I don’t know who Matt Loede is, but his byline says he’s the Indians beat reporter for Cleveland radio station 92.3 The Fan. And for some reason he’s the one telling us today that free agent first baseman Prince Fielder has narrowed his suitors down to three teams: the Jays, the Texas Rangers, and the Milwaukee Brewers. Loede also tells us that the Jays are in the lead for Fielder’s services.

I don’t know why the hell anyone would believe a thing like that (Richard Griffin of the Toronto Star doesn’t), but that’s what he’s saying.


And Jon Heyman of Boras Corp. Sports Illustrated tweets that the Jays, Nationals and Marlins are “seen as probable big spenders” at the Winter Meetings, which get underway officially tomorrow, but which have a tendency to start heating up the ol’ bullshit fires starting ’round about… oh, I don’t know… now?

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  1. For the record, Loede stole this from @IncarceratedBob last night. Those are his “reports”.

  2. I really want it to be true, but I doubt it.

    MLBTR hasn’t even picked up on it.

  3. This is more than likely Boras trying to stir up the market!  He used the Jays last year when no one thought they were going to spend.  With the stupid teams (NY, Bos) out for this round and even the Nationals burning money no really stupid team appears to be out there.  

  4. I see his tweets are protected. Can you post the original one? Does that guy have a record of being accurate/breaking stories?

  5. Wish it was true but no way Beeston and those cheap fucks at rogers would ever consider signing fielder. After all these years they’re still terrified of Boras clients even with AA in charge.

  6. I personally dont care about “value”.  I dont care about the fact that in five years, Fielder’s contract will be an albatros of Eellsian proportions.  What I do care about is that with Fielder in the folds the jays can trade Adam Lind and fill another hole, and that with Fielder and Bautista, Rasmus and Laurie, and (i’m calling it now)  Travis Snider , the Jays will have the best offense in baseball and a chance to make the playoffs next year.   The Jays owe this to me, I have been screwed over by them for over a decade now.

  7. I’m just going to pretend this will actually happen and live in Fantasy Land (a magical place where Toronto sports teams make the playoffs annually and compete for championships) for a while.

  8. incarceratedbob Incarcerated Bob 
    @Loede923TheFAN Dude why take my Tweet with out crediting me? Do u really want heat from #IBNGoonSquad - Retract it NOW! Or give #IBN credit

    incarceratedbob Incarcerated Bob **BREAKING MLB NEWS**Source: Prince Fielder has narrowed down his teams (Blue Jays / Rangers / Brewers) as of now Jays are in lead #IBN

  9. I’m wondering if there’s a chance that this is being lobbed around to – in part – get Ortiz to think a bit harder at what it’d be like to bat next to Bautista? 

  10. I for one hope to hell it happens. Man oh man, Joey Bats followed by Prince? Ouch. No more walks, just full time beast-mode for Joey Bats…

  11. Thanks!

  12. Here’s my theory: Fielder waits to see how Brewers talk with Reyes go, and will stay with them. Meanwhile, AA picks up Manny Ramirez to punish us.

  13. this just tortures you as a Jays fan as you know it wont happen. 

  14. Gotta think that if the Jays didn’t want Manny last year (when they passed on him despite his extremely low price tag and stated desire to play in Toronto) then they’ll definitely pass this year. I wonder if anybody will sign him, given how small the market was for him last year.

  15. i bet the indians or someone we’re totally leaving out because we assume they have no money signs fielder. just like the reds swooped in to get chapman

  16. haha heyman’s in on it now:

    #bluejays have plenty of spending $. They do appear to be in prince market. (side note: dad played there)

  17. I would love for this to be true but this organization is too half hearted in their proclamations to spend this kind of money.

    They seem pretty set on another hoard draft picks/see what happens type of year.

