Welp. The Euro 2012 draw is over, and for some reason I’m still feeling a little lightheaded. Well, two reasons mostly. Drawn with Germany, Portugal and Denmark. For fuck sakes…

Anyway, mailing another one in here– though actually, it’s slightly awesome. By way of my old stomping ground at theScore’s Buzz, we’ve got the first images of Jose Bautista in the Jays’ new threads in Sony’s MLB ’12: The Show.

Check the Buzz for an extra pic!

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  1. What are all those things in the seats?

  2. I was actually basing my impending purchase of this game on if the Jays new unis were going to be in it. Looks like I’ll few out a pile of bills here soon.

  3. You watch that ball get out, video game Matt Weiters*. You just… watch it.

    *it occurs to me that could be a Tiger behind the plate, but fuck it.

  4. Where are the Geddy Lee seats?

  5. i predict 2k12 will be better than the show this year. the pitching is already WAY better. i like the show, but it has TONS of glaring weaknesses that they don’t fix year-to-year. most of what it does well are things that MVP05 did years ago. i don’t knwo the history of ‘the show’ but i’m guessing that they pretty much took the core of their code straight from MVP, since most of the game’s controls and even the freaking menus appear to be cribbed from it.

    they spend too much time tweaking the folicles on bautista’s beard and not enough time on actually making the game work as it should.

  6. Love it.  I was kind of hoping my 2011 might auto-update, and I’d have the new Jay’s unis, but that was a fool’s dream.  Might have to get this year’s just for the new look!

  7. Could be video game Buster Posey too..
    But most likely it was video game Matt Wieters

  8. 2 years late on that joke.

  9. this is by far the best baseball game series. I’ve played pretty much all of them and in my opinion its head and shoulders above the 2k series. looking forward to this years release since the season ended.

  10. I’m not getting this unless they can figure out a way to import my Jamaican 6’10″ 290 lb 99-everything RTTS 1B who, it seems, may be forever condemned to play in a black hat. 

  11. agree they need to add the action seats in the background with Geddy Lee and L’il Bautista watching.

  12.  I also thought they should bring back bench clearings and being able to walk up to the pitcher if he beans you lol like no fights but maybe teams get in a scuffle and hold each other back type thing. or a batter gets ejected for walking to the pitcher, i dunno i remember old baseball games back in the day had you beat him up on the mound lmao this would really make it even more realistic.

  13. Why is Bautista looking to left-centre and the catcher to right field?

  14. he’s definitely not looking in the same direction as bautista and presumably the ball though… wonder what’s so interesting in right field that could distract him from bautista crushing his hopes and dreams.

  15. probably trying to figure out where the man in white is.

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