Welp, that’s a relief. I don’t know whether the Jays’ name and reluctance to confirm or deny anything was simply being used to enhance the market for Heath Bell, if the pitcher spurned them for Miami, or if Anthopoulos simply wouldn’t give the vesting option for a fourth year that probably ultimately landed him (though I’d bet money it’s the first thing), but the Miami Marlins have come to terms with the now ex-Padres closer, according to Jayson Stark of ESPN.com.

The deal is for three years and $27-million, plus that vesting option for a fourth season. MLBTR is following the story, and also has the details on Miami’s subsequent release of Juan Carlos Oviedo– aka Leo Nunez– who is in some legal hot water in the Dominican Republic over his stolen alias. “It’s unlikely any team will pursue Oviedo until his legal issues are behind him,” MLBTR says.

Crisis averted. Well… unless you’re Juan Carlos Oviedo.

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  1. Madson: 3/30. Gogogo.

  2. We’re not out of hot water yet, K-Rod, Madson, Cordero and Francisco still out there.

  3. YES!

    I was worried for a split second earlier today.

  4. Time to go with Nestor Molina!

  5. So Juan Carlos Oviedo will be a Jay soon enough ;)

  6. On your laptop just waiting for this news? Wait a minute…

  7. Crap, forgot about Lidge too, another “proven” closer.

  8. I’d rather have Leo Nunez.

  9. hahahah, so true. Signing free agent relief pitchers to long term deals worst than a coin flip. Lets get some of those bonerific New Hampshire arms into the ‘pen some point in 2012.

  10. Bell would be the worst fit of all the pricey closers. K-Rod might be a steal if teams are bidding him up.

  11. Well at least our front office isn’t stupid.

    I’d imagine that 11 blog posts in a day on this blog is some kind of record.

  12. 11 posts in one day. In December.
     A new DJF record.
    All by Stoeten with no help.
    I beginning to think I’m not the only one who has OCD about the Jays.

  13. Now that we’re back to reality. I’m still with those that are confident that no time soon will Anthopoulos ever sign a reliever to a deal where they get paid anywhere close to 9-10 million dollars.

  14. Stoeten I know you want to believe that the Jays supposed interest in bringing in a big time closer is BS, but I dunno..

    The links to Bell seemed like more than just ‘ya the Jays aren’t denying anything, so lets assume they’re in on it’ kind of thing.

  15. AA has said in the past that he wouldn’t want to give out a long-term deal to a reliever. I’d think 2 or 3 years would be the longest he’d go with anybody. 

  16. Thank fuck.

    /everyone onboard the Nestor Molina traaaaaaaaaaaain

  17. K-Rod I’d be cool with if the Jays could get him on a 1-year deal to rebound. Then again, he’s lost 4mph on his fastball over the last 4 years, soooo.. maybe not.

  18. Just re-sign Frank Francisco. So much easier and you have a better idea of what you’ll get from him.

  19. despite losing the velocity, he was still pretty decent last year.

    I think he’ll be the bargain of the reliever crop, for the simple fact that could be effective and wont cost that much.

    I’d give him a 2/8-10 easy.. doubt he gets more then that

  20. you’re right they do seem substantial that AA is in on these guys, but the important thing is that he’s putting a value on them and not balking at it.. a reliever isn’t a bad signing, if its for the right price

  21. It’ll probably take a 2-year deal at the very least even for him and don’t think you’ll enough people on board when we’ve all been brainwashed to support the collect draft picks at any cost movement.

  22. Even Parkes wants Francisco back, though, and he’s a leader in the draft pick hoarding/compete like a small-market team movement. 

    If you’re going to sign a free agent reliever, I’d prefer it be him.

  23. who says Frank wants to come back?

    Signing free agents isn’t like going to walmart and throwing things in a basket.

  24. If he’s given a market-level  contract and the closing job, why wouldn’t he?

  25.  because there are other teams who may go above market level  or match the jays offer in a more desirable location for him.

    I could see a bad team overpaying to bring him in, namely the mets and orioles.

  26. The problem with Francisco was his velocity was all over the map from game to game.  One night he would be sitting in the low 90′s…..then he would jump into the high 90′s (like that game vs the sox in boston where he struck out the side)…then he would sit in the mid 90′s…..and what is worse is that the effectiveness of his changeup was even more variable.   pretty sure most of the time the guy got torched it was on his change.

