Welp, this is what a no comment policy gets ya. After hearing rumblings all day that the Jays are going to be big spenders and maybe even in the lead on Prince Fielder (not that anyone should have been gullible enough to believe them) we now get former Toronto Star writer Geoff Baker, now of the Seattle Times, who tweets that the Jays are “making it known here in Dallas that they are NOT after Fielder.”

So… there’s that. Y’know, not that anyone should be gullible enough to believe it either.

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  2. “now of the Seattle Times”

    The Mariners are also in on Fielder.  Less purported interested results in lower prices (in theory).  Am I the only one seeing this?

  3. wow a thread based on one tweet?

  4. I think it’s stupid if they aren’t at least kicking tires. Mediocrity 2012 I Guess.

  5. Well then, Fielder to the Jays confirmed. I already have him pencilled in to the #4 spot. On a possibly related note, I have an absolute rager.

  6. we can’t have fielder and votto anyway

    (and lind, cooper and teahen)

  7. Jeff Baker’s just never met AA… he doesn’t know that AA always make it seem like he’s denying interest in a player whenever he has to comment on individual players.

  8. Bingo, but wouldn’t Fielder be aware of any offers from all the teams? If a team is serious they will make an offer.

    What’s up with the Marlins. Jeff Loria was cheap when he owned the Expos, now he signs Jose Reyes & Heath Bell.

  9. Of course Geoff Baker is saying this…Fielder’s not white! #WhiteJays

  10. Getting Adam Lind out of the line-up has to be worth $60 million by itself.

  11. Does this denial make it more or less likely that we’re trying to get Fielder?

  12. Unlike Rogers, he’s gotten tired of mediocrity I guess.

  13. Marlins got a free stadium, that’s what’s up.

  14. Right, so White Jays is reporting on the Blue Jays. That’s some credibility right there.

  15. Hah.  Going to be like this all week.

  16.  Rogers got one that was practically free for them. Didn’t change much.

  17. did you expect any difference…… they will not spend the money PERIOD

  18. What if he was one of there young players they said they would lock up at 27 and a hole at first base now we know they will never spend the money.

    Romero is leaving the jays once his contract is up.

  19. Take your meds Guy.

  20. They also might be getting jail time.

    But hey, Jose Reyes!

  21. It feels like the Blue Jays are going to do absolutely nothing at these meetings…. resulting in a segment of the fanbase completely losing their shit about the inactivity (God willing, I’m not one of them, but hey…), and then a week later BOOM: Jays win the posting bid for Darvish and AA trades for Bailey and Ricky Weeks in seperate deals.

  22. I went to high school with Geoff Baker in Laval, Quebec. He was a straight shooter then.

    Logically speaking, it would not be in the Jays interest to say they wanted Fielder because it would raise the price.

    AA made a last minute offer to Bautista, so why would he telegraph his moves in Dallas?

  23. I am shocked he was able to get Miami to spend 600 million on a stadium for the team. The leak of the financial statements showed that they were profitable using the equalization money.

    Loria did spend a bit of money on free agents when he first bought control of the expos, but not to this extent. Loria signed a guy they called the big fat toad, a pitcher named Irabu.

    That new stadium is supposed to have a retractable roof for warm days.

  24. …And it’s a tweet from the author of the vaunted “White Jays” hack job no less. I’ll wait for more credible sources before deciding either way what the fuck is going on thanks.

  25. Since when has AA made his true intentions public anyway. You know he’s looking into it and saying he’s not interested. If Fielder would consider Toronto, AA is gonna listen 

  26. Let’s not compare Rogers to Jeff Loria, please.

  27. it’s unkind to loria, yes.

  28. Until Fielder signs with a team, this isn’t going to stop anytime soon.

  29. Everyone who pisses and moans about big bad Rogers….
    Do you think there is some saint out there like Balsillie that would be willing to buy this team and up the payroll to 150 million?
    I for one, always stood and applauded Ted Rogers when shown on Opening Day, because no one was even sniffing at the team when the Germans wanted no part of it and he came to the rescue.

  30. there’s more people talking about Fielder in and the blue jays in Toronto right now in this bar then ever before.

    Rogers you must know this Fielder could very well bring in those fans you keep dreaming about.

    They sign Prince or not AA has to be thrilled with the Jays talk in Toronto oh though now he could have people turn on him even know he’s not interested in Prince and never said he was.
    thanks CBS Cleveland.

    People around Toronto really seem too. No Maple Leafts talk I like it.

  31. More fans for sure alot of talk tonight, love it.  Love talking Blue jays

  32. You seem drunk Conner. Go to sleep.

  33. fielder in toronto = bautista hitting 50 bombs for the next 3 years at least

  34. Yes, but which bar?

  35.  Nobody’s criticizing Ted Rogers…just the cheap corporation that he built that isn’t willing to spend to win.

  36. Hopefully Reyes deal gives AA room to snatch Hanley

  37. …Wasn’t he basically already doing that? 54 & 43.

