Wilner: Farrell Speaks!

It’s not just front office personnel who make the trek to the winter meetings. Manager are frequent visitors too, and the Jays’ John Farrell is no different. He spoke with reporters this evening and Mike Wilner filled us in on Twitter, where you can follow him at @Wilnerness590, and in a new blog post at the Fan 590.

Highlights of the conversation included, but were far from limited to:

- As the roster is constituted right now, the Opening Day left fielder will be the winner of the Spring Training battle between Travis Snider and Eric Thames.

- Farrell says he thinks that, to improve, the club needs work in two areas: more quality innings from the rotation, and better outfield defence. This leads Wilner to believe Snider will go into the Spring with a slight edge in said position battle. [Note to Thames brigade: suck it!]

- Farrell is thrilled with the Sergio Santos acquisition– he thinks the hard fastball and wipeout slider are exactly what a closer needs. He’d like to add a lefty in the bullpen, however.

- On the rotation: Alvarez has a spot to lose, McGowan is pencilled in if he’s healthy, and Cecil is (ugh) in the best shape of his life. Or, at least, he’s lost weight and Farrell expects him to bounce back and be better in 2012 than he was last year. He could hardly be worse, amiright? [Note: actually, not really. He wasn't that bad, he just gave up 22 HR and 21 doubles in 87 innings against right-handers.]

- Drabek can earn a rotation spot if he pitches the way he’s capable, but my guess is it sounds like he’s pencilled in for Las Vegas, at least to start the season.

- Farrell wants his hitters “not to go up to the plate looking to take a walk, but to ‘understand that there’s a relentless approach towards a strike zone discipline that we’re all striving for.’ ” Like the Yankees and Red Sox, he wants the Jays to see a lot of pitches, and to get to middle relievers early and often.

- “When asked if Lind was still his clean-up hitter, Farrell answered in the affirmative, but without enthusiasm: ‘Yeah, Yeah. Unless something….somebody else comes along.’ ” Ringing endorsement!

Wilner has a link to the full audio of Farrell’s comments in his post.

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  1. I’m glad he acknowledged they need more (quality) innings out of the starting pitchers. Hopefully they do something to address this because it should easily be their number one priority.

  2. Snider’s edge over Thames defensively is as slight as his appetite for meat.

  3. “When asked if Lind was still his clean-up hitter, Farrell answered in
    the affirmative, but without enthusiasm: ‘Yeah, Yeah. Unless
    something….somebody else comes along.’ ” Ringing endorsement!

    Wow did he really say that?  That sounds like something might actually happen.

  4. I like Thames & Snider but I hope Snider takes the offseason seriously.

  5. We saved a ton of money by getting Santos who is an upgrade over last year’s closers.
    I don’t want Lind hitting cleanup if he is 2011 Lind

  6. If Snider isn’t starting in left next year over Thames I will punch a kitten.  

    I don’t give a damn who has the better spring training.  Snider’s potential should win this competition hands down.  Another year of him in the minors will kill any value he has. Now, tell us who won the posting rights for Nakajima!!!! 

  7. Y’all hear that “unless something comes along” (Fielder)… or you know, something that AA would actually do like some crazy trade, or Lawrie is just that good.

  8. I’m still amazed by how much slack Lind gets, from MSM to blogs its pretty much universal….

    And yet he’s been nothing short of awful for 2 years in a row.  Stoeten likes to shit on Arencibia’s OBP, but JP’s a fucking catcher and Lind BARELY scratched out a higher OBP this year, and the difference in wOBA was a whopping .06 (.315 to .309).  The MSM guys love to shit on Rasmus, and he was a .302 as a CF.  

    If your 1B is barely outhitting your C and CF, then either you have superduperstars at C and CF, or your 1B is a sack of shit.  

  9. Why does the team have to pick one of Thames or Snider?

    How about they both suck and the team can significantly improve over either?

  10. Looking forward to watching Alvarez in 2012…

  11. Writing off Snider this early in his career is a serious mistake.  

    Maybe he never pans out.  

    But he’s a former top prospect, 14th overall pick, only 24 years old and his improvements in the field have shown his willingness to work.  Wicked bat speed with a compact swing.

    You don’t give up on that at 24 years old.  What you do with that is give it a full time job and teach it to take a pitch.     

  12. What’s with this new phase of people saying “punch babies, punch a kitten, etc.”? It is so fucking lame haha. You would never do that, it’s not “cool” to even think about doing that, because animals > humans…so get another saying.

  13. If Lind is hitting clean up next year I am going to have to start heckling him. He is a piece of shit and I can’t let another season go by without somehow getting a word in.

  14. Sean Marshall couldn’t possibly cost that much could he? I know theres been talk of Marmol and Garza for Brett Cecil and a box of Big League Chew, but Marmol’s control issues last year were a bit of a red flag. So why not target Marshall? He’s a great non-closer reliever on a team that if it doesnt land Fielder or Pujols may be looking at a bit of a building process. 

