Calling it information that “only adds to the series of conflicting reports about the Blue Jays’ payroll intentions in 2012,” Jeff Blair of the Globe and Mail reports that Peter Greenberg, the agent for Jose Reyes, confirmed today that Alex Anthopoulos was inquiring about his client before the shortstop signed a $106-million deal with Florida.

What? So maybe when the Jays started talking yesterday about having a budget it wasn’t just about pissing off countless mouth-breathing fans and trying to undercut their own damn ticket sales? Maybe there’s some gamesmanship going on here, and bumbling club representatives didn’t just inadvertently blurt out– multiple times and to no real purpose whatsoever– a PR hand grenade? Weird.

So… there’s that.

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  1. Interesting. 

  2. AA inquires on EVERYONE

  3. What a horrendous logo.

  4. AA inquires about everyone. It doesn’t mean shit until they actually sign someone.

  5. Not really that crazy, AA seems to inquire on everyone , doesnt mean he intended to sign them. Probably just wanted to gauge the price he was going to get.

  6. The only thing better than the “So…there’s that” comment, is reading how much some people hate it.

    Keep it up!

    Oh, and I’m not sure what this Reyes inquiry means, if anything.

  7. A couple of weeks ago someone on the Real GM message board had wrote something along the lines that:  ‘a friend who works with the Jays told me that A.A. really, really, really likes Jose Reyes but that the team wasn’t sure if Reyes would consider moving up North’.    Same poster said that his friend told him the Jays are definitely interested in Darvish (Surprise!!). 

    (So…there’s that). 

  8. What’s up with that new shitty Marlins logo? Christ if I didn’t hate the Lorias enough already.

  9. Floating out “payroll issues” could possibly be a strategy for the Yu Darvish bid.  With a one-time sealed bid, there is an advantage to making it look like you can’t bid that high.  With a true free agent, there is no such advantage.

    Also, on a semi-related note, Darvish is the only player on the market that immediately opens up new revenue streams regardless of how he performs.  The others (Fielder, Pujols, Wilson, etc) only work out financially if the team wins…which is no guarantee (see Werth, Crawford, etc). 

  10. It’s just hard to figure what this means.  The kneejerk response is oh AA inquires on everyone but everyone knew he’d require a 100M contract.  If there’s no way to afford it, why even inquire?

  11. or, and most likely, the jays inquire about anybody, and even if they pretend to be bidding on reyes, they are more likely just feeling around to see what his value is & see if maybe they can get a steal as they do with every player (free agent or trade) in all of the majors.

    shocked you didn’t mention that part stoets, you usually do

  12. As you said he inquires about everyone. So big whoop. Nothing wrong with asking the agent to ballpark what the player is looking for. I am sure it all goes into their analysis and decision making process for determining the value of all the players they are looking at.  No point in trying to find value in the market if you don’t know what market prices are.

  13. everyone inquires on anyone who’s relevant. not doing your job as GM if you don’t.

    i mean i really hope you’re right but unless there’s an actual offer with a dollar figure i don’t put any stock in it.

  14. Interesting to see the breakdown of Reyes contract. Lots of back loading. I read an article somewhere (FanGraphs maybe?) a few weeks ago about teams with new parks and their payroll levels 2-3 years after it opens. I am pretty sure the article said the payroll levels were back down or below where they were before the new parks opened. If that were to happen with Miami it could create another interesting fire sale like they had after they won the WS.

  15. BOOM! You nailed it.

  16. Reyes’s agent said he’d go 4 years at 12 mill per in Canada, but unfortunately sent it to Beeston via e-mail. Sad face! =( 

  17. IIRC, AA said that if he’s going after a starter, he only wants to
    pursue a top of the rotation type player?  Is there anyone clearly
    available other than Darvish that fits there?  I tend to agree that there’s a strategic component to how AA discusses available money – he’s too careful in choosing his words to think otherwise.  Obviously there’s now way to know with certainty, but history points to him pursuing a legit high end talent if he says that’s what’s needed and signs point to the money being availble for Darvish, moreso given the savings on a closer.

  18. These “parameters” comments HAVE to be a ploy. AA is the fucking Michael Corleone of the Winter Meetings. 

  19. So is anyone else out there like me: When is Billion dollar Rogers going to give the Greek Geek the go ahead to hang a serious set of wrinkled balls out there and drop some serious caviar on a Jose Reyes or Phat Albert!!?

    They did it back in the early 1990′s,(Jack Morris, Dave Winfield, Rickey Henderson, David Cone setc.) we want to contend……..look at the Marlin’s of Southern Florida of the Metropolis of Miami..,,Loria showcasin’ a huge ballsack. They draw 53 people per game and everyone would prefer lawnbowling to watching baseball. Fuck me gently with a chainsaw.

    I know, know, stick to the gameplan…..but we got to drop some cheddar sometime wouldnt you think!?

  20. It just strikes me as more than a coincidence that “payroll parameters” are being mentioned now when the tone has always been spending wisely at the appropriate time.  There is wide speculation that Darvish could be posted after the Winter Meetings.  I have a feeling this is an attempt to deflate the bids of teams that think the Jays will bid high on Darvish (I expect the Yankees to make a significant bid, perhaps the Rangers too).

