Same story different names. Last night it was reported that the Boston Red Sox had won the bidding for Japanese free agent shortstop Hiroyuki Nakajima, which seemed odd, given their crowded infield picture, and led me to speculate that perhaps they simply bid high to prevent someone else from getting him.

Today we hear, from a Ken Rosenthal tweet, that it was, in fact, the Yankees who have won his rights. They are, of course, not in the market for a starter at either shortstop or second base, but an upgrade on backups Eduardo Nunez and Ramiro Pena sure as shit couldn’t hurt, so maybe it’s not quite so dastardly as if Boston had scooped him.

Rosenthal adds that Nakajima strongly preferred the west coast, and it will be interesting to see if he’s willing to play on east coast in utility role with the Yankees.

Jon Heyman tweets that the posting fee for Nakajima was about $2-million. Pretty low. I guess if anyone (read: the Jays) wanted him they could have pretty easily got him– which leads me to believe that they didn’t. Award-winning analysis, huh?

So… there’s that.

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  1. The Yankees are such gigantic fags.

  2. This is shifty. Those fucks in NYC are up to something. Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, Ned Colleti is shitting his pants because it looks like Eduardo Nunez and/or Ramiro Pena are available. 

  3. meh.

  4. I really can’t imagine any Japanese player being posted and merely signed to a utility role. Unless he’s paid stupid money by the Yankees, I can easily imagine him turning down the offer without being guaranteed a starting role.

  5. I wish this wasn’t making me laugh as much as it is. 

  6. This is absolutely a reaction to the lack of quality middle infielders.  Merely the case of the yankees adding a utility guy so that they can get a return on their current inventory. 

    perhaps something bigger is in the works involving one of these guys. 

    i hate the evil empire but this move gives them options… savy cashman. 

    here’s to arod breaking a femor.

  7. The “so… there’s that.” shit is really fucking annoying.

  8. agreed

  9. No it’s not bitch.

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