  18. While I doubt this to be true, I wish it were. Post-steroid-era big hitters are few and far between. I think Fielder has great value in the AL East and in the Jays line up. Plus, it’s not like Lind was a horrible LF, was he? It gives the Jays a number of options. Wasn’t there some talk (maybe more like speculation) that the Jays could move Lawrie to 2b and Bautista back to 3b?

    This lineup mashes with the best in the league:
    1b – Prince
    2b – Lawrie
    ss – Escobar
    3b – Bautista
    c – Arencibia 
    lf – Lind/Encarnacion
    cf – Rasmus
    rf – Snider?

    Signing Prince would also make the rumours about chasing a big-time closer make more sense. Throw Darvish in the rotation, and the Jays look pretty good. I still think they would be a year away, but having Fielder in place would make them a better team going forward.

  19. Everyone, everyear, ever: “This is Snider’s breakout year. I’m calling it.”

    Broken clocks are right twice a day.

  20. From Griffin’s latest blog: “Fielder is expected to challenge the mark of $252 million over 10 years set by Alex Rodriguez with the Rangers at the same hotel in Texas some 11 years ago.”

    Fuck me he is.

  21. Why would anyone doubt this? Adam Lind is as black a fucking hole as you can get at 1st base and the Jays have tons of money to spend. They also have Bautista in his prime. I mean maybe signing Fielder makes too much sense? And who cares what Griffin thinks? What does he know anyway?  Do people not realize that if the Jays were going after Fielder that AA and Beeston would never make a peep about it in any Q & A session? I’ve been saying the Jays would go after Fielder since the day the season ended…..he may choose another team but really it should surprise no one if the Jays make a run at him.

  22. I think the Jays are in on Prince.

    There are only 4 suitors I see.  No Cubs, as they are in a rebuild and don’t appear to be going big in free agency (I think they want to get lots of picks like the Jays have, and Fielder will cost one.  No Nationals, as Morse was solid last year, and they want pitching.  No Marlins, as they seem to be all in on Reyes, and would even prefer Pujols over Fielder.

    That leaves us with the following teams:
    Brewers – Fielder doesn’t really seem like he wants to return, aren’t offering all that much.

    Mariners – Not sure if they are fully committed on getting him, would be a good fit, but not sure if they are ready to win and are willing to offer all that much.  Would Fielder want to go to such a pitcher park either?

    Rangers – Seems like a great fit, but already with a big payroll, and them appearing to want to be in on Darvish, and them having to resign Hamilton.  I don’t think they will offer the most, but will be the best fit, and if Fielder wants to win, his best chance.

    Toronto – Say they have the money, and they have the need.

    I don’t think any other team has the need or proper fit.  The Jays should be at the very least one of the final 4.

  23. Incarcerated Bob on twitter broke this story at 12:54AM..here’s the proof this Loede character stole it. He has since removed his twitter account.

  24. I think they would just move Lind and throw in a prospect or two for a pitcher.

    EE will DH/1B, with Fielder playing 1B/DH.
    Lawrie will stay at 3B.

  25. I really don’t think Prince is that much of an upgrade.  During the first half of 2011, Lind’s numbers are: 67 games .300/16/52; Fielder’s (pro rated for 67 games) .297/16/52.  Lind then got hurt and the wheels fell off in the second half.  Fielder, post AS break .301/16/48.  If Prince signs with the Jays, how do management consolate Bautista’s team-friendly contract?  Fielder does have a better OPS, but I don’t think its worth the trouble.

  26. Agree that’s just not going to happen. First as good as he is, Fielder wasn’t in A-Rods class when he signed that contract. Second the number of teams that could spend that kind of cash are few and far between this year.

  27. Lind had a sub .300 OBP for his second straight year.

    To say Fielder isn’t much of an upgrade of Lind is one of the dumbest comments on this site, ever.

  28. I really hope they’re in on him him and Joey Bats would be unstoppable

  29. Prince would hit close to 50 homeruns at the rogers center and will get on base and not strike out like Lind and will take a fucking walk.

