“I don’ see us doing large deals,” said Alex Anthopoulos at yesterday’s luncheon for the Toronto chapter of the BBWAA, according to Ian Harrison of Toro Magazine.

“I don’t think we’re going to do something we consciously don’t believe in, or grossly overpay, unless we feel very confident that it’s got a very good chance to put us in the World Series,” he said, according to John Lott of the National Post.

“The six, seven, eight year contracts, from a historical standpoint, very few work out. From our standpoint, the balance is, there are going to be deals to be made, certainly free agents, trades, things like that, I just don’t think you’ll see us do any large deals because I don’t know of a time that a huge contract has been signed, seven, eight years, $100-plus-million, that anybody in the industry has turned around and said that’s a great deal for the club. It’s not about necessarily great deals for the club, but where someone hasn’t said, that may not really work out for the club,” Shi Davidi of Sportsnet quotes Anthopoulos as saying. “That’s ultimately what it comes down to.”

“For his part Anthopoulos said he felt the best time to try and make a risky move is prior to the trade deadline,” Davidi writes, “when the ‘percentages of handicapping your ability to get to the playoffs and win are so much greater than the winter.’ “

“We’re not there yet, we’re not going to go out and buy a team,” said Paul Beeston, according to Bob Elliott of the Toronto Sun. “Not going to happen,” he added, according to Harrison.

“I think they have every reason to think we have a shot next year,” Beeston added, according to Lott’s piece.

So… there’s that.

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  1. If your saying sport is a business that is all the more reason to sign Fielder as a poster said before do you know how many more asses would be put in the seats with a big name star like Fielder not to mention the jersey sales and other stuff…..and what are the huge stakes with a Fielder type signing…..i agree there are huge stakes with a Darvish signing as he is unproven at the ML level and I hope they don’t sign him…..but the risk difference between Fielder and Darvish is that of a mutual fund and a penny stock in terms of predictability

  2. Is Fielder really the 1B we want on this team, or are we just settling for him because he’s the best available?
    I can’t understand why Fielder wouldn’t be the 1B we want on this team…aside from his build. We aren’t necessarily ‘settling for him’ but that’s one aspect of free agency that many fans overlook, these guys get paid according to what the market will bear. Not necessarily what their skills bear. In Fielder’s case, IMO it’s different because he’s a superstar and you pay superstars what they’re worth. 

    The consensus among fans seems to be that signing Fielder is definitely the way to go but I have an issue with the fans who think it’s NOT risky at all. Yes he’s a stud but look at his numbers, he’s not exactly THE most consistent man on the earth – yes he will put up the counting stats but he basically has one MVP caliber year, then a sub .900OPS year the next, then an MVP year, sub .900 – it’s almost uncanny. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll take an .890 OPS in a ‘down year’ everyday, twice on sundays…but we shouldn’t forget that Fielder is a big man, and these guys can cause some concern especially when you’ll be paying them into their mid 30′s. I’m still all for signing him and worrying about it later – like yt suggested, maybe they get creative and front-load the deal or something, doesn’t seem like AA’s style but that would make the most sense to me.

  3. Is Fielder really the 1B we want on this team, or are we just settling for him because he’s the best available?

    I’d argue that Pujols is the best available. I would like Fielder because he makes the most sense out of all the free agents available.

  4. This is just typical Beeston and Rogers spin. “We’ll acquire a big name at the trade deadline because thats the right time.” Yeah right. That would not just cost money but prospects also. Plus, when have the Jays ever made a big trade deadline acquisition? They had some pretty strong teams in 07-08 I think that could’ve used an extra piece at the deadline. Yet, they didnt do shit. Thats probably one of the reasons halladay left. Just sign Darvish and Fielder for fuck sakes. Show your fans you are serious about 2012. Even the formerly cash strapped marlins are going for it.

  5. Is Fielder really the 1B we want on this team, or are we just settling for him because he’s the best available?

    I completely agree that Fielder comes with some risks…although at this point…he has played pretty much every single game for the past 6 seasons. And even in 2010 in his down year…he hit 261 with 32 hrs. That’s still better than Lind.  So I’m with you…sign him…maybe lay off Darvish and trade for the #2 starter and closer and worry about everything later. Signing one big FA isn’t going to ruin this team’s payroll or future.

