Now it’s time for all the stuff I don’t figure on making full posts out of, with the spiffy new graphic by Matt English (aka @mattomic). It’s your Mid-Afternoon Snack…

Jon Heyman of Sports Illustrated spoke to a friend who reacts to– and confirms– the rumour about Albert Pujols and/or Dan Lozano being in Toronto. Heyman tweets that his friend says: “He isn’t (signing with) Toronto. (By going) he’s telling world he doesnt have what he wants.”

Matt Connor of Baseball Nation takes Bob Elliott’s rumour mongering to its illogical conclusion (see what I just did there?), wondering if the Royals’ interest in Colby Rasmus and the Jays’ interest in a closer might make a play for Joakim Soria a match. Um… fuck that.

The Vancouver Sun tells us that the Vancouver Canadians– who were just named Baseball America’s franchise of the year– are working on “raising the team to triple-A classification.” Still kinda a long trip for the Mike McCoys of the world, but in terms of marketing… yeah, that’d do.

RotoGraphs looks at Luis Valbuena and his potential as a starter for the Jays at second– which isn’t exactly thrilling: his impressive minor league season translated (via the Hardball Times’ Oliver system) to a slightly-above-average-for-a-2B .260/.322/.403. And he’s not much of a defender. Still, he’s an upgrade on Mike McCoy as a plan B.

Jayson Stark has an interesting CBA-related Q&A with MLBPA head Michael Weiner at looks at the off-season regimen of a few different players, including Ricky Romero.

Retro Jays Cards is a tumblr that works pretty much exactly how you think: a guy goes to the Rogers Centre, grabs old packs of cards, and scans and tells you about the ones featuring Jays players– both obscure and well-known. Interesting stuff.

Arizona Fall League stats don’t really tell us much of anything, but that won’t stop Jays Journal from reviewing how the Jays’ position players did during this year’s AFL.

Jays Journal also tells us about Brian Tallet: fraud victim.

Lastly, over at Getting Blanked Drew points you to some fine reading, back from a time When Men Were Men and Crime Was Legal.

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  1. Call me a maple boner, but I’m fully on board with this whole ‘place all the Jays minor league affiliates in Canada thing’.  Vancouver AAA, Ottawa AA … maybe Montreal or London down the road for A?  I think it’d be cool.  Might be easier to get coverage of the minor teams too.  Maybe even a few could be televised.

  2. (regimen)

  3. Love the idea of Vancouver moving up to AAA. Getting out of Vegas is exciting enough, but it’d be a great move for the Jays fans out west as well. 

  4. Jesus, you’re right.

  5. I’m glad the Vancouver Canadians took home the trophy this year.
    We all know what happens in Vancouver when they lose championships.

    Also, re: Brian Tallet being a victim of fraud, who would even accept a cheque written by Brian Tallet?

  6. That’s kinda funny for Heyman to say. I’m sorry, but I can’t see anyone grabbing a flight to a city just to politely say “fuck off.” Pujols isn’t signing with the Jays, maybe none of Lozano’s clients are, but to say he’s here to tell Anthopoulos that he isn’t interested is sort of retarded. Maybe Lozano is just being extra polite about it (I’d personally do it over a phone call), maybe he wanted a client to catch some action at Pure Gold, who knows. This just sounds like Heyman taking a story, and talking out of his ass instead of listing facts.

  7. @Matt English:

    Frank McCourt.

  8. Heyman is such a tool. Pujols wont sign here because the Jays wont offer the money needed. He goes out of his way to diss toronto by saying pujols isnt satisfied so he’s using the jays as leverage. The Jays are a much more attractive situation than the fucking cubs who have a long history  of losing. Yet, all these U.S writers are saying he could sign with the cubs regardless. These U.S writers are so biased and piss me off so much.

  9. McCowan is talking out his ass about the Blue Jays right now. Saying Hill is better the Johnston, doesn’t understand why Molina wasn’t retained, Rasmus isn’t any good… wow that just made me pissed off.

  10. Unless Tallet’s cheque was signed by an X, I would be suspicious.

  11. Heyman is now saying that there is no truth to rumours that Pujols is in Toronto right now. 

  12. Pujols isn’t in Toronto, but apparently his Agent is…

  13. @indestructible


  14. he was talking to Bob Elliot which just made it worse. After hearing that I am confident that Elliot just made all that shit up to get pageviews for his bosses.

  15. Haha, christ that blowhard can be a real hack. I know you’ve gotta have an opinion and be entertaining to be on radio, but you’d think you could do so, without sounding like you believe you could GM any chair, in any sport.

  16. I kinda hate the idea of the Jays keeping a team in the PCL, but Nat Bailey stadium in Vancouver has the reputation as a pitcher’s park even in the NWL, so presumably it wouldn’t be a bad environment for pitching prospects, even though they’d still have to pitch in ridiculous hitting environments on the road.

  17. Agreed. would prefer us get back into the International League (Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, etc.)
    the travel to get our players here from Vegas is silly. hopefully we can change that soon

  18. Does anyone else know if Ken Daley actually won a world series ring with the Jays in 93 as per Retro Jays Cards?  Does anyone know what player holds the record for least amount of appearances in a season without being injured for the entire year?

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