Things are already starting to happen at baseball’s Winter Meetings in Dallas, and I don’t just mean Jon Heyman of SI doing the dirty work for Scott Boras, putting the neither confirm nor deny Jays in on just about everybody. Like Prince Fielder! Again!

The Jays have plenty of spending money, he tweets. And they “do appear to be” in the market for Prince Fielder.

Oh, and it isn’t at all suspicious that superagent Scott Boras, who Heyman is believed to be quite cozy with, represents Fielder. Doesn’t serve the interests of Boras to grow the perceived market for his client by throwing a team with a no-comment policy on all rumours and untapped financial resources into the mix, right?

He also wants Albert Pujols to produce his birth certificate, because “skepticism abounds” over his real age, for what that’s worth.

But at least Heyman isn’t just taking his reports from @IncarceratedBob, who supposedly (I can’t tell because his tweets are protected) had the “info” about the Jays and Fielder that Matt Loede passed along, uncredited.

And it’s infinitely better than the ass clown posing as ESPN’s Tim Kurkjian, using a double underscore to make his account look that close to authentic, making up fake deals, tweeting them out with no hint of a wink, then trying to claim it’s all in good fun. What an idiot.

Meanwhile, Maury Brown of the Business of Sports Network and lookin’ way cooler than I expected Maury Brown was tweets a picture of the MLB Network set that’s already up in the hotel lobby in Dallas. Oh yes, people are arriving, and doings are transpiring.

We’ve also got Buster Olney of ESPN, tweeting about the reinstatement of Manny Ramirez, who he thinks will get a non-roster invite to Spring Training from someone– though he’s all but certain that you can rule out all of the National League and most of the American. The only teams he sees who might have interest: Tampa, Baltimore, Seattle and (yep) Toronto. MLBTR has the details.

And Jon Morosi of Fox Sports tweets about the suitors for CJ Wilson, mercifully not including the Jays among them for once.

Bluebird Banter looks at the Jays’ history in trades, free agent signings, and Rule 5 picks.

Kenny Ken Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports thinks the Jays will “almost certainly” submit a bid for Yu Darvish. Well… yeah.

And Richard Griffin tweets that “for those that don’t believe” the Jays are in on Yu Darvish, Alex Anthopoulos was swarmed with cameras by Japanese reporters as he strolled the lobby of the Anatole Hotel where the meetings are being held.

Armadillos give you leprosy. No, really.

Joel Sherman of the New York Post thinks the Yankees won’t break the bank on a pitcher this winter because they want to have a $189-million payroll in 2014, which will be the new luxury tax threshold. He also mentions a new mechanism in the CBA designed to keep clubs in large markets, like Toronto and Washington, from receiving revenue sharing dollars. Fair enough.

In the same piece, Sherman says he feels “organizations like the Marlins and the Blue Jays” will “dominate the Winter Meetings.”

We shall see…

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  1. I hope AA shows up to the meetings with a mask and a gun.

  2. Griff just tweeted that the Japanese media was already swarming AA as he walked through the lobby. Gonna be a fun week.

  3. So they’re going to ask him if he’d post on Darvish in January? News at eleven.

  4. “Bluebird Banter looks at the Jays’ history in trades, free agent signings, and Rule 5 picks.”
    Unconfirmed: Longest article ever.

  5. Baseless speculation (tis the season): we still haven’t heard who won the bidding for Nakajima. That kind of thing usually comes out pretty quickly; it’s been a day and a half now. Kinda gives the sense that whichever team did win the bidding must be very tight-lipped and avoid leaking info to the media.

  6. That’s completely insane!  Armadillo’s can give you leprosy?  That’s gotta be the 2nd most surprising thing in this post.  
    The most surprising, Jays attempting to sign Fielder, it just seems too far fetched even for the rumour to be half true.  Damn agents and fake reporters using Toronto as a heel yet again.

  7. Hide yo SP’s and hide yo 2b!

  8. Well AA could be in on a few of these guys if the dollars and term are just stupid not crazy stupid.  All it takes is a Nationals or Marlins to offer a contract that makes no sense and they would be gone like most other teams.  The Jays don’t have a new ball park to fill or an owner that can spend to impress other rich people like when asked where he summers he says well it depends on which year it is our 57 homes are all special to us! 

  9. Except the Jays do have an owner that can spend…

  10. Tyler Kepner of the NYT has a piece about why teams make bad deals in free agency, with quotes from a few AL East GMs (Cherington, Cashman, Anthopoulos):

    He basically says that if you sign a free agent, you’re doing it because you offered the most money, which means no one else valued the player as much as you. So right away, you lose roster flexibility (that term has come up a TON this offseason, already) because in theory, if you tried to trade that player the next day, you couldn’t. He also says he would like to do what Texas did and not sign a big free agent until after they’re a proven contender.

    I’m sure that’s less of a factor on short-term, low-money contracts, but you can clearly see how much he wants to avoid signing a major free agent.

  11. Griffin: “Anthopoulos on Fielder rumour: “From a media or fan standpoint, with me, if something leaks it’s usually inaccurate.”"

  12. That makes sense except if it’s coming from Fielder’s people.

  13. I dont think Fielder will  end up with the Jays but that quote from AA does not stop   the rumour dead .

  14. $20m per year for Fielder is basically 6,000 increase in attendance per game over the season taking the average up to 28,000 and each fan spending $40 on game day including ticket .

  15. I don’t want the average to climb to 28K. The 500 level walk-down for $7.50 would be compromised. 

  16. Thanks for the info about armadillo’s.

  17. This is ridiculous.  I don’t come here to read medical information about rodents.

  18. not a ‘no’

  19. I’d love to see the Jays add Reyes, Fielder, Votto and some SPs (Wilson, Buehrle,?)along with a CP or two (just not Rauch and Francisco).  Escobar would play a great 2B. But it’s not my money, of course.  There’s lots of return on these investments with all the empty seats in the Rogers Centre to be filled, the former Hard Rock Cafe awaiting a new tenant, lots of channels to show the games, and new jerseys to be sold.  So I won’t be surprised if more than half of what i want actually happens, disappointed if not.  It’s time to rock the MLB and do 4 or 5 deals at once, a mix of trades and FAs.  We’ve got a GM with the smarts, a Prez with the balls, an owner with the loonies, and a paid-for stadium with lots of empty real estate.  Oh, and some rock-solid roster players right now, etc.

  20. You read about Papelbon here sometimes, don’t you?

  21. I doubt AA would leak any interestin Prince Fielder. This is probably Fielder’s agent trying to raise the offer price for Fielder. The AL teams can offer him money because he could play DH & 1B whereas in the NL , he is limited to 1B. If the report from Cleveland is true, it’s between the Jays & Rangers. In the AL east no one needs/affords  a 1B other than us. Brewers offering 6/120. Jays could get him for 125 m…

  22. Digested into a graph with colourful lines.

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