    Now waiting 2 years and finding there aren’t any big names to sign would hurt this team IMO. Let’s not give up draft picks if we don’t have to.

    It sure seems that we can probably trade right now for #2 and closer…throw in Fielder and I don’t see how this team Couldn’t contend!

  6. Wrong, Beeston. Now would actually be the perfect time to sign a guy like this, especially with the Yankees/Red Sox out of the bidding and the talented Jays closer to contending than ever before.  If they don’t do it now, there’s really no reason to ever think they’ll do it. 

    Rogers is apparently content in pursuing mediocrity and dealing with this team like it’s in a small-market. It’s a simple choice to contend, and it’s one they haven’t made now for 11 years.

  7. Exactly. These comments are just a way of disguising their cheapness. Trade Deadline is not the right time to acquire big names. Now, is the time. Plus, most teams arent even willing to trade big names on jul 31 because they think theyre still in it.

  8. The ‘Rogers is too cheap to buy me a team’ childishness really drags down the quality od discussion. It harkens to mind the post-game talk show callers who’d whine in the late 70′s early 80′s that Labatts wouldnt try to buy their way into contention with free agents. Luckily the, as now, we have smart people running things instead of the average talk show caller/Internet poster.

  9. So true….who was the biggest name moved at this years deadline? Beltran? I could be glaringly forgetting someone so excuse me if I’m wrong

  10. Lol of course teams won’t trade big names if they think they’re in it…AA is saying that teams are a bit more vulnerable on deadline day so it makes it easier to find and exploit trade routes at that time. That’s all.

  11. Good point Fullmer….with the Yanks, Sox and Phillies out of the Fielder Race…this is actually the cheapest they could ever hope to get this type of superstar free agent. No one to really bid up the price.

  12. It’s just frustrating as fuck when we anticipated a big offseason and are then told “nah, free agents aren’t our style” and “maybe the best time to trade is at the deadline”.

    As has been said atleast once in here since, all these quotes from AA have been consistent for months now.

    If Votto or Adrian Gonzalez was on the market this winter as free agents, anyone here think maybe Anthopoulos would be more keen to sign them, than Fielder? I do. When you can sit in office and look a couple years ahead and see who the big FA’s are going to be, ala just Pujols & Fielder in 2011, maybe that’s what sets their course of being so pro trade for the larger building block players? When you know the type players you want to invest in and give multi year million dollar commitments to, are not going to be available as FA’s.

  13. They siad they need to show free agents they can win before they come.
    Fielder who spent his childhood in Toronto and are young and promising could offer him the money and he would play in yankee stadium and fenway giviing him more sponsors and money why would he not come here.
     It’s naive from Beeston to think that free agents will only come here if were already in contention.
     Why waste Baitista why did we sign him if were going to wait 3 to 4 years he will be fucking old.

    Beeston needs to show fans that there serious then they will go to the game instead of watching them.
    I will still be in the skydome  yes skydome watching some games but it’s lonley in that ballpark, even with friends it still feels like you and the other few people in the skyodome surived some deadly virus, and only you the select few are still alive.

    They need to show us they care not fucking free agents they will come where the money is.

    It’s fine if we were a small market or owned by small time millionaire but were not.
    Rogers should just sell the team if they wont even try to sign a guy like fielder.

    He fit’s with there AA plan being young therefor he will be there every year they have Bautista to try to compete. If Rogers whould just give a fuck and tell AA hey we would give you the money to sign a Fielder, he would he’s not even going to ask them and pretend like fielder doesnt fit his plan we wont buy a championship yeah because that never works 92.93 bluejays. Yankees every fucking year, Rangers with almost 100 million dollars.

    the cardnials signing Holliday and Berkman with a 100 million dollar payroll and will be more with Pujous resigned.
    The giants with 120 million dollar payroll, the phillies with 178 million red sox with 169 million.