  27. At what point do character issues enter the equation for a guy like K-Rod? It’s easy to respond the Jays have had success with a guy like Yunel who came with a “history” (as perceived by the ole’ boys club down in ‘Lanta at least… real mystery there). But it’s not hard to imagine some professional athletes are egomaniacal pricks. The perception that a player is more of a headache than he’s worth might beat down their market value and become a market inefficiency to be capitalized on. Is there a point where being a “distraction” actually warrants neglecting contractual value?

  28. Even the team said frank would have to adjust his offseason program. I thought that probably meant the team wouldn’t re-sign him.

    Thumps table number two starter

  29. I agree completely, the team needs to go out and get a top starter.  They can sort out the pen once they got a solid No.2

  30. If somebody gives him a lot more than he deserves, then don’t sign him. That’s pretty simple. Despite what many think, the Jays don’t particularly need to sign FA relief pitching. 

    I just think it’s far more likely that most of those other FA relievers would get paid more than him.

  31. more than him yes, but that doesn’t mean some team wont do something stupid..

    when you factor in the extra draft pic its a no brainer.

    If it were up to me, barring any major FA signings.. I’d sign Erik Bedard and Rich Harden.

    Bedard (if healthy) is effective and moves cecil in to his rightful home, the bullpen. Harden signing only if he agrees to move to the pen but he also provides rotation depth if bedard/mcgowan hit the shelf.

    you then have a rotation of romero, morrow, bedard, alvarez, mcgowan

    bullpen of janssen, cecil, harden, villanueva, litsh,   perez/beck/farquhar/carreno

    sign KJ or trade for a decent 2B with emphasis on OBP..  hope that 2 of lind,rasmus, snider, 2b, have rebound years and the 2 that dont, at least don’t completely suck again, and the team is pretty freaking competitive.

  32. It’s alright cause I’m saved from the bell

  33. I think AA should wait on a closer until closer to the season.  Right now there are more closers available than jobs so by waiting I’m sure one (or even two) of the following can be had for a decent one year contract plus an option:

    - Ryan Madsen
    - Frank Francisco
    - Francisco Cordero
    - Brad Lidge
    - Matt Capps
    - Francisco Rodriguez
    - Mike Gonzalez

    None of these guys are worth dedicating  large sums of money over several years.

  34. AA has said in a few interviews that most of the rumours he reads about himself are “completely fabricated” (or something to that effect). I have my fingers crossed that this whole Bell thing was one of those.

  35. DJF has been unbelievable this offseason. 

    They’ve gone from my source for a down-to-earth reaction on Blue Jays transactions to pretty much the go-to source for all Jays news all the time.

    Keep it coming Stoeten!

  36. To be fair, DJF was pretty incredible last off season as well.  Especially during the winter meetings.

  37. Bell might not have been the best option but at least we would know what we are getting. Saying Molina is the Jays closer when he has only pitched 22 innings in AA? Am i missing something??  Do we really want someone like Capps, Lidge or F-rod?  Jays could get Bailey but will have to give up prospects to do so, is he really giving Jays a better chance to Win with the cost of losing prospects??  in the end Jays will stick with a cheap closer  and he will be the teams whipping boy…..

  38. Imagine how crazy things will get next week.

  39. Toro Magazine has a pretty ordinary article about how AA intends to build from within and not spend too much money on free agents and bla bla bla.  However they make one very good point:  the voting was unanimous on who were the best Jay players this past week.  The awards went to Bautista and Romero.  No surprise there.  But, as Toro mentions, that means that there were no other players on the team that were good enough to get consideration.  And that is a problem.  I realize that Lawrie might well have gotten some votes if he’d been with the big team long enough.  But that would be about it.  Toro points out that a team that wants to make the playoffs needs more than a couple of elite players and they are right about that.

  40. AA was pushing up Bell’s price so Florida has less to spend on Fielder….

  41. None of these guys are worth dedicating  large sums of money over several years.

    yes and half of that list doesn’t provide any improvements over internal options, so just because you get them for 1 year doesn’t mean anything. The ones that will  (madson, krod) are going to get more than 1 year plus an option

  42. So, the GM and the Manager talk about acquiring a #2 SP, and you think Erik Bedard? Are you and Marty McFly going to go back and get him in the DeLorean? AA might have a little more in mind than that, um a figurin’. 

  43. I think you are over-estimating the internal options.  The team needs to add a couple of relievers and if they can sign say a Mike Gonzalez and Matt Capps for 3 million each for one season, this will provide depth and solid (not great) stop gaps until they can figure out better options.