    I think he is probably a better set-up option than Jansen, but I acknowledge he wouldn’t necessarily be the lefty that Farell seeks because he isn’t just a lefty specialist. 

    so land Marshall and then target Sergio Romo, because he is just about as filthy as a LOOGY can get.

  15. do you not remember last year? he showed up at camp stronger, faster and leaner than he’d ever been. He said his 40 was faster, his body fat was down and he weighed less than he did in grade 12.

  16. Alvarez over Reyes will be an improvement on its own.  He was averaging an inning more per start than Jo Jo did through his starts in TO.

  17. Things I´m tired of:

    1) Travis Snider :  this guy´s been suckin´a hind tit since I first laid eyes on him. Which brings me to my second point….

    2) people who keep waiting forever for ¨magic¨ to happen. Guess what ?….Drabek, Snider and Cecil need to go……ain´t no magic happening here….ever.

    3) Jay´s perpetual lack of SP.  But at least we got Drabek and Cecil…so, there´s that !

    4) Cecil´s conniptions in the dugout after another yet another meltdown.  Grow up.

    5) that dumbass “caught in the headlights” look on Rasmus´face. That boy is out of it. Yet to see much magic here either…..I´ll be watching carefully this season….. 

  18. I know that but he hit well in spring training, then was demoted to AAA by April 29. I was furious that he was demoted because the jays promised him a full year of at bats in a nothing season, then gave up on him. I like Thames but his defense is bad. Snider was supposed to be a superstar but his tweets are always about food.

  19. So as it stands now is Santos the closer & Janssen the set up guy in the 8th inning??

  20. Thames had a pretty good year at the plate for a rookie. He needs work in the field. Snider was improved on defense but got worse at the plate. I have no idea why the Jays won’t give him at bats when they say they aren’t competing. At this point, it’s up to Snider to outperform Thames in spring training.

  21. Lind will probably get 1 more year in 2012 to prove that he can hit OK against LHP.

    Hopefully, he won’t have back issues in 2012. He looked amazing for a stretch in 2011.

  22. yup

  23. Relax nostradamus…if Bautista starts the year 0-4…should we ship him out of town too? Wouldnt wanna have too much patience lord knows if youre not good by age 23 well then youre fucked for life .

  24. Why is it Santos can learn to pitch almost overnight but these guys never learn ??  

  25. He had one great month: June. Rest of the year he was the 2010 Lind: not knowing how to take a walk. If his back really fucked up his hitting, that’s fine, but why couldn’t he take a walk the rest of the time?

    Lind had 11 walks in June. He had 21 walks spread across the rest of the season. Yikes. For his hitting in for the finaly 3 months it couldn’t have helped not having a babip even touch .240.

  26. For all the shit Overbay took from fans and the media Lind makes him look like a fucking all star. I have no clue why so many insist on puffing this overpaid, useless sack of shit. If he’s so goddamn pathetic he can’t manage to play 1st without getting hurt send him to the glue factory.

  27. I do know from experience once your backs shot it will never be the same it will be stiff all the time sometimes you have to lay in bed for awhile have to wear a back brace to do anyhting physical.
    Hopefully is back isnt shot but the way they talk about him sounds like it was, hard thing to deal with.

    Does anyone know if he can hit with a back brace unederneath his jersey I know you have elbow guards and knee braces just wondering it could help him?

    Sinder does have a higher upside, but maybe Thames will work on his defense hard this offseason, I wouldnt right either of them off, Snider has a higher upside, but the progress Thames has made in a, short period of time he was a later round pick and making it to the mlb was  a huge acomplishment, so if he keeps working I dont think we can count him out in terms of upside.

    He came out of nowhere until late 2010.

  28. Write either of them off, I know you guys might jump on my spelling.

  29. The way I figure it OV, when they told Travis the job was his, it was probably to help along his confidence to loosen him up enough to really go out there and make the position and the spot on the team his own, once and for all. But … he didn’t do that. Looks like he’ll get another shot if the creeks don’t rise, but as we know, there are no guarantees. Not for most of us … and not for big league ballplayers. It’s just how it is. And regardless of the koolaid that sloshes about around here, Thames defensive play wasn’t so horrendously bad by the end of the year that he wouldn’t deserve another chance at the position, at least any less than ole Travis does. So … while my fingers are crossed for young Mr. Snider … beating out Thames next year probably won’t be any easier than it was last year. Just sayin’. 

  30. Yeah I like the sound of it too :^)

  31. I”m still hoping that those cheapskates open up their wallets and put a big fat guy on first.  Even if that doesn’t happen they could always platoon Lind/EE on first and go with Snider in left.  However, they seriously have to do something about adding depth to the SP and plugging that hole at second.  Now that they have the picks from Rauch and Francisco they should be able to do something creative with Philips without including Escobar. 

  32. Especially is Johnson turns down arbitration this afternoon.  That’s two more picks.

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