Holy shit, is tomorrow night’s key Jays drama about to be tidily resolved early? It is according to a tweet from Jim Duquette of MLB.com, who suggests that the team he ran during the 2004 season, the New York Mets, are “close” on a one year deal with Jon Rauch.

Rauch can’t exactly accept arbitration from the Jays if he’s already signed on to play for the Mets, so his signing would ensure that the Jays get themselves a compensation pick. And before you go wondering, it makes sense for Rauch, too: the deal he’d get through arbitration with the Jays would be non-guaranteed– he could be cut at some point next spring and the Jays would only be on the hook for about a sixth of his salary– while the Mets will have to pay him the full amount of whatever he signs for regardless of if (or, let’s face it, when) they cut him.

Frankly, if there’s any sort of kernel of truth to this one, and Rauch’s representatives are already out there, looking for deals, it would seem rather likely that he’s not going to accept the Jays offer, eh? Draft picks, baby! Er… draft pick. It wasn’t worthless after all! THANK FUCKING FUCK!

So… there’s that.

RIDICULOUSLY QUICK UPDATE: Now Duquette tweets that it’s a done deal, pending a physical.

Oh shit! They’re gonna find out about his right arm shittiness! Curses! It’ll queer the whole thing!

Still, what a gentleman, that Mr. Rauch. *wink*

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  1. Well done on all the content, Stoeten. Much appreciated.

  2. Holy shit.


    That is all.

  3. http://www.fangraphs.com/stats
    Holy fuck Bill James is generous.

  4. Hahahahahhahaah. Was a draft pick worth dealing with his shittiness all season long? Probably not. But good riddance, have fun Mets.

  5. I can’t believe Santos’ average salary for the next 3 years will be significantly less than Rauch’s last year.

    That’s a slight upgrade.

  6. Yum Yum….We love draft picks!!!!

  7. Not only does Rauch get a guaranteed deal for 2012, he’ll probably make more in 2013 pitching in the NL in 2012 than he would have pitching for the Blue Jays in the ALE 2012. So everybody benefits.

  8. Santos’ WAR last year was exactly the same as Rauch, Francisco, Camp, and Molina combined.

  9. Not to mention Santos doesn’t suck.

  10. I Don’t think we have to worry… right arm shittiness doesn’t tend to show up on MRIs for some reason… 
    Thank Goodness and all that is holy (or unholy, I may have sacrificed a goat to get rid of this curse) that the Rauch in Toronto era seems to be over… with a draft pick to pay for it!

    And thanks stoeten for the ridiculous amount of content you’ve been crushing out the last couple days. Putting Parkes and Fairservice to absolute shame. Hero Bud. Hero.

  11. He peed next to me at AMC Yonge and Dundas once. I wondered who the behemoth standing next to me was until I saw that garish neck tattoo. I was gonna tell him how shitty a pitcher he was but then I remembered his anger management problem when he went all Andre the Giant on that umpire. Safe to say I probably saved myself a black eye.


  13. Stoeten, I appreciate all the posts per day. It’s hard to keep up! Do you get a bonus based on number of posts per day?? Keep up the good work.

  14. Holy Shit! someone actually want him!!! how did that happen??

  15. Dude, I just laughed my ass off…

  16. 38 IP in 37 appearances?

    I’d say James projects him to be nailed to the bench, more like.

  17. Lol, how did he get 3.5M again… seriously.

  18. MLBTR says the Mets are completing a 2 for 1 trade that will net them another reliever.

    Daniel Murphy for Cooper and Perez??  

    Maybe JP wants his old draft picks back.

  19. Mets about to do a 2-for-1 trade.

    I hope it is Murphy coming to the Jays!

  20. mlbtr says the Mets and Giants are trading.

  21. It has been a very good day for the Blue Jays bullpen with the addition of Santos and the subtraction of Rauch.

  22. Frank the tank going to the mets too

  23. And now the Mets have signed Frankie McFrankFrank Two Franks San Francisco for two years.

  24. Now all the Mets have to do is trade for Jason Frasor and they can rule Bartertown.

  25. I, for one, will miss Frankie Franshitshow. Rauch? Not so much.

  26. pretty reasonable deal for Frank 12m over 2 years

  27. That is awesome, Frankie and Rauch UNITE!

  28. Well there go two good veteran bullpen arms.  I don’t like this Sergio Santos kid they brought in today, he’s not even 30 yet.

    I suppose Camp will be the closer next year.  Camp, he’s not bad, but with nobody to set him up how many saves will he get?  And that’s the name of the game, really: saves.  Saves and RBIs.

  29. The Mets will be targeting Brian Tallet next.

  30. I cannot abide this denigration of Jon Rauch. He gave me one of the truly enjoyable moments of last season. That fucking Phillies meltdown and ump-attack was E P I C. Long may you run, Jon, long may you run. And, we look forward to your 18 year old fresh-faced replacement come June; we shall name him – Too Tall.

  31. True, that was one of my favourite moments from the last season too. It just about stole the show from Roy Halladay. Anger management issues were Rauch’s greatest asset to the Jays’ 2011 season. The denigration may now resume.

  32. We’ll get back to you in 3 years. Hey there was no way they were going anywhere last year anyway…but yeah, the guy really did sh*t the bed……

  33. Sorry about my misplaced Jon Roach comments

  34. Hope the Mets fan enjoy him…

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