    Just because the Marlins and Rays have been in the world series there the exception.

    Sorry but buying championships works they have the money. 90 million is not much in the mlb not even in the top 15 the marlins look like there going to have a higher payroll then that and they are still paying for a brand new fucking stadium.

    As for the rangers and Giants builing within the giants pitching was built with in othere then Zito but the Rangers only had the talent they had from trading away good players many years ago and getting lucky with Hamilton and Cruz we really want to follow that formula you need  superstars to trade for the prospects texas has developed we traded one so are we going to trade Bautista and wait four 5 years because that’s what the rangers did with Texeria.

    It took 7 years for the Giants and Rangers draft picks who became very good talent then took them to the world series so where not talking about 2013 were now talking about 2015, 2016, when all our prospects will revice hefty arbirtraion numbers why not strike while there cheap.

    The Giants payroll and Rangers are that high because there good prospects are now making money through arbirtration. Our players are far away from arbirtration because they havent even been called up yet were talking about competeing in 2015. Jose could be retired then our a fourth the player he is now.

  14. One above average payroll in a decade. No major free agent signings since 2005. The completely wasted elite production of Carlos Delgado, Roy Halladay, and soon Jose Bautista.

    But yeah, apologist, keep making excuses and telling me Rogers isn’t cheap. The evidence is only staring everyone in the face.

  15. Totally stupid if you ask me. 6 year deals don’t always not work. What about Pujol’s last 7 year deal worth 111 million. Did that work out??? Ummmm…yes!  What about the Manny deal with Boston….he performed just fine and they won 2 World Series. I’m sure the Ryan Braun deal will be just fine with Milwaukee. CC Sabathia is entering year 5 of his deal….that has been good so far. The list goes on and on…….

    Right. How about all the other free agent ones that didn’t, as opposed to the two you mentioned? As well Braun wasn’t a free agent.  Neither was Pujols.

  16. http://bleacherreport.com/arti
    i know its bleacherreport but still its an interesting article own playing the waiting game to lower the price of madson

  17. sorry my explanation was bad just read the article 

  18. So if Prince was on our team now what’s the difference between resigining him to 120 million and signing him now to 120 million he’s 27 years old. They dont hit the market at that age Votto would be 30 in 2013 and will want 7 years and more money then fielder and that could be the peice they need in 2013 why not sign fielder he would be signed below market value in 2013 after whatever Votto signs for.

  19. “We should be able to support a $140 – $150 million payroll and that’s the direction we’re headed.” -Paul Beeston, 1.27.11


  20. Servers do not set the menu, nor do they cook the food. If you are a cheap fuck from Montreal who did not enjoy your meal, tip your waiter the proper amount and do not return to the restaurant. This is how to behave while dining out.

  21. Because what i’m saying is maybe they have more confidence in a Votto or Gonzalez body type than Fielder’s. Ya know, maybe they’re saying there not going to be big on FA’s right now, is because they don’t think Wilson is worth the money, and Fielder’s body and genetics scare the shit out them, and they don’t want to just come out and say it.   #whoknows  #throwingthatoutthere

  22. Remember how everyone on here wanted Crawford last year? Just sayin’. And it’s not that AA isn’t taking risks. There were an awful lot of people who didn’t like the Bautista contract (myself included). 

  23. Whether they were a free agent or having their contract renewed isn’t the issue. It’s the length, amount and value you that you will get from the contract. Stop being so obtuse.

  24. Actually, it is part of the issue. When they’re on your team, and you’re negotiating their contract you have more leverage in that negotiation. The player is trading off some money for certainty (if they get injured and the like). They are also usually younger players when these kind of contracts were negotiated which means the team is more likely to get more of their peak years. When they’re a free agent, the players has more leverage because there are a number of different teams bidding for their services. They’re also older players. So it’s not that obtuse. They are different. 

    Also: remember how many people wanted them to sign Adam Dunn last year? (I think Fulmer Fan was one of them.)