    You give them an option year because you just never know if they might outperform expectations.

  44. The only #2 starter on the FA market is CJ wilson who is going to be grossly overpaid..

    Bedard is a solid rotation option and comes cheap.

    His 3.64 FIP last year was better than Romero’s (4.20) and equal to Morrow’s (3.64).

    He hasn’t come close to 200 IP in 5 seasons, but did make 24 starts last year.. As i clearly noted, its a good flyer to take because if he can remain healthy, he’s effected.

    There’s no real sense in overpaying for a gio gonzalez, or comparable at this point who wont come cheap and by no means is a solid #2..if another more effective pitcher becomes available towards the trade deadline, it would have been a huge miscalculation

    with all do respect you can’t shoot down an idea because you figure ‘AA might have more than that in mind’  You hope he does, but realistically, you, like I, have no idea. but atleast I take the time to outline an option, instead of just saying “oh bring in a #2!!!!!11″

  45. Houston’s looking at shedding payroll apparently.  I don’t see taking on Wandy’s contract, but maybe AA’s looking at Bret Myers?

  46. No. What i’m saying snippy, is Bedard really an upgrade over anything AA already has (injury concerns, etc), and I think it highly unlikely you see him signed. I don’t have to give you anything in this particular regard. Did you forsee Lawrie, or Morow, or Escobar coming in? neither did I? So who knows who he has his eyes on? If they’re looking for a solid #2 style quality pitcher as they say they are with the words that come out of their mouths, i’m assuming they’re aiming to get one, not settle for Bedard at this point.

    **As well, you’re forgetting Yu Darvish in FA pool variety

  47. Best solution: make a serious bid for Darvish and hope you get the chance to overpay him. He’s the only guy available right now with enough upside to be worth it, I think. 

  48. Bleh, I hope not. Bret Myers is a piece of shit, both as a ballplayer and a human being.

  49. I’m inclined to agree.  Just wondering what the scheming mind of AA might be looking at.

  50. Yu darvish is far from a sure thing in terms of health and performance, bedard will be 10% of the price and comes with only health concerns not performance concerns..

    I’d like darvish.. but AA will put a price on him and not go over that, with the posting system another team can outbid. . Also there is no garantee at this point that he is posted.

    I find it kind of funny, that in 2 responses to me, you have yet to give a name of who AA could potentially target..

    If its Matt Garza then fine, as long as its not an overpay..

    but gio gonzalez, wade davis? I’d take Bedard and keep our prospects ANY day.. realistically our young arms will be ready if they build on last year.. so even if Bedard gives us 20 starts at 3.60 FIP that a solid investment.. Then molina, hutch, mcguire, drabek or who evers doing well down in the minors, can come up..

    With the arms in the system it seems kind of foolish and redundant to make a big investment in the rotation.. The system is seriously loaded with arms, its a 2012 need, but its not a 2013/2014 need.. Where as the position player depth is really really spotty, we’re strong in catching and Cf but realistically every other position is weak.

  51. Last reported was that there is still a 50% chance he isn’t posted this year.. plus the posting system is rather silly, anything can happen.

    its definetely a best case scenario, but a lot of things would have to go right for darvish to be in the mlb next year let alone on the jays

  52. You keep expecting me to give you a name, because you can’t read. I told you i’m not going to give you one. If Darvish gets posted, or perhaps if he wants Wilson, then maybe that’s the guy to sign, pay, build around. If the GM doesn’t like the player or the prices or term, maybe he prefers someone else whom Lunchbox45 doesn’t hear about in the twitters. It doesn’t have to be Gio Gonzalez or Garza. Got it. If he wanted Bedard at this point, he would sign him.

  53. Exactly what I was thinking… incentive-laden MiL deal with invite to camp? He can probably do better but that would rule.

  54. AA has said he puts a lot of value on character, so I can’t imagine he’d be interested in Myers unless Myers’ abilities were so good that they overshadowed his baggage (and obviously in his case, they don’t). 

    It should be noted that there’s a difference between players with perceived “attitude” problems (i.e. Escobar, Rasmus) vs. a player who punched his wife in the face (in public, no less). As a fan, I sincerely hope the team I cheer for is fully aware of that difference.

