Now it’s time for all the stuff I don’t figure on making full posts out of, with the spiffy new graphic by Matt English (aka @mattomic). It’s your Mid-Afternoon Snack…

The #DontSignHeath movement really took off on Twitter this afternoon. Warm fuzzies, you guys!

Parkes destroys the notion that Heath Bell is anything close to a viable closer option at Getting Blanked, pointing out how his command is slipping and that he wasn’t even spectacular in the most pitcher-friendly park there is, but not before first re-destroying the notion that anyone who brings up the Jays’ 25 blown saves in 2011 is either an idiot, or at the very least horrendously misleading.

Also at Getting Blanked, Parkes explains that two-year managerial contracts don’t mean what you might think, and that Bobby Valentine’s two-year pact with Boston means almost exactly dick all about John Farrell.

Also also: Vernon Wells, everybody.

Richard Griffin of the Toronto Star fills us in on the Blue Jays’ team awards, which were announced today by the local chapter of the BBRAA apparently. You can guess who they went to.

Commence Mocking: According to Kevin Goldstein, via Twitter, the Jays have signed “once-a-prospect RHP Garrett Mock.”

Bluebird Banter looks at a number of possible future relief stars for the Jays.

Bob Elliott of the Toronto Sun figures that the defection of Latin American scout Marco Paddy to the White Sox means that Omar Minaya may be on his way in. Minaya in the Jays’ front office, Ricciardi in the Mets’ … oh, the conversations with Ted Berg we’ll have to have.

At (Insider Olney) Buster Olney reviews some of the names still left on the reliever market, but more interestingly, reports that some teams have had internal discussions about the possibility of the Red Sox making Carl Crawford available. It sounds like more of a down-the-line thing, but still. Hmmm…

The newly-acquired Luis Valbuena shows up on the SCOUT leaderboard at FanGraphs for the Venezuelan Winter League.

Mop Up Duty reviews the Art of Fielding (a novel, FYI). Read it. (The review, that is, not the book. Unless the review is good, in which case, I don’t know… both?)

Lastly, Dirk Hayhurst still has things to say about the Sox choice of Bobby Valentine as their new manager, and the passing over for an also-ran of numerous fantastic candidates plugging away in the minors.

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  1. thanks stoeten for that bluebird banter article

  2. Good article. I liked the Luis Perez suggestion, if only for lefties. He’s also got some serious heat to go with the breaking pitches.

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