  25. The dollars and the risk is the same when all is said and done. Whether it gives you and edge or not or even a discount is irrelevant.  That’s not the issue here. The fact is the bean counters/management will look at the total dollars and the number of years at the end of the day before they sign off on it. It’s still an investment and has to be measured as such.

    And yes he was being obtuse because the original point was regarding 6 year or similarly long contracts working out.  Ben gave examples, Shane tried to nitpick by bringing up the player’s status when they were signed which was completely irrelevant. I don’t think I need to explain the difference  of the risks involved of giving a player who is 34-35 a long contract compared to a player in his prime at 28.

  26. Only good teams have good players basically so there competeing so why would they trade them to the bluejays, when they have a chance at the playoffs and why would an out of contention blue jays team trade for good players at the trade deadline they would want to sell there players seeing how the’ll be in fourth place in any other divsion we dont need a bat like fielder with our plan to rebulid but this is the AL East sorry but New York and BOston as well as the rays have prospects aswell they think will pan out so how are we better then the yankees and rays and redsox in 2013 or 2014 do they not have young talent Vitek, Anderson, Romine, Montero, Nova, Baneouls, betteances.

  27. I wonder if we could get Halladay back for Gose, D’Arnaud and Drabek?

  28. I remeber Beeston saying then were on Crawford until the end he just was offered a little more from Boston and didnt want to play on astro turf. The guy just pretends they want to spend money I’m glad they never signed Crawford I didnt even want him last year, but why would crawford not want to play on Astro turf he played on it his whole career in Tampa and wanted to play his whole career there so why would astro turf be a problem they just like to say the’ll spend money but really wont.

    Beeston did say he see’s payroll at 150 million and 120 around 2013-14 so add Fielder who’s young and durable even with the body and raise payroll to 84 million tops with Feilder it wouldnt even hit 90. How are we going to get to 120 in 2013, by signing and trading for good talent. But why pay more money in 2013 offseason for lesser talent look who will be there not very good.

    Hamels, Cain and Lincecum will be locked up, these are billionaire owners not the Rays.
    Rays prospects are better than ours according to scouts and the Yankees’ and Red sox arent to behind us in depth so why would we trade prospects at the deadline when we can sign one now.

    Free agents will come where the money is not if your winning sure it might be part of the decision, but only if the money is equal. Stop this bullshit 2013 offseason we will spend then who will be there who?

    As for trades at least with money you know who gets the player who ever offers the most trades is up to the team if the blue jays want a number two starter and so do the yankee’s and Rangers who’s going to give them the most prospects so instead of a money auction we now have a talent auction who’s going to give us the most talent.

    Trading prospects is stupid when you dont have too. 

  29. Shane…Still a long contract…which was what I was saying. When Manny signed his big contract after he left the Indians he hit .306 and 41 hrs. the next year he followed that up with .349 and 33 hrs.

    All I was saying was that long contracts don’t always fail.

  30. But maybe they do after steroids?

  31. Actually, I wasn’t being obtuse. Not today anyways. He gave four name examples. The Pujols contract referenced to was signed when he was 24 and Braun (who just got extended recently) I was thinking was younger than he is. So there you go. I was just quipping, and I only quipped half correct towards the point I was making.

  32. Sign Fielder now we can build within and sign fielder they can afford it we can do both stop defending Rogers and Beeston how would Fielder not fit in there plan we have no one in the futre in 2013 that can play first base so why not sign Fielder. Adam Lind has missed more games then Fielder. These players they think they will add later might not be there Jose might not be here he might be second half 2011 Jose becuase Adam Lind cant stop pitchers from walking Jose, Prince can, with Prince and Jose everyone else numbers will go up as well you need muliple allstars on your team to win this divison this unfortunaly is the AL East not the Centeral or West.

    I cant see New York, Boston andthe number two farm system in the Rays going anywhere in 2013 but with Prince we have a better chance.

  33. If we didnt have the talent already on this roster bullpen second base and left filed are our only holes many other teams have more I would understand not signing any one in the offseason if we had 50 million dollar budget but we dont so stop acting like it Beeston.