    If Lind works hard this offseason and learns to be patient. He could put up a year not to far off from Prince with a way better salary.

    AA talks about having the money to lock up young players unlike the Rays you have to belive if a 27 year old fat or not is hitting like that for six seasons and wants 20 million you would sign him.

    252 million Boras mind is the fucking clouds with that one. Whatever Agon’s contract is minus a couple of million will get Fielder.

  30. All I want for Christmas is Prince Fielder in a Blue Jay uniform!!!!  (and AA getting a good SP for prospects)

  31. St.Louis if Albert leaves

  32. No way in HELL AA is handing out a 10 year 200+ mil contract.  Ever.  Even as the “final piece” in his world series contending puzzle.  Especially not for a big 1B bat, when what we need are pitchers and a 2B. 

  33. If Pujols leaves (he won’t), the Cards are way better off moving Berkman back to first, thereby giving Allan Craig a full-time job in the outfield, and spending their spare money on Reyes, who fills their gaping hole at short.  Some have suggested that this could, in a vacuum, work out better than just re-signing Pujols, and not without merit.  Fielder never so much as enters the picture for them no matter what happens.

  34. Please don’t get me excited about this possibly happening. Idk if I can deal with this right now haha

  35. Agreed. If they were to lose Pujols they would most likely move the dollars into pitching.

  36. Whoever Loede and Incarceratedbob are, they’re not on my list of “reliable sources”. On the other hand -and this makes sense to me- Mop up Duty had a piece on Prince wherein it mentions Prince is “motivated  to reach levels his father did not”. What better place to do that than in Toronto? Makes sense to go there and lower your despised father’s record to  “also-ran” status. The time is approaching where any deal-if there is one- will go away. AA likes to close quickly for fear he loses his “plan B”. (note: the Rasmus deal)

  37. Kurkjian__ESPN Tim Kurkjian 
    BREAKING: Feilder signs with Toronto Blue Jays. Details to come
    6 minutes ago 

  38. Is this fucking true!?!?!?!

  39. !!!!!! only 5 years!? This could be good

  40. You’re close on the $$ but most reports (rumours?) have him asking for a duration of 8 years. Btw I’d assume the Jays would balk at any “no trade” clause. O Yikes…did they sign him already??!!!!

  41. but is likely a twitter hoax….

  42. Fake twitter account.

  43. I wouldn’t give Feilder $200m.

  44. Wow, whoever has that account deserves to fucking die.

  45. Tim Kurkjian  hoax 

  46. Whomever made that account is an ass

  47. Capital punishment for a fake twitter account? Extremist much?  ;)

  48. It’s funny…I really doubt the Jays are going to go after Fielder, but it’s interesting to see how much buzz there is on twitter etc from Toronto people about this (probably) baseless rumour. 

    I know Toronto fans likely won’t show up in big numbers again until the team competes for the playoffs, but I sort of get a lit powderkeg feeling from the Toronto sports fanbase about this.  If these rumours were actually true I feel like there’d be a little bit of Jays hysteria here.  Not that Rogers would be interested in that, I guess.

  49. Pujols might, no way Fielder does. 

  50. Haha

  51. Jesus, I was nearly orgasmic there for about 30 seconds. 

  52. I agree completely. Its funny, i keep changing my mind about this being a worthwhile thing, but ultimately i think not.  think what you could do with an extra 25 mill. You could put a good dent in most other needs… Keep Lind, get some nice SP, and whatever else. 

  53. MLBastion is in Dallas with Loede. Let’s see if he vouches for Loedes Source on this

  54. If you could only have one, Prince or Yu? 

  55. Just to illustrate my point, ‘Fielder’ is now trending in Toronto.

  56. Quick question, I got the Jays Fan Pass, does anyone know if they work in the playoffs or if you get first rights for playoff games?

