And the hits just keep on coming, this time from Susan Slusser of the San Francisco Chronicle, who tweets that two sources have told her that the Jays are “in” on A’s left-hander Gio Gonzalez.

Ahh, but don’t get too excited just yet. Slusser adds that there are 12 teams supposedly talking to the A’s about Gonzalez. And MLBTR’s headline on the matter tells us that the A’s are unlikely to trade him before the Winter Meetings are though.

It’s tough to get a good read on how an A’s pitcher can translate his success outside of Oakland’s crazy pitcher’s park, but there are a couple of red flags. Gonzalez has “only” been worth just over 3 wins in each of the last two seasons, with jumps of nearly a run in both FIP and ERA when on the road. And he walks a lot of guys– 4.44 per 9 innings for his career, with a K/9 rate of 8.59.

A nice, young, innings-eating starter controllable through 2015, to be sure. But maybe not someone I’d want to see the Jays give up the farm for.

UPDATE: Jeff Blair of the Globe and Mail tweets that he has heard the same rumours as Susan Slusser, and adds that the Jays could be part of a three-team deal. Facilitate away!

So… there’s that.

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  1. Not worth the asking price. Home/road splits and walk rate are horrendous.

  2. We turned a guy with extremely similar splits in to a reliever, and then traded him for Rasmus.

    A’s are overrating him, he’s not worth a top prospect..

    If they want Thames, Cooper, then fine, but otherwise, def a pass

  3. I’d rather them target Cahill. Ground ball guy with improving strikeout rates.

  4. I feel like it would be very un-Anthopolous to go after a guy who has 12 other suitors.  Sounds like the price would be pretty high.

    AA seems to target these off the radar guys we didn’t even know were available.

  5. Brett Anderson for me. more risk, way more reward. absolutely nasty slider which just ripped his elbow to shreds.

  6. Because media reports on AA have been soooo accurate. Like whatshername would know.

  7. He would be the most ideal but hes injured right now. Plus they probably want to keep 1 of those 3. Cahill is young and improving

  8. Hard to believe anything off the Blue Jays hotstove these days.

  9. I don’t care for him. His stats aren’t that great against the AL-East

  10. “Oakland wants at least two of a team’s top four prospects for Gonzalez, plus some middle-level minor-leaguers” (susanslusser). HAHAHAHAHAHA NO

    Jeff Blair hears that there could be a three way in the works.


  11. According to this article the a’s want 2 of 4 top prospects in a teams system. Yeah right. AA isnt going for that.

  12. His stats aren’t that great on the road, period. The guy is shit. Brett Cecil kind of shit.

  13. I love 3-ways!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Philly also reported in.  Blair tweets Jays might be in, possible 3 team deal.

    my brain wildly says:
    - Prospects to Oak
    - Gio & Prospects to Philly
    - Hamels to Tor.


  15. Three-way of Gio to Miami, Hanley to Toronto, and Drabek + Snider to Oakland.

    Let me dream!

  16. If I’m the Jays I offer Thames(from the bay area), Jenkins, and 1 of those lower level catching prospects like Perez for Gio. I’d up the offer for cahill though

  17. Gio Gonzalez is pretty much the same as Edwin Jackson.
    I don’t know why you’d trade prospect depth for a type of guy that you can get on the free market without much competition. If the Jays aren’t in on Fielder, then there’s no pressure to make a deal for a middle rotation starter when the team will want you to give up top of the rotation talent for it.


  19. Phillies would want D’Arnaud back.

  20. He’s no John Cerutti.

  21. That’s a very high BB rate for such a bad division. I really hope AA knows what he’s getting into, because I’ve never been much of a fan of Gio.

  22. if it means adding hamels, you have to do it I think

  23. I’d think an extension would have to be part of it.

  24. To Toronto: Hanley
    To Miami : Gio
    To Oakland: Snider + Beeston

    Works for me!

  25. Yah if the Jays want to give a bunch of middling guys like Thames, Cooper, Jenkins – fuck I’ll even throw Drabek into that mix even if he has elite “stuff” – and then the Jays wanna move Gio & Lind for Bumgarner & Huff (salaries are basically a wash) – sure, go for it.

  26. Gio’s numbers on the road last year were fine.

  27. He’s a good pitcher, I seem to remember him getting very unlucky last year and ot was in his head a bit. When he’s right, he’s a very solid pitcher and can be dominant. I like that he’s a lefty and his upside. 2 top prospects might be a little lower on then top 2 on Jays farm … no harm in exploring this

  28. LOL.  

    I don’t think Hanley works.  He wants out bcs he wants to play SS.  Escobar is superior at that position, and we all just kind of assume he can play 2B.

    I don’t think Hanley is a target at all, especially if Johnson accepts.

  29. and declining walk rates, and his previous two seasons results were largely driven by outlier babips. he’s still young, but as bff said re: gio – increasing BB% is not good to see in a hall that big.

  30. If the Phillies trade Coal Hammels,  FanSince09 wins!

    I think this could be mutually beneficial.

  31. With only one year left of Hamels, I think they would have trouble convincing teams to add prospects when they’re also getting Gio (who despite being someone I, and many other Jays fans, want no part of, clearly has some value with the number of teams in on him).

  32. Wilner mentions Jemile Weeks in his blog post about AA still looking for a “core 2B” (and KJ to left field if he accept arbitration).  

    Perhaps this is the target and not Gio?  Or part of a 3-team trade with Weeks coming to Toronto and Gio heading elsewhere?

    Weeks certainly fits the profile of a guy AA would be targeting at least.

