umm did that –twice.Perhaps a top notch closer FA,maybe even one of the highest paid ones?They had that too?

    Should I go on?

  94. We need something to happen, every comment section turns into the same old argument.

  95. Not only is Beeston following the same route, but the critics are stuck in the same rut that they were in the late 70′s, early 80′s. While Toronto was miles out of it, and trying to build, radio call-in cranks were harping on the same nonsense – sign free agents, why doesn’t Labatt’s sign free agents. Apparently, the addition of a few free agents to the 1979 team would have made any difference.

    You’re absolutely right Radar. The team is on the right track. Think of how wrong the track would be if the critics here approved of it. I think that was called ‘the Ricciardi era’. 

  96. Has Escobar said something to that effect? I ask because that’s just about the first explanation for why he would sign that deal that has made any sense. 

  97. At least djf Is keeping it real

  98. Fack the crazy FA positional player upgrades, they’re a top five run producing lineup… sign Beuhrle, bring back Frankie Frank and pull Alomar out of retirement to play 2b… 2012 Champs!

  99. Fullmer’s killing it. I agree across the board. 

  100. H Bell made a grand entrance at the all star game when he ran in from the BP in centre field. IMO he looked an awful lot like a guy who was 30 pounds overweight trying a hard to make a big impression.

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