Turns out I’m batting .500 on reports from Japan, as the one I posted earlier has turned out, it seems, to be correct. Yu Darvish is being posted. According to… um… let’s see here… everyone.

Jon Morosi of Fox Sports gives us some idea of a timeline, tweeting that if he’s posted Thursday there will be four day for clubs to bid, four more days for Darvish’s current club, the Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters, to accept the bid, followed by a 30 day window in which to get a contract signed. “In other words, if this goes the distance, the Yu Darvish drama will conclude in mid-January,” he adds.

Morosi then asks, rhetorically, which clubs might enough money to spend tens of millions so late in the off-season, and tags three possibilities: the Yankees, Red Sox, and Blue Jays.

So… there’s that.

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  1. Aw, WTF on the photo!

  2. The countdown to irrational disappointment when the Jays don’t sign him starts… Now!

  3. Wow. Kid’s an Asian porn star on the side. Gay porn too it looks like. Stoeten, stop surfing the vortex of gay porn please.

  4. Oh no Yu didn’t.

  5. How Morosi describes the process in tweet form:

    Yu Darvish timeline: Thurs posting, 4 days for #MLB clubs to bid, 4 days for Fighters to accept, 30-day window.

    In other words, if this goes the distance, the Yu Darvish drama will conclude in mid-January.

    Who has enough money to spend tens of millions that late in the off-season? #Yankees #BlueJays #RedSox

  6. Wow, looks like the kid is an Asian porn star too on the side. Gay porn that it. Stoeten, stop surfing the vortex of gay porn please.

  7. LMAO nice pic XD

  8. Jays better win rights.
    Just look at that bod

  9. hahahahahahaha

  10. That picture just made me change my mind about wanting the Jays to get him.

  11. I actually hope the jays don’t get darvish… 100 mm commitment for a completely unknown commodity seems like a waste

    how could you not be in on Fielder, but not be in on Darvish..

  12. Easy.  Darvish’ contract will be considerably more moveable at all points since the posting fee is a one time cost.

  13. I hope the Jays make a serious bid. We don’t have to give up draft picks and Darvish could be a solid investment for the franchise. If it will take Dice-k money then it’s probably not worth it though.

  14. I’m curious what the media spin will be on this tomorrow.  Everyone has been saying for months that the Jays are going to make a bid on Darvish.  But now with this ‘payroll boundary’ talk…who really the fuck knows?

  15. Tweet from Jayson Stark.  Mystery team is for sure the Jays.

    Jayson Stark

    Definitely less skepticism now that unidentified 3rd team in Pujols bidding is real. Appears to be a club that needs to move its current 1B

  16. I’m pulling this out of my ass, but is there any way a Darvish signing might be more palatable than Fielder to Rogers due to the fact that the whole nation of Japan is going to be watching his every game?  And you know… Rogers controls Jays broadcasts and might see some opportunity to mitigate the posting fee costs there?

    Again…out of my ass.

  17. Anyone else fap to the pic or just me?

  18. Phillies swoop in again, Have to eat 65% of Howards contract to move him.

  19. Just kidding but howards from St. Louis they eat some of his contract send him to St. Louis and sign Pujols.

  20. mystery team possibilities: philly, washington, atlanta, seattle, texas, toronto.

  21. Darvish is the real deal. Look at his right quad and lanky upper body. He’s ready to dominate. Won’t cost anything but money. You know how many people rogers rapes with over charge fees. I was also informed years ago that they rake serious dough for on demand porn. I’m sick of losing and living out my playoff delusions on my playstation.

  22. Looks like I’ve got a new screensaver!

  23. I think your right, If not Rogers as told share holders it is trying to expand it’s rogers on demand service to more adult content.

    Rogers see’s gay Porn star Yu Darvish as there spokes person expanding there brand not only into the porn business but have also had talks to produce these movies in trying to bring attetnion to there team.

    Rogers see’s this as a great way to put there logos and trademarks in every video they make to bring atrention to there baseball team the Toronto blue jays, they beleive a younger auidence or asian porn fans aswell as asians will come to the blue jays games by watching these adult movies.

    Paul Beeston as stated that alot of people perfer asian porn or gay asian porn in a very liberal market then the alternative Fat Vegean porn market.

    Bob Elliot has stated his opinons on the matter “finally now all we need is Crown Royal to sponsor the team says Elliot.”

  24. The way this offseason has gone, I honestly won’t be surprised if I wake up tomorrow and Heyman and Morosi are saying the Jays are in on Pujols.

