Holy shit, Mets. Really?

Um… was JP a little bitter? Didn’t want to talk about his former gig? Couldn’t mention “his” Blue Jays while he was within earshot? Just a total cone of silence around anything to do with the team he ran for eight years, or however long it was?

I’m gonna go out on a limb and say probably. Because apparently nobody in the Mets front office watched a single fucking Toronto Blue Jays game last year, as Ken Davidoff of Newsday tweets that, in addition to Jon Rauch, the Metropolitans have inked Frank Francisco to a two-year deal, pending a physical.

Another draft pick, baby!

And, OK, Francisco was pretty fucking solid in the second half. I’ll give the Mets that. Still… wow.


So… there’s that.

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  1. Morosi says Francisco is getting $12 million over two years… sheeeeesh.

  2. Heard Ervin Santana might be available if the Angels land CJ Wilson. How much would it take to get him? Is it a good idea?

  3. Stoeten, “So…there’s that” is the perfect epitaph for you.

  4. If they liked Rauch and Fransisco, they must LOVE Cecil…….AA see what you can do..

  5. So there’s that indeed.

    Wank on, JP, wank on. Think they’ll trade for EE next? Oh, I know, they’ll trade for Thames. That would solve the LF problem.

  6. My gut says FF will be solid but I read 12 mil. That ish is bananas

  7. I just sent you a bazillion tweets, I’ll fuck off with that in the future. I’m pissed about this Santos trade. It makes no sense to me. Why let a decent pen guy like Franky go to get a draft pick and then fucking trade arguably your number one prospect. I mean the hope in every draft is to draft a guy who would be as good as Molina. So, why the fuck would you trade him for a guy, who has a similar makeup to the closer you had, that you let go for a mystery draft pick!!!

    Only way this trade makes sense is if the Jay Sign Fielder. Only fucking way.

  8. Yes, because we all know that every prospect that gets hyped is going to be a STAR. 

    My Snidey senses are acting up again.

  9. This is silly. Is JP Riccardi so lazy that he watches what AA did last year & just signs players who the Jays rejected?
    Francisco & Rauch will do better against NL hitting, but from the numbers I saw Santos is better than both of them

  10. Take your meds. There are like a million reasons the Santos trade made sense for the Jays. You can read about them on a number of websites (like this one!) if you’re unable to figure them out yourself.

  11. Maybe JPR hasn’t read the CBA yet and thinks he’s following AA’s lead on draft pick amazingness

  12. Fransisco is making 12M for the next two years, Santos is making 8M~ for the next 3 years. Santos is also much better, and have control of him for next 6 years… 
    Yea Molina is a sexy prospect, but we have lots of bonnerific pitching prospects. It was a fair trade.

  13. JP figures it worked well for AA so why not? Course it’s just like JP to be two years late to the CBA and to not quite grasp the strategy.

    In all fairness, I doubt the Mets let JP decide anything.

  14. Cecil for Murphy.

  15. Thames for Wright.

  16. Molina is also, arguably, your number six (or so) prospect (I don’t think anybody’s claiming he’s number one; Sickels has him number two, but may amend that downward), and Santos may wear similar makeup to Franky, but that’s about all he has in common –  he’s way cheaper, way younger, and he’s a much better pitcher.  And they get a pick.

  17. I bet they let him evaluate and advise them on college pitchers, for one.

  18. Another thing I like about Santos is that he pumps his fist after saves.

    We need that swagger.

  19. Hey guys, Last time I remember a minor league prospect being swapped for a current major league prospect was when the Jays traded Marcum for Lawrie. Now who do you think got the better of that deal. I honestly don’t see how anyone could justify trading an A prospect for a relief pitcher with 2 years experience.  And btw Santos is 28 and Francisco is 32. So Santo’s is not much younger.

  20. Trollin? Or do you really think nobody else has traded prospects for established MLB players in the past year?

  21. Pissed off makes me pissed off!

  22. It was a fair trade in the same way Lawrie for Marcum was a fair trade.  I’m totally being that guy I hate right now on blog’s like this, but I think this was a god awful trade. If I’m trading a prospect like Molina, I want the return to be a guy like Joey Votto. The Jays have the #2 or 3 ranked system in baseball, and they just traded arguably their number 1 for a fucking Closer, who use to be a SS that they got when they trade O-dog for Glaus. I can’t dig it.