    I do worry, because even smart organizations like the Rays are apparently willing to overlook something as serious as rape in order to acquire a middle reliever. This is a really good article on why that’s complete horseshit: http://www.mrdestructo.com/201

  55. You really don’t like the Rule4 draft do you? Unless they pay Francisco half of what he is worth for at least a year and probably two, he will never return enough surplus value to justify the opportunity cost of foregoing the picks. It is annoying for fans, yes it is. But them’s the rules AA has to play with.

  56. Right on with Bedard and Harden; assuming the market for them is as weak as we expect (pretty big if…).

  57. Not sure Bedard and Harden were necessarily to be acquired to start. If the market for Harden is very weak, he could be interesting in the bullpen. Bedard is less clearly a good bet. But, if you got him cheap, you could consider seeing if his health holds up better in the pen, where lefty help would be nice, and he is always there to move into the rotation if a kid blow up or injury strikes. It is all about the price we have to pay.

  58. Right on with Bedard and Harden; assuming the market for them is as weak as we expect (pretty big if…).

    …And if you don’t want your home town baseball team to try for something better, sure. (Harden for a bullpen arm, I like)

  59. I think, realistically, the “better” this team can try for is already in the system, but not yet ready. Using Sickels’ recent Blue Jays top prospect list, I count 6 pitchers likely to make an appearance on the ML roster this year or next: Molina, McGuire, Hutchison, Carreno (I know), Jenkins and Crawford. 2 of those guys are already on the 40-man roster. The cheapest pitching solutions will involve finding affordable, short-term foils for these youngsters. Build an appropriately-sized wall for them to clamber over. I am sure they still think they are worth more than that, but to me Bedard and Harden, at this point, would make an awesome wall.

  60. He said Bedard for starting pitching and bump Cecil to BP (which is fine, Cecil’s likely getting very bumpable for the FO at this point one could guess). Bedard would be an interesting name, but why would you settle for him right now? You wouldn’t. The Org has money to spend, plus you have a GM who is very pro-trade with a nice warchest from which to try to temp other GM’s with towards getting near the exact kind of starting pitcher the GM wants to build with. In case we haven’t noticed recently, he doesn’t really build with sloppy seconds, eh?

  61. Should they trade for kc’s holland?

  62. I agree with what your saying in this post: “I think, realistically, the “better” this team can try for is already in the system, but not yet ready…etc” But, at this point, if he says they’re looking at finding a #2 starter, I assume that’s exactly what he trying to do. If he comes back to a Bedard or whomever at a later point, then he does because he can’t get what he wants how he wants it. He’s setting the course, not us.

  63. If AA does turn to Bedard as a 2nd starter, we will all know the end has come. But I don’t think AA is limited to any particular style – I think it is the purest pragmatism on his part. Some would call Escobar sloppy seconds… it really depends what you mean by that. I suspect interest in guys like Harden and Bedard, and I suspect it relatively early on in the off-season (as opposed to last week of Feb) because it is starting to look like AA thinks the line between marginal starter and effective relief pitcher is a market inefficiency. Is your relief market out of whack? Is Kevin Gregg costing more than Bruce Chen? Bring on the Bruce Chens when making a bullpen, if that proves possible.

  64. Wait, now BFF is advocating bringing back Francisco?!?! Haha that’s fucking hilarious. On countless occasions, when discussing the Napoli for FF trade, he’s referred to Frankie as a mediocre, subpar reliever (even in the face of proof that FF was one of baseball’s best relievers from 2008-2010).

  65. Obviously he’s not limited to a particular style. One of the things that make him so effective. Me personally I don’t really play the predictive game. I look at history and information in front of me. I’m not going to “suspect” his interest in Bedard or Harden, especially if it means saying he’s going to be on them “releatively early in the off-season”. Has he thought of them, you have to think he has. Are they his options #1,#2,#3….#9,#13, etc? I don’t mind read and I don’t pretend that I can.

  66. player a – 2011 FA closer who sported a .933 whip, who cost a first round pick, 5 years and 60 million.

    player b – 2011 FA closer who had a .914 whip if you take away one off month of july (more like one bad week). who won’t cost a pick, and likely won’t command more than 2 years and 16 million.

    player a is of course mike wilner’s favourite pig fucker jonathan papelbon.

    player b is Fransico Cordero.

  67. There’s no contradiction there.  Francisco is not worth Napoli in a trade, but he’s not worthless.

  68. My comment had nothing to do with evaluating the trade itself. Why would somebody be interested in a “mediocre reliever” for 5m+?