  57. Prince.

  58. Prince, not even close.

  59. I’ll take Prince. They need to get the fans back and Yu pitches every 5th day. Plus they’ve got quality pitchers up the ying yang waiting for the chance. Oh, and lets not forget Joey bats lead the league in walks this year.

  60. Anybody able to make a case for yu? I say throw a truck load of money for 5 or 6 years at Prince (*cough Boras cough*) see if they can turn down 30 mil a year.

  61. On a side note, TIGER WOODS FIST PUMP!!!!!

  62. lol good for him even if it was a limited field. Hopefully make this coming season a lot more interesting now that a few guys have emerged from the pack, especially those that bad mouthed him when he was down.

  63. Griffin said Overbay would sign a contract for 8 million per year last year. he ended  up with the Pirates for 5 million and was DFA’d later to resurface with the diamondbacks.

    I would be shocked if Fielder got more than 20 million per year unless the Jays offer him 4/100

  64. Fielder will get 6 years no matter who signs him , no idea why you people are shouting out these 4-5 year deals…6-7 years at least 140-160 mm but i guess well see soon enough…

  65. Possible. Jays could use Ortiz for 2 years to protect Bautista

  66. brewers already offered 6/120 if you believe reports.

  67. Thats why signing ortiz to a 2 year contract at Bautista’s annual salary would make more sense. this gives the jays a shot at playoffs in 2012 & 2013. If I was Rogers, it would be a cheap way to gauge how the fans react to a pennant race. If you have 30K plus in August & Sept plus an increase in tv ratings, it easily justifies the 25 million it would cost for 2 years.

  68. And they should sign Pujols to protect Fielder. 

  69. enjoy sub-.200 bavg during april and probably may…hopefully he can warm up with the weather at his old age.
    $30 million bucks on an old fat guy, instead of landing a young fat dynamo? you’re crazy
    what a terrible idea. oh, and to cap it off, the sox get the jays’ top pick!

  70. The draft pick is the big thing… I can’t understand why people in the media keep linking Ortiz to the Jays. The idea of surrendering their first-round pick to a division rival should make all other factors irrelevant – as soon as the Red Sox offered Ortiz arbitration, the possibility of him signing with the Jays (presumably) dropped to zero.

    BTW, Ortiz had a .768 OPS in April and a 1.080 OPS in May last year… not too shabby.

  71. Most absurd comment I’ve read in a long time. You cannot compare fielder and lind

  72. Why do people keep calling fielder old? He’s a year older than Lind. Bautista would hit do much more with prince behind, let alone what prince himself would do. He could get us playoff ball in the next 2-4 years. Worry about the back end of the deal later, when playoff contention has us at a higher payroll and attracting better players.

  73. it was his walk year…the three years prior he was basically the worst player in the league until some point in may. in 2008 they thought he was done for good….he was already old.

  74. Just regular season pass

  75. I would like to see Ortiz in a Jays uniform.

  76. Younger then Lind isnt he

  77. It’s kinda hard to guess what Prince will sign for – I don’t think anyone will give him $200 million but if one team gave Werth $126 million – fuck who knows.

    I’m guessing Fielder is going for 10 years $200 million while his best offers in terms of total dollars will be more like 8 years and $160.

    While I think a $200 million commitment to Prince would be insane, I’d go as high as 5 years and $130 million. The $26 million AAV would be one of the highest in baseball and the Jays would have Bautista/Prince at $40 million for the next 5 years if they wanted. That’d be fucking fine by me.

    The one reason I could see Prince doing something like this is because he is only 27. If his goal is to make $200 million from now until he retires, his best shot might be taking a shorter term, higher AAV contract and re-exploring the market in his early 30′s where, if he is still productive, could maybe land 4-5 years between $60 – 100 million.

    Of course, I’m sure Prince would want an opt-out clause after year 3 which maybe makes this a moot point…

  78. Bautista + Gaston/Murphy = Darvish + Farrel/Walton/Mathis

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