    AA will love that.

  25. bahahahahahah

  26. I don’t consider Smoak or Moreland to be established.

  27. Also: What about Kansas City as the mystery team? Close to St. Louis, so… there’s that.

  28. more of a right to the term than a guy that can’t get on base even 3 out of 10 times

  29. He’s ready. Are you?

  30. Oh I’m fucking ready. I like this kid looks like he has great poise. 

  31. Mike Wilner was confused when he interviewd Yu Darvish after the rogers press confrence to share holders.

    When Wilner asked how are you on the mound.
    Darvish replied depends who’s up to the plate, if he’s using soft wood or hard wood. 
    Wilner was confused and told Darvish he meant Gay Porn, not baseball.
    Darvish replied I know.

  32. http://www.justin.tv/asdfg585/… You can watch a full outing by Darvish here. Good drinking game potential as it is entirely in Japanese.

  33. Scott Boras after the Rogers press confrence tried to sell the fat vegean porn market to any team that would listen.

    Some would go to six years with Boras but no one wanted to be locked into that market for anything longer then seven.

  34. Jeff  Blair believes that the best way to fill those empty seats is with  the asian porn market.
    When asked why Jeff blair stated isnt it obvious theres over a billion asians in the world add that to the non asian, asian porn fans.
    There’s how many fat vegean porn fans asked Jeff exactly I can only think of one, and the state of Wisconsin.

  35. Good video, I think he will translate well here. I dont think he’s Dice K.
    There using American type baseballs over there now I belive.

  36. It’s hard to fathom a scenario involving the same front office that just spent days talking about about “payroll parameters” bidding $50-60 million and spending another $60-65 million to get him signed.

    He seems like a lock to go to the Yankees.

  37. I commend you on the consistency of getting every single ‘there’ in your paragraphs incorrect.

  38. its already Dice-K money to TALK to him

  39. He got one wrong and one right. 

    “over there” is fine. 

  40. His other bigger multi paragraph post.

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  44. Always look at  alternatives to using the word got, your welcome.

  45. There’s more spellings for you to find, find them are you going to tell Stoeton how to spell too. Make you feel good.

    Your such a fucking loser.

    I meant accuser.

  46. I’m sure that idea would thrill the bean counters and shareholders.

    You need a comma bro.

  47. Jays revenue numbers are misleading. Other teams have TV deals in place that inflate revenue numbers. Only Rogers know how much the Jays make from TV.

    Horrible sentences, It’s The jays if starting a sentence, your welcome sweetheart.

  48. See why you should never correct someone. We all make mistakes. we all just type without really thinking. Sometimes we all ignore spell check.  

  49. There’s how many fat vegean porn fans asked Jeff exactly I can only think of one, and the state of Wisconsin.

    Vegan is the only word spelt incorrectly.
    There’s how many is correct.  

  50. Kaz Tadano just got really excited: http://sports.espn.go.com/mlb/

  51. You picked apart my sentences but failed to realise the word vegean was spelt incorrectly what does that say about you it’s vegan.

    This is fun.

  52. You picked apart my sentences but failed to realise the word vegean was spelt incorrectly what does that say about you it’s vegan.

    This is fun. Come on respond, I call internet war.

  53. I have an hour until work, please respond this is beginning to look alot like prom, your prom I would never be stood up.

  54. I was just thinking about this.

    Darvish is a rock star in Japan.  Is it unreasonable to think the Jays could recoup the entire posting fee over the course of a 5 year TV deal in Japan on its own?  I don’t think so.  

    Example:  Whats the posting fee going to be?  Let’s go unreasonably high: $60M.  Is $12M/year for 5 years in exclusive TV rights a reasonable amount?  The Texas Rangers just signed a 20 year TV deal worth $80M/year.  I think $12M/yr is entirely doable.

    That leaves his annual salary to pay for, some of which will be mitigated by a bump in jersey sales, any additional revenue from the TV deal, and (maybe) a small bump in attendance.

  55. Completely agree. Darvish might draw in the asian community in Toronto as well.

  56. Just at thought about “payroll parameters”: doesn’t every team work within payroll parameters? Even the Yankees? I mean, maybe they’re fluid. No number has ever been put out there (other than the earlier $120 million). I mean Rogers was spending pretty close to $100 million a few years ago. I find it hard to believe they’d MAKE Anthopoulis work with less money than they gave to JP. But AA likes to keep everything close to the vest, and you never know what’s actually going on with the Jays until it happens. But so far, I’ve ben pleased with AA’s results. Quite pleased.