  69. Cute. You have this little line you call “mind reading”. You call AA “pro-trade” because he has done a few and claims to be pro-trade. But he has also signed FA relievers and sometimes claims to be interested in them now… is he pro-FA relief pitchers in general? Looking “at history and information in front of” it is what any mind considering potential future outcomes does… in a sense all thinking about the future is mind reading. Speculating on potential market inefficiencies or even transactions is not different from wondering aloud how good Player X might be next year.

    You, and all of us, most definitely do pretend that we can read minds minds. In a sense, that is the point of off-season discussion. The difference is only that you draw an arbitrary line in the sand and declare that things on your favourtite side of the line are different. Old school… and baseless.

  70. Why are you being so saucy in your responses to Lunchbox45? I see nothing in his posts that indicate anything more than a debate. Grow up, haha. 

  71. Yes, let’s only base a closer on WHIP. That would be smart. Let’s ignore Cordero’s whopping 5.4 K/9 and 4.00+ FIP. Or Papelbon’s 12.17 K/9 and 1.53 FIP. The worst part is you actually had to remove/cherry-pick a week from Cordero just to make your awful point.

  72. Saucy? The ” instead of just saying “oh bring in a #2!!!!!11″ ” line mighta tilted a little of my tone in that direction, sure. But, I think we evened it out pretty quick after that. He seems like a nice dude, and last thing I posted previous to that, I commented that I actually felt very likewise to one of his paragraph posts.

  73. @ Someanalyst

    I’ve been away from this topic for a few hours…Very simply, i’m not saying you’re better off signing Bedard because of whatever as has been recommended. The GM says he wants to acquire a #2 quality starter and Bedard would not seem to be anyones idea of that. Not all of us “most definitely do pretend that we can read minds minds”. He says he wants a #2 starter. I say Bedard isn’t that. The end. I say the GM makes moves out of nowhere. Often. I don’t say, ‘they should/will sign Bedard. See the difference?

    **Not being snarky, at this point**

  74. lol ok
    websites, bloggers, reporters all make a living off of rumours, speculation and discussing what fits for various teams.. thats all I took part in..

    Is Bedard the best pitcher I can think of this team acquiring??

    umm no, Justin Verlander is.. but thats not going to happen, its not realistic so why speculate..

    Bedard is available, cheap and when healthy, very good.. and best of all he comes with no commitment that will prevent the shitload of young arms from having to wait in the minors because he’s filling a spot.

  75. lol you’re such a tool websites, bloggers, reporters all make a living off of rumours, speculation and discussing what fits…instead, your theory of, oh dont name anyone, just see what happens is beyond moronic. keep drinking the koolaid.

    You do as you wish. If you want to say that xyz is doing this _____ when you have no idea, be my guest (which is what you did). All i’ve said is i’m not going to sit here and guess whom he is trying to acquire, which is my prerogative. He’s said he’s looking for a #2 starter which Bedard isn’t anymore. When you further expanded with more comment and wider language later, I concurred with that thinking, and said so.
    (Caught that before you edited it down) Thank you for the insult. Instead of being so quick to act tough behind the safety of the internet, maybe if you’d read a little better or just asked a further question, acting like a punk wouldn’t have been necessary. Peace.

  76. so then why come on websites like this and comment on the section board..

    realistically you can copy and paste this for ‘ All i’ve said is i’m not going to sit here and guess whom he is trying to acquire, which is my prerogative.‘ and just repeat that in response to any of the comments here.

    If that’s the extent of your depth, so be it, just not sure why you bother indulging in speculation and discussion in the first place.

  77. Because I made a comment way back when. It is clear and succinct and you keep hammering me about it dude, so I keep repeating it to bridge the gap. I don’t see the issue here. I’m not saying: ‘No not him, your wrong, This guy instead, i’m right’. I’m saying, I don’t think that would be the go-to guy he’s looking for based on his criteria. That simple. Assuming that wrinkle was worked out, I followed that up by saying: ‘Ya I agree with you. If whatever his plans are and they don’t play out, maybe he goes to Bedard as a starter’, though Bedard is no more of a sure thing for innings/quality than Cecil, Morrow, Alvarez.

    How does that make me an asshole who drinks kool aid? It was just a comment. No where did I see this has to be a game, of throwing starters names back and forth. You think I was shitting on you. I wasn’t. I thought it was decent discourse, up until recently.

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