The Euro 2012 draw is going on, and I can’t really focus on anything else at the moment.

Oh, who am kidding, I’m just a little breathless after Getting Blanked posted this picture from Sean Casey’s twitter. Swoon!

Oh, who am I kidding again. I’m obviously just deeply disturbed over this clear evidence of Bautista’s rampant steroid use. Amiright?

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  1. Is he wearing boxers under his board shorts?


  3. Someone should photoshop in a man in a white suit lounging on one of those deck chairs.

  4. Man, what a roid-head.  Here’s Colby Rasmus holding a peacock, if it makes you feel better (while we’re on the subject of random off-season player photos…)!/cyleras

  5. The guy on the right looks like Ricky Romero on the juice.

  6. That pic of Rasmus makes me feel so much better… I just don’t have a clue why that is… perhaps I secretly long to hold a peacock… I hope not.

  7. Finally the truth comes out! Bautista wasn’t doing the roids… Romero was doing them for him! Sneaky…

  8. Joey Bats is listed at 6′ and 195lbs.  Is it me, or does he not look even close to that weight in that pic?

  9. Didn’t Bautista just say he lost 15 lbs during the season?

  10. Ahh, that would make much more sense.  He’s looks incredibly svelte in that pic.  180 would be just about right.

  11. St Andrews?  Nice, I’m from Grand Falls.

  12. Cool. I always wanted to sleep with a girl from Grand Falls.

  13. Damn, so would I! 

  14. I have no idea why you keep conflating PED’s with steroids.
    Steroids are merely one of many drugs that athletes use to gain an advantage.
    Why do you think the new CBA includes HGH testing (as bogus as it is)?
    Don’t worry–your hero isn’t jacked on roids’. But don’t think that precludes Bautista–or any other multi-million dollar athlete–from taking whatever the fuck they can to gain an advantage.

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