  57. Ah man… We already have Lawrie and JP snatching up all the poon in this city, now we have to worry about our trannies?

  58. It seems to me, that in typical AA regime fashion, the whole “payroll parameters” thing was another instance of them not actually saying anything at all. It’s just as likely that they were using it as a negotiating tactic as any other possibility. Nothing AA says is accidental, and he chooses his words very carefully (which is a pretty impressive quality in someone who uses so many of them). Kind of like saying we’re not interested in signing Fielder for 7 or 8 years. 

  59. We also need to realize that AA dropping $250 million dollars on Fielder and Darvish would have to work with the Jays going to the post season within the next 2 years (at the maximum) or else AA would be done as a general manager. Not just done as GM of the Blue Jays, but that he’d probably never be hired as a MLB GM again. How many GM’s that don’t reach the post-season get asked to be the GM of another team? Not very many. Ask JPR.

  60. Very cute in a jail-bait kind of way.

    So…there’s that.  Or…there’s this.  Or…there’s that thing over there.

  61. I’d fuck me. I’d fuck me so hard.
    Goodbye horses I’m flying over you good bye horses.

  62. It might be the gayest (literally) picture I’ve ever seen of a professional athlete. Gayer than those Jim Palmer underwear ads from the ’70′s.

  63. I honestly think this could be one of biggest moments in franchise history. Sure, Darvish might not work out, but if you have a chance to get a potential ace, who you don’t have to spend 4+ years developing, or lose draft picks, or spend that much money on his actual salary, I think you have to do it. Plus, as everyone has noted, for the corporate bean-counters, there’s all kinds of new “revenue streams” or whatever they want to call money these days.

    If I hear that they’re not even going to bid than I am fucking going to lose my mind. Fielder was always an okay option for me, but this is the guy that could actually turn around the franchise. And attendance going up? You betcha!

  64. I agree. But since he’s never thrown a MLB pitch, the Jays have to really, really, really trust their scouts on this one. Basically, he’s a $100 million PROSPECT. That’s a pretty expensive lottery ticket.

  65. And the Iranian community. His Dad’s from Iran.

  66. True, but it’s way different than drafting a player out of high school or college. The Japanese league is basically AAA, and Darvish has been nothing short of dominant (like, record-setting, historically dominant) there for his entire career. And he’s only 25. It’s definitely a safer bet than if he was an amateur player.

  67. He is a once in a lifetime NPB pitcher. He’s been doing it for years, he’s a workhorse and he’s like 6’5″, so you would hope durability will be less of an issue.

    Do people around here think the Jays will make a REAL bid? Like $40M+, or are they going to be cheapskates like usual?

  68. I think if there is a will, Rogers could certainly recoup the posting fee and then some. If this guy is really that good, they just need to cut a tv deal in Japan.. Dont get greedy and expect it all back at once. Look at it as an investment in a new market. Maybe thats on their minds and the reason they are reluctant to throw a big bag of cash at the Prince.

  69. Ya. People said that about Dice K also. I’m not an expert on the Japanese league. I’ve never even watched an inning of that league. I’ve never seen Darvish pitch, and am not a scout. Alex has seen him pitch, and is a scout. It’s an expensive risk. If AA takes that risk, it will be his defining moment as a GM. Either positively or negatively. If he’s a legit #1, then it’s a good deal. You can live with it if he’s a 2. If he’s a 3 or worse though….

  70. I guess the other question, even if he turns out to be  a #1, is: how much mileage is on the arm?

  71. I take the Jays “payroll parameters” to mean that they cannot afford to be wrong on big, unmovable contracts. This isn’t news. Most franchises can’t afford that luxury.  

  72. So…there’s that.

  73. For what it’s worth, this is a good article on why Darvish is better than Dice K: http://www.fangraphs.com/blogs

  74. Some good stuff on that topic in the article I linked to above:

    Unlike Matsuzaka, he doesn’t quite have a 250-pitch, 17-inning complete
    game on his resume. Darvish’s longest outing was a 166-pitch game that
    he lost on a walk-off home run in the 10th inning. Also, unlike
    Matsuzaka, Darvish was eased into his pro career: he threw 94.1 innings
    and 149.2 innings in his first two pro years. Matsuzaka, by contrast,
    threw 180 innings as an 18 year-old rookie — 347.2 in his first two
    seasons — and set a career high with 240.1 innings in his third. In
    essence, Darvish has fired fewer bullets.