  23. “So… there’s that” has become a tick as annoying as the guy who sucks on his teeth to get the tooth-jam out. 

  24. Hmm, what about Halladay for three pieces of crap.

  25. Pissedoff does have a point, but the team was already down on him about not being ready for spring training and the subsequent injury, and getting the picks for him was always an important option when acquiring him, etc.

    We’ll just have to wait and see where things are going to go before completely judging the trade and non-Frank signing. 

  26. NEWSFLASH! 4 years is a big age difference.  Especially in professional sports.

  27. I get your point but you cant be serious about trading Molina for an NL MVP.

  28. Marcum was a sell high before his arm fell off. I think most were relieved to see him gone rather than locked up to a long term deal. Molina just shot up the prospect rankings- the only way he can go is pretty much down from here after AA/AAA/MLB teams get a book on him. I just mean, there’s a high chance he will struggle at some point.
    GM AA is selling as high as he can (while still as a prospect). You can’t argue with selling high as a decent principle.

  29. Newsflash! Closers that don’t blow their arms out early on usually have long careers. I.E. 42 yr old Mariano Rivera.

    I actually trust Franky lasting longer then Santos right now. Santos has been pitching for two years. How long til he blows his arm out?

  30. I didn’t say straight up

  31. I didn’t say straight up

  32. Hahaha what? So you think Frank Francisco will last longer than Sergio Santos from this point forward because Francisco is currently older than Santos? Seriously?

  33. You are out of your mind.

  34. Drabek, D’Arnaud and Gose won’t ALL be pieces of crap. 

    I say two good players and one mediocre player/piece of crap.  

  35. Here is the counter argument to my point. It seems that Jays have prospects that shoot up in the rankings and then they trade them. I.E.” Oh hey Zach Stewart is as good or better than drabek” Blam! Traded to the white sox. Maybe the jays are paying off talent evaluators and sports writers to Trade Prospects. It could be a good strategy….. Give Kevin Gray a follow on twitter and see what he thinks about the Molina Santos trade.

  36. Ew look at those black uniforms and toothpaste T.

    Thanks, Godfrey.

  37. See what Keith Law thinks. Or what R.J. Anderson and Kevin Goldstein think. Why do you consider Gray’s opinion more influential than any of those guys? (note that of the four, Gray is the only one who isn’t paid to evaluate minor league players)

  38. you just changed the parameters of your entire argument.

  39. I trust Frankies arm more at this stage in their careers yes. Although, I do like Santos body type. Usually guys he size hold up a little better.

  40. Agreed, but just remember that Gray may very well be the only one of those that actually saw Molina pitch live.

  41. The difference between hitting prospects and pitching prospects is not small. 

  42. Well, I don’t really care that much about the trade, because I realize that prospects don’t work out all that often.  The last Jays’ top prospect to be a very good player?  I can’t think of the last one.  Romero is good, but everyone had written him off.  JP is pretty good.  
    However, I thought Frank was damn good the second half of last year.  Did they think he couldn’t repeat that?  Frank would have cost a bit more money.  So, is Santos plus a mystery draft pick (maybe decent, maybe not) and a couple of million savings worth Molina and Frank, essentially?  (assuming Frank would have resigned).  I don’t know, probably not since they claim not to care too much about the money.

  43. Why does everyone assume the Jays could just sign Francisco at will? Like he didn’t have a choice or options? Even if they matched the offer he still might have left. No?

  44. True, and Gray isn’t the only person who really likes Molina (see Sal Fasano, John Sickels, etc.)… but the point is that there are some who like him, some who don’t. Dude was acting like it was a foregone conclusion that Molina will be a top-of-the-rotation starter someday… but lots of talent evaluators doubt that he’ll even be a starter. There’s no such thing as a pitching prospect ( http://www.baseballprospectus…. )

  45. Haha. I’m done with my rant now. No matter how many different directions I went with this argument, my main point was this.

    Why would you let a perfectly capable closer go for an unknown draft pick, to trade your number one prospect for a somewhat unproven reliever. (banking on a guy with two years experience is a huge risk.)

    Anyways, g’night all. Thanks for listening.