  33. opens up possibility/necessity of Escobar trade – and/or Escobar to 3rd, Lawrie to LF.

  34. Maybe it’s more along the lines of the Edwin Jackson deal…pick up an over valued (but still wanted piece) with out wealth of prospects and then flip for a 2b?

    Also to @yahoo-UWGIBYZO4C5NZZHCQTGDYON7UA:disqus  do you really want a stud like Lawrie mixing it up in the OF where so many things can go wrong, he plays balls to the wall and can break a leg or roll and ankle too easily out there.

  35. Gio Gonzalez

    Home: 2.70 ERA Away: 3.62 ERA
    Home: 3.33 FIP Away: 4.00 FIP
    Home: 3.51 xFIP Away: 3.99 xFIP

    While these stats show that he’s “fine” on the road, it also shows he’s more of a #3 starter, especially if he were pitching in Toronto and not that mammoth Coliseum.

  36. Agreed While I think Gio a good pitcher to me he is no more than a number #3 pitcher in the AL East. Look at his stats vs the East other than Toronto the last 2 years. Not very pretty.

  37. Joel Sherman on Jonathon Niese:

    #Bluejays r other team joining #Redsox #Padres #Rockies pushing hardest for Niese #Mets

  38. He would be the last young pitcher I would target. Looks like a #4 starter to me

  39. LF – Lawrie
    3B – YEscobar
    SS – Han Ram
    2b – Whomever

    is much better than what they have now, even with the defensive downgrade to accomodate a primadona @ SS.
    Also, how can you say LF is more risky/difficult to play than the hot corner? That is contrary to every experience I’ve had playing the game, and the perception i have of seeing far more 3b go on the DL in the MLB each year than LF.

  40. Christ now I am hearing Toronto is among those teams pushing hardest for Neise. I sure hope if what AA says about rumors involving the Jays is true for either of those pitchers.

  41. Before all the stathounds go crazy against Gio Gonzalez’s road splits and stats vs. the AL East, keep in mind he’s a 26 year old LHP with a plus fastball, a good breaking ball, and a developing change. There’s still upside left. He shouldn’t command a Garza-type return though.

    I think we need a post to argue about Gordon Beckham. Brady tweeted yesterday that he has a very educated prediction the Jays 2B will be Beckham or KJ, so when AA came out today talking about KJ being able to play LF too I assume that’s what he was driving at. Also, Blair tweeted that he’s heard from a Sox source that they might require Snider.

  42. Gio can be be damn filthy , just all depends on what we give up ,  id rather him replace Cecil for the second lefty in the rotation behind Romero , i dont mind that rotation of possibly Romero , Morrow/Alvarez,  Gonzalez , Morrow/Alvarez , McGowan/Drabek/?

  43. Pretty sure Beane has said everyone is available on his team, except Weeks.

  44. His walk rate has been all over the place. Same set of concerns as Gio since new Shea is also cavernous, plus questions about consistency. 2010 his K rate went up over the year, and then 2011, it was back down before spiking up again.

  45. If KW deals Beckham for Travis Snider Reinsdorf should fire him on the spot. Can’t believe he’d do that unless there’s a lot more than Snider.

  46. Keri tweeted that he thinks Niese is better value than Gonzalez..

    What am I missing on Niese?  He numbers looks sort of pedestrian to me..

  47. 4.40 ERA for a pitcher in a pitcher friendly park in the NL translating to the AL East doesn’t bode well imo.

  48. Beckham-Snider…tough…they are both FAs in 2016.
    Might be a decent challenge trade. Is anyone counting on Snider for anything at this point, anyway?
    Would be hard to see him succeed elsewhere, is all.

  49. Has anyone mentioned Domonic Brown? He’s out of favour and with a three team and prospects flying around he might land in TO especially if Thames and Snider geet flipped. But what the fuck do I know.

    Keep up the good work Stoeten and Commenters.

  50. “So, there’s that.” Best tag line since “Fuck off Parkes.”

  51. Steadily improving K/BB ratio, year younger than Gio, will require less to get.

    I think both of them are not very interesting. Some people love Gio, which I don’t get from the times I’ve watched him pitch.

  52. thats terrible.

  53. How is adding HanRam without losing any of the ‘core’ terrible? Other than what I said: terrible defence up the middle? Besides, it’s not like the Yankees were hurt terribly by having a guy at SS that can’t range left the past 15 years.

    The point is moot since i doubt the marlins have any intention of trading el nino.

  54. The 2B situation is getting really cloudy with all these other potential trade scenarios being thrown out there. Didn’t AA say he didn’t expect much to happen until after the meetings?  If he was serious about KJ in left, then for sure one of Snider or Thames is gone soon.

  55. u can keep ur Hanly..he’s all about Hanly

  56. yes but the yankees didn’t have a perfectly good shortstop to begin with

    by all accounts, hanram doesn’t want to play 3b, he didn’t say he has to play SS..

  57. I think AA should trade Cooper and some other guys we don’t want for CC Sabathia and Robinson Cano, but Rogers is too cheap to do that.

  58. Ya. I wouldn’t trade Snider for Beckham. 

  59. They acquired one with ARod, and then moved him to 3b even though he was a far superior fielder than Jeter. It’s the same situation, except the incumbant is the one getting shafted.

    Again, i have no idea how this is even a rumour. They won’t trade Hanley, the Jays have nothing a) the Marlins need or b) they can afford to part with even if it were on the table

  60. And Cashman is probably too dumb to know its a bad deal…

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