    Prince is not Madson or Bell I would rather put Jon Rauch as our closer on a one year deal then those two and why would we even be interested if were not ready to compete according to AA it’s two years from now so are we sigining a closer to three years I fucking hope not.

    Keep in mind when AA took over in 2009 he said it would be two years I guess he meant 5.

    That’s fine but say that it will take three years and we will not have 120 million buget but when our president says they will spend that by 2013-14 then do it prince doesnt even bring you to 100.

  34. Absolutely. I agree. Hopefully Anthopoulos is fine with some of these true superstar mega contracts, but for sure, he’s hesitant towards them in general. AA seems extremely bright and also doesn’t fall to pressure (at this point) so he doesn’t seem like he would have done the Vernon Wells extension. Or a Soriano, Carlos Lee, etc. and apparently Fielder. The first A-Rod contract, and the Manny Ramirez ones, I too would hope he’d be favourable too.

  35. AA has never given a timeline, and he certainly never “said it would be two years”. Not taking one side or the other in the Fielder war, but please don’t put words in his mouth that he never said.

  36. That’s why this year would be a good year to sign Fielder b/c there aren’t that many teams trying to sign him…especially the Yanks and Sox. Which means Fielder might go cheaper than usual.

  37. I don’t love Fielder the player, mainly due to his D which is offset by dh’ing in say ’15 and beyond. I think he is a lot tougher/durable than people give him credit for. There is plenty of Gabe Kapler lookin guys who live in the training room. I’ve seen him live plenty of times in Nashville and he has Rare power that will play exceptionally well in the dome.
    My point is, if your against this sign who do you suggest plays 1st in 13 and 14 (our ‘window’) which has been sliding to the right for a decade.  (it won’t be Votto) yes you have to overpay him but thats the cost of doing business.

  38. I think what we’re seeing here is a prime example of corporate penny pinching. As fans our bottom line is championships to Rogers it’s how much profit they make and can squeeze out of the fans. Unfortunately they rarely go hand in hand. I’ve been very patient for the last few years while we rebuild – again,  and I’m understanding enough to know that maybe we’re still not ready quite yet. Hopefully Rogers and Jays management are true to their word in the near future.

  39. I agree AA is hesitant toward the longer contracts. And I personally don’t think he needs to be quite so hesitant just b/c Wells failed for us. And Werth and Crawford last year didn’t do well.

    Fielder has been one of the most durable players for the past 7 years. And he’s only 28. I just don’t get how so many fans believe that by signing one big free agent that we won’t be able to do anything else from here on in. Especially when we are only a couple years from really competing. And that’s if we wait for all of our pitching prospects to come up and not trade for a #2 sooner.

  40. I don’t think it’s penny pinching.  I think it’s the suits veiwing the team as a pure asset and believing they can make just as much money with a horseshit payrole and finishing 3rd and having a few sellouts when the yankees come to town as they can going ‘all in’ as wee the fans would like. 
    Rodgers is underestimating the baseball market in Canada. If they can get these Canadian affiliates goin, get all the games on accessible  tv and show the fans they’ll quit being cheap bastards Baseball in Canada is ready for glory days 2.0 especially with the quality job rebranding the’ve done recently

  41. I’m not surprised in the least.  I’m expecting a mid summer trade at best.

  42. Go look at mlb trade rumors in 2009 when he took over he said we have a great core with Hill, Lind with Halladay and new emphasis on the draft and scout he said within two years we should no if were ready to compete he di say that look it up I’m not linking something that was two years old but he did I have a great memory and it was in front of press for the first time ddi he say we would be in the playoff’s in two years no but Hallady still wanted to be traded even with JP gone and Lind and Hill fucking vanished his fault no but he ddi say that now he’s saying the exact smae fucking thing Romero, Escabor and Bautista who’s to say two years later which he thinks again they will compete this time for a playoff spot 2013-14 wont fall off a fucking cliff like Lind and Hill, Prince has six very good seasons not hill, lind or even fucking Jose.

