The Winter Meetings are breaking up, everybody is heading home, and it’s now that the real work to begin… except for me. I’m getting pisshammered– and apparently it’s going to cost me a lot more than it needs to– thanks, LCBO swine!

Ahhhh, but before that, I think you’re due a fancy meetings wrap-up post, and a selection of the best Alex Anthopoulos quotes from his last meeting with reporters, which include but are certainly not limited to the following comments posted at Gregor Chisholm’s North of the Border blog…

- “I think there are a lot of areas we could still address. You’d always love if you could add a bat to the middle of the lineup — that would be great. Realistically, I don’t know how possible that would be and right now I don’t see us being able to do that but things could change.”

- “I would love to add a mid to front rotation starter, again, that’s easier said than done because I think every team in the game is going to look to do something like that.”

-”We definitely still need to solidify our bullpen. We’ve taken care of the ninth inning but we still need to take care of the eighth inning and continue to build that depth.”

- “I think you’re always going to end up signing one or two free agent relievers. Sometimes it’s Minor League free agents and there are some guys we’re going to look at in trade too.”

- “I wouldn’t get into specifics about how good I think a player is going to be or isn’t going to be,” he said when asked how Yu Darvish compares to Dice-K. “Maybe after players are signed and things like that I would be a lot more to commenting about abilities and things like that. But there’s no doubt about it he’s a very talented player.”

- “Sure if he left we would have gotten two draft picks,” Anthopoulos said of Kelly Johnson, “but I think the players we would have had to give up in trade would have been significantly better than the two draft picks. From that respect, one, I think we are a stronger team and two we’ve kept some of younger players.”

You can hear audio of the whole conversation at Wilner’s Miked Up.

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  1. That’s a good point about Johnson and draft picks. I’m still really surprised that he accepted, but this seems to be the best-case scenario for them.

  2. Had he left, AA would have said the following

     ” We would have love to have kept KJ, but ultimately, its better for our club to acquire two draft picks moving forward… especially with the new CBA.”

  3. Is that Al Davis? Jesus.

  4. yu darvish sucks lets trade for jon lester

  5. hopefully the bosox sign arnsberg, and then the jays can take advantage of what happens when their arms all start exploding.

  6. Just something about the way AA responds to questions about Yu makes me think the Jays will put up a serious bid.  He’s been way more direct when he says he “doesn’t like the cost of FA closers” and “won’t sign players to long contracts”. 

  7. Yes. Most disgusting thing Ive ever seen. Love it.
    You should seen it blown up.

  8. Dontrelle Willis signed to a 1 year 1M deal  with two 1.5M team options.

    Our  Lefty for the championship run.

  9. Since Cecil has more value as a starter, converting him to the bullpen is premature when a better relief option like Willis exists.

  10. Thanks for the awesome coverage this week!

  11. Quick question about Darvish.

    The posting fee is a one time payment am I right?  It doesn’t get prorated and paid over the life of the contract signed by the posted player does it?

    If so, is it possible the Jays look at this differently than doling out one large contract?

    $100 mill/5 year contract means $20 mill per which is a lot of money.

    $50 mill posting fee and $50 mill/5 year contract means the team is on the hook for $10 mill per.  Not as much of a handcuff for future payroll flexibility, but with a big up front payout.

    If they’re really running this like a business and want to remain profitable, they may consider the posting fee as a large balance sheet write off or prepayment of a future expense.  Real companies do shit like this all the time.  It makes the books look especially shitty one year, but then benefits the profitability and flexibility of the company in the future.

    Just a thought.

  12. In as much as that’s true, I still think the Jays were 100% in a win/win situation with Johnson — either he walks and they get two draft picks, all the more valuable now due to their increased scarcity, or he stays and they get the best 2B on the market when they have an absolute dearth of alternatives at that position.

    I mean, the offence is set now (albeit with maybe a few question marks around Rasmus/Johnson/LF in terms of development/rebounding, but nothing huge), with only 1B looking kinda problematic with Lind, though AA seems to think that he was hurt for most of last season and the Lind who was raking for a while in the first half is actually the real Lind.  I’m not sure I buy that, but even with the worst case scenario there we really only have one black hole in the line-up.

  13. I don’t think you’ll see the Jays post anything more than $20 – 25 million for him. Why would they put up $50 million now and $50 million over 5 years when they could have gotten Wilson for that? Surely Darvish is more of a question mark than he is, so why would they pay more?

  14. Are you saying this as a suggestion or as a fact?

  15. Yeah thinking that as well.  He sounds a lot more positive on Darvish than adding a big bat (Fielder).

  16. I’m not saying the Jays (or anyone really) will pay $100 mill total for Darvish.  I don’t pretend to have any idea what the posting fee or contract will cost.  

    Just using the numbers to illustrate how they may look at it differently than simply shelling out a contract to an available FA.  Wilson would likely be the best comparable out there.  Maybe a $25 mill posting fee and $50 mill/5 year deal is more palatable to them than simply handing $77.5 mill / 5 year deal to Wilson.

    I really don’t know.  It’s just a thought.  

  17. Maybe they’re sure CJ Wilson isn’t worth what he got, but believe there’s a high enough probability that Darvish will be worth the money. A known quantity isn’t always better, if you know that it’s not what you want.

    Also, Wilson wouldn’t have signed for $75 million anywhere else, from the sounds of things. The Marlins apparently offered him somewhere around $100 million and he turned it down to pitch in Anaheim, where he’s from.

  18. It’s definitely an interesting way to “frontload” a contract and minimizes the over payment in the final years of a deal.  That always ends up being the problem with big FA contracts.

    Beeston says he’s not a fan of the posting process, but I think that has little to do with whether or not they place a bid and more about how the process limits the available options for the Japanese players.

    Hell, I’m not a fan of the price gouging for beer that goes on at the Rogers centre, but I’m not going to “boycott the system” because I don’t like it.

  19. Perhaps, but I can’t see Rogers looking at it differently. I would think Rogers would amortize the payroll cost including posting fee over the length of the contract.

  20. Is it just me, or is “Finance Minister Dwight Duncan” a fucking asshole

  21. “The infant mortality rate in Detroit—where you might go to buy a bottle of wine for $6 that you pay $18 for here—is much higher,” he said. “I choose our system. I choose social responsibility.” You have got to be fucking kidding me. I’m gonna start making and selling my own bootleg beer and wine out of pure spite

  22. what managers in publicly traded companies do you know that are afforded the opportunity to drive shitty short term results for the benefit of future years?

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