  38. Hoops.
    This Guy and no not that fucking Guy on here but some other random guy says he would go if AA brought Fielder to Toronto he says he goes a couple times but would get a pass.
    Doesnt mean everybody would but it’s generating buzz.

  39. Do I think Prince is worth 20 million no, but that’s what Tex and other big bats make.
    I dont know I’m all for them signing him, 20 million a year wont kill this franchise they have the money he’s young 27 postion of need, sorry Lind.
    Do it AA.
    We need a Prince to pair with a king, home run king see what I did.

  40. I thought Prince already turned down 120 for 6 years offer by the Brewers?

    Interesting pic above too.
    I thought Cecil and Prince were estranged because of Cecils problems.
    And what’s with Cecils shoes?
     They look like size 18.

  41. I think Cecil was a consultant/pseudo agent for him when he was drafted and signed with the Brewers.

  42. It’s funny you’re not referring to me

  43. I assume if the Jays signed Fielder it would be to play DH, with the odd day at 1st. With Fielder’s body it makes sense to keep him off the field as much as possible.

  44. Sigh.  

  45. Good article in FanGraphs this morning on what Jose Reyes needs to produce over the course of the next 6 years for the Marlins to get good value on their investment. Doesn’t seem too big of a stretch to say the Marlins made a good deal. Of course time will tell but it should give those folks who say all long-term deals don’t bring any value to a club at least a reference point before pulling  such statements out of their ass. Be interesting to see Fielder’s case applied to those numbers even if he does sign elsewhere. 


  46. fingers are crossed…

  47. As of fight now, 9 people like that you have a raging boner….  uhhhh, make that 10…. :)

  48. This particular denial doesn’t make a difference, but if you’ve paid enough attention over the long haul, it appears that the Jays have never been seriously interested in him.

  49. I’m well aware of Rogers’ cheap nature and general unwillingness to sign top players, yes.

  50. If you go to Baker’s twitter, all he tweets about is the Mariners getting Fielder and how they can afford him.  He also rules out the Rangers for Fielder.  

    So according to him, I guess the only team that wants Fielder is Seattle…

  51. And if AA is making it so known, why is Baker the only one reporting/tweeting it?

    You think there would be a lot more reports on that.

  52. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Jays do make an offer to Fielder. But I don’t think they’ll get into a bidding war. If they do make an offer, it will be one of those: this is what we think he’s worth. This is what we’ll offer. Kind of like how they do the draft. But we’ll see. I still think they need a top of the rotation starter more than a middle of the order bat. I’d personally be scared of Darvish. It’s a lot of money to pay for someone who has no MLB track record. You’d have to really, really, really trust your scouts to risk $100 million. I know that all players have question marks. But that seems like an awfully expensive question mark.

  53. I mean the only Japanese player who’s lived up to the advanced billing was Ichiro. Sort of Matsui maybe, He was good. Not “Godzilla” good. But good. Kicked our ass all the time. But still. No Japanese pitchers been all that great really. Doesn’t mean it can’t happen. Just means it hasn’t happened yet….

  54. When the Astros move to AL in 2013, how much more interleague play will there be? I’d imagine that would take away a few at bats from the DH only types. 

  55. I’m sure Stoeten will post on this, but Blair wrote about what AA actually said.  That is, essentially, that Fielder wants 10 years and the Jays won’t sign guys to 7 or 8 year deals.


  56. They’re not interested in Prince because they’re about to lock up Pujols.

  57. Nomo??

  58. As far as I’m aware, rather than have a team not playing every day, they will instead have an interleague series always playing (an odd number of teams in each league necessitates this). So every team would have at least two interleague series every year. Probably more.

  59. Who is more repetitive and irrelevant at this stage in their career? Brad Fullmer Fan or Peter Keating? Don’t answer that.

  60. There won’t be more interleague, there will just be an interleague series going on somewhere around the league at all times.

  61. Takashi Saito has been better than “all that great really”…

  62. Via MLBTR:

    The Cubs’ interest in Pujols is viewed skeptically, while the Blue Jays are “believed a potential player.”

  63. I think Pujols rumours are falsified, but for some reason I think there is something to the Fielder rumours.

    I’m just setting myself up for disappointment…

  64. 5 years 130 million could get fielder, it would make him the highest piad player ever,  and fits witht here young and no 6 year deals model.

  65. highest piad player in a year. over 25 million  ayear. is what your saying right?

  66. A-Rod makes $27.5 mil per year on his current deal, so if you want to give him a record breaker it would have to be 5 years for more than $137.5 million.

  67. So no wonder why Pujous wants 30 million a year.

  68. not you that guy, just guy that guy

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