    I could be wrong and this could be a significant change in strategy as a result of the CBA changes.  But I’ll wait to see how the Darvish bid plays out.

  21. I get the impression that AA wants conflicting reports and rumors floating around about the organization to confuse other GMs. If everyone thinks that management is limiting their spending, it might allow them to strike when no one is paying attention.

  22. For all we know this may be a case of the Jays just checking on everybody.

    But something isn’t quite adding up in terms of the upcoming payroll.  Sorry – but I still think the fact that AA was one of two GMs to actually go to Japan to watch Darvish is telling.  I can’t imagine how you justify that trip if you know your ‘payroll parameters’ make acquiring that player impossible.  Call an agent – sure?  But to fly to Japan?  No fucking way.

    Blair must have found this notable enough to write a story about it.  He was going on today about how disappointed he was to hear the Jays talking like a mid market team.  This clearly has puzzled him, at least.. and he’s pretty plugged in, I’d say.

  23. Agreed.  Things don’t add up.

  24. If he checked in on Reyes, then he has money to spend. 
    It’s his job to check in on trade candidates, but to suggest it’s his job to check in on free agents outside his price range is utter bollocks. Would Andrew Friedman be failing to do his job if he didn’t check in on Pujols?

    If the story is true, then AA has broader payroll parameters than the baseball world was led to believe.

  25. look guys, i get that the jays are calculating and all, but the conspiracy theories are getting to be pretty entertaining. I’m just not buying that Anthopoulos and his team intentionally planted the term ‘payroll parameters’ in an interview on day one or two of the winter meetings to make other teams feel like they wont need to bid as highly for the Darvish posting fee.

  26. I think AA’s policy of not commenting of rumours is making way bigger, worse rumours.

  27. I think it merely had more to do with AA doing Beeston and himself a favor and clearing up any misconception (created by Beeston) that the Jays were going to be big spenders this winter. By leaving out the all important caveat of more attendance = more payroll back in October and earlier in January, Beeston created enough confusion for most of us to assume we’d start seeing some of that payroll gap filled in this winter.

     Sure it caught them some flack but it would have caught them more flack and worse PR if he had said that back in January especially after asking fans to go through another rebuilding season. I don’t think people were realistically expecting the payroll to jump right to $120 million this winter but an increase to $85-90 million range was probably safe to assume. I guess in the end the old adage of not assuming anything is still a safe bet.

  28. Also @James:disqus
    … I agree, waiting to see about the Darvish bid (and maybe the broader offseason) is the only sensible play here.  So much of the criticism seems to be that move X doesn’t PROVE they’re going to spend money.  Given how methodical AA is, it’s clear he has a plan for when and where he thinks it’s best to spend money.

    Sure, you could spend money on a free agent closer, but is that an efficient place to spend given the current market and other possible means of acquisition?  At some point the money will need to be spent for AA & Beeston to remain credible, but IMO there’s more time on that clock. 

    The Darvish bid seems a good fit for money to be spent – there’s no similar talent available via free agency, and the cost via trade for even secondary talents (Gonzalez, Danks) is astronomical.  There’s an argument to be made that acquiring Darvish, whatever the cost, is the most efficient means to get a top of rotation talent in this market.

  29. Its been widely written and known for awhile that Jays resolved (read AA resolved) to do their “due diligence” on every player possible since they missed out on Aroldis Chapman. This is why they’re rumoured to be in on every trade possiblity and/or FA out there. 

  30. There is really only 3 options that I can see to explain this

    1) AA casually, but repeatedly, misspoke and gave the wrong impression that set off alarm bells with Griffin, Blair etc.  That’s certainly possible.  In that case nothing has changed and we move along

    2) The Jays have indeed decided to break from their public stance of spending wisely at the appropriate time.  Absolutely possible.  The new CBA isn’t very friendly to the Jays.  Maybe something has shifted at Rogers that isn’t publicly known.  Lots of reasons are possible for this to be true

    3) The statements are of strategic value.  AA rarely misspeaks in such a repeated way and the evidence (such as interest in Reyes) shows they actually do have money to invest if they so choose.  The only advantage that I see from such a public statement would be in the one-time sealed bid on Darvish.

  31. Big fucking deal. Reyes shouldn’t be anywhere near the top of our priorities, AA just doing his due diligiance.

  32. If the Marlins lose out on Pujols, and then turn to Fielder, then this has all been moot anyway.

    They’ll give him some ridiculous contract that the Jays wouldn’t have matched even if they had decided to go all in this offseason.

  33. slow news day for the jays, this.
    something has got to be brewin.

  34. Thats what I thought all along. 8 or 9 yrs would be absurd.

  35. awesome

  36. I think the team’s policy of not commenting on trade rumours/specific players/payroll is a direct result of JPR’s foot in mouth fuck ups during his tenure. 

    Memo to all Blue Jays front office staff: If a reporter asks about a specific player the answer must always be the same: No fucking comment

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