OK, so this is nothing different than what we heard this morning, but I think it’s still relevant that the feeling out there remains that Kelly Johnson is “giving serious thought” to accepting the Jays’ offer of arbitration. This time it’s Jon Morosi of Fox Sports who tweets the information.

The fact that Johnson has yet to sign a deal with another club is, indeed, a little peculiar. I mean, for fuck sakes, If Jon Rauch can do it…

We’ve been talking about it in the office here, and to me, the only reason I figure that he hasn’t signed a deal elsewhere yet is that such a deal isn’t out there. Given some of the middle infield shitbags who’ve received guaranteed deals already this off-season, I have a hard time believing that’s the case, but what the fuck is the other possible explanation?

So… there’s that.

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  1. Well……shit.

  2. So, provided he accepts, that’s what? 5 picks in the top 50 come June?

  3. Blair and Davidi have tweeted that AA is saying there’s a ‘good chance’ they retain KJ.  Maybe an extension in the works.

  4. (edited. I see the ol’ disqus has some issues taday)

  5. AA confirmed to the media that there’s a “good chance” Johnson comes back.

  6. NO!!!! go away!! we need pix!!!

  7. Could this just be other GM’s trying to cut off AA’s supply of draft picks?  Waiting until after KJ has made a decision on arbitration maximizes the chances he’ll accept, and with numbers like KJ’s recently, the incentive for any individual team to swoop in and snatch him up isn’t huge.

  8. Apparently the Marlins have offered Wilson a 6 year deal.

    Jesus.  Good luck with that.

  9. They’re giving him Prince’s money.

  10. It doesn’t make much sense to me that he would pass up an opportunity to be a free agent in a year where he is the unquestioned best 2B available. In fact, there are no other real free agent 2B options available at all…. But what the fuck do I know?

    If it happens, hopefully AA can work out a longer term deal with him so as to mitigate the loss of the two compensation draft picks.

  11. I’m ok with with Johnson coming back, but I would rather have the picks. What could two top 50 picks get in trade (after they are signed and the proper amount of time has elapsed so they can be traded of course)? Betting this deal is favourable to the Jays, and includes a club option.

  12. thats my count…cept I think its the top 65.

  13. haha.  Yeah, look for the Jays to pass on the savings from not signing Fielder or a high priced closer and give them to KJ.  5 Year $185 million contract.  Book it.

  14. Maybe he’ll be decent.

  15. He’ll be getting 5 picks in the first 65 this year and he’s got a ton on the way already. They should see him through til they sign another CBA. Keep in mind also that provided he stays withn the draft rules and pool amounts, he’ll be picking just as many as all the other teams in the next 5 years.

  16. 65. Word. Somebody gave me bad info. I hate to fire anybody before christmas, but hey. I hope it was Richard Griffin.

  17. If Johnson comes back, I can only assume it’s on a lengthy team-friendly contract. I’d be surprised to see a one-year deal. 

  18. Johnson must not like the contract numbers he’s being offered. Likely going back on the market in ’12. ‘Er make that ’13.

  19. I’m OK with KJ coming back, even for a reasonable 2 year deal.  Fact is that we have no viable 2nd baseman in the minors, Valbuena is no sure thing, Mike McCoy scares the bejesus out of me as a starter, and what else is there on the market?  Unless AA has something else sneaky in mind (I think you underestimate the sneakiness!), KJ and and his decent OBP should start at 2nd for us, then we move on to starting pitching. 

  20. Second basemen are the red-headed step children of baseball for whatever reason. Teams go apeshit wasting money on John Rauch’s when they could get a decent second basemen for the money the Mets spent on Rauch and 2Franks.

  21. For the record, Kelly Johnson doesn’t do anything for me and I’d rather see someone else at that spot, but I hope I’m proved wrong…

  22. KJ must be coming back as AA would not make a comment like that unless it was a cert  , only thing to be decided as length of contract

  23. Fuck off.

  24. Somewhat surprising & the 2 picks would’ve been nice – but I think having K. Johnson back is a good outcome for the team. 

  25. Fuck the picks, we don’t have a 2b and KJ is what we need! If he’s even close to his 2010 self we are golden. These 2 picks people are salivating over won’t be thought about until 3 years from now, half of you old tards will be dead by then.

  26. Why don’t we want Johnson back again? Is this a shiny new toy type of thing?

    Since the market sucks, we can’t just grab another second baseman for cash only, we’d have to pony up prospects for a quality player which would nullify the value of getting extra picks in the draft. 

  27. One positive thing is that the Jays have filled needs at closer and 2B with without hitting payroll much at all, and at the expense of only one prospect.

    If the Jays want to go hard after a valuable starting pitcher now they shouldn’t have too much of a problem digging up trade bait from the minors.

  28. ‘So… there’s that’ has lost all meaning for me this week.   

  29. One of the interesting tidbits from AA yesterday was that he mentioned he’s not trading any of his top prospects unless he can get similar control in years over the player they trade for.  Have to wonder if that is the case, then who could he get? You’d think that would limit his options by quite a bit.

  30. what’s wrong with this?

  31. its my take that we dont want him back because he sucks

  32. I’d rather have a serviceable second baseman than two random picks. Sorry prospect pornographers.

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