    Sorry although I like AA he ddi say that in 2009 not playoff’s but did say compete at high level with a core of Hill and lind, he’s bright, but makes mistakes just like evrybody and he talks alot look at ohter articles he’s changed his mind before even after a dwon year thought Hill was the real deal wrong, just like we were even know he only had one good year, Lind two bad years seems to think there wont be a third could be wrong again one good year our his original core when he took over are having a hard time even staying in this league and that could happen again  not all these guys will pan out Prince has a better chance the Jose .

    AA isnt fucking God ssh dont tell him I said that

  43. Holy shit….138 comments and I have yet to see a reasonable explanation for why signing Fielder would be a bad idea. Seriously…is there any downside at all?

    1) Fielder is good….like REALLY fucking good. Arguably one of the 10 best position players in all of MLB.
    2) He would be an upgrade over Lind, even if Lind bounces back and plays out of his mind next year.
    3) At the end of a 7 year contract, he would be 34, which isnt exactly ancient. 
    4) Even if we signed him to completely stupid money like $30 mil/year, that brings the Jays payroll up to, what, $86 mil? Hardly crippling to the team. Plenty under $100 mil and BARELY HALF of this theoretical $140-150 mil that Rogers is supposedly willing to eventually spend. And its very unlikely Fielder would cost that much.
    5) There is nobody of his calibre/skill/age hitting free agency next year. All this talk about acquiring players through trade this year and signing free agents next year is total BS. This is the only chance to sign a young star player for the next 2 seasons.
    6) Signing Fielder would make this team much more attractive to other players considering future signings.
    7) If Fielder is on the Jays he isnt on the other side of the field.

    Everyone keeps saying “AA has a plan, its a good plan, lets just stick with it” Ok great. I agree. But how about we stick to the plan with Fielder at 1B instead of Lind? 

    Really….what would be the downside of signing him?

  44. The only downside I can see is that Rogers doesn’t  like the ROI of a say $120 million payroll in 2015 or 2016 and tells AA to cut his budget accordingly leaving them in a situation similar to the one they had with Wells and Delgado at the start of JPR’s tenure.  Of course, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if it got me a championship or two before 2015 or 2016 then I wouldn’t care.

    People also have to remember when they’re quoting our $70 million payroll that they’ve increased their investment in the amateur draft, international signings and scouting significantly. Those costs can’t be disregarded when it comes to factoring in the overall operating budget AA has been given. Maybe there’s $10-20 million that’s already been accounted for. Maybe the only way JPR was able to increase the payroll like he did a few years ago was by gutting those very things.

    Anyway once all that’s said you like so many others have great points for signing him and if I was Beeston I’d seriously be looking into it. Also don’t forget being a Boras client Fielder is probably not going to sign anywhere quickly. I think Pujols and Fielder are both waiting to see who establishes the value in the marketplace.

  45. Ok I get that but it shouldnt be enough of a deterrent to balk of the first 5 years of the contract. But if they dont like the ROI at the end of a long term contract, allow me to add

    8) AA has shown that he can move a bad contract (see Wells, Vernon). Its not like he couldn’t find a taker on a 32 or 33 year old Prince.

    Amateur draft and international signing spending will be dictated by the new CBA. And the cost of scouting isnt THAT much. Even with one of or perhaps the biggest scouting departments in all of MLB…whats a scout’s salary? $100K? I honestly have no clue…but surely not much more than that.

  46. Then we have to take into consideration how much every other team pays for scouting,draft and international signings.

    The blue jays all said and told with draft internaional and scouts paid maybe 7 million more than the yankees’and Red sox they spend alot on scouts and the draft as well and have dipped into the international market.

    They Raised every team in the AL EAst by a Freed Garcia with incentives holly shit.


  47. Spending big money on starting pitching is the best way to go, in my opinion, and they should do everything within their power to do so. Assuming you want Bautista to be the face of the organization in terms of hitting/leadership for the next while, it undermines him to fork over huge cash to another slugger for a massive, lengthy contract particularly given JB’s  production and seemingly tireless work ethic.  I think it would fuck things up in terms of the club dynamic. Not so with pitching…

    Fuck second base or some big-name closer. Players can be moved around, and furthermore these additional needs  can be grabbed off the heap and you can get lucky. Pitching. C.J Wilson, anyone? Sure, getting up there but still early thirties and definitely not a DJF, as he’s apparently a straight-edge Taoist…trust in the Internet. 