  46. Dear Cubs fans,

    Your team sucks. The reason it sucks is largely to be found at the top of you payroll. Rumours you’re after Pujols and Fielder make me glad to see you never learn.

    Here’s to another century of futility!

  47. That wasn’t what “dude” was saying. Go read a Mike Wilner blog out of it. He bows down to all the Jays move. I bet you’re a big Snider fan too. Not that there is anything wrong with that…. :P

  48. I’m not saying it’s an automatic win for the Jays either, just that it was a sensible trade for both sides. For what it’s worth, I was more excited about Molina than most people and was really hoping to see him with the big club this year. But Santos’ upside is tremendous and he’s already shown he can be effective in the major leagues (his slider was rated as the best out pitch in the MLB: http://espn.go.com/blog/chicag… ), and he’s on an incredibly team-friendly contract. I just think the upside is undeniable, that’s all.

    BTW, the “dude” wasn’t meant in a derogatory way or anything, it just felt weird referring to a person as “PissedOff” :P

  49. If you are trading for Votto you would have given up D’Arnaud, Gose, Molina, plus another high ceiling pitching prospect. And you would only get 2 years of control over Votto (yes likely you would spend the big bucks to keep him, but its no guarantee that he would sign on).

    In this trade we are giving up 6 years of control of a good pitching prospect, who is not ranked well above a group of 9 OTHER guys (Hutch, McGuire, Norris, Sanchez, Nicolino, Woj, Syndergarden, Cardona, Jenkins, ect.), for 6 years of control of a closer with a contract under market value. At some point you need to improve the big league club, and trading prospects while their value is high is a good way to do that. Remember these guys are just prospects, I bet half of those guys I mentioned will flame out and result in nothing, getting a closer with that friendly of a contract is worth it due to the depth our minor league system has.

  50. So, last year against Stanx, RSux and the Texans, the Sanotizer (he cleans it up, get it, ummm, sorry), in 8 appearances, 8 innings, 0 ER, 7 saves, 8 Ks, and only 1 BB (none to Sux or Stanx, you know, the patient ones).  Sooo, obvious small sample alert, but still encouraging. Strangley, his worst stats were against the A’s, the Mariners and (not so suprisingly) the Tigers.  But, A’s and Mariners?????? 8 appearances, 9 and 2/3 IP, 8 ER, 9 BBs, but 12Ks and still 4 saves.

    And, way, WAY, better stats on the road than at home, so maybe the Cell held him back. Get the fuck out of Chi and away from that twat Joe Cowley.

  51. Wow, I looked at the 2010 Santos stats also – his home/away splits are really telling over the 2 years running.  OPS+: 87 (away, 55 IP) vs. 112 (home, 59 IP), WHIP: 1.175 (away) vs. 1.40 (home) and ERA: 1.30 (away = WOW!) vs. 5.13 (home). BAFFLING, but hopefully that is something the Jays saw as a factor in targeting Sergio.

  52. I have a personal theory that, because of the restrictions in the CBA on draft spending and international spending, we’ll see the value of known prospects increase (ie – a player that would cost you three prospects now may cost 2 in a year).  Kinda unrelated, I know.

    Regarding a Votto trade, the comparable would be the Texiera trade (from Texas to ATL)… that netted Texas 3 guys who were at one point considered top-100 (Including Feliz & Andrus)  and Saltalamacchia.  Two other players were also included (total of five).  I don’t think what you’ve posted there would be too far off the cost.

  53. Frank gone gets them a draft pick, no?  Good as gold with the new CBA.

  54. You’re a fucking idiot. Period.

  55. Pure speculation, but one factor that may be behind some of those home/away split numbers: weather? It can get down right ugly in Chi sometimes (remember the shit storm during Ozzie’s final game). Just a hopeful thought that the dome maybe be juuuuuussst right for Serge.

  56. “ If I’m trading a prospect like Molina, I want the return to be a guy like Joey Votto.”

    …and this is where I stop reading anything you write. EVER.

  57. that’s not bad actually. Cecil might excel in the NL after playing in the ALeast. Would the Mets do it?

  58. He never said straight up. I actually think he makes some good points here.

  59. What about bj Ryan?, I think he blew his arm out

  60. I think the Francisco signing is a good deal for the Met’s at 2 years and $12 million.  I think he will have a big year in the NL and for $6 million that is not bad.

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