It is indeed the most traffic-whoringest time of year! Here’s what’s going on this morning that I wasn’t about to make full posts out of, as Day Three of the Winter Meetings is underway in Dallas…

Tommy Rancel of FanGraphs looks at the Santos trade from the Jays perspective, saying that “in general, trading a potential middle-of-the rotation prospect for a relief pitcher is a bad process; however, considering Santos’ talent level and contract status, the Jays are acquiring a potentially elite high-leverage reliever at salary well below the market rate for a significant length of time.”

At Gray Matter Kevin Gray says that Nestor Molina is bittersweet about yesterday’s trade, while the people he trusts most in the business are mixed on the deal.

Mike Wilner reacts to the umpteenth passing over of Tom Cheek for the Ford C. Frick Award over at the Fan 590.

Richard Griffin of the Toronto Star recaps John Farrell’s chat with the media yesterday, and notes that Farrell’s son, Luke, is doing well, after an intense six weeks of radiation on a benign tumor near his brain stem. Great news!

Also at the Star, Cathal Kelly explores the work of Alex Anthopoulos, trade ninja.

Like many of us after yesterday, Shi Davidi of Sportsnet wonders about the Jays’ payroll– which apparently exists.

With Kelly Johnson’s– and everyone else’s– decision looming, over at Bluebird Banter they’re keeping track of the 2012 draft order. The Jays, as you may have heard, have a bunch of picks.

Bluebird Banter also gets an outsider’s perspective– from South Side Sox– on Sergio Santos.

Over at Getting Blanked Parkes pisses on the fantasy that Prince Fielder would actually accept a short-term deal.

Jays Prospects has an excellent roundup of some Winter Meetings talking points– specifically the big trade, Daniel Murphy, Tyler Beede, and more.

Mop Up Duty argues against the Jeff Mathis trade.

Bucs Dugout has a guide to some of the interesting names that might be available in tomorrow’s Rule 5 draft, for those of you who care. Meh.

Maury Brown of the Biz of Baseball recounts his application meeting with the BBWAA, and examines how the organization is coping with the online world.

According to George King of the New York Post the Yankees are trying to trade AJ Burnett. Ha!

Want more than just Jays coverage? Parkes and Drew are nailing it over at Getting Blanked, going around the league and talking about the interesting topics.

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  1. Jeff Blair says the Jays inquired about reyes before he signed. But inquiring and offering a contract are two entirely different things. Just because they inquired, doesn’t mean they had the ability to sign him. It basically means nothing that they inquired.

  2. Pujols expected to resign with the Cardinals – as expected, all along.

    The Marlins would then either shift focus to Prince Fielder, or starting pitching, depending on whose tweets you read.

  3. They inquire on everyone.

  4. They should just be happy with Gaby Sanchez and go after pitching.

  5. So am I right in my count…the Jays get 5 picks in the 1st 65, even if Johnson comes back? That should set them up quite nicely til the new CBA runs out.

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