  48. That is true the Red Sox and Rays besides this year paid more in the draft then we did
    For some reason the Yankee’s actually dont spend that much in the draft I mean they do but not like
    us and the other two I mentioned.
    But it  is fair to consider that Tampa Bay with the draft would be sititng around 50 something million and that the blue jays would be around 80 million or more but then I guess the Yankees’ would be over 200 million and the red sox would be around 178 and Baltimore would be around 95 million or more.
    Then we paid well’s but that’s done now I think, Yankee’s are still paying Igawa or whatever large amounts of money and the red sox are still paying for Manny and Dice K’s posting would put them 10 million above what there listed as in payroll so the Yankee’s are well over 200 million and the red sox are almost at 190 something million.
    Even know we put alot of money in the draft we only started doing that the last two years Ray’s and Baltimore have been doing it longer then two and the Yankees’ and Red sox have always spent more on the draft then us until recentely.
    Not saying we should follow there spend way too much but with fielder and all the scouts and draft and with the new limitations on international signings 2.9 million theres still not above 100 million why do we always assume we are the only team who spends on the draft.
    We have more scouts but they do not make a million a year and we maybe have 5 or 7 more then the rest of the AL East. so add another million not even 100 million Fielder will not break the bank for the future.
    Baltimore spends way more then us I was actualy surprised by that and have less attendance or around the same and do not have 30 million market watching tv games and buying merchandise.
    Baltimore has 620 000 people Toronot has  5.5 million plus the rest of Ontario and Canada, Baltimore doesnt even have all of Maryland.

    Not to mention there owner although rich doesnt have rogers money if he did they would be talking to elite players on the free agent market that are only 27 younger then most of your team and have a bigger track recored then all of your team. 

  49. Don’t get me wrong I agree with you and I want Fielder, sadly it’s not my call. I’m just playing devil’s advocate a little bit.

    I wouldn’t count on him being able to pull off another gem like dumping Wells contract again or any team for that matter.

    Don’t forget all the expenses that go into keeping the scouts going. Travel lodging food etc I am sure it all adds up then multiply that by what?

  50. Jose contract probably would have to me reworked a bit but he cant honestly think that two good years he deserves more than Prince.

    More then Prince is pitching but I think Jose will regress with shitty Adam Lind for a whole year protecting him I think he will get tons of walks and get frustrated just like the end of this year his numbers will go down. With Prince they go up. He hit very poorly in the second half.

    Pitching they need someone with Romero but I’m not sold on Wilson for 80 million or something like that is what he wants but I think Fielder could actually bring in money the first few years with ad revenue new businesses will want to buy ad space in the Rogers Center they will make more money in the first few years then there paying him jerseys, american attention, Rogers Brand, Profit from his sponsors for there logos being in his deals.

    Players wanting to come to toronto maybe at a discount price to play with two of the best hitters,
    Media attention fan attention and will draw in some people who have never watched a baseball game before bring the old fans back and will draw in rich crowds for hotel and press boxes.

  51. Ticket sales

  52. Jose Bautista had an .896 OPS in the second half. Everybody in MLB would give his left nut to “hit very poorly” like that.

  53. 12 home runs 250 something batting average and adam lind batting behind him it’s wash that he’s on base with adam lind behind him. Stranded runner on first.

    Left nut stays thankyou

  54. Draw all the walks you want with Adam fucking terrible two seasons Juan Rivera worth more wins to his team Lind. It means fuck all.

  55. Adam Lind at the plate cant take a pass strike three your out stranded runner on first.
    This is the third time this game well when Mike every postion McCoy, and thames and then after jose Lind can I get a inning over.

  56. 6/140. Is that too much or too little for fielder?

  57. The dollars are about right…he prob wants 7 yrs though.

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