  75. Lawrie has a girlfriend and I am sure he is faithful to her.

  76. Jays will bid 30 million, low enough so they know they won’t win but high enough to tell their fanbase, “Hey we tried!”

    Cheap rotten bastards.

  77. You maroons really think that is a real picture of Yu?

  78. the chance the Jays have here is that there doesn’t appear to be a ton of teams in on the posting fee.  I don’t think it is a bid/outbid process either.  Every team makes a blind bid and therefore because of the Red Sox unwillingness to get Daisuke 2.0, the Jays telling everyone they aren’t willing to spend a lot (smokescreen), the Yankees may feel they can get Yu with a pretty small posting fee, say $42 million or less.  Jays come in with an offer of $2million more than whatever the Yankees do and get him since AA is awesome like that and they don’t spend a relatively huge amount.

  79. “Cheapskates like usual” — you mean like when they were JUST narrowly second-place finishers in the Aroldis Chapman bidding? Or when they outbid everybody else to get Hechavarria? Or, are you thinking about when they lost Jose Bautista to free agency because they were too afraid to pay for a risky extension for a guy who had only ever had one good year?

  80. Ya. That’s a good article. And I’d personally, like to see it. But I can see why AA would be scared to make the deal. Just like I can see why he’d be scared to sign Fielder. If those moves don’t get the Jays into the playoffs, then his career is basically over. He has to be SURE.

  81. Blair saying on the radio that he’s less convinced now that the Jays will be heavily involved w/ Darvish. 

  82. I’ve actually had dreams about this guy pitching for the Jays (not the kind of dreams that would reflect Darvish’s photo, don’t worry). For months I’ve argued that the Jays would post a very competitive bid, and have held out hope that they would land him. Alas, with all this ‘payroll parameter’ crap recently my spirits have been crushed. Hold on though, if there’s any bright light (the kind you have to wince to see) in all of this it’s that Darvish is Asian. That’s right. There is a huge Asian population in Toronto, HUGE. Rogers is all about business. Think about how many Asians (not to mention non-Asians) would come to games when Darvish pitched, then think about how many would keep coming on days he didn’t pitch, because the Jays won. Beeston made a comment a while ago, that people in the organization that didn’t know Darvish before, know him now. There must be some interest, otherwise Rogers is just a bunch of idiotic arseholes that ONLY care about the bottom line, and do not want to take any risks AT ALL in seeing that bottom line grow.

  83. The only way you give that much money to a guy is if you are close to 100% certain that this guy is going to be your best pitcher. Its really hard for anyone to say that this guy is going to be better the Romero and even Morrow…

  84. I officially can’t keep this website open at work today thanks to that picture.  Wayda go! :s

  85. Given the size of Toronto’s gay community – this pic is just another Yu selling point for Rogers no?

  86. Of course Rogers is a bunch of idiotic assholes that only care about money. They’re a giant corporation. That’s what giant corporations care about. None of that means, however, that the Jays won’t spend money on Fielder or Darvish. I think if the Jays don’t get those players, it’s because AA doesn’t think they’re worth risking his career on.

  87. Even if he’s another Romero (a good #2), you could live with it. But ideally, you’re right. Because you basically can’t add another quality arm down via free agency the road if you’re wrong. (And there’s some good ones on the potential horizon in Lincecum and Cain.)

  88. Angels getting Albert!?!?!?!?!?

  89. A. I’m pretty sure that photo isn’t Yu
    B.  on the + side the Skydome is at the South end of that huge Asian community
    C. Most of that asian community is Chinese or Korean, not as many Japanese people in TO
    D.  there aren’t any glaring holes on their roster anymore, just need 1 more SP so that whoever fails between Cecil/Mcgowan/Alvarez gets knocked out of the rotation (@ least one of them will suck)

  90. 10 years $260 million. That’s a lot of scratch for a 32 year old. Maybe he can pay for some undetectable steroids to help out the later years of that contract. 

  91. That doesn’t make any sense..

    sure you can move him because he’s not garanteed that much money

    but there goes 50 million plus of a posting fee down the drain

    so if you wanted o move Fielder and included 50 million, he wouldn’t be as movable?

  92. Interesting that Bobby Valentine managed him in Japan. does that mean Boston will get him? Valentine has alot to say about him, all extremely positive.

    so …. there’s that !

  93. Almost the second biggest Pujols story of the day

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