I really fucking thought this summer’s Man In White nonsense had been put to rest.

Yes, the Jays have regularly been accused of sign stealing. Yes, some opposing players thought they saw something fishy going on in the outfield stands at Rogers Centre. Yes, an exquisitely cherry-picked group of Jays players had some extreme home-road splits in 2010. But no, the statistical “evidence” did not demonstrate anything close to where the authors who wrote the piece about it were trying to lead us– and they knew this, judging by their asinine cop out conclusion paragraph.

The Jays’ supposedly-damning 2010 spike in home run rate on contact was almost exactly the same as one in 2006, as seen by ESPN’s own damn graph in the ridiculous original piece– did they stop cheating for three seasons, or is this “smoking gun” just a reasonably believable outlier? The piece brought up several players with extreme home-road splits to “prove” something fishy was going on, but did precisely zero accounting for the many other Jays who saw no such spike or were better on the road– and it did so because, as any grade schooler could recognize, once you acknowledge that it kinda blows a giant fucking hole in your thesis.

Done, right? Not so fast.

Leave it to the dimwitted Peter Keating of ESPN The Magazine to reopen this can of worms with a new post, complete with a big ol’ picture of Jose Bautista, following up on the accusations and looking at data from the now-complete 2011 season.

“In 2011,” he writes, “the Jays’ power edge at Rogers persisted at a lower level through the first half of the season, then all but disappeared — around the time that other teams started making news for changing up their signs in Toronto even with no men on base. By the end of the season, there was nearly zero difference between how Rogers affected home and visiting hitters.”

Wait a minute. You’re saying an outlier regressed to the mean? Alert the papers!

“To be sure, a whopping home-run-on-contact rate gap could be the result of a home team adapting to its environment successfully. And a fluctuating park factor could result from chance,” Sherlock fucking Holmes continues. “Still, the numbers are odd enough that they deserve further investigation.”

Great! Let’s take the two fucking seconds needed to investigate!

Jose Bautista put up crazily fucking near-identical numbers at home (.305/.454/.609/1.063 with 20 HR in 72 games) as he did on the road (.300/.442/.607/1.049 with 23 HR in 77 games).

Case dismissed!

“But Bud Selig has let the matter slide. ‘We never received a formal complaint from any of our clubs regarding this,’ MLB spokesman Pat Courtney told The Mag,” Keating writes. “Asked how many formal complaints from clubs MLB got about players named in the Mitchell Report, the commissioner’s office declined to comment. “

Oh, fuck you, Peter Keating.

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  1. I don’t know how ESPN continues to get away with putting complete crap like this on their website and in their magazine.

    Is it because they probably don’t have to answer to a lot of Jays fans since I assume very few live in the USA?

  2. They need to have a reason that the Yankee payroll is huge in the comming years and half the team has a walker or rascal scooter sitting beside them!

  3. I for one find it hilarious that ESPN is trying to antagonize the Blue Jays with such shitty evidence, and at the same time they’re trying to claim they couldn’t act on the Bernie Fine story.

  4. ESPN is garbage….its nlike the TSN of America….wait a minute? Di d I just say that right? Oh, who fuckn cares. They both suck ass

  5. Yep.  That would be one huge steaming pile. 
    Peter Keating needs to shoot himself out of a fucking cannon & into the sun. 

  6. false : Jays man in white

    true : Peter Keating talking shite

  7. Take a good look at this guy Keating…he looks like the ultimate white knight .

    “Amy…oh my dear Amy look at meee, I believe you…. maybe now you’ll have sex with me”

    Or maybe he’s just really fucking stupid, but with those glasses on I doubt it.


  8. Gotta ask the question.

  9. ESPN’s next special report is on the conspiracy of when the wind blows out, there are more home runs hit.

  10. 17.6 million x 6 years isn’t that bad for Reyes and without a NTC. Yunel’s contract just keeps looking better and better though.

  11. Yunel vs. Reyes
    Yunels about a year-and-a-half older.
    Reyes has 12 more rWAR.
    Last three years Reyes 8.9 rWAR and Yunel 6.5
    Last year Reyes 5.8 to Yunel’s 4.4

    Reyes is an All-Star calibre player but Yunel seems to be the more valuable asset going forward. 

  12. Hey Peter Keating, how about shutting up about this story unless you find some actual concrete evidence, or at least add something new to your argument and address all the counterarguments that were brought up in the summer.

    I can’t believe ESPN lets this guy produce this pathetic excuse for journalism. Certainly doesn’t reflect well on the company when they don’t hold their ‘journalists’ to a standard at least slightly higher than this shit.

  13. Also: what the fuck is up with Jacoby Ellsbury’s power surge? Shouldn’t we be accusing him of  eating some HGH infused chicken wings or some shit like that?

  14. Story for the sake of a story. People need jobs, case closed. Nothing worth getting worked up about.

  15. Built his wrist strnght with video games added weight with fried chicken and relaxed more at the plate with a couple of beers that’s the recipe for Jacoby.

  16. strength

  17. 1 for curveball, 2 for fastball

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